tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLook at that Ass! Ch. 01

Look at that Ass! Ch. 01


"Look at that Ass!"

I said it softly because Eve was sleeping.

I was looking at my sister-in-law's bare butt. It was a brilliant alabaster white which contrasted sharply with her shapely tan thighs. Her heart-shaped ass had smooth plump cheeks. There was a hint of brown where her anus was buried in her crack and black wispy pubic hair covered her snatch.

I had grabbed that ass a hundred times, but this was the first time I had seen it uncovered. It was worth the wait.

Let me back up for a second and set the scene. I have been married to her sister, Ana, for 25 years. I've always had a playful, flirty relationship with her younger sister, Eve. We tease each other, hug each other a little too hard and a little too long and I grope her ass whenever I can. It's a game we play even in front of my wife.

My sister-in-law Eve and her 18 year old daughter, Christy, were spending some time at our house. They were looking over a half dozen potential colleges for Christy. We offered a free place to stay. Today, Christy was attending a soccer showcase/training session where she would have a chance to meet the college coach. Tomorrow, she had would have an interview and college visit.

Eve and Christy had a long 15 hour drive thru heavy rain to get here. They pulled in late last night. They were beat so we held an abbreviated 'good to see you kisses and hugs' session and they both immediately went to bed.

The following morning as I drank my coffee, Ana walked in and said,

"I just checked on our house guests. They are still sleeping."

"Uh ha," I responded while reading the paper.

"Good thing I didn't have you do it, they both were naked. Christy sure doesn't take after her mother or me...that kid has some big gazonkas. They were so cute... Snuggled up against each other."

Nude? I split my coffee!

Later that morning, Eve woke up with a throbbing migraine. Her headaches were so severe, they absolutely incapacitated her. Her only recourse was to take a heavy narcotic to deal with the pain and stay in bed.

Ana volunteered to fill in and take Christy to the soccer event. I stuck with my original plan for the day which was to paint the den. I was also in charge off looking after Eve. My wife, looking out for my best interest, put her sister in one of her matronly flannel night gowns.

So that is how I ended up gazing reverently at my sister-in-law's thirty-six year old ass. MILF came to mind as I stood there. Eve was sleeping, if you can call a drug induced coma sleeping. She was wearing a mask over her eyes to keep out the light. She must have thrashed around quite a bit because she had kicked the sheets off her. And fortunate for me, the nightshirt had ridden up exposing the lower half of her body.

She was lying on her side facing away from me as I stood in the doorway. Confident that I would not be caught, I stood there and stared. If only I had limited myself to simple voyeurism my life would not have spun out of control!

I checked out Eve's ass as she lay. I took in the thin waist and the swale of her womanly hips. Her twin cheeks were bisected by a nice crevice. There was a dark area where her ass cheeks joined her thighs. I let my imagination wonder about what was there.

Emboldened by her regular breathing, I stepped closer and closer. Soon I was on my knees examining her close up. There was a mole on her left butt cheek. I could see some of the wrinkled brown skin around her anus. Peering into the dark triangle of body parts, I thought I could make out the twin plump lips of her vagina hidden behind her black pubic hair.

I inhaled deeply and savored her acrid womanly perfume. My dick was hard and it strained against my paint covered jeans.

I couldn't help myself. I reached out and caressed her butt. Oh, it was so soft. My hand began to shake. My heart was beating so hard in my chest; I was afraid Eve would hear it and wake up.

As I felt her round ass, Eve reached around and grabbed my wrist! I almost had a heart attack. There was no way could I explain my perverted behavior. My wife would divorce me! No, she would kill me first.

Eve keep hold of my hand and rolled on her back. I held my breath as I waited for the scream and accusations.

Eve said nothing.

Eve spread her legs and drew her knees up. I was in such a stupor that I couldn't enjoy the close up view this movement gave me of her pussy. Finally she spoke. The drug caused her to slur her words,

"I'm in really bad shape."

I remained frozen.

The grip on my wrist increased and she pulled my hand towards her furry cunt. I resisted. Speaking is a slow cadence she said,

"You know what you have to do."

"No I didn't," I told myself. Perspiration was dripping off my forehead.

"Come on, Christy. My head is killing me. The medicine isn't working. I need you to help me!"

The urgency and desperation in her voice was followed by a fierce tug on my wrist. She jerked me hand into her crotch. Upon contact she said,

"Ahhh...that's it. You know what I like."

I was scared shitless. "What do I do?" I screamed to myself. I'm in a horribly compromising situation. Quickly I tried to calculate which course of action was less likely to get me discovered. Consciousness was my enemy. In desperation, I decided to placate her, keep her calm and slip out of the room as soon as possible.

I stroked her vagina. She let go of me.

My fingers found their way through her coarse hair as I moved up and down her slit. I placed my thumb on her clit and began making small circles.

Eve was moaned quietly.

I felt like my heart was going to burst in my chest. My face was red and I was breathing erratically. "I've got to get out of here," I told myself. I tried to slowly move my hand away...

"Lick me, baby," Eve called out.

I froze again. A braver man would have relished this opportunity. What man hasn't coveted his wife's younger sister? Here I was being handed this golden opportunity.

I decide to man up. I put my head between her legs and licked. My tongue found the familiar tangy taste of pussy. I licked fast, hard and deep. My qualms and concerns disappeared. I ate her pussy with gusto. I sucked on her lips and probed her slit deeply scooping out her sweet nectar. My level of excited was multiplied by my knowledge that I was eating my sister-in-law's delicious cunt!

I was ravenous. I attacked her. I penetrated her juicy box with my pointed tongue and then flicking my tongue across her swelling clit. I brought her to orgasm with a finger up her butt.

Triumphantly, I lifted my head from her pussy. I was still perspiring and breathing erratically, but this time it was because I had just devoured my sister-in-law. As I lay there recovering and preparing to make my escape, I heard Eve say,

"Great job Christy. Get the strap-on. Mommy needs to get off one more time. Then I will be able to sleep."

"Dear God. A Strap-on?" I thought to myself.

I stood and for a moment contemplating exiting. Then I looked down at her pretty pink pussy. It looked so beautiful, so inviting. The air was filled with her smell. The erection in my pants cried out,

"Let's do her man! You'll never have this chance again."

In an instant I was nude. I rolled her over and pulled her hips in the air. I sank my hard cock in her warm, wet pussy in one motion. Eve sighed into her pillow as I plowed her from behind. I was a wild man fucking her with abandon. I went slow and deep and then I went fast and hard. Soon, I arched into her and sprayed my cum inside the familial cunt.

Exhausted, I fell off her. Eve must have found satisfaction along the way without my noticing. She sighed heavily and rolled back on her side.

Being the gentleman that I am, I grabbed a wash cloth from the bathroom, wiped away the sperm that was spilling out her pussy, covered her with a sheet and had a celebratory beer in the kitchen.

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