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LongWood Fourth Hunt Day 05-06


Wake on this day tired, the Pinkerton men set up watch for an attack at night. Each time they change watch or move about I would wake and point pistol at. Dan only groan when I move to get up so I reckon he is just as tired. Still it is time to be up, though reckon no hunt on this day, best to not scare the soldiers.

Once am dressed head for the fire and get it going then check on what we have left over. Got a fair amount of chili remain, along with mess of egg, bacon, even have a couple onion left. Ponder for moment on then decide combine all to make tortilla wrap. Not that I do yet, most still sleep asides one Pinkerton man who come over to sit by the fire with.

"Apologies on disturbing your sleep, we find it best to not rely on wake at a noise."

"Work well for Dan and me." He snorts and nods.

"Reckon so, part of our training, always have a man aware unless there is no way. On occasion only one agent is assigned to something, though not often."

"Always wear suit?"

"Always in a suit unless we are blending in as part of investigation."

"This is what happen afore there is bounty paper?" He nods and smiles.

"Yes, bounty are filed for known law breakers, usual get named by those who know him. Not all however so those need to be investigated. Fairly often a name is supplied by a sheriff or rail worker who meets the fella. Sometimes a Pinkerton investigation is called for and we need to blend to get name and where they are or will be." Gwen comes and sits by the fire, gets joined by Martin just a little after.

"No hunt today?" Shake head.

"Reckon better to not spook them with a shot, asides town right there." Gwen looks and nods.

"Reckon that is in the right, town after can get on the train to Longwood."

"So what are we doing for vittles?" Look at Martin, Gwen look at Martin then we both giggle.

"Reckon Gwen help make tortilla then cook egg and onion with bacon and the chili left." Gwen ponder on for a moment then nods.

"Sounds like right fine vittles there."

Rest of camp start get up now so reckon best to get move on for vittles. Gwen get to handle cook egg while Martin hand over onion and bacon. Cut that up right quick and drop in egg pan then get to work on make tortilla. Heating up third tortilla when soldier camp light up with fire, reckon on them not being shut eye whole time.

Send Apache to keep look on approach to camp, just in case. Working on ninth tortilla when Gwen add in chili remain to egg. Then we start hand out plates, perhaps we wrong term, Gwen make Martin pass out plate. Gwen fill tortilla and wrap up then give plate to Martin to hand out, he go to Apache first.

Finally finish make enough tortilla, at least reckon so. Take plate of three tortilla wrap to Dan and hand to him as sit. Dan look at plate then me as grab out a tortilla.

"I knew it, you are trying to fatten me like Mr. Johnson." Snort and giggle.

"No Dan, reckon on share third tortilla." Gwen is giggling.

"Like as not do up another closed wrap sack with what is left." Nod then eye town and sigh.

"Reckon on stop in town, need get meat."

"New horse for me." Look up at Dan and sigh then lean against.

"Better lose horse than husband." Husband puts his arm around.

"Reckon the same though is drain on pinto to carry us both." Pinto snort so look up at Dan and grin.

"Pinto no agree."

Dan snorts and chuckles, no talk just go back to vittles. Dan chow down most of third tortilla then I help Gwen make more close wrap tortilla and put in sack. Once done with that we pack up camp then join on horse and head for the soldier camp. They are pack up as we are so no think much on since did say all free to ride on.

Notice they leave horse for dead so all is right in land as we get closer. At least until we get passable close to them while they move to leave, two shoot. Have Winchester in hand so bring up right quick and shoot one. Then Dan is dropping off pinto.

"Janet go after them, shoot any that shoot at you." Look at Dan for moment then Martin goes past while shoot.

"Careful Dan, may have left some life here."

Dan nods then ushers me on so urge pinto in to chase. At least Martin no far ahead, catch up with him right quick. Also shoot one more as catch up to Martin. He is shoot as well then we pass the first dead off fleeing shoot. Pinkerton man catch, same one was in war so unsure on if should but no say against, soldier are proud like warrior.

More come back to shoot at us, a few even slow down to get better shoot. I shoot one right away, second is shot by Pinkerton man who is say something. No hear since am singing luck song as reload and shoot last of the slow down shoot men. Martin shoot another now so there are two still riding behind wagon.

Wagon is going fast, reckon on snap axle if hit bump. Two soldier behind do odd thing then, they speed up and go around. Well know what they mean, leave wagon and try get away, no let get away so urge pinto to faster. Pinto toss head then lower and we go sprint now, pinto fast horse since leave Martin and Pinkerton man behind.

Catch up to wagon and move around with Martin yelling something, would reckon at me though no hear. Still sing and am intent on catching soldier who wish still rob and kill. Catch up front of wagon and find gal that crouch over soldier almost take knife to. Nod at her and wave hand so she slow the wagon down and I keep go.

No let the soldier get away, we have bounty and if they mean to continue am supposed to shoot down all. Start catch up so shoot away, down one then am reload while two shoot back. Bullet whistle past then am reload so bring up rifle rest of way and shoot. This one fall away then reload to find most drop rifle.

Good though still have one with rifle so shoot him then we are getting in to the town. The soldier who drop rifle slow down so I do same then catch up to them. Still have Winchester out so they is nervous, do understand why so smile at them.

"If promise no more rob and kill then collect rifle, wait for wagon. Have enough dead to fill bounty."

"Where are we to go?" Shrug at the man who ask.

"Anywhere want. War over, most no hold against you for fighting south."

"If'n got a volunteer need a deputy here and the lot of you are conscripted to help collect the dead." Look over at sheriff and smile since know him.

"Howdy Tom."

"Howdy Janet, rest of your posse coming?" Nod and wave back over trail.

"Left most in their camp to collect dead did last night. Marshal and Pinkerton man are following along, reckon on stay with wagon. May be some wounded in wagon so your doc has business." Tom nods and smiles.

"Right proper guest you are Janet. Here now, two of you go collect the loose horses. The rest round up your rifles and get the dead off the trail." The soldiers nod and split up, then there is shouting coming out of the saloon. "Janet you go take care of that, I'm taking you under my supervision for time being."

Nod and head for the saloon while put Winchester back in holster. Shall need to clean but have the argument to deal with. Course as I get up to saloon the argument bursts out the door in to the street. Pull both pistols and whistle loud so they turn to look then cock both.

"Stop or be shot." The taller one on the left snorts getting me to look closer. "Dave?"

Dave is fair man, larger nose and big mustache. Shoulders no wide though, he is fair and not much else.

"Howdy Janet."

"What happen?"

"He's been cheating." The man on right says though Dave is shaking his head.

"Dave are you dealing faro?" He snorts and shakes his head.

"Playing poker, no faro here." Sigh and drop off pinto who step to side then move up behind while walk toward the two.

"Dave no cheat at poker. Reckon on can't so he only cheat when deal faro." Getting closer I look up at man on right and point both pistol at him. "Pete told you no more cheat or shoot." His eyes get wide.

"My name isn't Pete, I'm David." Shake head.

"You is Pete and have told you afore. If you cheat again shall shoot and reckon you been cheat." Dave moves in front of David.

"Here now Janet, he wasn't cheating that I saw. Also not Pete, not sure I've met a Pete around here."

"Dave step aside, told Pete he cheat shall shoot and reckon he cheat." Dave shakes his head and stays between us.

"Janet honest this is not Pete and he was not cheating. Come on inside I'll get you a water, or would you like a milk?" Sigh and put pistols back in holster then David skedaddles for the saloon.

"Never met, also no trust on you no cheat. Reckon best do so he forget cheat." Dave stares at me a short spell then snorts.

"Shall have to remember that." Dave take pinto over to post and tie him there then we go inside.

The bar half empty when we come in so get to pick where sit. Decide on the law stools at the end and put Dave in one with. Leaves the rest a little lost on since Dave has only been a gambler so far around here. Then the barkeep comes over and looks at us both for moment.

"Didn't know Tom had gotten a deputy." Shake head.

"Deputy from Longwood after bounty, Tom decide shall handle town while he take care of dead left behind. May have gotten deputy out of remain of soldier that was bounty. I would like milk if'n have."

"I'll take a beer." Barkeep nods and heads to get those filled then Dave turns to me. "Have you talked to Charlie?" Nod and smile.

"Gave Charlie good teach on how have reputation. Dan share on sheriff town. Are you go with Charlie?" Dave nods and smiles. "Do you know where you will be?" Question earns me a shrug.

"New county being formed so they haven't picked a capital town yet. Letter said they are thinking Dodge City, fairly good sized town and no law there." Frown at that.

"Best get more than you and Charlie for. Hard put law in. Reckon on shoot plenty start." Dave nods and shrugs.

"First letter was asking on if I would be interested and who else should be asked. I gave them four names and we can deputize more if'n we want." Nod and sigh.

"You want." Dave nods.

"Do but no telling how bad it will be." Barkeep comes over with glass of milk and beer so reckon can ask him.

"Dave here is going county marshal or deputy, perhaps Dodge City, you know of?"

"Heard the whole area is lawless but naught else." Dave nods and hands over some coins.

"What I was told. Reckon Janet here has a liking for me, she is all concerned." Roll eyes then swat on head.

"No liking, bid get faro table then no come back. Popular and seem make Sally money least."

"Faro is a good game for the house."

"We look add street light Longwood, more deputy, add gambling hall and theater." Dave nods and smiles.

"Right fine plan, see if you can add a bowling hall."


"Here I'll show you how it works." Dave pulls a mess of penny out and put on bar. "Usual have nine pin set up like so." He moves penny around to make diamond shape. "You then take a ball and roll it at the pin to make them fall down. Depending on which you hit you get a score. Now it varies but some places you get a team of three, all three get to throw a ball. They each get a number for that turn. Can have big tournaments of teams play or smaller matches."

"Similar to game learn as kid with tribe." Dave sighs and swats on head.

"Not same." Shake head then swat him on head.

"Say similar." Dave move to swat on head again then Tom come in and clear throat.

"Don't want to be doing that, no matter how good you are Janet is better." Dave look at me, then we both look at Tom and laugh.

"Dave was talk on bowling, similar game learn as kid with tribe." Tom snorts.

"I'll take that to mean you are looking to add that to Longwood." Shrug then we move about for Tom to have stool, Dave get regular one next to law stools then leans over the little wall between.

"Janet was sharing on adding street lights, gambling hall and a theater." Tom looks at me with big eyes so nod.

"Add deputy as well, no gun in town so gambler call safe town. Since safe town many wish move to and reckon no stay safe unless we add deputy." Tom nods and snorts.

"Honest I'm jealous, you get all those Apache right there."

"Still no deputy?"

"The fellas are talking it over, they are not sure if any want to stay here." Nod and frown.

"Send letter up to reservation, warrior bored, reckon you would get one or two come down here. Need give pistol unless outlaw pistol here." Tom snorts and shakes his head.

"We are not doing that good here. Asides is fairly safe though things always seem to happen in twos."

"Know how that is." Dave reaches over and poke.

"Janet how should I act as a marshal or deputy?" Look over at Tom to get snort.

"Janet is a bad one to ask, she seems to shoot first." Sigh and swat Tom.

"No shoot first, pull pistol then see if comply. No comply, shoot."

"What does Dan do?" Look over at Dave and smile.

"Dan give order or simply offer way to no shoot. Usual am right there so Dan look on as keep injun from kill all. Seem what newspaper like to say on."

Tom and Dave are chuckling now then Martin come in, followed by Dan. Hop off stool and dash to Dan. Get wrap in his arms then pulled up for kiss afore set back on floor. Head over to where Tom and Dave are sitting to get smile out of both.

"Howdy Dan." Dan snorts and reaches for Tom's hand.

"Howdy Tom, hope Janet was no problem." Sigh and stomp on Dan foot though Tom and Dave are chuckling.

"Janet came and ended an argument. Gave me a neat little trick to do if need be." Dan frowns and pulls my head back to look up at him.

"I play like other man is man know and promise to shoot if cheat and accuse of cheat so wish shoot." Dan rolls his eyes.

"Janet sometimes you are the oddest sort."

"Fella no like me say Dave no cheat so need do something." Dan is silent a short spell then snorts.

"That is a good one. Course how do you know Dave doesn't cheat?"

"Dave no cheat in Longwood."

"Janet nobody will cheat against you."

"Mysterious Dave isn't known to cheat anyway." Twist to look at Martin, Dan does same and Dave chuckles.

"I've been up to Kansas City, played against the marshals there." Look at Dave and ask the one thing no get.

"Mysterious?" Martin snorts.

"He doesn't talk that much and has a poker face." Dan nudges me.

"Come on, we got an eatery here so we will stop and eat then keep going to get home on the train." Nod and smile up at Dan.

"Sounds good, Dave you want come with?" Dave shakes his head.

"I'm riding to the next town then up to yours. Charlie and I are wanted in about a week so I'm not stopping again, only stopped to eat and get a little poker." Nod and point finger.

"If big trouble send telegram." Dave looks up at Dan to get nod.

"We can take a few days to come help. Reckon one slaughter and you will have a peaceful town."

Dan pulls me with out the door while Martin talk to Tom. Would reckon is talking to him on the bounty. We collect pinto and head for the eatery. Said eatery is no far least so fast walk and tie pinto up over trough. He put head down to get drink afore even finish with quick tie. Then we are going in to eatery and find is little like one at Longwood.

No wall set up to keep one table hidden little bit, also no Chinese vittles. Aside that though is same building, plenty of table set up with chair and little wall in between most. A gal just a bit older than me or Dan comes up to us, then guides us to a couple empty chairs with the rest. Course there are only four chairs a table so we sit with the Pinkerton men.

Get handed a menu to look over and she stay right there so I look it over. End up do twice since there are so many good things.

"Dan, can we take the cook?" Dan snorts and shakes his head.

"No, they are happy here. Reckon we can see about getting another eatery in Longwood. Most of Sally's monies are coming from the whores and the gambling." Look up at smiling gal and smile back.

"I'll have the fried steak."

Dan orders a regular steak and the gal takes off for the kitchen. Can hear some complaining in the back. Seem we are after most folk come in to eat here so we all laugh a bit.

"Janet would you believe I got a white horse." Just look at Dan a spell then sigh.

"Dan no helping on, do know is said angel of death has white horse." Pinkerton man next to me snorts.

"Many are saying it's a pinto now." Sigh and put elbow in to him though seem everybody is chuckle.

"Been thinking I should get a black hat and long black coat." Much laughter now, though I just kick Dan.

"No funny Dan. Just gal try make way in land."

Gal come back with plates for most of us so they fall to on vittles. Smell good know this and look, seem taste good even though no plate for me. Dan no get either, course we just order so must be reason. Have an extra plate as well, over with Gwen so must be for Martin. Martin come in finally when Dan and me get plate.

Smell of vittle has me paying attention to that as I fall to on it. Taste is good and so much, wonder a bit on if Dan ask for me to have extra vittle. When I run low on vittle along with room for vittle I pay attention to what go on and realize Tom sitting at table to side, with one of the soldiers.

"Janet you were good to my town, got doc some work, may have a new farm go up, and found me a deputy."

"Good, Dan no let stay to help." Tom snorts and chuckles with Dan.

"Honest I half think you as a sheriff and no deputies is enough." Sigh and toss up hands.

"Honest all wish is stay in Longwood and good wife to Dan." Dan sighs and squeezes hand.

"Reckon we can not go after bounty a spell, say after Balik starts to walk." Nod and smile.

"Would like Dan, hard stop want kill man and we do often." Dan nods.

"Sure seems like it sometimes. Reckon I'll have you do up paintings for our house." Big smile at Dan now.

"Dan, can go look at buffalo?" Everybody silent for a short spell.

"You want to shoot a buffalo?" Shake head.

"Want paint buffalo. Reckon most no see buffalo, paint one be right."

"Alright, be a spell afore we can. Need get the new business being built and get the deputies."

"Apache?" Dan nods.

"We got enough gun toting deputies, need get benches set on the streets in to town so they can meet riders. Apache get a knife or three then get to watch over the town itself." Tom is nodding along to Dan say.

"Folk will like your town. Reckon you best set up a limit on family move in or you will need all those Apache as deputy."

"Not so sure, Apache right there mean folk back east won't like, still seen as scary injun. Reckon those west will stay there. Mind we will be a popular stop for many but move to won't be that many." Tom snorts and looks at me.

"Scary injun is sitting in here with us, though reckon to the greenhorns Apache are the ones in the newspaper." Dan snorts and smiles at me.

"Janet is in the newspaper, chasing down murderers and robbers. Reckon we shall get a move on, train reaches next town in the morning." Tom nods and looks jealous.

"Honest I wish I had not decided on here to sheriff, the train is not regular. Aside that though is a right proper town." I pat him on the knee.

"Got deputy now, make meet train." Tom and the deputy snort.

"I'm meeting the train with him often as I can, I'm not that old."

Dan looks about and we are all done with vittles so we are leaving now. Pinto happy enough to see me, also give licorice. Dan get to go farther over for his horse, a stately white horse. Even towers over pinto a little, not that pinto seem care. Dan ushers us out of town then calls for the almost gallop and pinto seem intent on stay first.

Rather amusing and also silly pinto so swat on head and bid no do. Get head toss and stay first, not that Dan mind he slow to speak to Apache. Just ride along with Martin and Gwen for a spell then Atmaja move up.

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