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Look How Far We've Come


I know we've had some small issues in the past @KaitlynWWE , but I'm so happy for you. Look how far we've come. #chickbusters4life

Kaitlyn frowned and turned to the girl sitting next to her, who of course had that huge grin on her face which Kaitlyn struggled to stay mad at.

Not that she didn't try her best, "You are so going to get me fired."

It was now AJ's turn to frown, "How?"

"Erm, breaking Kayfabe?" Kaitlyn offered.

"Na, I think this would totally be something my character would do." AJ argued, "After all, in her mind we're probably still best friends. You just don't call me any more."

Kaitlyn was almost taken in by the sad look on the other WWE diva's face. Almost, "You slapped me. Twice. And then kicked me in the head."

"Well, the last one was in a match, so I'm not sure it should really count. And I only slapped you because you said something to upset me, so... yeah, small issues." AJ beamed happily, "So, if you think about it, we should totally still be buddies. In fact WWE Kaitlyn totally owes WWE AJ a call. Or at least a Tweet."

The two divas stared at each other for a few seconds and then Kaitlyn turned back to her phone and began to type, causing AJ to smile happily and turn her attention back to her phone, eagerly awaiting Kaitlyn's message. When it finally came AJ immediately read it, smiling happily.

ummm thanks @WWEAJLee?? Water under the bridge I guess... Don't expect me to hug you though.

Turning back to the other girl AJ frowned and then asked, "So, if no hug... what are you going to give me?"

AJ succeeded in sounding confused and innocent, right up until the end when a little smile crossed her face. Of course Kaitlyn was sure that was the point. Regardless Kaitlyn quickly looked around to check no one was watching and then gently kissed her girlfriend.

Before AJ could turn the gentle peck into something more passionate Kaitlyn pulled away and went back to interacting with her twitter followers while pretending not to notice the tiny brunette pouting.

It wasn't like Kaitlyn didn't want to tongue wrestle AJ, or do all manner of dirty things to her, but the whole reason they were out here tweeting in the middle of the cafeteria amongst other WWE superstars and staff who were minding their own business was so they could spend some time interacting with their followers and just talking to each other, and whoever else bothered to say hello. Because when they were alone AJ couldn't be trusted to keep her hands to herself. And honestly, neither could Kaitlyn.

Things might have been different if AJ wasn't wearing a sexy little suit, and Kaitlyn wasn't all sweaty and horny from wrestling, not to mention wearing her skimpy little wrestling outfit which never failed to make the brunette give the blonde a number of lustful looks. Most of all both AJ and Kaitlyn were very aware that there was an all girl orgy currently taking place in the diva's locker room. There always was now everyone from RAW, Smackdown and Nxt had to be available at all times for RAW, even though most of the people low on the totem pole like the majority of the divas were never used, but when they were it made the divas extra fired up. Hence why Alicia was probably still sitting on Rosa's face. And Aksana and Tamina were still probably in a 69. And Eve probably still had Natalya's strap on up her ass.

Particularly the last image never failed to bring a smile to Kaitlyn's face, or make her feel jealous of both women, but as much as she and AJ were usually more than happy staying around for the 'after match fun' they had opted to skip it this time in favour of some quality time with each other. After all if a couple wanted some personal time with each other even the most sexually aggressive divas like Natalya respected it, which was why they'd been able to get in, get their bags, and get out. They didn't trust themselves to stick around for a shower or anything though, not when they're fellow divas' naked bodies were so temptingly lick-able, suck-able and fuck-able.

"You ok babe?"

AJ's voice startled Kaitlyn from her thoughts, the blonde almost blushing as she murmured, "Nothing."

"Really?" AJ asked cheerfully, resting one hand just above Kaitlyn's knee and then slowly sliding it upwards.

The movement was mostly blocked by the table they were sitting at but Kaitlyn still gave AJ a warning look. Of course AJ mostly ignored it, but at least her fingertips only lightly grazed Kaitlyn's tights covered centre, meaning the blonde was able to stifle a moan as the brunette discovered how wet she was.

"Because it doesn't feel like nothing." AJ grinned, allowing her fingertips to linger for a few seconds before pulling away.

Trying not to smile Kaitlyn replied, "What? You know what just having you around does to me."

There was then silence between them as AJ brought her fingertips to her lips and slowly sucked the taste of Kaitlyn's wetness from her fingers.

Even if no one knew exactly what AJ was tasting the look on her face, the little moans she made, just the way that she sucked those fingers were all very suggestive. If anyone saw they would be both in serious trouble as while Vince didn't care what the divas did in private, and probably somehow secretly watched them, anything which could be even interpreted a slightly sexual between the divas was out of the question in this PG environment. Of course Kaitlyn was so mesmerised by the sight she didn't even think to check that no one was watching.

"Well, then why are we still here? Let's go." AJ said hopefully, before whispering in Kaitlyn's ear, "Please? I really want to properly congratulate you on your big win."

Kaitlyn bit her lip, and even though she didn't want to murmured, "Just another half hour babe. Then you can congratulate me as much as you want."

AJ pouted and turned back to her phone, "I'm going to hold you to that."

And AJ did, the little brunette timing it so that they left exactly thirty minutes later, give or take Kaitlyn's brief trip to the bathroom where she changed into some street clothes while AJ waited outside impatiently. After that they headed straight to their hotel, both WWE divas doing their best to act nonchalant and not like they were dying to rip each other's clothes off.

Kaitlyn barely had time to close and lock their hotel room door before AJ jumped up into her arms. As Kaitlyn didn't have the strength of Kane she staggered back a little bit, but this was nothing new to her, Kaitlyn wrapping her arms around AJ's upper back as the brunette wrapped her arms around the blonde's neck and her legs around the blonde's waist.

It was just like those times AJ would jump into her arms when they won the tag team match, or even when one of them won a singles contest, during their time as the Chick Busters. Except this was the private version, which sadly Kane was given a taste of recently. However unlike with Kane when AJ kissed her Kaitlyn was only too happy to kiss back, the two WWE divas becoming lost in a long tongue battle as the bigger girl effortlessly held the smaller girl in the air. Not that it was much of a tongue battle at first. In fact it was very soft and gentle to begin with which somewhat surprised Kaitlyn given how obviously horny her girlfriend was. And how horny she herself was.

Of course inevitably things became more heated, however when they did AJ's and Kaitlyn's tongues were not actually battling for that long. Or at least it didn't seem like it. Kaitlyn wasn't totally sure, all she knew was that one moment her tongue was battling for survival, the next she was breaking the kiss so she could concentrate on carrying her girl to the bed so she could ravage her, or more likely vice versa. Either way kissing wasn't enough for Kaitlyn, and she suspected it wasn't enough for AJ either.

It wasn't and AJ had been going to break the kiss moments before Kaitlyn did so she could get down, take the blonde by the hand and guide her to the bed. AJ liked what actually happened so much better as it meant she got to stay in Kaitlyn's strong arms for a little longer, and she got to plant kisses all the long the other girl's neck as they moved, and once they reach their destination the blonde gently lowered her so that she was resting on top of her. It reminded AJ of how much she used to love Kaitlyn's weight on top of her, the other diva practically crushing her body between her own and the bed sheets as she ravaged her, which was why AJ allowed this to continue for several minutes of quality kissing time before using all her strength to flip them over.

It was far from an easy task, and Kaitlyn could have probably stopped her or at the very least immediately switched positions, but instead the blonde allowed herself to be flipped and happily looked up at the brunette who was quick to straddle her.

"I'm on top now, remember?" AJ grinned.

"How could I forget?" Kaitlyn grinned back.

This earned Kaitlyn another big smile, then AJ began slowly removing her cute little black jacket and then her red shirt. This left her top half in just a lacy little bra which AJ gave Kaitlyn a few moments to admire before she reached down to grab hold of the blonde's top. Only too happy to help Kaitlyn lifted her arms up allowing AJ to quickly remove the offending item. Then AJ channelled her character, staring at Kaitlyn's bra covered breasts with this weird faraway look before quickly reaching behind to grab onto the straps. When they didn't untangle quickly enough AJ ripped the fabric apart, ruining yet another piece of Kaitlyn's clothing.

Sometimes Kaitlyn thought she should really hand AJ a bill for all the clothes she had ripped because she was too impatient to take them off properly. The blonde had also considered switching to some cheaper fabric. However Kaitlyn always wanted to look her best for her lover, and while that was an exhausting task considering how much time they spend together it was very rewarding. Besides, if she was honest with herself Kaitlyn like the way that even after more than two years together AJ wanted her so much she would literally tear her clothes off.

Of course far more than costly clothe destruction Kaitlyn loved the feeling of AJ's lips wrapped around one of her nipples, something which was always happening shortly after the removal of her bra. This time round it was the right nipple which received attention first, followed quickly by the left, Kaitlyn biting her lip as AJ went back and forth and quick concession, each time sucking her teats hard and rough.

Things became slightly more gentle when AJ added her tongue into the mix, that soft wet muscle circling each of Kaitlyn's nipples in turn, making the stronger diva writhe with pleasure. Then AJ started nipping at Kaitlyn's nipples, not enough to really hurt but it definitely put things back to hard and rough, not that Kaitlyn complained. Because sure, she might have liked a little gentleness to start with but she was definitely in the mood for some hard fucking, and given AJ's mood it seemed that was exactly what she was going to get.

AJ was indeed determined to fuck Kaitlyn hard. However even during their quickies AJ hated to ignore Kaitlyn's gloriously big boobs, and now they were locked away in the safety of their hotel room AJ was determined to give her girlfriend's full round tits the attention they deserved.

That AJ was determined to do this should have come as no surprise to Kaitlyn, but just like all those other times the brunette heard these little moans of frustration as she continued licking and sucking the blonde's nipples. Of course those little moans only brought out AJ's sadistic side and encouraged her to keep her mouth north of where she knew Kaitlyn really wanted it.

Not that this was all about torturing Kaitlyn, or even giving these wonderfully big titties the treatment they deserve. No, a very big part of it was also that AJ used to fantasise about being with a girl with nice big boobs, and even though she had been able to play with these magnificent things for over two years each time was just as good as the first. Literally a dream come true, AJ unable and unwilling to resist pressing her face against Kaitlyn's tits and beginning to softly and gently motorboat them. This caused Kaitlyn to giggle softly, then moan with frustration again when AJ went right back to sucking her tits.

Shortly after that Kaitlyn moaned, "AJ, mmmmmmmm, please baby, fuck me. Please? Mmmmmm, I know you love my big titties but I need you babe. Ohhhhhh Gawwwwd, I need you to fuck me. Oh AJ, please, I need that soft little tongue of yours to fuck my little dyke pussy so I can cum all over your pretty face. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, do I want to cum on your pretty face and into your cum hungry little mouth? Yes, yes, yes, yes ooooooooohhhhhhhh Gawwwwd! Please, finger me, tongue fuck me, use a toy on me, anything! Please AJ, ohhhhhhh..."

Before Kaitlyn could say another word AJ's hand was cupping the other diva's most sensitive area through her jeans, the petite brunette smiling around the nipple in her mouth as she felt how wet the blonde was. Then, resisting the urge to tease Kaitlyn about the wetness she'd just found, AJ quickly moved to grab hold of the waistband to those jeans, making sure she had a good grasp of Kaitlyn's underwear as well before she yanked them down. Removing them all the way and taking off Kaitlyn's shoes proved to be tricky, AJ briefly cursing herself for not insisting that the blonde stayed in her cute little wrestling outfit. Then, with only a few minor tears, Kaitlyn's jeans and shoes were off, allowing AJ to move back and admire the perfection which was her girlfriend's naked body.

As she continued admiring it AJ pushed her own black pants and underwear down, stepping out of them and kicking off her high heels before crawling back onto the bed. At that point it was incredibly tempting just to bury her face in between those muscular thighs but instead AJ forced herself to be a little more patient so she could kiss her way up those beautiful legs, her lips moving back and forth between them as she slowly crawled upwards. Once she reached those big, muscular thighs AJ slowed down, letting her lips linger on every inch of that strong area.

Kaitlyn was extremely proud of her thighs. Quite a few people had told her they were her best feature and she certainly never argued. Sure, she also thought she had pretty great tits, but there was a line between pride and conceited which as a rule Kaitlyn tried not to cross. Her girlfriend on the other hand was happy to point out her assets, and while the little brunette was obviously biased Kaitlyn wasn't one to turn down flattery. Of course while being told she had 'many great assets' could be flattering under the right circumstances it could also be frustrating, now being a perfect example.

This of course wasn't the first time. AJ had previously spent hours sliding her mouth all over Kaitlyn's body without reaching the place the muscular blonde most needed her, and sometimes like now it felt like she spent hours in just one area, those lips travelling over Kaitlyn's thighs until she could take it no more.

Reaching down Kaitlyn grabbed a handful of brown hair, yanked AJ upwards and then shoved the other girl's face into her needy cunt. Then Kaitlyn waited with baited breath to see if she would be punished for her actions, something she would welcome if only AJ would tongue fuck her to orgasm first.

For a few long seconds AJ did think about punishing the stronger girl, namely by ordering her to roll over so she could spank Kaitlyn's big juicy ass. The very thought of it had AJ salivating, although not as much as the sweet smell of Kaitlyn's cunt, and honestly while her girlfriend wanted this badly AJ found it impossible to believe that the other diva wanted it as much as she did. Because God, AJ felt like she needed the sweet taste of Kaitlyn's cream on her tongue like she needed oxygen.

So after a few long seconds of just breathing in the heavenly scent before her AJ stuck out her tongue and quickly began to lick Kaitlyn's pussy. Or at least it started out quick, AJ soon slowing down the first lick as her eyelids fluttered from tasting one of her favourite flavours in the world.

It was... heaven, AJ literally losing her mind to the sweet flavour. Luckily she had done this a thousand times so without the use of her mind AJ's body took over, her tongue gently sliding out over and over again to lap at the yummy treat in front of her, making sure never to lick too hard or fast, at least not yet. Hard and fast would come sooner rather than later, but for now AJ just gently licked away at her girlfriend's sex, making the other WWE diva tremble and moan from her soft touch.

"Yeeeeeeesssssssss, oooooooooh AJ!" Kaitlyn moaned, finally breaking the silence that had formed between them, "Lick me! Lick me baby, lick my pussy! Ohhhhhhhhh God yes lick me. Lick me you little pussy licker! Mmmmmmmm yeah, lick that pussy like the pussy licking slut you are!"

Like their fellow WWE divas AJ and Kaitlyn loved dirty talk. It really turn them on to say all sorts of nasty things to each other during sex, both of them knowing the other was only saying such dirty things for that purpose and thus never taking any offence of it. Of course with AJ's mouth busy it was up to Kaitlyn to provide the dirty talk, something the blonde relished.

"Eat that pussy! Eat it pussy eater!" Kaitlyn cried out, "Mmmmmm yesssssss, fucking eat my fucking pussy you beautiful little muff diving slut! Mmmmmmm oooooohhhhhhhhh fuck me, please fuck me. Fuck my dyke cunt! Tongue fuck me you wonderful little dyke. Oh fuck me, oh fuck AJ, yessssss, oh lick me, lick my pussy, yeeeeeeesssssss that's sooooooo gooooooddddddd! Oh AJ! AJ! Fuck me. lick me, yes, ohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwd yesssssss, fucking fuck me you dirty little rug muncher! Oooooooooh fuck!"

Truthfully it was difficult for Kaitlyn to be very original with her dirty talk under the circumstances, but it wasn't like either girl cared. Both were far more caught up in the actions of AJ's wicked little tongue, Kaitlyn writhing and whimpering on the bed as she desperately thought how she could get that talented little soft muscle to slide inside her and give her the fucking she so desperately wanted. Or for that tongue to play with her clit while AJ's fingers slammed in and out of her cunt. Either of those would do, but the sad fact was Kaitlyn could be hours away from feeling either, and when she finally did there was no guarantee AJ would have mercy on her and make her cum quickly.

Most of the time Kaitlyn would laugh if anyone described her tiny girlfriend as patient, but when AJ was in between her strong thighs it was almost like the little brunette got a patient's transplant and then all of a sudden AJ could lick her pussy for hours before giving her an orgasm. Of course there was one way, but it was more like a small window of opportunity.

Kaitlyn couldn't go there right away, choosing the perfect time and tone when she finally did, "Oh baby, mmmmmmmmm, please give me your pussy. I wanna 69 with you, mmmmmmmm, taste your sweet little pussy in my mouth as you're eating mine, oooooooohhhhhhhhh, please, oh AJ, let me tongue fuck you while you're tongue fucking me! Give me that pussy and I'll eat you out like the dirty little dyke slut I am! Please, I need it soooooooooo bad! Please AJ, I need it... please... please... oh God yes, give it to me, give me that fucking pussy!"

AJ prevented Kaitlyn from saying anything else by moving her body round in a 160° angle so she could press her pussy down on the other WWE diva's face, although Kaitlyn grabbed hold of her ass when she was in range so she could roughly force AJ down on top of her, making the petite brunette gasp at the suddenness of it all. Of course she was moaning happily soon afterwards as Kaitlyn's tongue quickly went to work, her girlfriend lapping hungrily at her admittedly very wet and needy cunt.

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