Looking Up


"Yeah we will be avoiding Detroit then. When this night is over let's make sure Jane and Dave talk about this. Now I have a salesperson to kill." I said.

Jane's controller looked at Brent still staring of into space.

"Brent, honey, I want you to drink three big glasses of punch and then go wait for me on the balcony outside the master bedroom." she said.

"Now it is time to get this party started," she said with a smile as she started to remove her witch costume.

Human women did nothing for me. How much fun can it be if you don't have a set of horns to grab onto while pounding them into submission? I felt Dave take an interest in her though, especially when she took her top off and showed her milk bags. Eh, no accounting for taste I suppose.

I saw Brent wander over to the balcony where "Janet" told him to meet. He was still looking dazed, especially now that he had enough of the drug in him to kill a cow.

"Hey Brent!" I said as I walked over to where he was leaning on the railing. He turned to look at me bleary eyed.

"Dave, your wife is a freak man, I mean the train she pulled last year was epic, but last week when she had two dicks in her ass at the same time? Damn man, do you strap a two by four to your back so you don't fall in?" he laughed

I felt Dave trying to push me aside so he could strangle this guy. I couldn't let him do that so I pushed Dave back down and looked at Brent. His costume was an army guy so I grabbed him by his belt and heaved him over the side of the railing. He landed head first and made a wet THUNK sound as he bounced a little. It wasn't going to be heard over the noise of the party. I looked down and started to laugh. Humans look so funny with their heads on backwards. I went back into the party and saw a line of guys waiting to get into a bedroom. All of them looked glassy eyed and some were stroking their cocks through their clothes. I muscled my way into the room to see "Janet" on her back with a guy thrusting into her and another with his dick in her mouth. Pushing a guy to the side I tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention.

"Most of these guys are high as a kite. I'm going to call the cops in a couple hours and have them bust this place up. That should clear the way for Dave here to get ahead on the job. You might wanna make sure Janet stays clear of the fallout." I said. I personally didn't care one way or another about Janet but she was going to pave the way for Dave to get laid so I figured I should give her a heads up.

With her mouth full of dick, she stopped jacking the guy to her left off and gave me a thumbs up. That was as good as I was gonna get I guess. I walked out of the party. Now it was time to take care of the wife and lover boy.


Since Dave didn't know where Mikey lived I was gonna have to get it from his wayward mate. As we drove home I thought about the consequences of hooking a Warlock with this much potential up with a coven. I didn't much care what happened on this plane but if he got too powerful too fast he could garner some unwanted attention. Some Warlocks like to stay alone, summoning their demons and making them do their bidding. But when you add a Warlock to a witch coven, the Warlock gets a serious power upgrade. It's not just a case of the coven and Warlock adding their strengths, the power rises exponentially. He could decide to keep me his servant forever. I groaned. Now that this was a path for him to better himself the compulsion kicked in and I had to help see it through. Before I went back I was going to dig up his great great grandma and skull fuck the corpse. Bitch.

Pulling into Dave's house I saw an extra car in the driveway that dave recognized as Mike's. Good, two birds with one stone. Walking into the house I heard some moaning coming from the bedroom. Walking up the stairs and into the bedroom, I saw Mike going to town into Melissa. Humans look so funny when they are copulating. Hair in weird places and the noises they make are amusing. Neither of them noticed me as I casually walked up and kicked Mike right in the taint. I heard a howl and a scream as his penis bent at an awkward angle and his head crashed into the headboard. He was pretty well stunned so I pulled him out of the cunt's cunt and shoved him against the wall. It only took a second to rape his mind and find out everything I needed.

It turns out that Mike was as big of a douchebag as you could get. He didn't really like the sex with married women but he enjoyed the power he could wield over them. His first male male sexual experience was with his brother who he apparently had strong, genuine feelings for. It also seems like he was a lawyer for some very shady people. People who had a lot of money in overseas accounts. Mike knew these account numbers. Dave knew how to move money via those computer things. A plan was formed.

Melissa was begging me not to hurt her. I looked into her mind and saw one messed up individual. She actually thought she loved Dave. She thought that all the times she cheated were okay because she always took care of Dave's needs. She was also scared silly and incredibly turned on. She was thinking about her next gangbang and how the guys should tie her down. I picked her up by the throat, cutting off her sobs. I put her in the chair she had sat Dave down in a few days ago and found some handcuffs to attach her to the chair. I used her panties as a gag. Now the bitch would stop squealing. I felt nothing but anger from Dave as he saw everything I did about his wife. She was never going to stop humiliating him. Her fate was sealed.

I saw that Mike had his laptop in the car so I went and got it. I sat him down at the kitchen table and had him log into the accounts of the people he represented. He was out of it enough that I didn't have to press too hard on his brain to get him to do it. I shoved him out of the chair and sat down at the computer. Searching through Dave's mind I found out more than I wanted to know about offshore accounts, tax evasion, and money transfers. Thirty minutes later Dave had 6.6 million dollars in accounts spread out between 6 banks across the world. I closed the computer and looked over to Mike. He was coming around and getting an angry look in his face. I walked over to him and smashed him in the head with the laptop. He dropped like a stone.I grabbed some zip ties from their odds and ends drawer and bound his legs and wrists. I hauled him to the car. Then I went upstairs. Melissa had pissed herself and was having a tough time breathing through her nose with her panties shoved in her mouth. I yanked them out and looked at her.

"He really loved you, you know," I said. Then I backhanded her across the face and she went limp. I zip tied her up and hauled her to Mike's BMW. I grabbed a spade from Dave's garage and we went to go digging.


I looked down into the hole I had dug. He was still limp but she was beginning to come to. She looked up at me. I reveled at the fear in her eyes.

"Dave, please there is no need to do this. Let us out and you'll never see Mike again. I'll be the most faithful, loving wife. I will make it up to you I promise. He never had my ass, you can take my ass anytime you want. I will never look at another man. You can beat me whenever and wherever. Please Dave." she pleaded.

I looked at my wife and her "bull", bound hand and foot in the 6 foot hole. I went over to where I had tossed the shovel. As I started throwing dirt on them her sobs got louder and her screams delighted me even more. I paused for a second and looked back into the hole.

"Dave is gone Melissa, Dave was a wimp you laughed at with your precious Mikey there. Dave wasn't strong enough to stop him from forcing his head to your pussy after your boyfriend had fucked you. That is why Dave called me. I will be the strength Dave needs to get rid of you two. Dave will let me out to play in this world for three days over Samhain. It is a win win. You really should make sure you know who you are fucking with. Dave actually comes from a long line of Warlocks. In fact, I am going help him get stronger."

With this I pulled out a pouch of ingredients Dave had mixed for me. I emptied them over the bound couple. Starting to chant, I struck a match. As it flared to life I could feel the spell taking hold. I tossed the match into the pit and a green fire engulfed the sniveling adulterers. The fire raged and all of a sudden I felt a rush of power. Dave was going to like this. I continued burying the ashes of Dave's wife and her lover. I had two more days left.

With the power I sucked from the two newest pieces of fertilizer on state land, it was easy to clean up Dave's house. I was flush with power so I used a teleportation spell back to his house after dropping the BMW off at a long term parking facility close to the airport. I searched through Dave's thoughts for everything he knew about police procedure and I came up with a story. A simple spell copied Melissa's handwriting on a note saying she was running away with her lover and that I wouldn't be able to find them so I shouldn't try. She said that he had come into money so she left me with everything. I went to the cops and showed them the letter than I went to the attorney's office. Twenty four hours later the FBI wanted to talk to me but I only knew what I had told the police already. I was cleared quickly since they were really looking for Mike and I was using subtle mind manipulation on anyone who asked me a question. This isn't the demon you are looking for. For some reason Dave thought that was funny.

I managed to hook up with "Janet" and I have to say that fucking a succubus while both of us are in meat suits was an interesting experience. She also introduced me to her niece, a twenty year old redheaded virgin with big milk bags and a set of hips that could push out twins at one time. I felt Dave stand up and take notice. Strong in the power as well. The cops had busted up the Halloween party and two of Dave's immediate superiors were caught up in the ecstasy fueled orgy. Janet, of course had left before things got out of hand. Since everyone was high and naked and the party made the evening news, heads were rolling. Dave was well on his way to being more of a man. Pathetic. Oh well it was almost time. Now to let the little guy go out on his own. I drove back to the cabin and threw the body on the bed. Overall it was a fun three days and hopefully I would be let out to play more often. I put his body to sleep and then retreated to my own private sanctuary.



Dave woke up in the cabin feeling like a bus had run over him. Everything came crashing back for the last three days and he just barely made it outside before he puked. Catching his breath he tried to wrap his head around everything that occurred. He knew he should feel guilt for what happened to Brent, Melissa, and Mike but he really couldn't. First, he didn't know what was happening when he summoned Jerdal. Second, he would have killed them himself if he could have gotten away with it. Third, it was time to man up. He took the book out of it's hiding place and read through it. It directed him to an old growth grove of oaks far in the back of the property. Here he found a stone altar that had more books stored inside. These were volumes that would teach him to be a Master Warlock. He was pretty excited about this. He remembered Anna, Janet's niece, he would have to show her this.

Three months later, he was taking off Anna's white robe and exposing her lush body to the elements. He had cast spells to enhance the power of this place. She was stunning. He had worked hard to increase his power and when he brought her here he saw love and respect in her eyes. There was more to learn but he knew he could do it.

Her sisters in the coven were standing at the points of the pentagram, watching. Tonight he was deflowering his new bride. Legally he had to wait for the courts to do their thing. Spiritually he was consummating his marriage to Anna and his ownership of the coven. He would be taking the other women over the next three days. He remembered the conversation she had with him when he decided to take over the group.

"This isn't a harem. You will do your duty for the fertility rights but only on those nights and only as long as I am there. I am a one man girl and aside from what you need to do to make our coven strong, you are a one woman man. If this doesn't work for you let me know now." He thought about it for two seconds, agreed to her terms, and went back to making out.

In the here and now he entered his wife to the chanting of the rest of the coven. Their first fuck was amazing. The smoldering look she gave him as the power poured into both of them made him shiver. Things were definitely looking up.


So that was it. If nothing else it helped take care of my desire to write a BTB story.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!!!


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/01/18

Enjoyable story

Thanks. It was great.

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by 26thNC07/04/18


Don't mess with Dave. This is every poor wimp 's dream come true..

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by Anonymous01/29/18

This made me miss your warlock story!

I hope you find the inspiration to give us a new installment of that soon.

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by JbRobertsson01/07/18

Good story...

Enjoyed it, thanks for posting. A strange kind of BTB story, but it's nice to read something a little different. Thanks again.

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