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Look Closely But Don't Touch


Note: I initially wrote this story with pictures to go with each part of the story. When I sent the story in they could not receive it with the pictures. I tried several ways so will just try with text now.

SHE wanted to capture this man. She wanted his thoughts to be filled with only her. She had allowed him to kiss her, and had enjoyed the kisses immensely. Then she allowed him to imagine what she'd feel like by allowing him only to touch her with a layer of clothes between his groping hand and her skin. He had begged to be allowed to touch her more, but the only way she gave in to his pleading was enough to keep him on a short leash. She knew if she gave in too easily he would loose interest quickly. She knew she probably shouldn't torture him by allowing him to watch her but not touch her.

ONLY when he was across the room would she reveal some skin, and if he approached her she would dress herself and punish him by refusing even the kisses he longed for. It took him a while but as any good slave he learned to wait for what she asked him for. He would sit on the other side of the room and stay there. He only saw a bit at a time. She first reached under her shirt to take off her bra. He became like a puppy waiting for a pat from his owner when she opened up one breast to his view. She watched while his eyes grew large and he licked his lips. She played with it some in her fingers before pulling down her shirt and acting as if nothing had happened. He couldn't concentrate after that which made her giggle.

THE next time, she slowly pulled down her shirt to show both her breasts. Her shirt was elastic around the neckline. He had learned that she wanted to be in control, and upon seeing her breasts he determined to do whatever he could possible do to please her, the way she was pleasing him. She started touching herself and rubbing her breasts with both hands, as he ached for his hands to be there instead. She stroked them both, obviously enjoying the sensations she was causing in herself. He stretched back and reached towards his own pleasure area to rub it. His movement caught her attention and she scowled at him.

"DON'T touch yourself without my permission," her voice angry causing him to stop right away.

SHE pulled up her shirt, and wouldn't play again the rest of the day or the next day. He dreamt of her naked at night but it wasn't enough he wanted to see more of her, and wondered at way to show his devotion. The idea didn't come to him until the next time she surprised him with her flirtiness. It was surprising because it happened right before they were expecting company, but she seemed to have planned it in order to surprise him. While he was looking at her talking to her, she started pulling off her shirt. It came all the way off. She turned her back to him as she took of the bra. He wasn't going to see those breasts this time.

HE could see her tan lines on her back from her swimsuit. He wanted to touch her, but put his hands in his pockets so he wouldn't be punished again. This way he could also use his fingers to touch his growing erection, from the side. She lifted her arms and let down her hair. She shook her head. Her natural curls bounced, and touched her skin where he wanted to touch. She wandered at her sanity to do such a thing, but it was so much fun.

EACH time she finished teasing him, she was already planning the next time and how far she would go. She was touching herself, and playing with her hair until the knock on the door sounded. Then just as if she was tying her shoes she put on her clothes, barely glancing at him and walked to the door. He on the other hand didn't know how to react and needed to slip out of the room. As he left the room he knew how to please her. He would try it next time she surprised him. He took a moment before able to make a graceful entrance and say hello to the guests.

THE next time, she surprised him, but he was still ready because he had practiced what he would say. She was chatting from the bathroom this time, and he was outside the door. She opened the door so he could see but he didn't dare to go closer to her. She took off her shirt and bra again. She kept her hair up and out of the way this time. She looked beautiful both ways and wasn't going to complain.

SHE started playing with herself. Her tan lines outlined how much he usually saw of her making him appreciate what he was seeing now. She reached for her black brush on the counter. It had a long thick handle. She stuck it between her breasts. He recovered from his very pleasant shock and spoke softly in a submissive voice, "How can I please you, Mistress?"

HE had said the correct thing. Her face lighted up, and she was pleased. "You may touch yourself outside your pants while you tell me about how much you like what you see," she replied. He was so grateful to be able to do both.

HE wanted the moment to last forever, telling her how much he liked to see her beautiful breasts wrapped around her brush that reminded him of his cock.

HE only called her mistress when he was caught in the spell she'd caught him up in. He hoped the next time would come soon. She acted oblivious but he knew that she knew what she was doing to him.

THEY were cooking dinner together at his house and he wondered if she would take the next step and do something at his place. They had both dressed up.

SHE had her black shirt on again. The same one she'd showed off with before, so he let his mind wonder with naughty thoughts of what else she wanted to show him with her breasts. Her shirt matched her colorful, full, floor length skirt that reminded him of a Mexican fiesta. He was doing most of the work for fixing the dinner and she was mostly watching. He asked her to get him some butter out of the fridge but when he didn't hear any response he turned around. His hand slipped as he saw her.

SHE had hitched herself up on the table so she was sitting on the edge of it with her legs apart. Her skirt was down but she had that mistress look in her eye that told him he better keep watching. He turned away only for a moment to turn off the heat of the stove. He turned back and asked his question he'd been wanting to ask for days.

"HOW can your slave please you, Mistress?" He asked sincerely. He lost all thought of food.

SHE responded, "You may come towards me only to lift my skirt, then go back to the other side of the room," her words told him that he was getting closer to where he was hoping to get. He also knew that one slip up and he could loose the ground and go back to zero. He obeyed. He enjoyed calling her mistress and whispered to his mistress how he wanted to see her beautiful body and how turned on he was.

"MAY I touch myself so you can see how my body reacts to your body, Mistress?"

SHE didn't reply with her voice but reached to his pants and undid his zipper. He reciprocated by lifting her skirt slowly so it piled in her lap. He pulled his cock out of his pants while he watched her brush her hands lightly on her thighs with her legs apart. He slowly walked backwards admiring his view and touching himself. They stared at each other while playing with themselves. She seemed to be getting hotter.

"I want to pleasure myself but you are not allowed to see my full pleasure. At least not yet, stay where you are!"

SHE knew she was probably taking this game too far. So what, even if she had, the worst thing that could happen would be that he would fuck her right now.

AND that surely wasn't a bad thing. She turned her body so she was not facing him any more. He could still see her but not see her pussy. She lay back on the table. She hoped that every time he sat down at this table to eat from now on, that he'd remember how she had pleasured herself here.

SHE laid down on the table. He didn't let his eyes be distracted by the things that fell to the floor. His view was side on so he could see her silhouette but was missing the best view. Her knees were up so he couldn't see her pussy.

SHE pulled her shirt down and played with her breasts. Her head swayed from side to side as she played with her pussy. He longed to see every detail but he would follow her instructions, even though it took supreme self control. He thought he might cum before her at the rate he was touching himself.

HE wanted to jump on her and stick himself inside her right NOW on the table in front of the window. She made him crazy. Didn't she notice the window? What if someone innocently came up the stairs? He imagined he wouldn't care either if his throbbing cock was inside her right now.

SHE was having fun watching him stroke for her. She imagined his cock inside her as she heard his moan and she followed it with a moan of her own. She orgasmed forgetting about him for a while. She turned toward him, and licked her fingers. He grabbed a paper towel to absorb his release of pleasure. He imagined he would relive that over again after she left.

WHEN he was done her demeanor changed, and she was once again the sweet innocent girl that he had invited for dinner. She sat up and jumped off the table. She washed her hands while he wished the moment hadn't passed. She turned to him and said, "might be hard trying to cook with that sticking out."

HE tucked it away, almost embarrassed. All he could think about all evening was the fact that he was dining with a sexy woman who wasn't wearing underwear who knew exactly how to drive him crazy.

HE was insane for her and watched her closely every time they were together. She started flashing him small glances of body parts when they were out in public, in his car, in the park, even knocking his napkin on the floor and telling him to pick it up got him another glimpse up her skirt. He had eyes for no one else.

IT had been so long and he was wanting more. Needing more. When he arrived one evening to pick her up she wasn't ready and said she was running late and still needed to shower. He was impatient at first and then wondered if he could watch her without her noticing in the shower. He was so desperate for more he didn't even think about the punishment he might receive. He called as she disappeared into the bathroom, "No rush!" He crept to the door and saw that it hadn't been shut all the way, which would mean she wouldn't hear the door click open.

WHEN the shower water was running and he could hear splashes, he pushed the door open and peeked in. He could see her through the glass. This was perfect, he could see her whole body, and didn't have to ask permission and could touch himself as much as he wanted. She had closed the glass door that made it harder for him to see, but also harder for her to see out.

HER pink scrubber was soaped up and rubbing slowly over her body. She showed no rush to get ready to leave with him. Her hair was wet through and looked longer stretched down her back probably because the water took out some of the curls. He could see the curve of her ass, and started imagining himself in the shower with her. He found a comfortable spot where he was partially hidden but could still get a good view and pleasure himself in more ways then one.

SHE had told him that she had always found the shower a sensual place, and hinted that one day she wanted him to join her in the shower. His imagination made it that day, if only in his mind. She turned toward him as she reached for more soap. He saw her fully naked in front of him. He almost gasped out-loud. He ached for her curves. Oooooooooh, for the water to be trickling over his body as well as hers. He started rubbing himself as quietly as he could.

SHE decided to take her time deciding what to do with her disobedient slave by the door. She couldn't blame him too much for falling into her trap. She had left the door open. As she soaped her body she dropped her scrubber and obviously started enjoying the feel of her hands on her body. She focused her motions around her sensual areas. She was enjoying herself and saw no reason to punish him now for something she could just as easily punish him for later.

SHE decided to make a show of it, but wanted to move into it slowly so he wouldn't guess that she knew he was watching. As she rubbed her ass with soap she leaned back into the feeling, and let the water run over her skin. She touched herself slowly teasing her skin.

SHE started wanting someone with her. Wanting a hard cock and a hot body. She almost gave in and invited her disobedient slave in with her but that would be too much of a reward for him. She turned the shower head so the water would run over her skin and over the wall. She leaned her body into the wall. Her nipples hardened against the smooth cool surface. Her hands traced over the places on the wall where she would have prefered to be exploring a man's body. She pushed herself into the wall. Her hips rocked against the wall, feeling her wetness grow inside her as well as all around her. She stood on her tippee toes, imagining how tall he would be, and where his lips would be. She licked and kissed the wall as she heated up.

HE was stunned. Was this just a normal shower for her? Did she always get so turned on? Did she know he was there? She certainly hadn't looked at him. His thoughts were going crazy with wanting her. His cock was large and ready to explode as he stroked harder and harder. He played with his balls.

HE was worried about giving himself away with a loud moan. She decided that it was time to let him know that she knew he was there. He might try to leave soon since she had taught him well and he was afraid of getting caught. The way to prove his disobedience was catch him in the act. Plus it would be fun to see how his cock was reacting to her body.

SHE moved slowly so as to continue these pleasurable moments, but turned towards the shower door and caught him looking at her just where she knew he would be. He was so predictable. His hand was grasping his cock, and he couldn't decide if he wanted to flee or just accept any punishment she might have for him. His hand on his cock, and his position made it hard for him to move.

SHE still hadn't decided what punishment to give him. For now she winked at him and continued to please herself. Touching her clit and sticking her finger deep inside her, it wasn't long before she was filled with pleasure so much that she needed to moan under the hot dripping shower. He didn't need any more encouragement, and exploded himself onto the bathroom floor even before her orgasm finished.

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