tagErotic HorrorLooking Through Your Monitor Ch. 04

Looking Through Your Monitor Ch. 04


Literotica writer believes that there is a ghost in her computer and that he is spying on her through her computer monitor.

I watched Jessica watching Trish masturbating. I felt much like the voyeur watching them through their monitor. Only, I was not a voyeur, I was an active participant. I was a ghost, a perceived ghost, after all, "Boooo." She never took her eyes off her friend. It was obvious that the sight of Trish playing with her pussy, fingering her nipples, and caressing her tits was tuning Jessica on, big time. Then, when Trish cam, I thought Jessica was going to cum, too.

"Okay, are you happy, now, you sick fuck? I did what I asked," said Trish with a voice that sounded a bit annoyed mixed in with a bit of sexual excitement. "I masturbated. May I get dressed now?"

I watched Jessica staring at Trish's nakedness. Jessica was trance like in the way she never removed her eyes from her friend. Trish lifted herself up resting on her elbows with her eyes directed to the monitor, as Jessica stared at Trish's huge hanging tits and smoothly shaved pussy. Man she had nice tits.

It was obvious that Jessica hungered for the feel, taste, and intimate touch of her friend. It was obvious that Jessica's attraction was real. It was obvious that Jessica was horny with all that has happened in such a short time.

"Dressed?" I laughed trying to imitate a haunted laugh by cupping my hands in front of my mouth hoping to make the laughter sound further away and intimidating, as if it emerged from the beyond and from another world. "You want to get dressed?" I laughed my diabolical laugh, again. "Oh, I don't think so, not yet, especially now that we have the drink of your choice, tequila. Relax. Pour yourself a drink. Drink up. This party is just beginning." Again, I laughed my ghostly laugh.

Trish did not need further coaxing. She reached over to the bottle and poured herself a triple and with one gulp guzzled half of it down. It was gone with her second gulp and she reached for the bottle again.

I focused my attention on Jessica. It was making me hot watching her stare at her naked friend. Her lustful behavior was making me horny. I so wanted to see the two of these hotties together in the throws of passion. I so wanted to watch Jessica eat Trish's pussy. I imagined that it could be the hottest sex scene ever.

"Jessica," I said. "Jessica," I said again. It was like she was in a trance. Trish's nakedness had hypnotized Jessica's brain and she was unresponsive to the sound of my voice. "Hello? Earth to Jessica. Jessica!"

"What? Oh...yes," she said finally, as if I had awakened her from her hypnotic trance. "Huh? Did you call me? What did you say?"

"Get naked, please."

"What? Me? Naked? Why?"

Jessica slowly peeled her attention away from her naked friend to look at the monitor. Her face was filled with a panicked apprehension that suddenly turned to excited anticipation and then grateful appreciation.

"Why? Oh, don't play coy with me, Baby. I think you know why, Jessica. We both know what you want."

It did not take Jessica long to strip herself naked, again. I never tire of watching beautiful women strip themselves naked. Watching Jessica remove her clothes was like watching her strip for the first time. Boy she has a hot body. Matter of fact, she has a similar body to that Jennifer who recently appeared on Big Brother 8, you know the one that everyone could not stand. She was the self-centered, conceited dark haired girl who wore all those self-idolizing Jen tee-shirts, Super Jen, Jensa Member, and Jenuine.

I watched Jessica as she climbed on the bed and made herself comfortable next to her naked friend. From where the monitor was positioned, I had the perfect view of her ass crack and between her legs of her pussy. Then, when they were both reclining against the headboard propped up with pillows, I had a perfect view of their tits and pussies. Ah, life is good when you are a ghost in a monitor.

Trish, after having already gulped down one triple drink, was working on her second triple tequila and was already feeling the immediate effects of the excess alcohol. I was in store for a fun time. Tequila!

"Okay, let's get this show on the road. Lemme see, how about this? Let's pretend that I am a famous movie director, you are the hot starlets of the movie, and we are making a 100 million dollar movie, a love story."

"Goodie, goodie," said Jessica clapping her hands together. "I love movies. And I always wanted to be in a movie and be a movie star."

"Okay, I am glad that we all can share in my fun and in my sexual fantasy. But, first, allow me to give you some direction and some motivation, so that you can better act the parts that I have chosen for you."

"Boy, this is like the real thing with the monitor being the camera," said Trish. "Suddenly, I feel like an actress on the set."

"Okay, knock off the nonsense and listen up. Finally, after being friends for years, you can no longer control the lust that pervades your being. Finally, after years of not touching one another but wanting to know what the forbidden love of lesbianism is like, you are curious, you are hot for one another, and you find yourself naked in bed and horny for one another. Finally, after years of wondering, lusting, and yearning, this is your opportunity of a lifetime to explore the attraction that you obviously have for one another."

It's weird. Watching their faces as I imagined a pretend script, they started getting into the role and playing off of one another. It was obvious that they were hot for one another. It was obvious that they would give me no resistance whatsoever. It was obvious that I was in for a very hot time.

"I want to be a cocktail waitress," said Jessica. "And I have worked all night and called in sick for the next day so as I could be with my friend who is visiting from..." she looked to Trish for help.

"...From Portland, Oregon," she said laughing and making Jessica giggle. "And we haven't seen one another since high school."

"Yeah," said Jessica in excited glee as she clapped her hands. "And now we are happy to, finally, be reunited."

"And we've been sharing the same bed," said Trish, because Jessica only has this small, one bedroom apartment.

"Yeah, and we both sleep in the nude...totally naked," said Jessica looking down at herself and at Trish naked.

"Until, the morning, this morning, today, when we woke up and..."

The both looked at me, the monitor, at the same time.

"...and, suddenly, you kiss. Action!"

I held my breath wondering if they would go for it. I waited hoping that they would take the direction and kiss. The wait for them to do something, anything was unbearable. They just stared at one another. Then, Trish reached over to Jessica and pushed back a strand of her hand that fell in front of her face and then Jessica did the same to Trish, pushing back a strand of her hair that fell over her eye.

"Quiet on the set! Ready! Action!" I said clapping my hands as if it was a marker marking the scene and hoping to prompt them to kiss.

Again, they both stared at one another. Then, Jessica took Trish's hands in hers and looking down at her hands and then up at her face, I knew it was only a matter of moments before they kissed.

It was Jessica who leaned into Trish so close that their nipples touched and then they kissed. It was not a peck or a smooch but a real tongue probing, wet arousing, soulful kiss that transgressed years of yearning and lust. It was a kiss that these two women have longed for after having been sexually attracted to one another. This one kiss had opened up the flood gates of sexual repression and there was no way they were going to be denied their night of unbridled pleasure and sexual passion.

I had hit the nail on the head with my pretend movie script because this was exactly how they had felt about one another. This imagined movie script was the perfect scenario that they needed to cover their self-consciousness and one that fed their motivation and desire to make out with one another. The feigned movie script brought their true feelings for one another out in the open and without guilt.

They parted briefly after their first kiss and then, they started making out. Man they were rolling around the bed making out. Jessica was all over Trish's big tits while Trish had her hand between Jessica's legs fingering her wet honey pot. Trish had Jessica moaning. It was so hot to watch these two lovelies make out like this. They were making me so freaking horny, especially in the way that Jessica was all over Trish's big boobs. I wish it was me there in bed with them instead of her. Yeah, it was hot watching Jessica do Trish, but I wished it was me doing Trish or me doing Jessica or me doing both. Not only was it hot to watch, but also it was frustrating not to participate.

"C'mon, girls, make me believe that you love one another," I said egging them on to give me more graphic sex. "I want to see real kissing. Show me some lust. Feel her tits, Jessica, and suck her nipples. Give me some hot sex. Feel her ass. Yeah, that's it, Jessica, run your hand down and over her firm ass and then slap it. And again, slap her ass, again. Sex! Give me sex! Show me some hot sex! Stick your hand between her legs and finger her clit. That's right; I want to feel steamy sex. Fog the camera with your sexual desire for one another. Pretend this is real." Pretend was the key word that they needed me to utter to heighten their passion. "Ready! Action!"

With that the kissing intensified. I wish they were kissing me like this. Damn, if either one of these hotties kissed me in the way that they were going at one another's lips, I would have already creamed my jeans. This was the hottest sex scene I have ever seen.

"Now, Jessica, go down on Trish and lick her pussy. Action!"

That stopped them. That direction crossed the line from heterosexual sex to lesbian sex. It was one thing to kiss one another, to feel one another's ass, tits, and pussy, even to suck one another's nipples, but it was a entirely different to give one another pleasure orally and to lick one another's pussy. This was the point of no return.

Jessica looked at Trish and then at the monitor. Then, she looked back at Trish, again, perhaps, seeking her permission to continue. I had no idea what was going through her mind, only I knew that they were hot for one another. Maybe, she was feeling shy or embarrassed. Maybe, she felt that Trish would think her weird if she wanted to eat her pussy. I don't know. I had no idea what was going through either of their tiny brains.

"Do I have to eat her?" Jessica looked at the monitor with pleading eyes that told me that she hoped I would say yes.

"Yes. You must eat her." For good measure, I threatened the cat, again. "If you don't eat her pussy, I will vaporize your pussy, namely, Missy."

"We're not lesbians, you know," said Miss Trish with a defiant attitude. "I mean, I don't care if Jessica goes down on me. That's up to her but I am not about to eat her pussy. I'm not lesbian," she said staring into the monitor. "And I'm only going along with this lesbian shit because, um, I don't want anything bad to happen to her cat." Bullshit I thought. Once that tequila took hold of her and once Jessica licked her pussy to an orgasm, I knew that Trish would do whatever I wanted her to do.

Unbelievably, either these two broads really thought I was making a movie or it was their excuse to unleash their pent up passion for one another. If this had been a movie, we all would have won Oscars. I can see us walking the red carpet now with both of them holding me up between them, the computer monitor.

"And the winner of the Oscar for the best Movie is the Ghost in the Monitor."

I watched as Jessica slowly slid her body down Trish's body. I continued to watch as she kissed her way down. It was hot to watch Jessica kiss and tease Trish's ear with her tongue. Then, she kissed her neck and Trish was wiggling her ass in excited response of every touch and every sensuous lick. Lower and lower, Jessica moved downward until she fell upon Trish's big tits. It was wildly hot to watch Jessica suck Trish's big nipples. I watched as she felt, caressed and kneaded Trish's huge breasts.

God, I wanted to suck those melons. Man how I wished I was there in bed with them. I'd be all over Trish's big tits. Then, after I felt them and sucked them, I'd stick my cock between them and have her blow me until I shot a warm load of cum all over them.

Jessica continued kissing her way down Trish's hot body and Trish was moaning, moving, and arching her back in strained anticipation of Jessica's tongue finding her sweet honey of a hole. Jessica took her time kissing Trish's belly and thighs before teasing her pussy with her tongue and with her fingers.

"Girls move your body more towards the monitor so that I can...yeah, that's good. Perfect. Action!"

Now, I had a clear view of Jessica about to lick Trish's pussy. I watched as she flicked out her tongue teasing Trish's clit. Again and again, she teased Trish with her tongue and with her passion. Again and again, each lick heightened Jessica's passion and brought Trish closer to orgasm. Immediately, Trish started feeling her tits, pulling at her nipples, and writhing all over the bed. She was so hot.

I wish I was standing there naked over her. I would stick my cock so deep in her pussy until she screamed with an orgasm. I wish I was standing over her with my cock positioned by her mouth. I'd have her suck me off while Jessica ate her pussy. I wish I was in the room with them. I'd fuck them both.

Now, Jessica was really going at Trish's pussy. She was moving her head up and down and side to side with her licks as she explored Trish's clit and hole with her finger. It was only a matter of time before Trish cam. There was no way that she could hold back much longer. Jessica was eating her pussy like no one I had ever seen eat a pussy before. She was hungry for it. She wanted Trish's pussy in her mouth and she was going at it with great zeal, pleasure, and exuberance.

Trish cam and she cam hard. Man the people on the next block could have heard her screaming. I watched as she pulled Jessica up to her. Jessica's entire face was covered with Trish's pussy juice and Trish was licking it off. Then, they started kissing, again, deep, sensuous French kissing. They were rolling around the bed kissing and humping one another like animals. Their hands were everywhere touching one another's tits, ass, and pussy. It was so hot to watch them go at one another. Definitely, this was the hottest thing I have ever seen. Damn, these two women were sexual animals. This was more than I had imagined. I had unleashed the beast in them and there was no stopping them now.

Now, it was Jessica's turn to feel the pleasure of Trish's mouth, lips, tongue, and finger. Now, it was Jessica's turn to know the feeling of lesbian love. Now, it was Jessica's for Trish to give her an orgasm.

Trish treated Jessica's body to wet kisses and hot licks. There was not any part of Jessica's exposed skin that remained safe from Trish's hot, little tongue. Again, it was hot to watch Trish French kiss Jessica before she lowered her body down to devour Jessica's tits. It gave me such a hard erection to watch Trish suck Jessica's nipples while reaching down and fingering her clit. Jessica's nipples were so erect.

I so wished I could have been there to suck Jessica's tits, to make sweet, slow love to her and to stick my stiff cock in her mouth and have her suck me off until I shot my load in her mouth and she swallowed all of it. I could not help but think about the conversation regarding blowjobs that I had with Jessica. I could only imagine what it must feel like for her to suck my cock.

It was as if I did not even exist anymore. I watched as Jessica looked down lovingly aroused at Trish sucking her nipples. I watched Jessica fondling Trish's hair as Trish paid homage to her tits.

Trish wasted no time in teasing Jessica's pussy with her lips and tongue. Immediately, she gave her what she wanted. Immediately, she lowered herself down and made herself comfortable between Jessica's shapely thighs. She engulfed Jessica's pussy with her mouth before jabbing, rolling, and licking the full length of her pussy with her tongue. Next, I watched her fingers explore Jessica's pussy. These girls knew where and how to touch one another. It was amazing to watch this kind of action. I could not help but stroke myself to the sight of Trish eating Jessica's pussy.

I watched in intent silence stroking my cock as the combination of Trish's tongue and finger did their magic on Jessica's pussy. Trish had her hands beneath Jessica's firm, round ass, pulling her pussy closer to her wanting and hungry mouth, as she sucked and licked all of Jessica's juices. It was an endless sexual scene watching Trish probe Jessica's pussy with her skilled fingers and it was a hot scene watching Trish eat Jessica.

I loved it when Jessica cam finally. Another screamer, Jessica's screams of pleasure were the vocal reflection of the sexual pleasure that Trish gave to her body. Trish slid her body up to Jessica and they remained like that holding one another in the afterglow of passion. Occasionally, they kissed; French kissed and fingered one another's nipples.

There was a quick knock at Jessica's bedroom door but before Jessica or Trish could react and cover their nakedness with a sheet, in walked Jessica's father.

"I heard screaming, what the Hell is going on in here?"

To be continued...

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