tagMind ControlLooking Through Your Monitor Ch. 06

Looking Through Your Monitor Ch. 06


"Oh, no you don't old man. Do you think that I am your fucking wife that you can slam bam thank you ma'am me? You are going to fuck me until I am good and ready to cum and then you can cum in me after but not before," she said reaching her hand down and squeezing his balls a little harder. "Do you understand me?"

She squeezed harder and did not let go of his balls until he answered her in a high-pitched fearful voice.

"Yes, yes. Okay! Okay! Now, let go."

When she let go of his balls, they humped one another for a few minutes until Trish came finally and let out an ear splitting sexual scream. Immediately, Bob unloaded a spurt of cum in her pussy. In the moment of passion, it seemed that Bob had forgotten where he was, in his house with his wife downstairs, as he screamed his sexual pleasure with a yell that rattled the windows and aroused the attention and interest of those downstairs.

"Oh, hi! Come in and join the party. You must be Shirley. Hi, Shirley."

Jessica's Mom stood in the doorway of the bedroom with the mailman and with her mouth open and her eyes bulging. The sight of her husband's big, white ass in the air with his cock buried deep inside of Trish was something to behold.

"I thought there was something wrong. I thought you were dying. Now, I wish you were dead to save me the trouble of killing you myself." She gave Trish a look of hatred. "I should have figured you were having sex with our daughter's best friend. You've always lusted after you, you pig." She put her hand on her hip and gave a look to the mailman. "The mailman is here, Bob, needing your signature for a package."

"Honey, I can explain," said Bob pointing a finger at the monitor. "Listen," he said, "he forced us to have sex. He threatened to electrocute the cat." He pushed Trish away.

"Hey!" Trish kneed him in the balls. "What the fuck! Don't push me, you pig."

"Who, Bob? Who is it that forced you to have sex?

"I had to fuck her." He looked to his wife pleading for her forgiveness and begging for her mercy. "Besides, she's a little slut. She tricked me into having sex with her. Yeah, that's it. She practically raped me because she wanted me so much."

"You asshole," said Trish kneeing him in the balls, again. "Like I would want you, someone old enough to be my father."

"What? She wanted you? She forced you? She raped you? You're a moron, Bob. You're a pig, Bob. You had to fuck her? Is that because you wanted her so bad that you had to fuck her? What bullshit are you trying to sell me, Robert?"

Shirley only called him Robert when she was really pissed at him. She called him Robert that time when he re-mortgaged the house without talking to her about it. And the time he went out bought a new car without even consulting her. Oh, and the time that he bought a time share that they never ever used and sold it finally for less than they paid for it.

"No! No, it's the computer. The monitor, I swear, it's haunted."

"Haunted? Oh, please, Bob. Is that the best you can do for an excuse? Really, a haunted computer monitor," she said laughing, "forced you to have sex with your daughter's 22-year-old best friend. You're pathetic, Robert."

The bathroom door opened and Jessica emerged from the bathroom and stepped in the bedroom naked.

"Jessica! Where are your clothes?" Shirley looked from her daughter to the mailman. His eyes were glued to her naked form. She returned her attention to her daughter. "Cover yourself. Have you no shame?" She turned to look at the mailman again ogling her daughter. "The mailman is here."

The mailman looked at Jessica approvingly before refocusing his attention back to Trish's naked body and big boobs. His head moved as if he was at a tennis match moving from Trish's nakedness to Jessica's nakedness and back again. He didn't know who to look at so he took a step back and from that angle, he could ogle both at the same time.

"It's true, Mom, the monitor is haunted." She folded her arms across her naked breasts when she saw the mailman leering at her tits. Her nipples responded to the lustful stares of a man 20 years her senior and grew erect. She got a coy look on her face when she saw his gaze focus on her shaved pussy. "He forced us all to strip and said that he would kill Missy if we didn't." Jessica looked around the room. "Where's Missy? Missy!" She ran out into the hall and returned closing the bedroom door with the cat in her arms. The mailman turned watching her exit while staying at her 22-year-old shapely and very firm ass.

"I don't understand," said Shirley, "If he threatened to kill the cat and the cat escaped the room, why would you bring her back in harms way?"

"Because if the cat is not here to protect us as the ghost's victim, then he'll kill one of us," said Bob.

"That's right," said the monitor. "Now, Mom, if you don't want anything to happen to your sweet and precious, albeit naked daughter, I suggest you get naked yourself, as has everyone else. "C'mon, I want to see what your dear daughter will look like in twenty years. Strip, Baby, take it all off."

"I will not remove my clothes in front of the mailman," said Shirley looking behind her at the mailman and reaching out her hand for the plug.

"Don't!" Trish launched herself off the bed and pushed Shirley away. "He'll electrocute you if you touch that plug. You'll die!"

Shirley pulled back her hand and looked over at the mailman who had already stripped himself naked. She looked down at his half erect cock and looked back up at his face making eye contact.

"Mr. Peters! What are you doing?"

"Hey, I don't want to see anyone get hurt," he said raising more than his hands with a shrug. He's penis was already growing stiffer and harder.

Shirley looked at Trish, Bob, Jessica, and Mr. Peters all naked.

"C'mon, Mom, your turn now," cracked the monitor.

She turned to look at the monitor before she slowly began unbuttoning her blouse. The mailman's gaze was transfixed on Shirley's impromptu striptease and Bob was getting off watching the mailman watch his wife undress.

She removed her blouse exposing a white padded bra that supported her B cup tits. Neatly, she took the time to fold her blouse and placed it gently on the chair by the bed. Next, she reached behind her and unzipped her skirt allowing it to fall to the floor exposing her white cotton full figure panties. She reached down, picked up her skirt, folded that, too, and placed it neatly on the chair. There she stood in her bra and panties. She turned around once again to ogle the mailman's growing cock.

She had a nice body for a woman in her mid-forties. You could definitely see the resemblance between her and her daughter. Only, she had the beginnings of saddlebags where Jessica had smooth, shapely thighs and she had twenty pounds of extra weight than her daughter and that made Jessica's body more desirable. Where Jessica wore her bra and panties like a bikini, Shirley's panties bagged and she needed all the support that her padded bra offered.

The mailman never removed his eyes from this sudden striptease show that his customer was giving him after 15 years of delivering her mail. It was obvious by his stare that he had lusted over Shirley for some time and it was apparent by his erection that she not only excited him but, also, that he must have spent many a lonely night imagining her naked and imagining her striping and in his arms. Now, here she was stripping in front of him while he was standing before her naked.

"Let's go, Mom, off with the bra and panties. Let's see some tits, ass, and pussy. I want to see what you look like naked."

"Oh, my God, I can't believe I'm doing this. I'll never be able to look you in the eye, again, Mr. Peters." She blushed. "I'm so embarrassed."

"Yeah, well, forget your feigned embarrassment and focus on his cock, Shirley. You can tell us all how humiliating an experience this was when it is all over."

"You're a despicable asshole," she said turning to confront the voice in the monitor.

"Strip bitch!"

Shirley stared at the mailman's cock and blushed.

Slowly, she reached around and unhooked her bra. Deliberately, she turned to face the mailman and made eye contact before allowing her bra straps to fall from her shoulders. Her hands held her cups to her breasts. Now, it was obvious that she was stripping for the mailman and not for the monitor. Slowly, she removed her hands allowing her bra to fall to the floor. Her nipples were already erect confessing her hidden attraction for the mailman after all these years.

Although her tits sagged just a little, they were identical to Jessica's, the same shape and size and with the same color nipples. Next, she inserted her fingertips in the elastic of her panties and slowly rolled them down and off revealing a dark, trimmed bush of pubic hair. The mailman took all of her in with his stares and his cock grew longer and stiffer in appreciation to her and her nakedness.

"Now, bend over, Mom and spread your legs." Shirley leaned over at the waist holding onto the bed to balance herself. "Well, what are you waiting for Mr. Mailman. Stick that cock in that pussy." Mr. Peters took a step forward and slid his cock between her legs. Shirley let out a groan and a gasp and the mailman fucked her pussy. "Grab onto those titties mailman and really give it to her. He humped Shirley and she humped him back while her husband, Bob, watched the action from his perch on the bed.

"Okay, that's enough. Mom, you and Mr. Peters...what's your first name?"


"You and Stan get on the bed next to Trish and Bob. Bob and Trish, you two move over and make room for Shirley and Stan."

Shirley and Stan climbed onto Jessica's small bed. It was a bed made to fit one or two at the most and it looked ridiculously overcrowded with four naked people. Stan looked over at Jessica and ogled her naked form. Unfortunately, it was a look that confessed that he would much rather be with the daughter than with the mother.

"Jessica, I believe our mailman is a bit nervous, scared even. He's losing his erection. Go over to him and relieve his fears. Suck his cock until it is stiff again."

"Okay." She looked up at her Mom and without hesitation or protest she fell between Stan's legs. She took his cock in her hand stroking him and staring at it. Before she inserted it in her mouth, she looked over at her mother again, "Sorry, Mom, I know you think me a slut but he'll kill my cat."

Jessica inserted the mailman's cock in her mouth and as if she was a groupie with a rock star or a fluffer making a male stud hard behind the scenes at a porn movie, she gave Stan Peters the best blowjob of his life. She was sucking his cock like she had not sucked a cock in a long, horny time. She swirled her tongue around it. She made loud sucking noises. She took him in deep in her mouth and deep throated him. She was an excellent cocksucker.

"Well, you don't have to enjoy it so much, Jessica," sniped Shirley at her daughter's exuberant display of cock sucking skills.

"Now, while Jessica is blowing you, Stan, lean over and suck Shirley's tits. Go ahead, don't be shy, put those titties in your mouth. You don't mind do you, Shirley?"

"Fuck you," said Shirley to the voice emanating from the computer monitor.

"Now, I see from whom your daughter gets her colorful language," he laughed. "I figured you wouldn't protest too much having your mailman suck your tits after he just fucked you."

Shirley moved closer to Stan sticking out her chest and when he took her nipple in his mouth, she put a hand behind his neck, pulled him closer, and closed her eyes. First he sucked one and feeling, caressing, and fondling her other tit, he switched off and sucked the other while feeling, caressing, and fondling the one he had just sucked. Then she did the unexpected. She leaned down and French kissed him.

"Well, that's a surprise, Mom, and something that I did not ask you, yet, to do. It looks like you were hungry for the affections of Mr. Mailman, here, after all."

They made out like horny teenagers. Stan caressed Shirley's tits and fingered her nipples while French kissing her as Jessica continued sucking his cock. Then, he reached down and started fingering Shirley's clit and playing with her pussy. She started squirming on the bed when he started finger fucking her.

Bob sat bolt upright watching the mailman making out with his wife. He watched him playing with his wife's tits and fingering her clit and finger fucking her pussy. His eyes were glued to them and to his daughter sucking the mailman's cock. His cock grew hard again with the sight of them all together in a sexual threesome.

"Okay, Jessica, trade places with your Mom. Shirley, now you start blowing Stan."

"What? I will not. I rarely blow my own husband. I'm not about to put some strange man's cock in my mouth."

"Oh, Shirley, Shirley, Shirley, you protest too much. Much like your horny, slut daughter there, tell me if I am wrong, but I just know you are a great cocksucker, too. Listen, bitch, either you put his cock in your mouth, Shirley or I will..."

That was all the motivation she needed to begin sucking the mailman's cock. She scooted her ass halfway down the bed while Jessica moved herself up to meet the mailman's lips. It was obvious that Shirley was hot to do everything sexual with the mailman. She just needed a little persuasion to justify her actions in front of her husband, her daughter, and her daughter's best friend.

Shirley made herself comfortable between Stan's legs, took his cock in her hand, looked at it, stroked it, kissed it, licked it, and then put it past her lips. She flicked out her tongue tasting it before slowly taking it further past her lips and into her mouth. Then, she really started sucking him off. Bob's face was flushed with sexual excitement watching his wife blow the mailman. She was sucking his cock as if this was an interactive video and the player could adjust the amount of action. She was bobbing her head up and down, throwing her hair side to side, and making moaning noises. She sucked his cock as good if not better than did her daughter suck the mailman's cock. Mr. Mailman was thrilled, no doubt, that he had made a special delivery to this house today.

Meanwhile, the mailman was going to town on Jessica's tits only stopping to suck on her nipples to French kiss her. Between the French kissing with Jessica and the cock sucking skills of Shirley, the mailman looked like he would cum at any moment.

"Okay, I have an idea. Let's do something really wild and crazy," said the monitor. "Someone turn off the light. Trish jumped out of bed and turned off the light switch. The room was as dark as the inhibitions were now relaxed. Now, everyone had an excuse not to be shy with their sexual inappropriateness. Everyone could go a little bit crazy without having the fear of being judged later.

"Now, everyone cuddle together. Come on, come on, don't be shy. Move in closer. C'mon, just a little bit closer." There was a mass of arms, legs, tits, pussies, asses, and cocks in the middle of the small bed. "I want to hear sexual noises. Everyone grab someone, gobble someone, and kiss someone. I want the room filled with the sounds of sex. I want to hear you five getting it on and cumming off. Do I make myself clear? If I don't hear the sounds of hot sex, then I will without doubt..."

He did not have to finish his threat. There were sounds of kissing, humping, and sucking. There were sounds of pure pleasure. The bed was alive with sounds of sex. The constant squeak of the bed springs attested to the action of what was happening above. As the sexual heat heightened, the sounds of sex grew louder and louder until...

Suddenly, the lights flicked on and there was the mailman eating Shirley's pussy while Trish was blowing him and there on the other side of them was Jessica sucking her father's cock while he was sucking on Trish's nipples. It was a shocking sight for someone so old and so feeble to witness.

"What in tarnation is going on here?" There in the doorway with cane raised and waving overhead stood the clone of Granny Clampet from the Beverly Hillbillies. They could have been sisters, they looked so much alike. "Are you all mad? Have you all gone crazy?" She looked from one to the other. "Where are your clothes?" Then, she looked at the mailman, his cock as rigid as a pole. "Stanley Peters! How dare you! Where's your decency? Where's your uniform?"

Immediately, Jessica removed her father's cock from her mouth, as everyone starting getting off the bed pretending like it never happened.

"Stay where you are! No one move!" Granny stepped closer to the bed ogling her son-in-law Bob's stiff and glistening cock. Then, she turned to Stan the mailman and ogled his rigid pole. "What possessed you all to have an orgy in my house? How dare you? This is preposterous. Shame on you. Shame on all of you." She looked at her granddaughter and pointed a finger of disappointment. "And shame on you for sucking your father's prick. That's nasty." Jessica put her head down in shame.

"Sorry, Granny, but it was dark." Then, Jessica turned her attention to the real culprit. "It's the monitor, Granny. It's haunted. It made us do all of this. It forced us to strip and to have sex with one another. It's been terrorizing us."

Granny surveyed the room and finally focused her stare to the monitor.

"Haunted my ass." She whacked it hard with her cane. "Someone is playing a joke on you. You are all crazy." Then, she returned her stare to the five naked people sitting together in a clump of arms, legs, tits, cocks, pussies, and asses.

"Well, this is what Granny is going to make you all do, that is, if you all want to stay in my will," she said with a devilish smile.

She put her cane down and pulled her blue flowered granny dress over her head and off and then with the same motion, she did the same with her full slip. There she stood in her underwear that covered her old, wrinkled body while leaning on her cane surveying her sexual victims before she continued her less than erotic striptease show. She leaned her cane beside the bed, reached around behind herself and undid her bra that was the size of a t-shirt. Her big C cup tits fell to her waist with her nipples pointing to the floor. Then, she wiggled her wrinkled fat, cottage cheese ass out of her granny panties. She had an enormous bush of light brown and gray pubic hair.

"Granny is going to have some fun before she dies." She looked at the mailman. "Scoot over and give Granny some room to have an orgasm, Stanley." She pointed a crooked finger at her son-in-law. "I want you behind me. You are going to have the pleasure of boning me up the ass while you hang onto my tits." Then, she directed the attention to the mailman and removed her dentures and put them down on the nightstand. "Get way up there on the bed. I plan on giving your cock some serious gum action and you had better cum in my mouth. I haven't tasted semen in thirty-five years." Next, she looked at Trish cowering in the corner. "Oh, yes, my sweet, you are in my will, too. Only, to stay there, you will have to lick Granny's pussy until I gush in your sweet but not so innocent mouth."

Next, she turned to her daughter Shirley and barked.

"Go down stairs and cook me up a big breakfast of pancakes, sausages, and coffee. I get hungry after sex. And you, my pretty granddaughter," she said to Jessica. "You are going to serve me breakfast in bed when the food is ready, but make sure that it stays hot. I need to cum first and don't want to be interrupted before I do."

Granny slowly made her way on her hands and knees to the middle of the bed.

"Now, this is more like it. Leave it to Granny to get everyone hopping," I said through the miracle of computer technology, namely the computer monitor.

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