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She was sitting at her desk naked getting ready for work. He watched her fix her hair, curling it the way he liked. She quickly put on some eye make-up and added some berry colored lippy to her lips.

He walked over to her and slowly started to rub her neck and shoulders and whispered in her ear the same thing he did every morning, "Call in to work baby and come back to bed with me. Let me make love to you all day long like you deserve sweetheart." Never had she allowed him to convince her to call in. She would give him a sweet smile and tell him, "You know as much as I want to babydoll, I can't." Today, to his shock, she picked up her cell phone and called in. "Alright you, I'm yours for the day."

He continued to rub her neck and shoulders, rubbing his hands down the upper part of her chest, not touching her breasts yet. He listened to her little purrs of satisfaction. He watched her face in the mirror, how her mouth was slighted parted, her eyes closed, her breathing getting a little faster. He bent down to nibble and kiss the back of her neck. A spot that always garnered a quick response from her. She dipped her head and moved her hair to the other side. "mmm, that feels so good sweetie."

He moved slightly so he was to the side of her, kissing her full lips, marveling at how soft they were. His hands cupped her face and held her there for his kisses. God, how he enjoyed kissing this woman. How she would lick and tease his lips, her tongue darting in his mouth, tasting him. Made him think of other places that tongue should be.

One hand drifted lower to her full breast, he tweaked and gently pinched the nipple between his fingers, watching it harden. He bent his head to take that hardened nipple in his mouth. At the touch of his hot mouth, he heard her gasp and felt her body tremble. Her hands ran through his hair, messing it up even more. One of her small hands started to rub his back, lightly tracing little circles up and down his smooth skin. He moved one hand lower, spreading her thighs apart. He rubbed the inside of her legs, barely grazing her pussy lips. Hearing her little whimpers of protest, he knew that she could be impatient for good things and liked to make her wait as long as possible. His hands ran through the dark curls on her pussy, could feel her arch herself against his hand.

"What do you want sweetheart?" he asked mockingly. They both knew what she wanted and needed. But, he needed to hear her say it even more. He looked into her eyes, could see her desire, the want burning in her eyes. "I need to feel your mouth on me there, your fingers inside, want to see your head buried between my thighs." she gasped out. He kissed her tenderly, the kiss promising that all of her desires would be satisfied today. He lowered his body between her spread legs, the smell of her hot pussy, musky, sweet, beckoning. How could he deny her this, when it would be denying himself pleasure?

He licked the inside of her thighs, listening to the frustrated, tormented moan that escaped her body. Her hands came down on his head pushing him into her pussy, she could no longer be patient. Instantly, he felt her wetness against his face. His early morning stubble scratching her pussy, a feeling that she loved and enjoyed. She ground her pussy against his face to feel the stubble on herself. He pulled away a little, stretched her pussy lips open and started to lick in earnest. One of her hands was scratching down his back, gentle for now, but as her passion built, he knew she would leave him with marks down his back. Her other hand was in his hair, making sure he didnt try to leave her sweet pussy. Her hips moving towards him, her legs wrapped lightly around him.

His hot mouth found her swollen clit, licking at it, causing her to moan loudly. He slipped two fingers inside of her tight pussy. He started slow and gentle at first. "More" she whispered. He added a third finger, he picked up speed, his fingers sliding in and out of her faster and faster. He watched her play with her nipples, felt her hips moving in rhythm to his fingers fucking her. Her fingers found his back again, scratching harder, he could feel her getting close. Could tell by the sharp intake of breaths, the whimpering slowly become loud moans, the begging, "harder, faster baby, so close". He obliged her, he watched her eyes close, watched her lick her lips, squeeze her breasts, felt her hips buck against his hand, felt her clawing down his back.

"Oh baby, thank you!!! That was so utterly divine". He let her drag him up to her mouth, felt her soft lips lick his mouth, heard her moan as she licked her juices from his mouth.

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