Look Good Naked


I squeezed out a dollop of shaving cream into my palm and loosely rubbed it between my hands. Phoebe bit her lip as I reached between her legs, then gasped sharply as the cold foam made contact with her sensitive skin. We smiled broadly at each other, silently sharing the humour of the moment.

"Did you ever think about getting it reduced?" Phoebe tilted her head slightly.

"Yeah, it came up. One of the bigwig doctors came around shortly after you were born. He was the Chief of Surgery or something. Anyway, he heard about your clit, and was chomping at the bit to perform a reduction. I think he hadn't done one before, and was keen to tick it off his bucket list."

"You didn't let him?" She wrinkled her nose. "Obviously."

"Yeah," I struggled to remember back. "He was a real arrogant asshole. Really put us off side. He had us scared to death that you had to have the surgery right away."


With a fresh blade in my razor, I gently shaved Phoebe's pussy, rinsing the shaver in the bowl between every stroke. The dark stubble disappeared, leaving behind perfectly soft, creamy skin. A few stubborn hairs forced me to gently hold her labia to the side to allow me access. The incidental contact of my fingertips on Phoebe's clit caused her breath to hitch.

"So why didn't you guys have him do the surgery?" Phoebe whispered, her breath shaking slightly.

"It was actually the trainee doctor that helped deliver you. She said there was no reason to do the surgery, other than for aesthetic reasons."

"That's the problem," she whined.

"Oh, Sweetheart." I pressed my lips together. "The doctor, the good one, she said the risks weren't worth it. Your clitoris has thousands of nerve endings. And if we'd got you a clitorectomy, or clitoplasty, or whatever the fuck they call it, there was a big chance you could have lost sexual function.

"The doctor was so nice about it," I went on. "She really took the time to explain it all to us. She really looked out for you, and what was in your best interests." I snorted a laugh at the memory. "You should have seen her stand up to the asshole doctor when we told him we didn't want the surgery. She was fierce."

Phoebe smiled at the story, or at least the parts I could remember. I could tell by the way she was looking at me, her eyes dewy and her head tilted, that she was making her peace with it. Her eyes stayed fixed on me as I ran a facecloth under a warm tap, then sat back down on the floor, with plenty of groaning and cracking of joints. And then I gingerly dabbed her freshly shaven pussy with the wet cloth.

"She sounds great." Phoebe beamed.

"Yeah," I smiled, feeling my eyes well. "She was. And you know what? Her name was Phoebe."

"Oh," she squeaked, holding her hand across her mouth as the tears flowed from her eyes.

"Yeah," I said softly, placing my hand on her bare thigh.

She laid her hand on mine. "So it was either orgasms or a pretty pussy?" I think you guys made the right choice."

"Well, don't get too carried away, Love," I flamboyantly beamed in my dreadful British accent. "If I don't say so myself, I think we've got both here."

Phoebe's pussy was gorgeous. She now had a cute, dark little muff on top to draw the eye, and her clit was much less prominent against her labia and smooth, pale flesh. You would need a second, much closer look to know exactly what you were looking at, and by then, the intoxicating charm of those beautiful pink folds would have you.

"Daddy, you're staring," she giggled.

I looked up at her, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. "You are so beautiful, you don't even know."

"I can't see it from here" she smiled, excited.

"My shaving mirror!" I leapt to my feet and raced off to Phoebe's bathroom. She'd long since taken it from me to do her makeup, especially as I was doing the stubble thing now.

I bounded back in with my prize, and handed it over as I sat back down between her legs. She held the round shaving mirror in front of her pussy, her eyes fixed on the reflection. I couldn't read her expression, but she was fixated. Then with her free hand, she reached down and touched herself.

Any notion that she was my daughter had long since gone, and the sight of Phoebe studying herself like that, had me rock hard.

"Well?" I looked up at her.

"It's really pretty." Her smile was wide. Then her voice trailed off in a whisper, "Oh my God. Thank you, Daddy."

"Do you want to put some photos instantaneously on the line?"

She giggled. Finally. "I don't think we need to. Do you?"

"I'd certainly like to take the photos," I suggested, feigning innocence.

"I bet," she chuckled confidently as she stood.

I rose to my feet in front of my naked daughter. She was different, changed somehow. She radiated confidence, holding her shoulders back and beaming with that same self-assured look that her mother had given me on that first night so many years ago.

"I love you, Daddy." She threw her arms around my neck and pressed herself firmly against me.

I felt her hard nipples poking against my bare chest, and my erection against her pubic bone. The silky smooth contours of the muscles in her back licked at my fingertips as I held her, smelling her soft, tropical hair.

I told her I loved her too, and we kissed softly on the lips. Then I kissed her again, much more slowly. Then again.

"I think we need another new house rule." I stroked her hair behind her ear.

"Let me guess." Her eyes twinkled as she leaned her face into my hand. "I'm not allowed to wear anything at home?"

"Look, I don't like making rules..." I smiled.

"Uh-ha," she laughed, as she turned to leave the bathroom.

My hands stayed in contact with her, sliding around her waist as she turned. I let them caress her smooth skin down to her hips, then across the impossible softness of her ass as she strode into my bedroom.

She stopped at the foot of the bed, spinning quickly and whipping me in the face with the ends of her hair. "You really want me to be naked all the time?"

All I could manage was, "I do."

"Okay," she chirped. "But you have to be naked too." And with that, she started tickling me around the ribs.

Phoebe squealed as I tickled her back. Then she hooked her arm around my neck, pulling me back towards her. I felt her kick my foot out from under me, and we tumbled together onto the bed, laughing. She was on her back, scrambling away as I crawled on top of her.

"Come on!" she laughed, tickling at my sides and pulling at the waistband of my tracksuit pants. "Get 'em off. Rules are rules."

I was between her legs, and as she clawed at me, I could feel her get my waistband down over my ass. Her body arched beneath me, my hands finding the softness of her breasts. I instinctively pinched her nipples, eliciting a squeal out of my gorgeous daughter.

"You rat!" she half laughed, half moaned.

Then she hooked her toes into my pants, and kicked them down my legs, rolling and bunching them as she went. Her nails dug into my ass as I pawed her breasts, pinching her enlarged nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. I could feel Phoebe's freshly trimmed muff brushing the underside of my shaft.

"I love you, Daddy," she gasped.

"I love you too, Honey. You're so beautiful."

Our fevered breath and moans reached a crescendo, and we finally surrendered ourselves to the forbidden lust that had been building ever since she came home. I kissed her burning lips hard and open mouthed, sucking at her wet lips and tongue passionately.

She ran her fingers through my hair, pulling me into her. Our noses mashed together as we kissed, and licked, and sucked, moaning into each other's mouths.

Phoebe threw her head back, drilling it into the maroon bedspread as she arched herself. I kissed down her chin and throat, gently nibbling and sucking as I went. I steered her nipples like tiny joysticks as I kissed my way down between her breasts. Then for no reason in particular, I attacked her left breast with my mouth, devouring the soft flesh until I had that magnificent nipple between my lips.

I licked up and down its length with the tip of my tongue, then sucked it hard as I swirled around and around. I kneaded her swollen breast as I nibbled gently on the tip, and then continued sucking.

I repeated the process on her right breast, until it too was shiny with my saliva. Keeping my hands glued to her tits, I kissed my way down her taut belly, spiralling my tongue into her navel.

"Oh, Daddy, yes," she moaned from her depts., holding my head in her hands as I continued my journey.

I brought my hands down over her hip bones, transiting from the softness of her stomach to the hardness of her frame. Then my palms found the tantalising tenderness of her splayed inner thighs.

I kissed my way through her dark patch of pubic hair, scratching my nose and breathing in her lightly perfumed scent. I could still detect the faint aroma of my shaving cream, bringing a mischievous smile to my face. Then my lips found the newly naked flesh on either side of her glistening sex.

I teased her mercilessly, kissing and licking every millimetre of skin near her pussy, without touching what she wanted me to most of all. I even tickled her perineum with my tongue. Phoebe bucked up, trying to thrust herself at me, but I held her firmly in place by her thighs.

"Oh, Daddy, please," she begged.

I very slowly kissed my way up the left side of her pussy, tilting my head ever so slightly, so that my nose barely grazed the side of her enlarged clit. Phoebe's whole body spasmed, her back arching impossibly as she moaned out in ecstasy. She was racked by wave after wave of her orgasm, each one not letting the last subside before it struck.

I Eskimo kissed her lovely clit again, gently rubbing my nose up and down her length. Phoebe was whimpering at my touch, now holding my hands on her thighs. Her pungent earthiness filled my nostrils, and I decided to up the ante.

I licked the full length of her clit with the tip of my tongue, causing her to cry out. Then I licked again with as much surface area as I could, the rough wet sensation of my taste buds pushing her over the edge.

I let her recover by plunging my tongue into her sopping cunt. I sucked and chewed at her labia as I fucked her with my mouth, my nose occasionally flicking the end of her clit, causing her whole body to jolt.

When her breathing steadied, I burrowed one, then two fingers into her, and stirred her gooey depths as I sucked her clit into my mouth. My lips and tongue worked her engorged organ rhythmically, and Phoebe rolled her hips in time with me until she lost herself in another all-consuming climax.

My beautiful little girl collapsed back, flat onto the bed, heaving with exhaustion. She held her forearms across her face, trying to compose herself. But those incredible nipples still called to me.

I clambered back up her supple body and gobbled her breast into my mouth. Phoebe giggled, then grabbed my face and pulled me up to kiss her.

"Oh, Daddy, that was incredible. Thank you so much."

"I love you, Sweetheart," I breathed back.

Phoebe's hand found my cock, and guided the head to her opening. I couldn't wait. I sank myself into my daughter's horny cunt, feeling her roll her hips up to meet me. I was sheathed in her molten core, and it was all I could do not to come right then.

Our eyes met as I bottomed out inside her. The bright flecks of green and gold sparkling. We kissed, then shared a brief giggle. And then I started grinding my cock into her.

"You feel so good inside me," Phoebe moaned.

The sensation of her smooth thighs against my hips was incredible. Her warm skin. The sound of her moaning. The look in her eyes. It was too much.

I rocked back and forth inside her, making love to her with more and more of my length, until I was sawing in and out of her with lusty abandon. I lost myself, fucking my daughter senseless. Her drenched pussy gripped my cock so tightly as I thrust into her. She was so hot.

"Oh, Daddy," she moaned. "I love you."

Her words were too much. They pushed me over the edge. "I'm going to come!" I groaned.

"Yes, Daddy! Come inside me. I want to feel you inside me."

The tingle in my limbs overtook me, growing into an immense warmth. Then the overwhelming pleasure as it exploded out through my cock. I roared as spurt after spurt of my seed gushed out into my daughter's bare cunny. I ground into her as deep as I could, until I was paralysed by post-orgasmic sensitivity.

When I returned to my senses, I noticed Phoebe panting beneath me. Her brow was furrowed with concern, and she stroked my hair.

"Are you okay, Daddy?"

I kissed her gently. "I love you, Phoebe. You are so special."

"Do you think I'm beautiful, Daddy?" Her eyes glistened.

"You are so beautiful," I breathed with a kind smile. "You're just gorgeous, Love!"

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