tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLooking For Trouble

Looking For Trouble


The cabbie looked at me knowingly as I handed over his fare. I just smirked in return. He knew what a girl dressed like I was , what I was after and so did I. I was dressed like a dirty, fucking slut for good reason -- I was a dirty, fucking slut.

I had come to this shattering realisation in the twelve months since my eighteenth birthday party (sucking off four different guys as a present to yourself can bring that realisation you know) and ever since I had realised how badly I craved first sex and then as kinky and as filthy sex as could be imagined. I knew I was good looking, tall, long blonde hair, perfect figure, I really should have been dating boys with prospects but they weren't what my base instincts wanted and I listened (and acted) purely on my base instincts.

There were plenty other sexy girls in the queue to get into the club but I differed from them all. They were either with other girls or with their boyfriends. I was alone and loved the feeling of isolation and vulnerability as groups of guys walked past and ogled me, some even making disgusting suggestions.

I wore a red dress that stopped just below my ass cheeks and splayed open up top to reveal most of my breasts (but no nipple). The only other items of clothing I had on were an impossibly high pair of red heels. My blonde hair was piled sexily on my head and I knew all eyes were on me. I loved the attention.

In the club I had a few drinks to loosen me up and I scanned the packed crowd for likely guys. After a short while I saw a group of four guys that looked like just what I needed. All were in their twenties, black, cocky looking and openly leering at the various girls in the club. I strutted over to them and told them what I wanted. I think there was some disbelief but one by one I allowed them to put their hand under my skirt and finger my soaking cunt and I think they were convinced of how serious I was ( I also showed them the handcuffs in my handbag). From my five minutes or so flirting with them I realised that they were all pretty much assholes with low opinions of women in general, so perfect for me. They asked my name and I replied they could call me "slut, cunt or bitch or anything else that fit". I didn't want to know their names, it was nastier that way.

I took a drink off them and left the club, ignoring the various guys that leered at me or tried to chat / feel me up on my way out. Ignoring the doormen I strode out and walked into the alley to the side of the club. It was dark, dank and dirty. The surface was an old cobbled road with half the cobbles missing and mud and shit and puddles covering it. There were full stinking dumpsters lining one side and trash was strewn across the alley. Without missing a step I moved to the end of the alley, well out of sight of the entrance onto the road and stood under the only street lamp that worked, giving a dull glow onto me. I pulled my dress off my body in one motion and stood in just my heels in the cold night air. I placed the dress on a dustbin and popped my hand bag under it, taking out the handcuffs as I did. I snapped the cuffs on my right wrist then reached both my arms behind my back and managed to snap the left cuff in place (the key was in my handbag).

I stood on my high heels in the chilly night and got a real buzz as my flesh turned to goose pimples then I tottered unsteadily over to the far wall and stood with my face pressed against the grimy brickwork and waited..

I froze there like a dumb slut for over ten minutes. My mind raced as I was faced with the possibilities. I could be left here and no one came. I could be attacked and robbed and have my throat slit. I could be arrested or discovered by someone else. I could be raped. Oh God how I hoped I would be.

And then I heard a bottle being kicked over just behind me and footsteps. I had to force myself to keep my face pressed into the wall. My legs were shaking now, my hands too. It was a mix of fear and arousal and it was absolutely intoxicating.

I nearly jumped out of my heels as a hand slashed down and slapped my ass viciously and another hand gripped my expensive haircut and tugged at it. Harsh, mean words were hissed in my ear.

"Thought you might have bottled it bitch! You're going to wish you fucking had!"

And with no further words I felt the man behind me stick his fingers between my thighs from behind and roughly probe at my soaking snatch. They were soon removed and replaced by a thick, slick cock and with a grunt and a shove I was driven harder into the wall as he inserted his cock into me.

He wore no protection. I didn't care. None of the others did, why should I have cared then? He had one arm around my slim waist meaning he could pull me back as he drove forward, slamming his meat deeper and deeper filling my hairless pussy. His other hand roamed over my torso, pinching my big nipples hard, twisting them then reaching up and slapping at my cheek, the back of my head and really rubbing my face into the dirty brickwork. I was helpless, my arms already aching and I loved it.

He came with an animalistic grunt, shoving his dick deep and then letting loose with spurt after spurt of warm fluid into my cunt. I wasn't on the pill and I did not care. If all four niggers wanted to flood my womb with their seed then so be it. He wiped his dick on his hand and then dragged his slimy hand down my face and then rubbed it in my messed up hair.

"Next!" he called as he retreated.

The next guy also slapped my ass hard ( I guess it was too inviting a target) but rather than fuck me standing he wrapped his powerful hand into my hair and jerked me back away from the wall and casually shoved me to my knees. My heels came off and with my arms cuffed I could do nothing to stop me falling face first forward into a filthy, disgusting dark puddle. That brought multiple laughter as the hand in my hair hauled me up out of the awful water coughing and spluttering and feeling like a piece of shit whore.

As I coughed and gagged something was thrust into my gaping mouth. At first I thought it was a cock but it was much too hard and as my eyes cleared enough to see I saw it was one of my spike stiletto heels. I was sucking off my own heels and as I contemplated all the shit and debris in the alley I was disgusted. But I still sucked it like a champion cocksucker.

"That's it cunt! Suck that heel clean, then the other one. Ain't no way I'm putting my dick anywhere near that stinking mouth of yours!"

He did have plans for his cock though as I found out when he spat onto my lower back a couple of times then dipped his fingers into it and pushed them down with his saliva trailing behind to my tight asshole.

I looked at the blurry dark reflection of myself in the murky waters of the puddle. My perfect hair was a disgusting mess, my make up was running down my face, I looked fucking terrible. All the while his finger probed roughly at my asshole, loosening me up before I felt his cock head squeeze between my ass cheeks then prod at my puckered anus..He brought the other filth covered heel up to my mouth just as he pushed forward and impaled my ass on his thick, long dick. I moaned into my own heels and he pulled them to the corners of my mouth and stretched it as he built up a rhythm ass fucking me.

Right then I felt so worthless and like nothing more than a piece of fuckmeat. I was kneeling in a dirty puddle, handcuffed and being ass fucked while my mouth was cruelly played with and I had set it all up! Worthless or not I knew that all it would take would be the slightest tough to my pussy and I come in a screaming orgasm but the guys weren't interested in pleasuring me.

He was rock hard and his erection penetrated then left me then penetrated me harder for over ten minutes, during which time I sucked both my heels clean of all the dirt and shit on them. He came all of a sudden, flooding my asshole with his warm seed and when he withdrew I overbalanced again and landed face first in the murky rain water once more. I lay there for a moment but when it was evident no one would pull me out this time I struggled up to my knees and knelt with my back to them and wondered what would come next.

I squinted and blinked into the gloom through teary eyes just in time to see a massive black cock loom forward then begin to slap me in the face, repeatedly from side to side. His hand gripped my hair hard then jerked my head back and he spat into my open mouth. Then his fingers pushed into my mouth and pushed his saliva in.

"I'm going to have to clean this dirty whore's mouth out boys, did you see all that shit on her shoes she licked off?"

He stretched my mouth again with his hand and spat right in, his saliva sour and vile tasting. Then in an instant his hand was replaced by his dick and he had his cock deep in my throat and his hairy balls squashed up against my chin. I gagged and coughed but he held his cock in as deep as he could go and then pinched my nostrils shut with his fingers. I was unable to breathe and I panicked, my eyes went wide, I struggled but my arms were helpless and I tried to shake my head but all to little avail. The bastard just glared down at me and maintained the pressure on my nose and held his dick in my throat.

"What's the matter Missy? You fucking wanted this. You asked for it."

I felt myself fade and go light headed and just as I was giving way to real fear that I had made a terrible mistake he released my nose and pulled his dick out of my gasping mouth. Just as I took a large gulp of air he plunged in again and from there started a hard and fast face fucking that would have knocked me over were it not for the fact he held my hair so tightly. Everything was a blur as he pounded in and out of my mouth. Trails of pre-cum and saliva dribbled from my lips and spilled onto my chin and down to my bare tits. I was vaguely aware that I was kneeling in a puddle and it was cold and wet and uncomfortable but no one cared.

After a while he pulled out of my mouth and stuffed his scrotum into my mouth and made me suck on his black, hairy balls while he wiped his slick, slimy dick all over my face. I felt so debased and so turned on by this treatment. Finally, he reached the point of climax and he pushed on my forehead to keep my eyes open and blasted out his sperm right into both my eyes and from there into my nose, mouth and finally into my hair. After he was done he contemptuously pushed me onto my back so I now lay in the dirt and the puddles and my mouth gasped and sucked and licked in what cum I could reach.

I closed my eyes and savoured the night and all that I had endured. It had been just what I wanted, I felt like a wanton, dirty, nasty, cheap, fuck slut. I sighed and wished more than ever I could touch myself and get myself off but other than that I was more than satisfied. And then it started to rain, or so I thought as drops started to splatter on my cheeks. Quickly they turned into a far faster fall of liquid and from the smell and taste it was clearly not rain that was hitting me. I opened my cum gummed eyes and mouth and saw that the fourth guy was standing over me, swigging from a beer bottle. And was pissing on me. With my mouth open it became a clear target and he shifted his aim and before I knew it my mouth was full of vile tasting, acrid urine. I tried to spit it out but that just led to it flowing all over my face so in the end I swallowed a good chunk of it. It tasted awful. I had hit a new low.

With my arms pinned and cuffed beneath me I could do little but lie there and let him piss on me. He had the bladder of a horse and must have stood over me in the alley pissing on me for over a minute before he finally came to a dribbling halt. By then my body was coated in his piss and the puddle my head lay in had a distinctly piss flavour and texture. The others congratulated him as he staggered back to them then each of them stepped up and pissed on me too. Lying in the shit of a deserted back alley and being used as toilet was just as low as I could sink, wasn't it? And yet my pussy burned and needed its own release. When they were done I pleaded with them.

"Please! I need to cum! Please make me cum!"

One of them smirked and walked to me and dragged me to my feet by my piss soaked hair and then lifted one of my discarded shoes and carefully slid the high heel between the folds of my shaven pussy. He pushed me over to the corner of a dumpster and explained what I could do.

"Make yourself cum whore, give us one final laugh, rub yourself on that and make yourself cum bitch."

Could I stoop any lower? Apparently so as I was so desperate for release that I began to grind my crotch against the dirty, hard corner of the dumpster and moaned at the feelings of arousal that the heel in my cunt elicited. The guys laughed at me, goaded me, insulted me but I did not care I just moaned and rubbed myself harder and harder until finally I found release and I climax so strongly that I squeezed my eyes shut, cried out and slumped to my knees. As I came down my shoe fell out of my cunt coated in my juices.

When I opened my eyes it was to watch as the guys walked away. No, wait one had remained and it was the bastard who had started pissing on me. He had found my dress and he held it in his hands, showing it to me. Having cum now, I was awash with shame and intent of getting the cuffs off and dressing and getting out of there. Once safely back home no doubt I could relive the night over and over.

"Dumb bitch!"

He snarled as first he spat on my face and then he deliberately pulled my dress between his hands. The rip and tear as the red fabric fell apart in his hands was gut wrenching. I had no back up clothes I hadn't considered my dress being destroyed. And destroyed it was, he wasn't content with ripping it once,,no he tore it to shreds and tossed the remnants into a large dumpster before taking his beer bottle, emptying its contents all over my head and laughing as he turned on his heel and exited the alley.


Alone in the alley I waited two minutes until I was sure I was alone and staggered to my feet. I looked at the fragments of my little red dress in the puddle I stood in and then looked up anxiously and was relieved to see my handbag had escaped the bastards attention. My state of undress could wait, now I wanted these cuffs off after that maybe I could use a bin bag or something to hide my nudity.

It was awkward though. I had practised using the key while my wrists were cuffed previously but here and now, in the dark and cold and after a near hour self inflicted ordeal then huge orgasm I was tired and sore and to my horror having easily plucked the key from the bag as I tried to slot it in the lock I dropped it and it fell, with a splash into the large puddle that now held piss, cum and beer as well as dirty rain water.


I hissed and cursed before realising the futility of that. I then lowered myself to my knees again and strained my arms and hand to reach the key. The puddle was deeper than it looked so I had to spread me legs nice and wide and arch my back, presenting quite the sight I was sure.

And it was like that as I strained and struggled to reach the key that the vagrants found me. I looked round and up at the squeak of the wheels on their trolley and counted three of them. All rough and unkempt and angry looking, two lead similar looking dogs. And that was when the real fun began...

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that was good could get much better!!!!!!

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