tagNovels and NovellasLongwood Second Hunt Day 13-14

Longwood Second Hunt Day 13-14


Wake on this day happy, the sky is still dark and only just starting to lighten. Also not so happy, forgot to ask to be drained again at supper, still we should finish today so not a big concern. Also quite cold now, can see breath and find relief in covering horses with blanket. Horse usually not freeze when have them together, they just don't move terribly well at first.

Understandable since shivering when get out from under blanket. Make hard to get in leather though am glad moccasin can be put on afore pants. Always giggle at Dan get up in cold time on hunt, get pants on under blanket then only uncover feet to put on shoes. After that shirt go on then coat, also move fast so not get to enjoy Dan with no clothes.

So enjoy look at all of Dan with no cloth on, not that Dan like to let me look. Round eye thing I reckon, unless fella about to get roll out of me he no like to get out of cloth. Honest would prefer round eye like injun during summer, wear little as possible. Most of the fellas nice to look at, seem all the gals share the feel.

Now dressed and shivering still go find Bia. Find Jane first so poke a time or three so awake and getting dressed. Chun find next, Bia is hard to find on this morning. Poke Chun and get some eye dagger shot at me, then she hop up to get dressed. Finally find Bia so she is up and we all head to where Chun is setting up the fire.

Fire lit we all sit around and shiver until get warm, takes a spell. Then look around and reckon hunt not a good idea. Cold as is any coney in area hunker in hole or already froze.

"No hunt?' Look over at Jane and shake head.

"Reckon any coney around are stuck in hole or froze already. Just stock up so should have plenty vittles." Chun and Bia frown at that.

"We got eggs and taters, have bacon and flour. Beans a plenty but meats we mostly just rely on your hunts and sold all the pig."

"Even the remainder of chop we had afore the last town?" Three sets of hands toss in air.

"That was ate last night in the stew." Well reckon was a fool question, still we got a town coming right up.

"Got a town coming right up, stop there if no gang. Train town so have hotel, saloon if naught else. We can do tater and bacon stew if really pressed on moving past town." Got three gaping mouths look at me now.

"You know, that sounds rather good and never done that afore." Jane says with two nods.

"If can get milk we can make a chowder." We all look at Chun, she turns red when notice. "Amanda has shared some on the recipes and New York does chowder. Clam chowder is a favorite just hard to get clam out here, bacon and tater would make for a good one instead."

"So chowder is just stew with milk?' Chun nods then shakes her head.

"Generally chowder is thicker than stew, add a little flour and less water. Honest according to Amanda and what recall of had afore, chowder is like a salad of chopped up tater and bits of clam with biscuit gravy on." I am plum confused.

"Why with biscuit gravy on?" Chun and Jane snort then giggle.

"Gravy made for biscuits and gravy is more watered than regular gravy. Well generally, some folk always want the gravy that way. I always make regular gravy thicker than what you get on biscuits and gravy."

"That make sense, and not make sense. Still am trying to learn round eye vittles so happy to learn that. What we do for vittles?"

After a little back and forth on it, we decide on making biscuits, scrambled eggs, and bacon. I get to do the biscuits since Jane not learn camp biscuit. Bia come and help so she learn while Chun and Jane do the egg and bacon. The guys are all up by the time we have gotten to cooking up the biscuits so we get audience.

Finally finish and get to take plate to Dan and get smile so smile big. Also sigh since sore at breasts, no empty so far. Dan look over at me then set plate down and pull up shirt to suckle. Bia come over to help so get emptied at a good rate. Sigh and feel better right quick so lean on Dan when finish empty.

Just sit and see to the vittles, rather good vittles though admit the camp biscuits not as good as regular. Dryer biscuit cause of way made, least we have coffee. Also bring to mind discussion on sergeant and Sarah so may as well ask sergeant.

"Sergeant we had discussion on you coming along on hunt. Had idea we ask Sarah to come long. Dan think Sarah no come so we should ask for a different soldier to come." Sergeant just look a spell then sighs and shrugs.

"Honest, not rightly sure if would come or not. Reckon another soldier might be the best idea since am getting old. Not that like to say so, Sarah box me ears if say such near her, same age you understand." This has me giggling.

"Another soldier may be the best idea, can bring along a gal to give him a roll and perhaps get the young ones to understand injun are better than they think." Look up at Dan then giggle and wave hand.

"Alternate, ask some Apache to show off the sly approach. Can move right on up to a fella if you do right and he has eye for all over."

"Like the first man on that battle you told us about in the town?" Shake head and grin.

"Can take a spell but we can just sly right on up to a man and stand in front afore he know if he not pay good attention. Need plenty of plant like around here to do. Forest especially, no see anything more than about five feet if not stand upright in most any forest I been. No work on Cherokee warrior would warrant but rest, we can walk into their camp afore they knows it. Taught me since had to help on false trail and best if gal can just disappear if run into others." Everybody looks at Dan and he nods.

"Janet is scary good at getting where she want with no notice. Time or two she has just taken off and gotten to a spot afore knew she had left." Everybody look at me so wave hands about.

"Injun magic." Bia, Bipin, and Elan are laughing hard now.

"So is baloney?" Shake head and grin at Jane.

"No simple thing, like as not no work with shoes on but simple. Learn how to stay low and move with the plants, not against. Step on twig, no move for a spell so everything around decide nothing then move again. Dan no good at but less of a man can do same. Cucaracha would warrant can do, if lose boots. Boots always make noise when walk unless go slow and that slow gets you killed like as not."

"Can't lose the boots, always need boots on when at a fort." Toss up hands.

"No fort around, sergeant would reckon not able to walk on dirt with no shoes, you are not sergeant. Need moccasins, shall make you a set once get two more coney."

"Why do I need moccasins?"

"Simple, if you go after Cochise or Apache there no walk without even in summer. First time we went over near there try to go about no moccasins, danced about until got them on ground so hot. All wear shoes there, sock if no shoes, or moccasins. If go after Sioux want moccasins still, not cause of heat, plenty plants but many have spike and some make noise. Moccasin help deaden sound of and little hurt."

"How long do moccasins hold together?"

"About a year if you wear constant. Longer if you no wear much. Afore you ask the locals will make them for you if you ask or have good trade, good knife is especially good trade. Especially good trade mean you can do not so good trade a few times afore need to do equal trade or especially good trade again. Keep trading good knife for things and you will be liked and they forget you are cavalry so speak fuller."

"That is all it takes?" Shake head.

"No, especially important no lie, foreign concept to us. If wish to not be dead by injun always say what you can do, then say what superiors say. Reckon you get leeway on things can promise but no promise no more settlers, we already know is big lie. If orders are for reservation, make special sure to tell injun you will find farmer to teach how and then find farmer. Always make sure say that superiors have final say but when you promise to get something, actually do or you will find yourself shot dead." Cucaracha swallow and nod.

"Do all injun know the sly thing?" Nod and smile.

"Always important, especially if little. Sly can get little one away from predator so warrior can get predator and no lose little one. Also good for things like make attack, warrior are taught how to spot still hard so work anyway. Round eye no teach and seem to always work on." Sergeant gulps.

"Oi lass, so you saying that if a tribe wished they would have slaughtered me fort?" Nod and giggle.

"As said, unless given reason tribe no attack fort, small bit of land and they have as much right to there as injun. No survive division and cannon unless get few tribe together even then not good battle. Still all take is a reason then no more fort, especially if night attack."

"What if all of the tribes got together?"

"Then no more round eye as far as all wish to take slaughter. See we no wish this, even us Cherokee, we see there are good people on land with, not all good but most. Odd part, the bad are in your government, many soldiers are same though if what some have said is true they wish to be in government so explain why soldier." Sergeant snorts and nods.

"There be plenty of truth to that." Dan sighs and shakes his head.

"Not all in the government are bad either, the proposal to take injun child away to teach our way and only our way is stuck at proposal. Not looking to get past for a long spell." Sigh and shake head.

"Not like is even there, reckon if go past proposal shall declare bounty on congress. Let's get this hunt over."

Dan looks at then hops right on up. Rest follow suit and we get the camp a right good seeing to. Takes less time than usual to get camp packed away and on horses so we follow and get on way. Not even have to ask Dan, he calls for almost gallop right away, reckon he want hunt over as well. Course also possible he think mad at him.

Not mad at husband or even the round eye around, mad at congress. Also mad at the ones who follow the round eye god yet ignore everything in the book. Says in there a few times to not make someone else life miserable, not just kill, and not to steal. Steal is even spelled out so obvious, not supposed to take money from others, yet they do on a regular basis.

Some do it legal like, remember Dan reading to me a newspaper article on congress doing it. This is aside the tax so can afford to do war, make powerful sense to me. Course still do tax so reckon they want to rob all on sly, though Dan say they need money to fix up south and such. Reckon this be the right, considering they burnt plenty of down.

Goes beyond that, all men are created equal, yet if black skin should be owned by white man. Not all believe that course but enough. Another passage powerful confusing but preacher explain, throw not the first stone lest ye own house be pure. Mean no judge of others since you have sins in your past.

Yet round eye do this constant. Usually not on round eye, on injun, or black. Like we are all right and no one else is so we must make round eye. Yet this not all thought, only those in power. Had funny talk to Dan about this, he had voted just afore. Not happy with vote but only had two names so picked lesser of two evil.

Asked why vote, Dan had said so the lesser of two evil is elected. Well so I had most of those around laughing hard when ask why not just kilt the two evil and find new men to vote on. So Dan explain how can't just kilt them, instead you pick the one can stand to be in office. Still not get so ask why a good man no run, only get a shrug as answer.

Reckon means good men don't do government. Course seems to be not true since something that is obviously forbidden in bible is trying to be voted on by congress, yet has not gotten anywhere. That alone says there are good men there, also now that soldier run reservation injun have promised meat.

Other things not so good on reservation but we are used to not enough. Seem round eye not so rather weak of round eye. Course round eye have opposite opinion on injun. Not the ones that actually meet injun, just the ones back east that no see, since they make most tribes move west. Cherokee now in land that was Apache, and still we prosper.

"Dan give roll." Caught Dan off guard with words, he almost fall off horse.

"Dangit Janet, no roll are you done with being mad?" Snort and giggle.

"Dan not mad at you. Just pondering a little on round eye and minding what we pass. Saw one coney, reckon was a deer way off and we seem to be halfway to town." Dan looks ahead and tosses up his hands.

"You are the oddest sort, just when think you off in a huff or something like when paint you prove wrong. Reckon we will reach town round about lunch. Scan the poster so have the man we want fresh in mind."

Nod and pull out poster to look. Man we want a little on the handsome side would reckon. Nose little large and seem to have scar on cheek, not mark to show as whore beater, just mark. Reckon got cut in a fight or such. Not from a cat, only one line in cheek, wolf tear face off so not that. Has to be a knife cut for some reason.

Reckon be a good reason since the man is wanted dead. He wear big hat like the pokes and Dan wear. Dan wear since is good to keep sun out of eyes and let fit in better most places. When first got with Dan he wear a cap, not much use for sun avoiding. Made Dan look nice, like as not what got me under him so fast.

Then a noise pull my head up. Train is coming and if train come now then if they take they still there waiting for train. Only say one word, Dan no say just urges horse to gallop. Pinto follow suit so we gallop at town, the rest follow at gallop. Pinto decide to go faster so we move up next to Dan then edge a little farther, Dan look over and nod.

Since have permission urge pinto to faster, we shall ride on town in proper attack. Have man face fresh in mind and no make mistake. Also know name so when get there shout out name and if get shot at, shoot back. Reckon Great Spirit like me to send off the bandits on account of still being here after many bullet shoot at.

Getting close to town and noticed, since street empty now I pull Winchester. Is going to be slaughter I just know it. Marshals riding right close to my rear. Ponder a moment on if Dan usher or they decide. Reckon no matter, if eight there then will want others with, more targets for them to track, and the rail line is just ahead.

Atop the rail sits the train so we no late. The people not get on either, just staring at me as ride on up. The marshal just after me so once pinto stop on platform turn to the passengers waiting to get on and yell out for the bounty man. Get a shouted marshal behind then there are men pulling up rifle, so shoot at them.

Perhaps shoot first just no matter, they are pointing rifles at us so they are part of bounty. Especially with marshal right there, someone yell marshal only person pulling pistol or rifle, are bandits. First man to shoot falls over as am reloading singing the luck song. Most are screaming and scrambling to platform or away.

Ignore that, is a matter of me or them and the Winchester is reloaded so shoot a second man. Marshals are shooting as well so have three down, then four after my shot. The men I can count four remaining on their feet scatter. Shoot one of them as he head for away from train. Notice the Mexican and Mohawks storming on train then, one of them breaks out glass.

Move to reload and shoot the one until shot rings out. Look to side to see Dan coming so reckon may as well ask.

"Dan two more went on train, exit other side. Mexican and Mohawk."

"Janet, get them they are part of gang and fire on you. I'll go up train with marshal."

Nod and put Winchester back then drop off pinto and bid stay here. Then hotfoot for front of train, the engineer looking down on with big eyes. Does point to other side when pause to ask so smile and pull off coat. Powerful good when cold, just not good for moving fast cold or not. Engineer have bigger eyes as move past to round train.

Pulling Colts as round train to see the Mexican running for it. Reckon the Mohawk on train still so tear off after the Mexican. Even shout at him, no like Mexican and say so in Spanish. He look back and turn a little pale. He try and turn on more speed but no matter, close enough can bring up Colt and fire.

Take two shot and hit so he fall over with more screams. Look around and plenty of gals watching, so wave them back. If he not done for can decide to shoot at gals, or even move to one to take as barrier. Reckon attempt would get him shot but still danger to the gals. As get closer can see still breathe then shot ring out.

Bullet tear into shoulder so fall as Mexican groan and try to move. Legs no work so reckon can take care of shooter first so roll over. Mohawk coming closer with pistol in hand, he is raising to point at me again. Scrunch forward and bring up both Colt to shoot him as shot ring out again. Dirt poof behind as he jerk then start to fall.

Shoot him twice more then work on getting up. Mexican get farther away then notice he reach for pistol. Almost reach so shoot him again, then another time. His hand trembles then clenches in fist so shoot a third time. Hand unclenches so move closer putting away Colt and pulling Bowie. Roll Mexican over and look, his eyes are open and he breathe fast so soon die.

My Bowie go down and cut throat anyway, Mexican better off not on land. Injun no like by Mexican so may as well just return the no like. Mexican taken care of head for the Mohawk to find his eyes glazed over so already dead. Shoulder hurt but arm work fine, reckon his aim just as bad as round eye or Mexican.

Head for train and find Dan along with one marshal come for me. Reckon this is just fine, can have marshal work on get dead back to train platform with rest.

"Got the last two Dan, marshal if can see the two get back to train platform." Marshal nod then Dan grab shoulders.

"Janet are you alright?" Nod up at Dan.

"Mohawk no know old way so aim bad. Shoot in shoulder but arm work fine." Dan sighs then turns me around to look.

Just look a short spell then sighs and picks me up. I no complain been shivering since no more slaughter and no coat.

"Is cold Dan." Dan snorts.

"I never said you should take your coat off."

"Coat no good for fast go. Almost want say have two leather pants and shirt, one for summer and one for cold time."

"Reckon there is a no to that, the silk bedroll is costing at least as much as another pants and shirt would."

Now back around the train we find the engineer holding my coat. Also has pinto trying to get at coat over shoulder. Whistle and shake head so pinto toss head then step back getting engineer to stand a little better.

"Sorry for shoot up your train." Engineer hoots and grins.

"Honest, gonna be telling me grandkids about this for long time. Not every day a fella get to see Cherokee Janet single handed take down eight bandits." Look up at Dan and giggle.

"Had two marshal shooting with and Dan shot dead one of them." Dan snorts.

"Two marshal and Jane. She been saying want to stay with a spell and learn all she can off you so can be called Cherokee Jane." Ponder that a moment then nod.

"Reckon no wrong in that, likely work well for her, get more respect since close name to mine. Novels like as not be out on her as well."

"Novels on you?" Look over at engineer and nod.

"Whole pack of the penny novels, we got one set remain. Has address can order more in so we can give address and you can order your own set. Made me round eye and pray instead but rest seem fine. No read yet, being on hunt has me not eager to remember all the past." Engineer is all smile then man wearing sheriff badge come over so Dan set me down to get in coat.

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