tagNovels and NovellasLongwood Second Hunt Day 11-12

Longwood Second Hunt Day 11-12


Dan wakes me on this day, not because he is awake or moved. Instead his equipment is in the ready state and he is moving a little. Perhaps I am moving instead but it is so good feeling. Look around and while the sky is not lit for the sun yet it will be soon so good time for morning roll. Course Dan is not aware yet so have to ride.

Enjoy riding so just start moving in earnest. Mind the cold still so stay atop Dan like a man would lay on me. Do not get to move near as far as would like but enough. Dan's equipment is churning me up so good. Find that breasts rub on Dan so feels like he has hands to them and moan, then move a little faster.

Fully intend to get Dan to finish like this though Dan seems to have a different idea. He looks up at me moving atop trying to churn my equipment to stars, then grabs hold and rolls us over. Well this good, Dan move better so his equipment has a better churn to it. Do not get to mind on that matter long, Dan is moving and churning me up something fierce.

Stars fall on me then, get to voice them with a loud moan before Dan moves in and kisses. Get to moan into the kiss and do for a spell. Not a great long spell but a good spell is spent moaning at the stars. Hands come to my breasts and this feels even better so move under Dan, eager for more stars and his finish.

With Dan it is not so much the stars that matter, but his finish. Desire so to be a good wife to Dan, and the best way to be a good wife is to provide with babes. Reckon part of that is simply I like to have babes to feed and care over. Bounty hunting along with hunting are good things, I just wish to do the women things as well.

Just keep right on moving under Dan, feels so good. He is churning me up to stars again when Dan falters, I moan since means he will fill with warmth again. Does not though, he nudges head to look so do. Jane is watching so we look back getting her to turn red and roll over. Look back up at Dan and giggle then move under him again.

Gets me a grin then Dan is moving so all is right again. Stars receded when we stop moving so not as close. Still they are there and moving back at so I am enjoying. Then Dan falters again so I moan and move harder, want my husband to empty into me. This time Dan does not have something to look at, he is reaching finish.

At first Dan just keeps moving odd, then groans. I moan out since the stars came and my husband found his finish. His warmth surging within I move just that little harder. So wish to get all of him where it belongs, aside feels good. Dan falls atop before he has quite finished emptying so hold on and keep moving best as can, finally Dan seems to have no more warmth and rolls off.

"Dan, we should do morning rolls more often." Dan snorts and pulls me that little bit closer.

"Reckon we could, still not sure can again but once you are whoring again I mind you not care." Shake my head then move up and give my husband a kiss.

"Never you mind on that, you are my husband and love you, even if can only once a few days still be your wife. Reckon would whore more if that happen so don't be going soft." Dan snorts and shakes his head.

"Pretty wife going to be the death of me." Giggle and snuggle a little closer, no idea how manage.

"Reckon be a good long while for that. Chad not old enough to be chief so you are stuck as chief for a good long spell. Aside that, you are handsome husband and keep this wife happy."

Dan snorts then rolls us over, legs try and spread thinking getting second roll. Dan has different idea, he leans down, gives kiss, then heads for breasts. Sigh when he fastens to one and suckles. Just wish could be feeding Balik like supposed instead of traipsing all over the land hunting a man. Still is good work to do and best to not refuse tests sent down by Great Spirit.

Fire is lit before Dan finish so when he does we both scramble to get in clothes. Once in clothes we scoot quick for the fire. Powerful cold and cold coat no help on be warm. Sitting down notice that Bia and Jane are minding the vittles and no Chun. Odd occurrence there so best to ask on, be bad if Chun took ill.

"Where is Chun?" Bia looks up and giggles.

"Chun slept on Bipin, he decide to do same as you two so Chun is giving out roll." Dan chuckles and I giggle then eye Jane.

"Jane do you not sleep with man?" Jane looks over and shakes her head.

"I can't decide on either marshal so give out roll and have own bedroll." Gives thought so look at Dan.

"Dan do you think Kansas City would give marshal badge to a soldier if Jane like him?"

"Reckon they would, not sure any soldier at the fort would want to. Most are farm boys like me." Sergeant come and sit down at fire so can ask him.

"Sergeant, mind on any soldier at fort would want Jane and be marshal?" Get looked at a spell, sergeant not real wake yet.

"Ach Janet not good to ask such when a fella just woke. Not rightly sure, and there are two forts. Possible have one at the other fort, no call for me to get out there." Dan nudges me.

"The other fort is the one that was there already, sergeant knows all the hide spots and they want to keep the whisky there."

This is funny so we all laugh at that. Sergeant wagging his finger but laughing along with. Brings to mind a question so best to ask on.

"Sergeant, why does Sarah not come to the saloon?"

"Oi, me gal not take to drink. Allow me often as want just won't touch. According to her best to have one of us sober at all time." I snort and put up hand.

"You bottom of bottle often as can find so she never so always a sober in house."

"Not often as can find, have some restraint. Not much but some, spend most of day sober in fact. Once day is done go home to me gal and get handed beer." Look up at Dan, he looks back and snorts.

"Means Sarah likes sergeant drunk, reckon he talks a little open with drink in him."

"Reckon I should do same so husband say pretty wife more often."

Sergeant snorts and grins, Dan calls me pretty wife and put arm around. Reckon that is perfectly fine so settle in to Dan. Rest get up finally when vittles are finished so glad tidings. Also not have tortilla on this day, instead have biscuits and gravy with left over chops. Call this a perfectly fine vittles.

Bia and Jane relax a bit at that, reckon they figure I want tortilla all time on hunt vittles. Wrong though, I only like tortilla vittles for morning. I want vittles all time on hunt though reckon every person does. Vittles settled we set to on packing up camp and cleaning plates and pots. Finished with cleaning we help finish packing.

Everything on horses we join everything and get under way. Bouncing a little since gave pinto licorice. Enjoy this so bounce a little extra since pinto seem to like when join in on bounce. Just ride along for a spell, at some point stop bouncing. Seem pinto can only manage to bounce for so long, suggest weigh much.

Not possible since small gal here, most everyone call short. At least have breasts and when wish to everyone know gal. Not easy in tracking clothes though according to Dan all fellas know and would like to get roll out of. Course in tracking clothes the leather sorta stick to me so almost like not wearing cloth.

Perfectly fine for when tracking, or shooting. Perhaps not so fine for when at a town, though wear ring now and gal so fellas not think trying to steal gals. Ring means the gals not think trying to steal fellas. At least one would hope though most gals not want to touch a rifle or pistol. Look about then realize not ask Dan for roll so turn to look at Dan.

"Dan give roll." Dan snorts.

"No Janet, when we stop for the night." Pout a little, would like a sooner roll.

Dan notice and chuckles which gets me to giggle. Then Dan is moving up and pull me over to him to give kiss. Powerful good kiss so toes curl a little and do really want a roll now. Course Dan has different idea, put me back on pinto proper and scoot over. Honest shoot Dan come to mind, not gonna, husband and love but want is there.

"Dan would like to shoot you now." Dan looks over at me and snorts then grins.

"Was the idea, not the shoot part but make you need the roll so can see what like for me all those hunts." Open mouth then shut to look for a short spell.

"Same for me Dan, on all those hunts was hard for me, need to give out roll and held to feel right. Had powerful need to give roll and be held." Dan nods and shrugs.

"I know, honest I wanted to give you rolls when you ask. Just had to get to our bounty, no money in riding about slow and having rolls all day."

"Would say doing cow drive just was not paid, fed and given roll was all gotten out of those." Dan sighs and shrugs.

"Glad you did not stay on those, though never asked, did you have poison on those?" Nod and grin.

"The not Apache got me the first one. I wrote letter and ordered he just knew who to talk to. As said he was very nice man, wished too young for wife but otherwise. Even apologized about wanting so, knew was wrong just could not help it. Did swat for apology, was feeding my need often as could."

"What happened to him?" Look back at Bipin and sigh, sad story.

"In way he got me on first cow drive. Knew the man running, though was not his idea to join. Two weeks afore the drive started the nice not Apache ended up being shot by drunk. Not doing nothing, drunk walk into and take offense so shot. Town not do nothing, just an injun as was said to me. So ask if am just an injun and sheriff nod with smile. Reckon he knew what would do, not like drunk much either. So that night, went out and found drunk, back in saloon so call out. He laugh at so just kilt him right then and there."

"How did you kilt him?"

"Had knife and throw. Did have pistol but black powder and not work well so did not feel like pulling. Instead pull knife and throw, hit in throat and the man fall off stool. Since now at height can do things, pull knife out then take vittles and dangle over him. He die crying so was proper way to get back. After though the sheriff give hug and thank, then ask if can leave town for a spell. Reckoned I could, knew the man who run cow drive, had ranch and had been out there with not Apache many times. At the time was more of the mind would hire on as cook and gal for the men out minding herd. Instead got to do cow drive and was proper way to be for the time. Some of the pokes hired on instead of worked for so when they had new drive to do I went with them. New man was happy with idea so bought wagon to hold mattress, me, and supplies for cookie. Third drive happen right after second, this time man was driving herd to ranch so could set up big ranch. Had three wagons for that and wife was happy, had daughter as well same age, safe for daughter to not give out roll for drive. Long drive took three month according to man. Had to meander a bit to get more cow and drop off some cow. Ranch end up fairly close to town met Dan at so went there with pokes not stay at ranch to work."

"Where was this?" Look over at Jane and ponder a short spell.

"Ohio if recall right." Dan shakes his head.

"Kentucky just past the border. Afore anyone ask we went to Kansas City to avoid the recruiters."

"Dan was big and strong so most every recruiter wanted Dan to join up. Least until tried to kill the gang who came up. They want take Dan away and he only round eye talk nice and do much aside roll with me. Fell for him right quick and only realize later."

"Still am big and strong, reckon no give roll tonight." Shoot eye daggers at Dan until realize he is grinning.

"Bad to tease wife Dan. Aside chief wife decide on allow or not, chief only get to enjoy."

"Not sound so nice." Look over at Jane and grin.

"Dan decide on every aside roll, also know if no like he no get roll long as can stand to not. Dan ask if want or not if not already said so. Like whore or not, Dan has no say since is roll, but also enjoy whoring so will go with what Dan say on that."

"What happen if Dan decide to have roll anyway?" Frown at that, Dan shake head fast but no say.

"If Dan decide to make give roll to him am then allowed to kilt Dan. Usual penalty for that is Dan held so equipment on rock, every gal in tribe and nearby tribe can get rock and hit equipment. Wronged woman can hit often as want, not happen often. Last I know of that was not round eye happen when mom was little. All other men watch, if mom recall right they cringe and turn green at punishment." Jane looks a little green though has smile.

"Honest, rather like your way."

"Wish round eye would let us do to round eye soldier, Bia father force so we have Bia. Heard tales of happen all over. Yet round eye no do that, injun do that."

"Ach lass, injun do that in a way, the wife raid." Look over at sergeant and shake head then mind on the matter and nod.

"In a way do, not right yet is right since tribe is all important. If add wife and wife not wish need to do so wife stay with tribe."

"What do they do?" Look over at Jane and sigh.

"What happen is if wife resist and not wish stay, the warriors take for a spell then see if she stay. If husband decide she is fine then no more and she stay, if still resist warrior take more. No like but needed since gal is backbone of tribe, need gal for babe and more warrior. Only done if gal is of age and resist, under age and grabbed raise injun and allow to choose man." Jane just look for a spell then sighs and shakes her head.

"Not the best of things, and yet better than some I have heard of." Would ask after that but not good talk and best to move away from.

Look around and realize, can see town. Still far off so may not make afore dark though reckon we can. Look over at Dan who seem to not notice yet and reckon we can get horses to hurry a little so make town.

"Dan, town ahead, if think horses can manage may make before stop for night." Dan sighs.

"No roll yet Janet." Snort and giggle at that one and keep looking, Dan notice after short spell then sighs.

"Yes sounds good, speed up a little, no gallop."

Smile then lean over and speak to pinto. Get a head toss then we speed up, not gallop though bordering on would reckon. Definitely faster than trot and not really work as sprint. Course sprint is gallop for short period so in a way faster. Gallop tends to be a fast move that horse can handle for a couple hours, sprint other hand is fast as horse can go.

Usually only done when horse or rider powerful scared for them, or someone else. Not that I make use of the sprint. Anytime have horse never scared for self, horse, or Dan. Mostly since they shoot at me first, no danger to horse or Dan. Suppose danger for me though not often they can get bullet close. Probably say something about ability to shoot, or maybe am up with Great Spirit.

Toss the thoughts aside since town coming closer and shadows are getting longer. Not big town, though there is one tall building. Spirits up, reckon is a saloon so can stop night in saloon which sounds better. Thoughts of having bed and sheets rolling around in noggin I look back at Dan.

"Dan if saloon reckon can stop there and have sheets?" Dan have smile now.

"If the rates are good yes."

Get noticed coming now and can hear barely a shout. Reckon there is some alarm at speed of approach. Get rather on the close side to town when Dan calls for slow down. Horses seem happy with this, breathing a little hard now. Good in way, shadows are not that long so can get outside town if they not wish us stay.

See man coming toward with rifle slung over arm like the old man at last town. Flash of sheriff badge so stuck on coat and not hiding on vest under. Holds up hand when we are about fifty feet from town, less to him so not best distance for him. Course shadow getting longer so need closer to see better.

"What's got ya'll in such an all fired hurry? Squeak at that, he sound familiar.

"Anderson?" Man spit on ground and snort.

"Janet is that you?"

"Last time saw you was shorter than me." Anderson snorts and comes closer to look up.

"Well I'll be Janet, you looking same as always, good hat. What brings you out here?"

"We are hunting a gang." Anderson looks over at Dan then back up at me.

"Wait, you are Cherokee Janet?" Nod and smile at his face.

"Married a round eye even, Dan right there is husband and have babe from him. We are sheriff and deputy in Longwood and Kansas City still send bounty down to us. Got a couple fresh marshal tagging along so got assistance from Apache reservation right there, reason for cavalry." Anderson nods along then looks about and back up to me.

"Well come on in to town and get down off the horse. Feel wrong to be looking up that far on you. Reckon noticed your gang come through but best to speak on it at the saloon." I am bouncing a bit now, saloon means like as not get rooms and a bed to roll Dan on proper.

"Well climb on up with me, pinto here is strong enough to add you." Pinto tosses head and backs up to present proper side to Anderson.

Anderson snorts then foot pulled out of stirrup and scoot forward on saddle. He climb up behind then guides us along toward the saloon. Next to saloon is the store so reckon should mention the pig meat we got to sell.

"Anderson, shot down a big boar yesterday, fixing on selling most. Two hocks big as me would reckon." Dan snorts.

"Half as big, you are small just not that small." Anderson snort behind.

"Reckon the saloon would rather get, our store doesn't do meat, we got a proper butcher. Two hocks would work well for supper tomorrow, plus sandwich meats."

Reaching saloon we tie off horses, collect bags and rifles, then into saloon. Shush falls over as we enter, all inside turning to look at us, I pay them no mind just looking about. Saloon is same as Sally had afore we got bigger saloon. Reckon there are whores about so may not get a room, but then may as well since whores seem to like sharing bed with whores.

Anderson wave then guide us toward a big table so set the rifles and bags down. A gal is approaching with a smile and reckon she is the gal running the saloon. Right up to the table she come and look at what we dropped there then notice my Winchester and squeaks.

"Heavens above, Cherokee Janet in my saloon." Anderson snorts.

"Got us a full posse hunting after a gang. Also got pig meat shot yesterday, two hocks half as big as Janet." Gal sucks in breath and look around then smile.

"Well that sounds a right proper thing to pay for, how much you willing to take for them?" Dan sighs and shrugs.

"Honest not rightly sure, they are big hocks and plenty of other cuts. Reckon depends on how much you willing to part for them." Gal looks at bags a little fuller and snorts.

"Reckon ten dollars if you part with most of the meat. Those hocks are big enough to get dinner and sandwich out of one. Two would keep us stocked for a few days." Look over at Dan and smile, he look back then snorts.

"Would call that a right proper offer. Part with all if you got a spare hunk of bacon, not treated these on account of not have the treatment."

"Do you got some hunks suitable for bacon?"

"Four if Jane was telling right." Earns us a right proper beam.

"Well then I definitely got a spare bacon hunk. Course feel like am on the better end, anything else you be wanting?"

"Room or two, reckon been sleeping on silk sheets too long. Not feel right to sleep in bedroll." Plenty of snorts then Anderson open mouth.

"Supper as well, may as well treat them right." Gal nods and looks around.

"Got beer if'n you want, whiskey too though know to not offer to injun." I shake my head.

"Us injun will have water or milk. Beer never sit right with me, whisky no taste good." Dan snorts and shakes his head.

"Janet gets a little happy when handed a drink so we tend to avoid." Swat Dan for that though gal only giggles.

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