Longwood Fifth Hunt


"To think all those articles and novels saying you are bloodthirsty." Sigh and shake head.

"No like slaughter, just good at."

"Oddest part is simply there is little mention of Dan." We both look at Dan who sigh and toss up hands.

"I don't get mentioned often because Janet does most of it. Since we don't bring back prisoners any longer I reckon I'll get dropped out of the articles and novels entirely." Just giggle a spell.

"Dan is fella long to meet need." Both are chuckling then hear door open outside so we all turn to look.

"The eatery is open, may as well go now, plenty of folk squeeze in to eat so best get a table first."

Look at Dan to get nod so we hop up and collect horse. Pinto little upset at switch post so hand over licorice to get snort out of white horse. Give white horse licorice then pulled in the eatery by Dan. Also have basket for Balik so get him in with wrap under and over on account is not hot yet. At Dan direct we get table so can see pinto.

Give order and gal leaves with smile, reckon on seen Balik. He is such the handsome boy and am all proud is from me. Even a good brown, not as dark as me but still a right proper color for injun. Get surprise then, extra chair to perch Balik on. Not high chair but just a chair to put basket so we put Balik there and he wake hungry.

End up feeding Balik while new folk come in. The younger fellas are stare at since pull shirt up to give access to breast for Balik. Plenty of head smack to follow the stare and smile out of the mom folk. Get left alone for a spell, need feed Balik and then our plate come so Dan does his cut then my cut.

Able to eat vittle cut just not cut on account of holding babe. Give smile to Dan and seem a few husband no do same since some more smack. Dan is chuckling a little now, not that pay attention am feeding Balik as proper and enjoying vittles. Train no come when finish so we go back over to saloon and just sit around a spell.

Finally train come so we get to get up and head for it. Balik gets back in the carry since we need to get to the train and he no like basket now. Kick Dan at the train on account am tasked with carrying saddle bag and rifle with Balik. Course Dan gets help with the horses while get to walk for one of the passenger coaches.

Not the best of arrangements on account went with Dan for the freight coaches. The one for horses is rather far back on the line from the passenger so it's something of a long walk. Suppose have a mad face on account pass three porter and not a one offer to help. Plenty of folk on the coach get on, every single one of them looks at me.

Reckon not often they see a gal toting a babe and rifle on the train. They see more often farther west they go, know that. Seem many places not have good sheriff or not have sheriff. Dan share, he got letter asking for me to go be sheriff in a town. Bonita laugh hard when say to her on, suppose is funny.

Dan finally sit next to as man yelling about all aboard. Plenty of folk are rushing on after Dan though am only looking at Dan. He notice after moment and scoot away so swat him few times.

"What took long?" Dan rolls his eyes so swat more.

"Ouch Janet cut it out, I had to make sure the horses were fine, your pinto was not a happy horse."

"No give licorice?"

"I did give him licorice, and mine. Ended up handing some licorice to half the horses." Just stare at Dan moment then giggle.

"Horse go in heat, on train or town."

Dan snorts then we both laugh as train lurch and we on way. First bit of time spent play with Balik, then he get tired of me so pass to Dan. Dan do what he call raspberries on Balik belly, Balik enjoy this and is laughing and cooing. Am giggling along since what Dan do make weird sound. Next town Balik decide want nap so load him in basket then Dan get off to pick up books.

Hand me another one on fellow lawman Wild Bill so read that a spell afore Balik want eat. Feed Balik then Dan hand over sandwich so eat that. To go with Dan hand over jar of milk though do share. Day progress so we eat again and finish off milk, keep Balik busy with play and keep eye off train.

Mostly on account want see something good to paint. Night on train is hard to read so do paint about only choice. Course no spot anything good aside plenty of grass, bushes, and some hills. Not a thing to paint appears afore it gets dark sadly. Course when the porters are coming along to turn on the lights I get an idea so turn to Dan.

"Do I have to?" Snort and giggle then poke Dan.

"Is simple Dan, fix hat stand up and look down. Want do cowboy. No see nothing so make up."

Dan stares at me a moment then sighs and stands up. Lucky us that Balik is tired and just laying in basket. Get ready with canvas and charcoal then look at Dan. He got lazy a bit on account he is leaning against bench but can do this. Direct Dan move over farther so can draw cowboy on train, perhaps round eye appreciate this better.

Once Dan is in good spot I sketch him out, then get in the coach and a few of the folk sitting here. Happy with what have I put away charcoal stick and get out paints. About the time have paints ready Dan has sat back down to look at sketch. He no say anything but point at canvas when look so get to work on painting.

Would paint the whole thing through the night if Dan had not made stop. So curl up on him and get some sleep with Balik. Dan is mean and get off train at next town, middle of night so bade go back sleep. Least next morning we have more milk, also more cloth for diapers. Swat on account he no have dirty ones cleaned but otherwise he do good.

After feeding Balik and self Dan has work on painting. So sit there and work on painting for good portion of day. Balik watches paint most of the time, along with a porter. Of no concern, the train is rolling along and no bandits or nothing. In the afternoon we come up on another town, look at Dan to get sigh then he hops up and goes into town.

Not what meant, was wondering if where we get off but guess not on account he bade stay here. Luckily Balik sleep at time so Dan get to go shopping for us again. He return with another novel for me, and he has a future book. Want to swat Dan for this on account what he got me is a past book, there are swords and bows, no guns, and no injuns.

Course after reading it a while find it is interesting. A bit like how it was for us injun afore the gun toting round eyes come. Course we mostly had no towns and definitely did not use swords but we had plenty of warriors pining for a gal and other way around. Which this novel has so get a little lost in the story, it is turning powerful on me.

Get a little disturbed when Dan has eat dinner, another sandwich. Also get out a chocolate bar and break it up to share with Dan. He chuckle but take piece now and then. Mostly lose track on account the story is quite powerful now. Find a desire to have Dan where belong so look at him with needy eyes and get chuckle.

"No Janet, we will get a hotel and wait for the other train. Will do roll then." Sigh and poke Dan.

"Dan is mean husband, giving wife this powerful book that make want give roll then say no." Dan just stares at a bit then sighs.

"I didn't know it would do that. The clerk said it's a good read, I find I do like these future books as well so will have to read the ones you have." Smile at Dan.

"Yes they good, course also like Jules Verne. The latest one is quite good, must borrow from Mr. Johnson."

"Oh the one about going to the center of the earth?" Nod and smile.

"No sure why wish do that but is powerful read." Dan snorts.

"What do you think of Wild Bill?"

"No like his shoot injun but seem nice in novel."

"Janet you shoot injun." Just shoot some eye daggers.

"Injun shoot first." Dan roll his eyes.

"Maybe he shoots injun for the same reason."

"No think so, he boast about in novel. No boast of what shoot." Dan pulls me close so lean on him and sigh.

"Perhaps he was attacked by injun plenty when younger, he is older than us."

"Not by much but true, reckon is good thing am Cherokee, other tribe have same history reckon would go on shoot spree." Dan is silent a spell then lean down and kiss on head.

"Janet you do shooting sprees, every time we get a bounty."

"Dan you no shoot enough so must shoot more." Dan snorts and chuckles.

"You shoot enough for two or three people. Honest if you were Apache with what McCalbane did you would have kilt a state afore anybody notice."

"Dan, Apache no do what can do."

Is darker now so no read any longer, at least not easy. Dan push at paint again so get it all ready and work on the cowboy on train paint. Am coming along good on this paint. Have the train painted in background, little lost on the windows then decide on make dark for night. Once finish those am working on adding in the folk sitting in train on account they are easy, cowboy will be hard.

Finally get to cowboy and have difficulty, Dan wear brown pants while most cowboy have cheaper corduroy pants that are blue. Not sure can do the corduroy pants until look around and notice porter have same pants. So bid him stand in better spot to see and paint in his pants how see. Dan is just watching me paint away.

Rather think he let me paint longer than should have. Am quite tired when finish, have cowboy all painted in and paint look good though miss something. Decide to worry on later so set paint down to dry and curl up on Dan. He put arm around and we just sit there a spell. Want sleep just not able relax enough to get.

Get to sleep finally and seem like close eyes then train lurch to stop and Dan urging to get up to get hotel. Look around and notice is night still so not sure hotel will let us get room. Still get off with Dan and Balik, have plenty in hands and tossed over shoulder as well so not good time. Am tired as well so perhaps am cranky so make hard get help.

Eventually manage get horses off train and saddled so get to hop up on pinto. Least Dan guide to where want be, reckon on he asked the sheriff standing over to side. Hotel we go to is fine hotel, tall building, least seven stories. Look quite dark in night though everything look dark in night. Collect everything off pinto so stable hand can take our horse to stable.

Dan finally let go inside, to find that inside is stained dark with dark furniture though everything red. Red padding on chairs, red carpet, curtains are red. Looking around can't help the giggle and mutter about how want to read novel outside. Dan is chuckling as we get over to the admittance area to find we have a clerk.

"Well howdy folks, how long you wishing to stay?"

"We are fixing to take the train north. According to the porter on this train it is heading south now." She nods and smiles.

"That be the right of it, should come back in two days. I'd like to tell you a room number and hand over keys but need to share the lay first. Step out that door and turn right you have the store and just past is a saloon. Across the street from the saloon is one of our eateries. Go farther across the other tracks and there are two more eateries. Most everything else I reckon you two no care on so kindly sign in here and you can pay now or when you head for the train." Dan leans over the book indicated to write in our names.

"Now is as good a time as any, how much do we owe?"

"Two dollars, know is a mite expensive though economy getting better. We don't provide food but there will be a water jar in the room, with a wash bowl. We provide clean towels, the sheets are cleaned regular. Like to say the only way to have a cleaner room is to be in your own home."

"Can get crib or leave in basket?" She leans over the counter to see us better and smiles.

"We have a small number of cribs for guests with babe. Just suspecting that we have given them out already, will check and if have one will run it up in a few minutes."

Dan pays so we get a key then head for the stairs. Am still tired but no longer drooping at least. Reckon will sleep little while after get in bed, unless Dan mean to roll now and not later. Luck find the room we got is on third floor. Dan moves about lighting the lanterns so we can see, just set Balik down in good spot and get out of tracking leather.

Ponder perhaps getting in dress so go through saddlebags. Do recall bringing it out to pack just not finding until Dan come over and pull out of his saddlebags. Look at dress, then look at Dan and this is a question moment.

"Why dress in your bags?"

"Put all of the things you will want in your bags. You wanted to bring that but didn't think you would want it on the train or riding so packed in mine." Mind back on what had in saddlebags.

"So you no bring ammo?"

"I did, have four boxes, two for Winchester and two for pistol. You got six boxes, four for pistol and two rifle." Stare at Dan a bit then sigh.

"So you reckon on needing to do slaughter?"

"Nah, just going with what you always say and packed a bunch just in case."

"So why only four boxes total for Winchester?" Dan sigh and look up.

"Because if we do a slaughter you don't reload your Winchester. You drop it and pull pistol. Aside that when you hunt you shoot once and bring back meat." Just stare at Dan a spell to get sigh. "Fine later we will go buy two more boxes of Winchester ammo." Smile at Dan now then get knock on door so go open.

"Oh heavens I hope I didn't interrupt anything. Have a crib for you." Beam at the clerk gal and step out of way.

"No interrupt, discussing lack of Winchester ammo."

Get a snort out of her as she lugs the crib in. Is big crib, dark stain and have plenty of blanket in bottom. Reckon on fit two babes in the one crib if put in sideways, also barely fit in past door. Makes one ponder how she got it up the stairs.

"How get up stairs?"

"There is a dummy elevator, goes all the way up." No idea what that is so open mouth to ask and get hand up from Dan.

"Janet a dummy elevator is a hunk of wood in a shaft with rope hooked to it. She got the crib on the wood and pulled it to the right floor then came up and got it off." She points at Dan.

"What he said, get to go put it back on the first floor now."

She leaves the room so shut the door after then go make sure Dan got Balik in right. Balik look fine so cover him up a little better then turn to Dan. Dan smile then pull over to bed so climb right on in and make room for my husband. Seem no roll yet, he climbs in and pulls me over to him.

"Big dummy elevator they got in this hotel." Look at the crib and giggle.

"What else they use those for?"

"Well most hotels with a dummy elevator serve food. So you arrange to get meals and they bring them to your door."

"Even when no there?" Dan snorts and shakes his head.

"There are not many ways out of a hotel. Most of them means you walk by the staff so they know when you are there and not. Usually you will be asked if you are returning by the next meal and they make a note if not."

"So hotel like ma to guests then?" Dan chuckles for a bit now.

"Basically, most hotels have maids who come up and clean the rooms, put in clean sheets. Back east there are hotels that put a mint on the pillow. They clean daily, have fine eateries in the building. Expensive to stay at though, five dollars a day and this was back during the war." Twist to look at Dan.

"You been?"

"No, one of the marshals had gone out there. I don't remember why, said he stayed in one for a night." Just lean on Dan for a spell then look up at him.

"Dan if economy get better, that mean get paid more to whore?"

"Maybe, it's still not that strong but if it does keep going prices will likely rise for many things. Gambling will bring us in more money as well."

"My gambling, you no good." Dan snorts then grabs my nose.

"I'm passable at poker. You are so good at it because you don't bluff, when you put down more chips everybody else knows you have a good hand, anybody with a bad or fair hand folds."

"Still make money."

"You do, some say there is injun magic on you since you get good hands fairly often."

"Dealer cheats with me so I get the good cards." Dan stares at me a bit then laughs.

Dan doesn't say anything next, just rolls us over so is above. Moan on account he surprise, is good surprise least so work on spread legs. Not that Dan come to as husband yet, his hand squeeze in between and finds my equipment so am now being handled. Is good feeling so move against Dan and work hand down to handle Dan.

Hand is greeted with a grin then Dan move a little and we handle each other. Feel good like this then remember the powerful story and get more excited. Dan seem notice since come down and kiss so get to moan out the stars when they come. Whimper then cause hand pull away, though Dan is moving atop.

Moan when Dan comes to as husband and is buried where belong. Wrap legs around Dan and move with him, then find am going faster on account have strong need. Dan come in for more kiss then hands on breast. Find stars just jumped right on top now so am moaning and trying hard to move faster on Dan, then Dan speed up.

Am liking this, coaxed Dan into hard fast roll so bouncing about under. Is how spend most time under Dan until recent and miss a little. Least Dan is still kiss on account not stop moan since the stars fell on sudden like. Notice somehow the bed is moving about and making noise then Dan shove extra hard and groan into kiss.

Just moan at this on account am getting warmth and is right time for a babe. Hold on to Dan to keep where belong so get all of him. Move as well, getting all his warmth where belong is what supposed to do when ready for babe. Finally though get all of Dan where belong and he roll us over so snuggle up with my wonderful handsome husband.

Wake up with the birds so little late, though window no face rising sun enough. Reckon on Dan no help with the leave to paint too long then head for hotel. Course the roll after was all worth, though means wake late. Balik is wake as well, work on getting stand upright so poke and push on Dan until he wake and we watch our son.

Until he is upright and voicing annoyance at no milk yet so hop out of bed and work on feed Balik. Dan get up to get dressed then collects what will wear to put on bed. Finish with Balik so he get on floor to explore while head for the bed.

"Dan belt?" Dan nods and smiles at me.

"In Longwood you can wander around without your pistols, here best to have them, asides you pay better attention."

"Reckon on no matter with big knife." Dan snorts.

"Like as not that is true. Still wear the belt, though I reckon we won't need the coats during the day." Just to check head over to the window and open it, little chill though is still early so reckon on same.

"Reckon so."

We collect Balik and get him in carry wrap, Dan decide to carry Balik. Am liking this, his son is getting toward walk around so soon Dan is important side of raising. Make sure got everything where supposed, they have a cabinet for rifles in room, we head down the stairs. Get joined by plenty of folks so little worry on getting in eatery.

Get outside and find eatery is open and seem to have line. Dan look at so nod farther down street across the train line. So we head that way along with mess of other folk. End up going to last eatery and would not get table except town sheriff is in here, he wave us over. Seem eatery has law table which is new.

"Never seen a law table afore." Sheriff and Dan are chuckling as we sit.

"Not my idea, they sprung it on me one day two years ago. Course I suppose is cause I'm an ornery cuss when I don't get to eat right quick. Oh pardon me, name is Benjamin." He reaches out to shake Dan hand.

"I'm Dan and this is Janet. We are going out to look at buffalo so Janet can paint one." He look at us a moment.

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