Looking After Charlie


"What about my panties, do you want them on or off?" I asked, not that I didn't know the answer.

"Off, please, mum."

"So you want a good old look at my pussy then?" I joked.

"You've seen everything of mine so it's only fair," he joked back.

"How can I refuse then?" I got up off the bed and, as provocatively as I could, I wriggled out of my panties. Then, still standing, I reached down and played with myself.

"So, how do I compare?" I asked.


"With all the other pussies you've seen."

"I haven't seen any others, well, except in photos. You're gorgeous, mum."

I struck a pose but I can't get off standing up so I got back on the bed and snuggled into the crook of his left arm. With my left hand I caressed my breasts; my right was rubbing away at my love button. I didn't hold back one bit, I sighed, I moaned, I groaned, letting Charlie know just how turned on I was. Part of me wondered if I was overdoing it but it became less and less a show and more and more the real thing until, with a cry of 'Charlie, oh Charlie, oh Charlie!' I reached a shuddering climax and rolled towards him, my hand still clamped between my thighs.

It took me quite a while to come down and, when I did, I realised that Charlie was stroking my hair.

"Are you OK?" he asked, his voice full of concern.

"I'm fine, honey. Couldn't be better."

"That was a bit intense," he said. "You looked like you were crying at the end. But, mum, you're a very sexy woman."

"Thank you, kind sir," I replied. "You're pretty sexy yourself."

"I'm too small to be sexy," Charlie muttered.

"Small! What do you mean, small?" I said in amazement.

"My thingy, it's only fifteen centimetres."

"Trust me, honey, there is nothing at all small about your prick. In fact I think it's gorgeous." To reinforce the point I reached down and gave it a little squeeze, feeling it grow harder. "Nice and long and plump; ooh, there's not a girl in the world who would call that small."

"You're just saying that because you're my mum."

"Honest, I'm not. Look, when I was your age I worried about my tits, worried that they were too small. How could any boy go for me when all I had was molehills?"

"But your tits are great, mum. I love your tits."

"Exactly my point. My tits are just fine and so is your prick. Talking of which isn't it time for your blow job?"

I scooted down the bed and showed him just how much I loved his prick, enough to swallow everything it gave me.

That kind of broke the ice and, from then on, whenever I went into his room to give him relief I was always suitably dressed. I got a chance to put on all those sexy clothes that had been gathering dust at the back of my wardrobe waiting for the right man to come along. There was a basque and stockings, a baby doll nightie and a short dressing gown in pink satin; Charlie loved each and every one of them. Slowly but surely his left arm was mending and he was even getting more and more movement in his right, albeit still restricted by the plaster cast.

"Mum," Charlie asked one day as we were settling down, "why don't you use a vibrator?"

"I will do if you want," I replied. "But why do I need a vibrator when I've got you?"

"It's just... I thought... I thought girls couldn't come unless they had something inside them and you don't even push your fingers in."

"What on earth do they teach you kids in sex-ed nowadays? Can't come without a prick inside me! Sure, it's nice but it's not what it's all about. If you want to really turn your girlfriends on make friends with her love button, her little clitty."

Charlie just looked bemused.

"You really don't know what I'm talking about, do you? I think my young man needs a lesson in female biology." I quickly thought about how we were going to do this. His cast was going to make things difficult but....

"Charlie, go and kneel at the end of the bed, will you." Charlie got out of bed, went round and knelt down as I had asked. I slid down until my legs were hanging over the end of the bed and opened my legs so that my pussy was right in front of his face.

"Have you ever seen one of these before?" I asked, "up close, I mean."

"No, mum," Charlie replied.

I reached down and opened myself up and, gently, explained how it all worked. In particular I introduced him to my love button, my happy little clitty. "Do you know," I asked him, "that the clitoris has twice as many nerves as the penis and they're all dedicated to pleasure."

"So what do I do?" he asked.

"Well, using your tongue is best," I replied.

"My tongue?" He sounded confused.

"Yep, think of it like a blow job. Use the tip of your tongue against my clitty."

Charlie did as he was told and, oh my god, it was fantastic. Of course he needed a little guidance, I had to tell him to go harder, or softer, or faster, or slower but he soon got the general idea and I was in seventh heaven. I've never been much of a one to hold back and with Charlie lapping away at me like a good'un I was soon screaming out in ecstasy. I came and came and came again. The little devil just would stop and, in the end, I had to push him away because I simply couldn't take it any more.

"God, Charlie, that was fantastic," I said when I finally recovered enough to speak. "Trust me, any girl you do that to will love you forever."

Charlie just grinned.

And then, suddenly, there was only one more day before the plaster came off and, somehow, we both knew that that would be the end of it. In the six long weeks he'd been wearing it I taught him all that I knew about being a lover, well, almost. There was one last thing, one last taboo that we never quite got round to. Of course the risk of pregnancy was the big fear, the show stopper. If I got pregnant by Charlie then that would lead to all sorts of problems. And then, there I was down at Tescos and, somehow, when I got to the check out, there, in my shopping basket, was a pack of condoms.

I went home and put the shopping away. Charlie was sat in the lounge with his feet up. He was, as ever, wearing a tracksuit. He still couldn't cope with anything with a zip fly but getting dressed in a tracksuit and slobbing out in the lounge had become second nature to him. I took the condoms upstairs and put them in my bedside cabinet. I was still conflicted. Did I really want to use them? Well, of course, that itch between my legs that never seemed to go away nowadays was gagging for it and it seemed stupid to be squeamish after everything else we'd done but somehow having Charlie's prick in my pussy, going that last step, something still held me back.

"Hi mum, what's happening?" Charlie had come upstairs as I was putting things away. He came into my bedroom, stood behind me and put his arms around me, well, his left one anyway.

"How about I kiss your pussy, lick your little clitty 'till you scream," he said in my ear. He'd certainly lost a lot of his shyness.

"Or maybe," he continued as he slid his hand under my tee shirt, "maybe you'd like me to play with your tits."

"Charles Williams!" I said in mock horror. "What has become of you, so bold in front of a lady?"

"You're no lady," he tweaked my nipple through my bra, "you're my mum."

I leaned back into him and let his hand roam. He held onto me with his plastered right arm and, after a good feel of my tits, his left hand headed south, south below the pantie line

The moment his fingers reached my pussy I knew that I was lost. I'd taught him too well and his busy fingers were working their magic. We stayed there for a while as I enjoyed the feel of his body against my back but, eventually, I could take it no longer and I turned round and pushed him gently backwards until he fell onto my bed. I reached down and tugged off his trackie bottoms. His prick, his beautiful, beautiful prick was stiff and proud as ever and all my earlier good intentions were as naught.

"Stay there, sweetie," I said and, quick as a trice I whipped off my jeans, panties, tee shirt and bra. Then I went to the bed and knelt astride him.

"Seeing as how this is our last day," I said as I reached for the bedside cabinet, "I've got a special treat for you."

I found the condoms, took one out, tore open the packet, reached down and rolled it over Charlie's prick. He just looked amazed as I then opened myself up, shuffled forward and slipped him inside. It says a great deal about the state of me at the time that only a few minutes of him groping me was more than enough foreplay and I was so ready and wet that he slid deep, deep, inside me without any soreness at all.

God, it felt so damn good. For all his worries about being small he filled me completely and I had forgotten just how wonderful it felt to be fully impaled on a man's prick. With one hand I reached for my clitty and with the other I played with my tits. Charlie just laid back and stared at me.

I moved my hips around in slow, sensuous circles. I needed this so badly but the last thing I was going to do was hurry. I wanted to savour every moment, every second; I knew this was going to be a one off and I wanted it to last forever. Gradually I upped the tempo, gradually I changed from going round and round to going back and forth but now I wanted to feel his length. I leaned forward and put my hands on my shoulders so as to be able to lift my hips, to feel every inch of him as he slid further and further out until only the tip was inside. Then, in a long smooth movement I slid back down again until was completely impaled, until he could go no deeper.

"Ooh, Charlie, that's so good. Is it good for you too?"

"Yes, mum, oh, yes, mum."

"You're so big, so big inside me, you fill me up, you fill me completely. Oh, Charlie, my baby boy, I love having you inside me."

"I love it too, mum."

"Play with my clitty, there's a good boy, play with my clitty," I urged. Charlie reached down with his left hand and searched out my love button from within the folds of my pussy. Now I was moving in long, firm strokes, feeling his rock hard prick slide in and out filling me up, pushing me higher.

"Does it feel good having your prick in mummy's pussy?" I asked, "Tell, me, tell me."

"Yes, mum," Charlie replied.

"Yes, what?" I demanded.

"Yes, yes it feels so good having my prick in mummy's pussy."

And with that I was pounding him into me, pounding, pounding, pounding, ramming myself down upon him, pushing his prick so deep, deep, inside me. I was close, so damn close; I could feel my body exploding with pleasure.

"Now baby boy, come for mummy now!" I screamed as the fireworks exploded, "come for me, come for me, come..."

Exhausted and sated I collapsed forward and just lay there, feeling his prick slowly going soft inside me. If I could I would have lain there forever but I was starting to get cramp in my thighs so I rolled off him and snuggled up close.

"That was the best, wasn't it?" I said softly

"Yes, mummy, the best," he replied.

The very next day we were off to the hospital to have his cast removed and, the week after that, he was back at work. We never had sex, or anything like it, ever again and we never, ever, talk about it. It's our secret, our special secret and it's so secret we don't even tell each other. The next thing I know he's found himself a new girlfriend. She's a nice girl and I know he treats her well. Judging by the sounds coming through the bedroom walls when they think I'm asleep she's also looking after him alright.

And me, well, there's this guy at work who's not bad looking and keeps making eyes at me. Maybe it's time I moved on as well. But, moving on or not, I'll always be Charlie's mum and he'll always be my baby boy, my special lad, my Charlie.

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