He sat next to me in Computer Science every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The teacher would talk about loops and object oriented programming and all the while, half listening, he would be sitting next to me. Breathing. His presence was so entirely sexual, and I bet he didn't even know it. I'd get out of class and just be wet. Oh, Seth.

Fantasies and computer science became so inextricably tied in my mind that I'd get turned on just by reading the textbook. The sexual tension was so unbearable and so unbearably one-sided.

He wasn't, by normal objective means, especially handsome - he was almost slightly chubby, and his teeth were far from perfect... but something about him just oozed of sensuality. His presence was electrifying. We spoke, sometimes. It's the polite thing to do when you sit next to each other.

"Oh, I saw you at that party this weekend. Did you have a good time?"

Et cetera.

Our relationship was stuck at that. I pined after him.

In a fit of horniness, after looking at a bit too much pornography that afternoon, I got his screen name off the internet and messaged him "about a computer science problem." Our conversation drifted to music. He started talking about types of music I'd never heard of so passionately - it was hot.

One night, a local frat was holding a Porn Party in its lounge. Friends shows up and cuddled on cozy couches and floor pillows and watched "Deep Throat" and "Pirates" and laughed and pretended not to be turned on in the slightest.

Seth showed up.

I ignored him for about ten minutes, frozen. I found other friends and laughed and joked. I kept turning to look at him, my attraction magnified by the environment - so many people packed into the room, orgasms on the giant movie screen forming the background music.

When I couldn't bear it any longer, I resolved to make a move. I turned to walk over to him, finally.. and he was gone. Absolutely crestfallen, I turn to my two girl friends and let them console me. Because they're awesome, we went up to Chloe's room to have a mellow evening. Secretly, I was thrilled - Chloe lives on the same hall with Seth. I'd resolved to make a move on him... and even if that failed, at least maybe I'd see him walking to the bathroom. That's just how obsessed and incredibly drunkenly attracted to him I felt. Except I wasn't even drunk - entirely sober, actually. And yet still dizzy with attraction.

As we rounded the staircase to her hallway, I spotted a party down on the other end of the hall. I can't see who's there, but it looks like there's... a cake. Cake? Cake is ALWAYS good.

We walk down to the end of the hallway, and see the party is ending. Seth is there, chatting with a couple of people we're friendly with. We grab some cake (cake!) and somehow a whole group of us (my two girl friends, two guy friends, me, and Seth) wind up in Seth's room.

One of the guys is terribly, disastrously drunk. He is absolutely convinced that there's a fourth dimension, and that fourth dimension is the same one you get when you put two thumbs together and form that "hot dog" in the middle. After ranting about this supposed fourth dimension for a while and almost passing out, we get him to sleep.

We laugh, talk, have a good time. Somehow Seth is sitting next to me on the bed... his friend is on my other side. My entire body is on end, tingling. His body is so close. He is exuding sex. I look at him during conversation, but his eyes are so intense, and I can't take it and look away.

I brush my hair away from my face. When my arm comes back down, I feel the shock of skin touching skin. His arm is right there. I don't move my arm and let them touch each other. I smile and continue conversation normally, but my body is jumping, every nerve in my being feels excited. It is electric. I wonder if he feels it too. Am I just weird? Our skin is touching and my body is melting and I am trying to be normal.

Suddenly, our hands are grasping each other. We are holding hands - but no, not holding hands, something far more intense - it is hand sex. Our hands are wild, but limited to exploring just the other hand. Our hands tumble and touch and caress each other. I continue to joke about leafy plants, the random current topic of discussion. It looks entirely normal. Is it entirely normal? Is this hand sex? Am I just over interpreting? Oh my god, it is wildly hot and our hands are wild, barely moving from their circle with a four inch radius and yet going everywhere. I am entirely wet.

He continues talking normally as well. His voice is deep, sonorous. It awakens sensations in me. Leafy plants seem hilarious. No one seems to notice anything. Maybe it isn't anything. But my god, it feels like our hands are fucking wildly, passionately, without control.

The rest of us think it would be fantastic to watch a Bjork movie. Oh wait, it's 3 am, maybe it's too late to start one... in fact.. it's getting quite late. Our other guy friend leaves.

Chloe has to get her laundry. Our other girl friend joins her. They leave their stuff in the room, expecting to be right back.

How did Seth and I wind up alone?

"Leafy plants... heh..." I drift off. This is awkward.

He leans over me, his face close, his eyes looking straight into mine. He is breathing. How can anyone be this sensual? HIS FUCKING BREATHING IS INTENSE. And we are kissing and my body melts down onto the bed and now our hands are really everywhere. My hands are moving, clutching his clothes, his body, the blanket on the bed, his hair, whatever they can touch. Every sensation is magnified.

His tongue is in my mouth, playing with the roof, wrestling my own tongue. He bites my upper lip slightly. Our mouths are pressed so tightly together, moving so passionately and he grabs my hair. I am pressed down on the bed and his entire body is pressed against mine, clothed, but moving so passionately. My jeans-coated legs wrap around his body and we are kissing and it is electric.

We pause. His cheek rests against mine. It is soft and beautiful. I stroke his hair.

The intensity quickly resumes and hands are again everywhere. Mouths are pressed, tongues are touching and trying to become one, and my bra is being undone, and our shirts are flying off and onto the floor, smoothly, barely stopping our kissing but for the brief moment that the shirts are tossed over our heads.

My nipples harder than that time I put ice on my chest, our chests are pushed tightly against each other with him on top, my soft breasts being squished against his beautiful bare torso and feeling incredibly sensitive as our nipples brush against each other.

We come up for air again, and then I am kissing his neck, he is blowing warm air into my ear and biting the lobe, and it feels almost orgasmic and my pants are still on.

There is a knock on the door. Chloe and Joan have come back. Seth and I look at each other. Do we stop and get up? My eyes quickly spot their shoes and pocketbooks in the corner. I guess we have to. We throw on our shirts and I get up and open the door.

"Hey, guys."

They give us a funny look. Joan says, "So uhh, I think we're going to head out and go to sleep..."

What do I say?! I am frozen. Seth casually mentions, "Well, Lynn, if you want to stay a little longer..."

Fucking perfect! "Yeah, I think I'll stay here for a little while. I'll see you guys later, okay?"

Chloe and Joan give each other totally unsubtle looks, grab their stuff, walk out the door. The doors are thin and we can hear them giggling very loudly.

But we almost don't hear it, because as soon as they leave, our shirts are off again and we are kissing as passionately, as uncontrollably, as before.

My mouth moves from his neck down his torso, teasing his nipples, sucking on them and letting them go, licking them.... licking down his body, down to his navel, and down to the border between his jeans and his naked body. I look at him with wide eyes. "May I?" I ask demurely. He gives a slight nod and exhales deeply. I smile and undo his pants, pulling them off and feeling his semi through his think boxers, which quickly becomes more than semi. It feels firm through the fabric, but I rip them off.

His cock is beautiful. It is a little bit smaller than what I was used to, but it is beautiful - circumcised and smooth - and when the urge to take it in my mouth hits me, I don't resist. I first give it a thorough licking, starting at the base and working up, and then take the entire throbbing thing in my mouth and bob on it, working into a rhythm, and then only working on the tip and handling the base with my hand.

He is quiet, but at this point he makes a soft moan. He moves slightly, and I pause to see what he wants.. and apparently, what he wants is for my pants to come off. Slowly, ever so slowly, he slides them and my little panties away.

He slides his entire hand parallel to my pussy and holds his hand up and smiles. His hand is wet.

He puts a finger - now, two - into my very ready pussy and begins to touch places I swear I never knew existed. He works up into a steady rhythm and the intensity is almost unbearable, and under my breath I say "stop, stop..." because I am feeling so MUCH but I don't mean it, really.

He leans his mouth down to start to give me oral pleasure, but I moan no... "god... please fuck me..."

He pauses and gets up to put on a condom. His ass is perfectly contoured and I let out a contented sigh. He comes back to the bed and softly caresses my chest, every agonizing touch burning my skin in the best possible way. My body is entirely nude and I lie there, quivering slightly, and waiting. His cock is still stiff as ever and he rolls the condom onto it.

"Lynn..." he says, breathing into my ear, and slowly letting his cock enter me, which it does easily. It feels amazingly good and I gasp and grab onto his hair. He slowly retreats and then enters again.... and again... and again...

My legs are wrapped around him and my hands are stroking his hair, and we are kissing passionately while he fucks me below. The completeness of the sensation is unbelievable.

He takes my hands with his own and holds them down behind my head, so I can't move them, and yet he continues fucking me steadily, leaning down for kisses between gasps of heavy breathing.

He is entirely in control, and he lifts my legs up above his shoulders. Somehow the angle causes his penis to touch just the right places and, despite usually being quiet, I moan softly.

We are constantly in motion, my legs moving from above his shoulders, to off on the side, his cock thrusting into my wet pussy the entire time. And then I am turned over and he comes at me from behind.

"Oh god, I'm going to come," he gasps out. And he does, and I feel the throbbing inside me and the intensity builds up in me as well, and it is amazing, and we collapse down onto the bed, our bodies sweaty and hot, his penis starting to become softer but still resting in my embrace.

"Sorry if I... came too fast," he apologizes.

"No," I murmur, entirely truthfully, "That was... good. Trust me, that was good."

"Let me put on some music," he says, and pulls out of me, and goes to the computer and puts on Bjork. He comes back to the bed, and we are still entirely naked, and we cuddle close - well, we have to, since the single bed is certainly small enough. We start discussing the music... and then what we were like in high school... the meaning of life. Eventually we fall asleep, naked and in each other's arms.

In the morning, I awake and am surprised, and I realize I should probably leave. I start to get up, but it rouses him... and so, remembering the previous night and quickly becoming turned on again, we slowly and deliberately fuck again, missionary, and it is beautiful. We again collapse down together, breathing heavily.

"I... should go," I say quietly, heart pounding and not knowing what to think about what just happened.

"Yeah... maybe you should," he says, looking unashamedly straight into my eyes.

I slowly put my clothes back on... my panties had somehow drifted under the bed. I open the door, smile at him, and say... "Have a nice day, Seth," and leave and go back to my own room, sinking into my bed in a tired confused heap.

The scene plays over in my mind. The moment of that first kiss and melting into the bed together and our shirts just coming off is on "repeat." The passionate romantic unplanned and uncontrollable feeling is like something out of a really bad chick flick or a really great porno.

A few days later, in an IM conversation, he asks if I'd like to come over and work on computer science and "practice our loops." I agree quite wholeheartedly.

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