tagIncest/TabooLook Who's Peeking

Look Who's Peeking


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All the characters depicted in the story are above eighteen.

"He's doing it again." It was the first thought that came to my mind as I peeked inside my son's room.

Inside the room, my son Fred was laying spread eagle on his big double bed. I observed my handsome son as he slowly stripped off his clothes. He removed his t-shirt, then his shorts tossing them carelessly on one side. Then he propped his head on the pillows and stared at the screen of his laptop on his side that showed a porn movie in progress.

I had seen him before in that state. In fact, for the last one week, I had been spying on my son...watching him discreetly while he masturbated.

It began a couple of nights ago. I'm an early sleeper, but that night, I was finding it hard to sleep. I decided to take a walk in the backyard. So I left my bedroom, went to the kitchen, opened the door at the back. It opened in the backyard. I pushed the doors noiselessly and slipped outside.

It was a moonlit night. I took a deep breath and began to walk in my backyard garden moving to and fro from one side of the fence to the other side of fence. I was lost in my thought and didn't notice the lights in my son's bedroom. Only when I decided to return to my room I saw the lights.

We live in a double storied house at the outskirts of the city. We are only three in our family my husband Dave, my son Fred and me. Our bedrooms, Fred's as well as mine, both are at the ground floor and first floor rooms are used only for the guests. There is a common wall between out bedrooms, and a door that opened in Fred's room. However, we kept that door permanently locked so that he, and we too, could enjoy our privacies.

I didn't know why I wanted to look inside his room. Probably I was just curious.

I looked for an opening through the windows. After a little snooping around, I was able to find an opening through the drapes on one of the windows. Carefully, I positioned my eyes at the opening and peeked inside my son's room.

I watched something that I shouldn't have watched.

My son was laying on his bed...completely naked...not even a single stitch of cloth on his lean athletic body. His eyes were glued to the screen of his laptop that showed a group of men and women displaying all sorts of screwing skills. Unaware of my presence at the window, his hand was busy massaging his rigid cock.

Something at the back of my mind screamed, warned me to move away from the window immediately. However, my eyes were drawn to his rigid tool. I could not take off my eyes away from his boner. My feet refused to move.

I remained there and watched my son as he whacked his cock. I witnessed every moment of my son's solitude...the furious pistoning of his fingers over his massive dick...the contortion of his handsome face as his orgasm hit him and the violent release of incessant jets of hot frothy cum.

I observed everything.

I must admit that I was awestruck from what I had witnessed. When I returned to my room, I was extremely horny. I stripped and lay on my bed. My fingers reached between my legs and I played with my pussy. I finger-fucked my hungry pussy feverishly until my whole body erupted in a shattering orgasm. Although, I tried not to think about Fred while fingering my wet pussy; the image of his gigantic dick kept coming into my imagination again and again.

I had a mind blowing orgasm that night.

That moment, I didn't know that it would change my life forever.

Next morning, I was remorseful, ashamed of my wanton behavior. I didn't know what had come over me last night. I had never done anything like this except in my fantasies. I was married relatively young, and so far my life had been of a simple stay at home mom's life, bearing and bringing up our only child, keeping house, being faithful to my husband. I had been a straight, upright housewife...a mother who dressed rather conservatively and a religious woman who visited church regularly.

I cursed myself for being so stupid. I had committed a serious crime by spying on my son...a forbidden sin.

Throughout the day, I struggled to put his thoughts out of my mind. I resisted the wanton temptations to think about the firmness of his thighs, his bushy crotch and the magnificent piece of flesh rising so proudly between them.

By the evening, I was in control of my lewd emotions. I resolved that it was a freak accident and it wouldn't happen again.

However, as the night progressed and I retired to my bedroom, my resolution began to melt. My heart longed to see that scene again. My pussy began to cream and I wanted to watch my teenage son beating his cock. I tried to sleep but I couldn't. I tossed and turned in the bed but to no avail.

Finally, I surrendered to my lust and left my bed. My feet dragged me to the backyard...to the same place where I was last night.

Hiding behind the window, I watched my son masturbating for the second time. His beautiful throbbing cock...jets of his hot cum flying out off his peehole. I was driven wild with lust. I was extremely horny when I returned to my room. I again fingered myself to a terrific orgasm.

After the second night, I lost my inhibitions. My horniness took complete control of my thoughts and I did what it wanted me to do.

I was again there on the next night and every night after that. Each day, unaware of my snooping eyes, my son whacked his cock and left me lusting for.

Every time, it was followed by a furious round of self gratification in my room.

This night was no exception. I was standing outside my son's room, peeking through the opening...excitedly watching my son stripping. It was a cold November night. I felt a mild shiver standing at the window. I was wearing only my white panties underneath my gown...no bra.

Fred had turned eighteen last December. As his mother, I had the opportunity to watch him grow into a fine handsome young man. It was rather unbelievable that my small kid had suddenly become a man.

He was a good son, good in studies and a very good athlete I was really proud of him.

I was aware that he was dating one of his classmates Linda. But I was not sure if he was screwing her too. He appeared so innocent.

My sex life with my husband wasn't going very smoothly. In fact, I couldn't recall when Dave screwed me for the last time. It seemed like ages. Dave was too busy with his work. After twenty odd years of our evidently successful marriage, he didn't have enough time for his wife and his son.

I won't say that he wasn't a good father. He was and he was good in bed too. But lately he seemed to have forgotten about one of his major duties. He was no more interested in sex. He was completely oblivious of my physical needs.

I had resigned to my fate; settled in my life as a homemaker and a doting mother.

However, watching my son masturbating on that fateful night ignited a hidden desire in me. I realized how much I was missing sex. I recalled the nights when I lay in my bed wishing Dave to be between my spread legs with his monster cock reaming through my wet pussy...just like it used to be during the initial years of our marriage.

Now everything seems to be vanished. Dave was my first love. He was the man who took my virginity and so far he was the only man who had the rights to fuck me any time he wanted. I still loved him. All I expected him to be more considerate about his wife's needs.

Inside the room, Fred moved on bed. I woke from my reverie.

Fred was completely naked now. His hand was now gripping his hardened cock. He began to stroke it gently. He continued to stroke his cock until it was hard and erect. His eyes were glued to his laptop screen that showed a man and a woman busy in their furious love making.

I amorously observed my handsome son. He looked gorgeous, more like Dave when I first met him. He looked an exact replica, same handsome face, a young athletic body, thick dark hair and a heart warming smile. No doubt my son was very popular among the girls. Like his father he was also endowed with a magnificent tool, long, thick and with a beautifully swollen mushroom shaped head.

A warm feeling rushed up and down through my body. I could feel my horny pussy began to melt. My legs grew weak as I watch my son playing with his mammoth hard on.

Intuitively, my hands reached between my legs and I rubbed my pussy through the gown.

His cock beating got furious with every passing second. His eyes were still staring at the laptop screen but I doubted if he was actually watching the movie.

My legs trembled and a strange shiver began to run through my body. I furiously rubbed my engorged clit. Suddenly, my pussy began to throb. I knew if I didn't stop I would start cumming there itself. I removed my fingers from my pussy and squeezed my legs unsuccessfully trying to stop my orgasm.

It was too late. A loud moan escape from my mouth as my cunt lips throbbed even more violently. My entire body shook with the ultimate pleasure the moment my orgasm hit me. My mind was reeling. I had to take support of the wall to avoid collapsing on the ground. I could feel the warm fluid running down my thighs.

I let my body go and enjoyed the blissful feeling.

Once the tidal waves of pleasure began to subside, my fingers were back to where they were before. My attention was again drawn to my son.

Fred's handsome face was contorted with rapture. His fist was running over his cock like an automobile piston. The purple mushroomed head of his beautiful cock looked even larger.

Suddenly, his body arched. His mouth opened and he gave a loud cry. I could hear only a muffled cry behind the closed windows. His hand squeezed his cock tightly. The engorged head throbbed and a large drop of cum shot from the tip of his cock. His thick sperm flashed in the air and landed over his chest. Another shot followed; that also landed on his chest. Then another, and another...I stopped counting.

I watched the entire firework...igniting, flashing and then subsiding. My body shivered and trembled as my fingers played with my pussy.

Inside the room, Fred lay on his bed breathing heavily. His eyes looked delirious and he appeared relaxed. The laptop screen was still showing the man now buggering his female protagonist...ramming his cock into the girl's sphincter. But Fred seemed uninterested. He reached out and turned off the power switch. The picture disappeared from the screen.

"Time to go." I said to myself and dragged my feet.

I quickly walked over to the rear door of kitchen. Entering into the darkened kitchen, I locked the door from inside. I came out of kitchen, entered into the living room. I should have directly gone to my bedroom. Some strange thought stopped me from doing so and instead I settled on the sofa.

From my position, I could see the corridor leading to my bedroom and to the Fred's bed room which was just after my bed room and the closed doors of his room at the end of the corridor. I didn't know if he had locked his room from inside. I silently sat there staring at my son's bedroom door.

I didn't want to go back to my room. I was horny like hell...desperately needed a cock, a thick long massive cock, between my scorching pussy lips.

I was dying for a good fuck.

And I knew that my son was endowed with one of those that could quench my burning thirst.

"What're you trying to do Melissa?" My mind warned me. "Fucking your own son...that's incest."

In the silence of night, I could hear my heart beating like a drum.

"No...I shouldn't" I thought. "It's evil."

I got up and walked into the corridor.

I stopped outside the closed door. My body was trembling violently, my head spinning. For a moment, I felt like turning back and running to the shelter of my room. However, my body refused to obey my mind. I waited outside the door, trying to control the shivering.

Finally, I pushed the door.

It was not locked from inside. Probably, my son didn't expect anyone to visit him at such odd hour. He must have heard the door open as his eyes snapped open and he saw me standing in the doorway. He emitted a loud surprised groan and quickly drew up the covers to hide his nakedness.

"What the hell...?" He cried; his face flushed with embarrassment.

Although my legs were trembling, I put a bold face. I walked boldly into the room and over to the side of his bed. "What's going on here?"

"Don't I have a right to some privacy?" He said irritably.

"Sure you have," I leered at him. "But not when your mother can watch you pumping your cock."

I indicated toward the window that opened into the backyard. He could see the opening between the hanging curtains. He gave me a stunned look. He pulled the covers to his chest to hide the drops of cum that were still there. It was an unsuccessful move. The sheet became wet with his cum. I could clearly see the four perceptible wet spots over the portion that covered his upper body.

"You needn't hide that?" I grinned pointing at the biggest spot just above his crotch. "Mommy has seen cock before? Don't you know...I've been screwing you dad for last twenty years."

His eyes opened even wider. He looked stunned. He hadn't expected such depraved words from me. I gave him a wanton grin, reached out and quickly jerked the covers off his body.

"Mom...!" My son cried in shame and bent forward trying to cover his nakedness with his hands.

I gave him a wicked smile. "Relax...Fred...I've seen you naked before."

"But..." He stammered, his hands still covering his nakedness. "I was a kid then."

"So what?" My pussy was tingling with lust. I could feel wetness seeping out of my hairy slit. "Can't mommy see his grown up son's dick."

"Goddamn you!" Fred begged. His face was deep red with embarrassment. "Please mom...don't embarrass me. Please go."

"Oh, shut up," I interrupted. "Lemme see what my son's got."

I gripped his hands covering his dick and forced them away from his crotch. He resisted halfheartedly. I could see he was now beginning to enjoy his predicament. The feeling of shame was slowly being replaced by a strange sense of excitement.

His cock was now open to my prying eyes.

I stared at his monster cock. It was long and thick jutting out of dark thatch of curly hair. I could see the veins running along its length. The foreskin drawn back, his deep purple bulbous head appeared huge. I held my breath. I was bigger than my husband's tool. It must be.

"Goss...Fred." I gave his cock an admiring look. "It's big...honey...very big."

"Mom...?" He replied shyly but his excitement was visible. He liked his cock being admired by his horny mother. He moved his hands away from his thighs and let me had an eyeful of his mammoth hard-on.

"Did Linda take it completely?" I grinned.

"Mom..." He shouted in embarrassment. "I haven't done it with her yet. I'm still virgin."

"Really...!" I feigned a surprised look. "She must be an idiot. She doesn't what she's missing."

Inside, I felt elated; I didn't know why.

"You like it mom?"

"Yes honey." I replied. "You've the nicest cock I've ever seen."

He liked the appreciation as his stomach muscles contracted and his cock jerked.

I sat at the edge of his bed. My eyes were glued to his throbbing manhood. I longed to feel that cock quiver in my hands. I gave in to my temptation, reached down and encircle his cock with my fingers.

"Mom...!" Fred jumped at the sudden contact; then he relaxed. To my cold fingers, his cock appeared hot...very hot. I got a firm grip on his throbbing cock, and slowly began to move the foreskin skin up and down.

He watched me intently as I stroked his hardness. His eyes were bulging with excitement. My condition was no better. My pussy was dripping profusely. It was getting more difficult with every passing second.

I realized that now there won't be any turning back. I had succumbed to my lust. I must have that masterpiece between my pussy lips.

"I think you should put that thing back..." I pointed toward the laptop that was lying idle on one side. "You don't need it now."

While I played with his rigid tool, he quickly closed the lid and put it on a side table. Then he turned his attention back to me.

"It feels good mom..." His voice was hoarse with excitement. He was breathing with a quickened pace. "It really feels very good."

I smiled and suddenly let go his pulsating rod from my grip. He moaned and stared at me with disappointment. I pushed his naked hip. He got the hint and moved far on the bed. I climbed on the bed and settled between his spread legs. Once again, I gripped his cock, this time with both hands. My eyes were glued to his enormous hard on.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh...! Mom...!" He moaned loudly.

"Honey..." My voice came like a hoarse. "I want to kiss it..."

"Yessss..." He thrust his crotch excitedly. "Please kiss me...suck my dick mom...please."

I took hold of his teenage cock, my eyes glazing with lust. I bent my head and flicked my tongue out. I touched the swollen head of his cock, then slowly ran it over his tiny peehole. It drove him wild with desire.

"Ahhhhhhhhh...!" His thigh muscles flexed and he cried.

I ignored his moans and slowly engulfed his cock between my lips. For some time, I sucked his cock head like a lollipop. Then slowly I began to gobble up the length of his cock. Within seconds, almost full length of his cock was deep inside my sucking mouth. His cock head touched against my throat. For a second, I almost choked. So I released a part but kept the remaining length embedded inside my mouth. My hand moved down, to the base of his cock and I grasped his balls.

"Suck me, Mom!" Fred gasped. "Oh, suck my cock!"

I clamped my lips around his cock, and slowly began to move it up and down. He also responded by thrusting his tool into my mouth. I ran my tongue over it, licking and slurping. His cock was hot and so hard; and the way it throbbed in my mouth sent violent ripples of delight through my body. I could feel the crotches of my panties were soaked with my juice. I even felt the wetness seeping onto my thighs.

"Mmmmmm!" I stared at my son. His eyes were bulging; he was continuously emanating a strange guttural sound.

I tweaked with the curly hair at the base of his cock and then began to caress his balls. Stroking them, squeezing them; Fred went wild as he pushed his cock deeper into my mouth.

"Ahhh...mom... suck it...!" He moaned. "Suck it hard, Mom! Ooooh God, your mouth is so wet and hot. God I love it."

Encouraged, I sucked him even harder. The heat between my legs was getting more and more intense with every stroke of my lips over his tool. I was moaning, grunting with lust. I couldn't recall when I sucked my husband like that. My lips began to ache but I didn't stop. It was so wanton yet so exciting. My son's sawing through my hungry mouth and he was watching me doing that. God... how much I loved doing that.

His cock began to swell in my mouth, slowly growing in size. It moved like a piston in and out of my mouth. I ran my tongue over his dripping pisshole each time he withdrew, sucking up any drop of precum that oozed out of his tiny peehole.

I could also feel the buildup of an approaching orgasm between my soaked thighs. Fred was pumping excitedly, completely oblivious of my condition. His cock almost leaving my clenched lips before it plunged back in to my throat.

My cunt was on fire.

"Mom! Ohhhh, Mom! Yes, suck it, Mom!"

I felt his body stiffen, his thighs pressing against my head. Sucking in frenzy, I moaned and sobbed with rapture.

"Mom...!" Suddenly there was a panic in his voice.

I didn't hear him. I was too much occupied with my task and the wild heat in my pussy that was growing wilder with every passing second. I clenched my thighs in an unsuccessful attempt to curb my impending orgasm.

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