tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLooking Through the Window

Looking Through the Window


She saw him waiting for her in the motel's parking lot. He must have gotten there very early as he was sound asleep in the driver's seat of his car. She quietly open the passenger door to his car and sat gently in the seat. He was still sleeping as she unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. She moved her head down and took him in her mouth, licking his shaft with her tongue.

"Oh God, baby", he moaned, "I didn't think that you'd really do it"

"So you were just pretending to be sleeping?" she giggled.

"Couldn't resist, after you started, I just wanted to see how far you'd go" he replied, "Come on, let go to the room and get naked."

"No" she stated.

"What. are you mad at me for teasing you?" he asked. "I'm sorry baby, I was just having a little fun."

"Now you are going to have more", she grinned, "I like to finish what I start."

"It's not dark yet, someone could see" he started to mildly protest.

"So", she replied, "that's the point, recline your seat back as far as you can, so I can have a little breathing room down there.

His cock doubled in size just hearing those words come out her mouth. He knew for sure what he wanted to fill her mouth with, so he reclined the seat back as she opened his jeans more letting his erect organ spring free. She laid her head in his lap and began licking and sucking on the head of his cock.

"Oh yes, baby, suck me good" he moaned.

He was fully erect by then and as hard as a rock. He didn't even notice as a car pulled in two spaces down from them. She looked up briefly and saw a man in a dark business suit standing outside his car door. The way the man was grinning she knew that the stranger had seen just a little bit of action, and thought that he might as well enjoy the show.

"We've got company darlin." she laughed still continuing to suck on her lover.

"Then baby, just keep on doing, what you do the best", he moaned.

She looked up again and noticed that the stranger had moved over closer to their car and was leaning back against the passenger door of his own car. She could see by the bulge in his pants he didn't mind their exhibition at all. She grinned and the stranger gave her a thumb's up sign.

She pulled her lovers jeans down just a little more and turned her head to give the watcher a better view of her mouth on a stiff hard cock.

She moaned as she licked the precum off her man's cock.

"Darlin, I think I'm going to cum in my panties sucking your dick," she said.

"What are you doing wearing panties anyway?" he grinned as he reached down with one hand and pulled up her skirt. He put his hand on her ass and started caressing it outside the silky underwear she wore. He pulled her up in his lap a little more, so she could still easily suck him off, but also so he could finger her pussy while she did it. Before he let her return to her ministrations he pulled off her panties and hiked up her skirt even more.

His hand slipped under her and turned her body toward his. he thought he would give their neighbor the whole show. He glanced out the car window and could see the other man rubbing the bulge in his pants with his hand. The look on the man's face was somewhere between disbelief and wonderment.

His cock grew even more in her mouth and a loud moan escaped his lips that could surely be heard outside the car. His hand found her pussy and she was so wet that he had no trouble sliding three fingers inside of her. He began rubbing her clit with his thumb and she started to move and buck against him. He felt his balls tighten and the sensation in his belly rolled as he came closer and closer to shooting his cum inside her mouth.

"When I come in you. baby, open your mouth a little and maybe our friend can see you swallowing my cum"

He continued to finger fuck her, feeling her orgasm build, and her pussy tighten around his fingers. He rammed into her hard and she shook with pleasure as he took her over the edge. There was no holding back now, he felt his hot passion start to squirt into her mouth. She opened her mouth and he could see his cum on her tongue and dripping down his chin, another load escaped him and he called her name aloud.

She rested in his lap for a few seconds and then they both rearranged their clothes to get out of the car and go inside the motel room.

When they finally opened the car doors the stranger had already gone into his own room.

"Well," she said "he must have enjoyed our show"

Still wet stains of cum on the pavement caused them both to laugh as they went inside their room.

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