tagGroup SexLong Simmering Swing Ch. 08

Long Simmering Swing Ch. 08

byArt Martin©

Jake was just standing there with a bottle of wine, looking like a rube in his crew cut, Ginger by his side, gazing around when I opened the door. He looked at me and shook his head, “Jesus fuck Allen! What in hell are you doing for a living? Running dope?”

I stammered around a moment before I admitted, “I can’t afford this place, but Vanessa can. She bought it. This is her house. I just cut the grass.” It was true. Everything in the place was hers. She had picked out everything and I had substantially contributed nothing. Even my homely Chevy wasn’t really mine.

“Don’t give me that woe-is-me crap, you’ve got it made! Now where’s that rich cunt you married?”

Vanessa called out, “Come on in guys, I’m in the kitchen!” Jake and Ginger came in. I gave Ginger an affectionate peck on the cheek trying to catch a peek down her blouse. Unsuccessful, I lead them into the kitchen, where V was putting on the finishing touches to a salad.

“Oh my god, Vanessa! Your home is beautiful,” gushed Ginger as she marveled the joint.

“What’ll you have Jake?” I said offering our guest a drink.

He clunked down the wine bottle on a granite countertop. “I’ll have this,” he said as he grabbed V and kissed her.

After thirty seconds or so he was still sucking her lips. I said, “I meant what do you want to drink?”

He broke away grinning. “God, I love the way that you kiss a man.” He turned to me and said, “You’re one lucky son of a bitch David! Let’s see, what do you have?”

“Just about everything.”

“How about a beer?”

“You got it, light or dark, domestic or Mexican?”

“Dos Equis?”

“You got it.” I pulled two dark brews from the beer fridge and opened a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio for the girls and poured them two glasses of wine. “Here’s to a great weekend with great friends.”

“I’ll drink to that!” he added.

I took Jake out onto the patio to light the gas grill. We chatted for a while; making plans to take in the home football game against the Giants Sunday afternoon. I knew V wasn’t really interested in going so with my two tickets from Frank, we planned on a great time. Soon V brought out the whole beef tenderloin for me to grill as well as the vegetables to accompany the Chateaubriand. V had already whipped up a red wine sauce with mushrooms to accompany the meat.

It was a little cool to eat out on the patio, so when dinner was ready we retired to the dining room for a feast. Jake was pleased that I served the bottle of French Merlot he had brought. I was a little surprised that Ginger enjoyed the Chateaubriand, as I had never seen her eat beef before. She said, “I eat beef, I just don’t eat it very often.”

After dinner, we retired to the great room to sip Grande Mariner. I suggested that we all take a soak in the hot tub. Every one agreed that sounded great and we retired to put on our swimsuits.

V and I had only to step from our bedroom, directly onto the patio. We climbed in, smooched and waited. After several long minutes, Jake and Ginger came out. Ginger was wearing a green bikini. My jaw nearly dropped when she spun around to model the thong bottom. I gallantly assisted her into the bubbling waters.

Jake stood there a moment before saying, “I know I’m a guest, and I know that Ginger will be pissed off at me, but hell, do we really have to wear bathing suits? I mean, you and Vanessa have been to a nudist resort, and we have been to a nudist resort. And it’s not like we all haven’t seen each other naked before.”

I stood up and dropped my trunks, carelessly tossing them onto the patio floor. I noticed that Ginger’s eyes went to my crotch. Jake discarded his suit. I noticed that V’s eyes went to his crotch. Jake sauntered into the tub, nonchalantly standing for a few minutes so that V could get a good close look. His body was hard and chiseled, the result of military PT. I felt a little intimidated, as I hadn’t gotten back entirely into the shape I once was. He waded over to Ginger and removed her top, tossing it aside. Then he made a big show of removing her thong.

Sprong! I couldn’t help it. I was hard as a rock. V reached over and grasped my submerged stiff prong, smiled sweetly and said loud enough for everyone to hear, “My, my, but your thingie is all hard and stiff, like a warm cucumber!” I went three shades past red. V turned her back to me so I could remove her top. She stood and I prepared to remove her bottoms. I was somewhat stunned when she pulled away from me and asked, “Jake could you help me with these?”

“You bet Baby!” He moved into position, kneeling before her like a supplicant. As he pulled her bottoms down he said, “Baby, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this again.”

“Jake, you’re so sweet. You always have been,” she cooed, pulling his head to her crotch.

I was sitting behind V, enjoying the fine view of her newly bared rump, trying to come to grips with Jake face in my wife’s crotch when I saw the tip of his tongue flicker out from between her legs. Sweet Jesus! No matter how long you’ve known someone, there’s always something new. In this case, I never knew the bastard had reptilian DNA in his tongue! He murmured, “Oh yeah baby, it’s just like I remember it, nice and smooth, tasty too.”

In a near panic I looked over to Ginger to see what her reaction was. She smiled sweetly at me and silently mouthed ‘I love you.’ I looked up at V. She was holding Jake’s head to her crotch, obviously enjoying being eaten out by her old boy friend. I was hard as a rock and decided, ‘What the hell,’ and moved next to Ginger.

I looked into her big, gorgeous green eyes and saw that same look she had when Jake had fucked her on my table years ago. As my lips kissed those once familiar lips, my hand rediscovered the ample flesh of her D cup tits. As I kissed my way up the line of her jaw to nibble at her ears, Ginger whispered, “I’ve missed you darling. Don’t ever send me away again. I love you. I need you.”

I stood, straddling her, presenting my cock to her for servicing. I moaned in pure pleasure as her lips once again, encircled my throbbing organ. Oh yeah, this was going to be a great weekend! I grabbed her behind her head and drove my hard cock down her throat. She didn’t gag, she didn’t choke, she just swallowed me whole like she had done a hundred times before. The muscles of her throat griped and massaged my cock. V had gotten to be pretty good at this, but Ginger was a natural. From behind me, just a foot or two away, I heard V’s familiar cry of orgasmic bliss, as did all the neighbors.

Vanessa’s mournful wail subsided as I felt my own orgasm rising in my loins. Just as I neared the point of no return, I withdrew enough to cum in Ginger’s mouth, so that she could savor once again the flavor of my seed. It had to be the best orgasm I had had in over a year. My knees nearly buckled as the delicious energy flowed through me like a jolt of lightening. I know it’s quite impossible, but it felt like I spewed forth a gallon of jiz.

Sinking to my knees, I pulled my still oozing cock from her wonderful lips. Ginger leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, injecting a portion of my load into my mouth. She broke off our kiss and stood to give her husband a kiss. I watched astonished as they shared the emissions of Vanessa’s and my genitalia.

I looked over at V, slumped down in the bubbling water, her eyes closed, basking in the afterglow of her climax. Jake and Ginger broke off their passionate embrace. Ginger turned back to me to rub the soft reddish fur of her mons pubis across my nose. I took the hint, grabbing her by the ass cheeks and driving my face between her parted legs. She was nicely shaved, her smooth vulva a sensual delight to my caressing tongue. I teased her for a while, licking around the creases of her thighs and the smooth outer flesh of her lovely cunt.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jake pull V into the center of the tub with him. They kissed deeply like lovers, her arms tightly around his neck. Then he rose from the water, lifting her with him, her legs wrapped around his waist, her sacred passage stuffed with his cock.

I drove my tongue into his wife’s cunt, lapping like a starving kitten. It was a familiar, but oddly different taste. It wasn’t a bad taste by any means, just different. I ate her with abandon for several minutes before I recognized the taste. It was semen! Semen mixed with her pussy juices. I realized then that they must have fucked in the bedroom before coming out to the hot tub and I had been slurping down Jake’s spunk, harvested from Ginger’s pussy! I stopped sucking and lapping for a moment, then realized it was too damned late. I resumed cunnilingus with renewed enthusiasm, wallowing in the nastiness of it all.

I stole a quick glance at my wife. Jake was lifting her with his hands and fucking her on his cock like some sort of machine, with quick, punishing strokes, driving his cock as deep into her as possible with each time she dropped. V was slacked jawed, lost in shameless lust. I had tried that a few times and had always found it necessarily to lean against a wall for balance. Jake stood like a rock, the sinew and hard flesh of his huge thighs bulging, the muscles of back taut and rippling, as he manipulated her like she were a rag doll.

I returned to finish off Ginger with a bang. I relentlessly vibrated the tip of tongue against the topside of her stiff clit. I had one finger up her ass and the other hand pressed against her stomach. I felt her abdominal muscles undulating and her ass clenched my thrusting finger, while her thighs clutched my head in a vise-like grip. Ginger softly moaned as her pleasure swept over her. I almost couldn’t hear her moaning, what with my ears pinned between her thighs. Still I could hear the salacious racket of V cumming again.

Freed of Ginger’s grip, I was ready to fuck her. I knew I couldn’t match Jake’s stunt; besides, rough fucking wasn’t my style, at least not for the first fuck of the evening. I reached for a small bag that we kept close by the hot tub and pulled out a bottle of waterproof lube. I globed on a handful into Ginger’s slit and generously coated my cock. Jake had just lowered Vanessa back into the water; he turned to me with a shit-eating grin. I tossed him the lube, before turning my attentions back to his wife. I sat on the edge of the seat and guided her to me. She straddled me, smiling contentedly as my cock found its way into her cunt for the first time in nearly three years. As always, her velvety tunnel felt divine. Once she buried me to the hilt, she began squeezing me with her Kegels.

She put her head on my shoulders and murmured, “Fuck me darling, fuck me. I love you David, I’ve always loved you. I love the way you fuck me. Fuck me darling, fuck me.”

At that moment I felt very poorly for dumping her three years ago. Sure, I caught her fucking my buddy, the same buddy who was now fucking my wife, but that was just an excuse. I had planned on dumping her. Dumping her so that I could make a move on her best friend. I answered her, “I love you too Baby. I’ve missed you so.” With those declarations out of the way, we got on with the business of shameless copulating.

I lifted her slightly, so that my cock fucked her shallow, rubbing her sweet spot. Just like in old times, she soon started cumming, one right after the other, while I gently fucked her. Jake was watching us or rather he was watching her. After her fifth, in quick succession climax, he shook his head and said, “You gotta teach me how to do that David. She never cums like that for me.”

He turned his attentions back to V. “C’mon Vanessa, time to do what I’ve always wanted to do with you. C’mon Babe, get up on the side. That’s it Baby; now spread those cheeks. That’s it. David’s certainly trained you well.” I watched as he spread the waterproof lube on her asshole and eagerly waited to see him sodomize her. He coated his hard cock and as he began to put the lube down, I called for him to toss it back to me.

I lifted Ginger from the water and lubed up her ass. Then I sat back down and guided her anus to my cock. I slipped into her easily. It was evident that Jake had kept her in fighting trim. V grunted as Jake drove his cock into her once forbidden nether region. It was so erotic watching Jake ass fuck V while Ginger rode up and down, fucking her ass on my cock.

After a few minutes, Jake pulled V back into the water, his cock never leaving her butt. He turned and sat down. V now took over, rising and falling on his cock while his hands mauled her little nipples. I had Ginger turn around so that we could all watch each other. I studied V fucking Jake. Her eyes were out of focus; her face was flush and twisted with sexual desire; her body was begging for release. I realized that she needed me, needed me to push the right buttons to send her to oblivion.

I pulled out of Ginger’s ass, telling her, “I’ll be back in moment Baby.” While I crossed the tub, I washed my dick off as best I could, before lubing up it up for a long held fantasy. I pushed Jake and Vanessa backward, to a prone position and spread her legs. She looked at me with uncomprehending eyes as I crawled on top. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as I inserted my cock into her pussy. She was incredibly tight, what with Jake’s cock up her ass. I began the stair step on her, nine shallow, one deep, eight shallow, two deep, seven shallow, three deep, six shallow, four deep. Soon V let out another lustful cry as her orgasm tore into her soul. Her gut and pussy churned violently. Suddenly she stopped screaming and went limp, completely limp.

“Jesus Christ!” muttered Jake, wild eyed. I felt his cock throb and discharge into the bowels of her sagging, unresponsive body. I pulled off and crossed the tub to have another go at delectable Ginger and her delightful ass. I guided her back onto my cock, facing away as before. Jake stowed away V as best he could on a reclining seat. Certain that she wouldn’t slip into the water and drown; he crossed the tub to his wife and me. Without hesitation, he shoved his semi-tumescent cock into her mouth. After a few minutes, he pulled out of her mouth, hard and ready.

I lay back, taking Ginger with me. Forcing my legs between hers, I hooked my ankles around hers to spread her out for her husband. Ginger cried out, “Oh my god!” as she realized what was about to be done to her.

Jake moved on top of her, crushing me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do much and just made sure I was in as deep as possible. For me the feeling was absolutely incredible. Only the thin membrane of her colon, not much thicker than a condom, separated my cock from the backside of her vaginal tube. I felt Jake’s cock penetrate her; the head seemed to be sliding along my cock tube.

Ginger cried out again, “Ahhh, ahhh, ahhhh!” as his dick forced its way into her. Then she cried out, “Oh! Oh!, Oh! Oh sweet fucking mercy!” as he began pounding her pussy like a jackhammer.

I lasted only a few minutes of his onslaught. The rapid, forceful rubbing on my cock quickly plunged me over the edge. I began to disgorge my creamy sauce into her rectum. Her gut began to churn, squeezing my cock, trying to eject it like it was a big turd.

She moaned loudly, “Uuuunnngghh! Ungh Ungh Uuuunnngghh!" Then she too went limp.

Jake stopped fucking her and rolled off. He smothered her with kisses. She responded to him, kissing him back, saying, “I love you Jake, I love you. That was fantastic Baby, absolutely fantastic.”

My softening cock fell out of her ass and she and her husband moved to the side and cuddled, smooching like the lovers they were. I moved over to V who had now recovered enough to watch through half-closed eyes. She snuggled up to me and said, “This has been a wonderful tonight darling, better than I had hoped.”

“Hoped? Better than you hoped?”

“Yes. Ginger and I have been talking about doing this all week. She told me that she wanted to ball you again and that Jake wanted to ball me. I knew you probably would want to have sex with Ginger again; I certainly wanted big ole Jake to do me again. What I didn’t know was how you would take it, me and Jake that is.”

I suddenly realized that I was the only one who didn’t know about the swing until after it was happening. I had always presumed V would not go for that sort of thing while she had presumed that I might not go for it. I looked over at Jake and Ginger, tenderly kissing, and realized that they had a more honest relationship with each other than V and I did. Ever since our first visit to El Sol de Maya, the idea of a swing had festered with us both, yet we were never honest enough with each other to broach the subject. I took my darling V into arms, kissed her tenderly, loving her more than ever.

“I love you baby,” I said. “I’ll always love you.” It was indeed a great weekend, the first of many more to come.


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