tagGroup SexLoosening Up Bk. 01 Ch. 27-31

Loosening Up Bk. 01 Ch. 27-31


Chapter 27 – More of the Saturday Party. A Phone Call

Alice pulled Heather with her as she went to Owen. Dave wondered if there was safety in numbers. He felt certain that Alice wanted to make love with Owen but knew she was worried about her own fortitude to resist his attraction to a deeper and dangerous relationship – dangerous to her marriage, in any case. Maybe Heather was part of her ploy to keep things a little lighter.

Dave watched some other combinations of the guests match up: Pam and Dev were locked together in some smoking hot kisses. Wendy and Roy lay down on a futon in a corner of the room, also making out like crazy. Sean and Dori were throwing each other's clothing into a common pile near the door to the dining room, but he was still watching his wife being slowly seduced by Mike.

The combinations of guests left Ty, Dori's hubby, looking lost for a few seconds until Pam called him over. "Ty, I have plans to get DPed, and we need you in our combination so you can help work me over."

Roy went goggle-eyed at her remark. "I've never done that."

Pam teased, "Good, then we'll teach you how to be part of a sexual combination of bodies that is very pleasant for most women, even if they don't know it." She pulled Ty and Roy down onto another futon he'd brought into the room and put on the floor only five minutes earlier. As she did, she started to tell them how the next hour or so was going to unfold. "Gentlemen, you're each going to fuck me, and then Ty is going to teach you Roy how to do anal sex. After you gain some proficiency in that new skill, we're going to try various combinations and positions where I have two cocks in me at the same time – your two cocks. In case you don't remember from our earlier couplings, I like cum in my pussy and as you'll find out, also in my ass. Make me drip, please."

Dave snuck a glance at his wife and the FFM combination on the white leather sofa. She was riding Owen in the cowgirl position, his large cock obviously deeply embedded inside her. He was also fingering Heather, as the two women smothered his neck and face with kisses.

Dave felt a little pulse to his hardness and his cuckold-like anxiety at the scene. He had to admit that Alice accounted for most of the feelings, but Heather being pawed over by the man also teased his emotions. He felt certain that Owen would also get to fuck Heather. He knew how good that would be for him.

Clarisse had been giving Dave a blowjob. She looked up at him, "Boy, you sure just got a whole lot harder and longer. I guess you like the group sex scene ... or maybe in particular watching your wife get fucked. I'm going to fuck you now, and I'm going to do just what you wife is doing with Owen, so you know what he's feeling from being inside her that way."

She clamored into Dave's lap and held his large cock up and then settled down on it, until he was completely enveloped by her velvet warmth. "God, Clarisse, you feel really good."

She teased, "I bet Owen's cock feels really good stroking in and out of Alice the way he is. Doesn't that make you jealous? Don't you want to have your cock in her pussy? You could do both of us, you know. I know how two women can simultaneously fuck one guy – well, sort of. I'll show you later, when she's free."

Owen and Alice changed to the doggie position. Clarisse made the change as soon as she was aware of what the others were doing. When they changed again to the missionary, Clarisse coaxed Dave to really pound into her.

Dave gasped as he sped up the pace at Clarisse's insistence: faster and harder. He managed to say, "Very soon, baby ... like any second."

"Yes, cum in me. I want it all. You've already given me about five orgasms, so just cum when you're ready. I think I'm going to have another one or two before we finish the round. Oh, fuck, you are really good."

Dave glanced at Alice and Owen. She was lying on her back being fucked in the missionary position, the same as he was doing to the very cute and lovable Clarisse. However, Alice also had Heather squatting over her face and her tongue slashing back and forth across the younger girl's slit trying to drive her new friend to orgasm. From personal experience, Dave knew that Alice was about to get very wet. Heather was a squirter.

He exploded into Clarisse, making about ten huge thrusts with his entire body to drive his cock as deep into her as he could. With each thrust, he shot a rich jet of his male seed so that it splattered all across the face of her cervix. He lay into Clarisse's arms and the lovers kissed with passion and caring between them. On every one of his forward thrusts, Clarisse had a monumental orgasm that intensified and intensified in that short time. When Dave stopped she had fallen into a vat of pure orgasmic pleasure like she'd never experienced. The pair kissed and made out.

Clarisse said, "That was one of the best fucks of my life – maybe even the best. You are a divine lover. I definitely want to hang around with you some more."

Dave chuckled, "Well, I'm very pleased to say the feeling is mutual."

As the partiers sat and mixed around the house, Alice came up to Dave. "Are we still OK?"

He hugged and kissed his wife. Her face was still wet with Heather's juices. "Absolutely. You looked like you had fun with Owen and Heather."

Alice pecked at his lips, "I need to talk to you about her, Matthew, and her education. I have some ideas that are unfolding in my head as we speak."

"Did Owen get to fuck her, too?"

"Yes, for a little while. He really wanted me, but I kind of insisted that he do her for a while. He doesn't know it yet, but their relationship is going to take on a certain uniqueness to it."

"Now you have my curiosity all a tingle." He laughed.

"Nothing to worry about, and I'm trying to make something nice happen for her. I promise I'll tell you tomorrow. I don't want you to start embellishing on the idea, at least tonight. Tomorrow we can all embellish on it over the breakfast table. I need to think about this to fill in some gaps."

Dave smiled at her, "If you want to invite Owen to stay over, the two of you could stay in the guest room."

Alice studied her husband, "That is a very tempting offer. I'm going to think seriously about that. For you to make the offer, I assume you're feeling very secure about our marriage and about me."

"I am, although I am aided and abetted by Clarisse who told me I was one championship lover and her best fuck ever, so you can't leave that behind now, can you?" As he'd talked, his tone had become increasingly taunting.

"You're right. Besides, I love you more than anything. Mister, you are stuck with me, FOREVER." She kissed him, making sure to drag her breasts still wet with Heather's ejaculated juices across his chest.

Dave added, "Oh, before I forget, Clarisse wanted you and me to join her for a little demonstration of a unique way I can make love to two females simultaneously. I can't figure that out, but she did add 'sort of' to her description."

"Ooooh, I'm the curious one now," Alice crooned. She spotted Clarisse and strolled across the kitchen and dining area to talk to her.

Ten minutes later, Clarisse spoke to a small group gathered around one of the futons that had been pulled into the middle of the living room. Various cushions from chairs and sofa were also scattered nearby. "Ladies and gentlemen, we know that two men or even three can fill the holes of a willing female and make love to her, but the converse situation with a guy and two females has always been a problem; just how can a guy fuck two hot women at the same time? The three of us shall now demonstrate at least a modest attempt to level the playing field."

Alice, Clarisse, and Dave lay down on the futon and shared kisses and much sexual touching for a few minutes as they got warmed up. Both women sucked and played with Dave's large cock until he lay on his back with his magnificent cock pointed at the ceiling. Clarisse was coaching in a low voice so only per partners could hear.

Alice and Clarisse got themselves situated on cushions on either side of Dave's midsection, interlacing their legs across his midsection so that they were tribbing – their pussies mashed together in female-female sexuality. They pulled apart for a second and Clarisse reached down and brought Dave's long cock up between their pussies. The two women pushed back together with his cock in between their slits with the purple head glowing between the pussies..

After a few strokes by Dave and writhing by the women, Dave's cock nestled right into each of their slits, and as they tilted this way and that, his cock started to rub against their aroused clits. Dave's hands each wandered over the breasts of the women on either side of him as he pumped and they moved, always keeping the critical contact between the three of them.

Both Alice and Clarisse started to say some very sexy things to Dave – pure dirty talk about how successful this was, how nice his cock was, how he was hitting all the right spots for an orgasm, and how they wanted to be covered in his jizz.

As the sex show the three were giving turned into high gear, Dave got turned on and warned of another impending orgasm. He hoped this wouldn't be as wholesome as what he'd done to Clarisse earlier; if it was, he'd flood himself, the two girls, the futon, and probably splash some of the bystanders watching and learning.

The culmination happened when Alice warned of an impending orgasm. Clarisse stated that she was near, too; and Dave was hanging onto the edge, trying to prolong things. He stopped trying.

"Oh, fuck; I'm cumming," Dave announced.

Alice and Clarisse both tripped off their high diving boards, as well; allowing the orgasms their bodies wanted to wash over them.

Dave's cum shot upwards between the two women, initially a couple of feet in the air. It splashed back down on them, mostly on Alice, but really on all of them as shot after shot pumped upwards from his dick. Eventually, the pulses stopped. A round of applause erupted from some of the bystanders, at least those not occupied in making love to someone else at the time.

Dori was on the three of them almost instantly with her mouth and tongue licking and vacuuming up every molecule of the man cum and female ejaculations that had occurred in the F-M-F lovemaking session. Dori praised all of them, but particularly Dave for fucking two women simultaneously, and even delivering orgasms to them.

Alice made love with Dev after that, and Dave coupled with Kat. Pam was with Mike. Heather and Sean had found they liked the idea of coupling, as well. Dori finally scored Owen in the third round. Wendy found a willing partner in Roy. After that, everyone walked home with a minimum of clothing on despite the chilly nighttime temperatures.

Alice set up Owen in the guest room, went and said goodnight to the others in the large bed: Dave, Heather, and Pam.

Pam said, "We're apt to get noisy in the middle of the night. If you feel inspired that's what this is all about. Fuck his lights out."

Alice said, "I may. I'm leaving all the doors open. Anybody may watch if you're so inclined. I think this is a very sexy arrangement. I love you all, and I especially love my husband for helping me loosen up so I can enjoy this whole arrangement."

Dave was deep in Heather's pussy as he heard the guest room bed start to lightly thunk against the bedroom wall. He smiled, knowing that Owen and Alice were at it again. Heather moaned next to him as another orgasm rolled through her small frame. He was behind her buried inside her warmth as she ate Pam's pussy. This was going to be a great night.

* * * * *

Dave was surprised to find Alice alone in the kitchen the next morning wearing one of his shirts and naked underneath. Despite staying up late and then awakening a couple of times in the middle of the night to make love to his bed companions Pam and Heather, he was as alert as he normally was for the morning hour. He and Alice hugged and kissed.

Alice said, "Thank you. I had fun, and we had a very romantic and loving time. Your attitude made the whole night special for me – for us, really. Owen is very appreciative."

Pam appeared also wearing one of Dave's shirts and nothing else. She was also an early riser. She kissed her two lovers, poured a cup of coffee, and then sat in the corner of the built-in bench seat and pulled her feet up exposing her glistening slit to one and all. Owen appeared dressed in his boxers, and then Heather in yet another of Dave's dress shirts to round out the attendance.

Dave commented, "I can see I'm going to need to buy a lot more shirts with you three women around me all the time." There was general nodding in agreement.

Dave asked, "Alice, you had some idea last night you were going to tell me about at breakfast." He gestured to indicate breakfast was in progress.

Alice smiled, and she went and hugged Heather pulled her smaller body in front of hers so she could hug her from behind. "I have fallen in love with Heather, so has Pam, and I know my husband loves her, as well. Heather is in a bit of a trap. Just when she was getting motivated to improve herself and attend college for a worthwhile career, she got pregnant, had to go out on her own, and start to help her struggling mother as well. She's been doing that for a few years. Today, we know she has a three year old, a dependent mother, a limited career as a stripper at the Club Ecstasy, a part time job as a waitress that is not a career, and not much hope of pulling out of that rut the rest of her life."

Alice released Heather, and moved behind the chair Owen had sat in. "Until now – today, in fact. What's that saying, 'Today is the first day of the rest of your life.' Well, Heather, this is the big turning point in your life because everybody in this room is adopting you and your family, especially Owen because I put the arm on him."

Heather was blushing at being the center of attention, but still confused about what was going on.

Alice continued, "First, Heather, you need a better place to live than the squalid one-room apartment over a convenience store that you and Matthew call home and so does your mother. Today, we invite you to move in with us, either in the upstairs guest room or in the guest room in the basement. The upstairs room offers the added benefit of a smaller room adjacent to it that could be the nursery for Matthew to use as his room."

Heather's mouth started to move but no words came out. Her eyes got glassy.

Alice went on, "The rattletrap of a car you are driving is unsafe. It's old, the muffler is failing, a couple of us worry about exhaust fumes getting into the passenger compartment, too; and I looked and it has 213,000 miles on it. You will ditch that car and take over Pam's car. She's getting a new one and is giving you her old one; because she's been traveling so much it only has about 20,000 miles on it. Dave and I will help you transfer all the papers to assume ownership, plus we will pay your insurance. By the way, we'll also pay for any portion of the groceries that you might use living here, so don't even think about spending money while you're with us.

Third, you need to be in college instead of working in a strip club. Thanks to Owen, here, the Bennett Foundation will establish a full scholarship fund for you that will cover tuition, books, incidentals, a partial meal plan so you can have lunch or other meals on campus as you need to, and give you a stipend of $1,500 each month for spending money; you may use that on yourself or, interestingly enough, to help your mother in her situation. If that's not enough you just need to let us know. The one requirement is that you keep your GPA above 3.00.

"Further, your mother lives in a tiny apartment in not the greatest part of town. She's on disability, but is a great caretaker for Matthew. Pam and I will help find her new quarters, closer to us that are safer, cleaner, and better in every way compared to what she has. Owen and the Prentiss family will help her pay the rent on the new apartment. Pam already had her eye on a place that was across the street from a playground that Matthew will just love, if that turns out to be the place she likes."

Heather started to cry. She went to Alice and put her head on her shoulder and started bawling. "What ... did ... I ... do ... to ... deserve ... this?" she finally croaked out.

Alice patted her back and hugged her, "Made yourself loveable and adorable and approachable to people who love you back and who have some resources to help you because we love you.

Heather snuffled, "I'll be everybody's sex slave, I'm so grateful. I have so much to be thankful for." She tried to smile but with the happy tears rolling down her face it didn't come off well. She sobbed softly.

Alice shook her head. "There's no expectation that you'll do anything but be here. That's partly why we also offered you the basement room. There is NO quid pro quo you need to worry about. You are NOT to trade sex for these gifts to you. You don't owe us anything but your friendship."

"But I love you all so much. I WANT to be loving and physical with all of you. Owen was so nice to me last night, too; even though I knew he really wanted to be with you."

Owen smiled, "I agree with Alice. There's no expectation that you'll do anything other than pull yourself up and out of your rut. We're each doing what we can to help you get onto a different life track. Believe me when I saw we will receive tremendous gratification from just your doing that. As for last night, you are wrong; I wanted to be with you but I was truthfully worried that Alice might get miffed at my enthusiasm for our coupling."

"Oh, thank you, so much," Heather bawled again. "I promise I'll make you all proud of me. Some how, some day, I'll pay you all back."

Alice said in a sincere tone, "When the time comes, just pay it forward. You end up being the best science teacher or engineer or computer specialist in the country! Just achieve your potential."

The next few weeks were spent helping Heather adjust to her new way of life. Heather and her son Matthew moved into the Pentiss' home that Sunday afternoon, making a couple of trips to collect the few permanent belongings they had in the microscopic apartment over a run-down convenience store she rented on a weekly basis.

Pam went with Heather early the next week to transfer the car to her. Heather then went with Pam as she shopped for a new car, finally settling on a little Toyota 86 sports car. She plunked down the full amount for the car, and an hour later drove the car home, followed by Heather in her relatively new car that had heretofore spent a lot of time parked at the local airport.

Alice helped Heather run the gauntlet at the university so she could get into the spring semester as a commuting student. Fortunately, she had a good enough academic record from high school that the college brought her on board right away. Together with an assigned advisor from the faculty, they plotted out Heather's full college curriculum, hoping to make a graduation date in three-and-a-half years or less if she took a couple of overload semesters and summer courses. Heather was obviously awed by the whole endeavor and what she'd signed up for.

After completing the online registration for courses and buying several hundred dollars worth of textbooks, Heather was primed to start. Of course, she'd taken a full course load, but everyone felt she was up to the challenge, despite having been out of academia for almost five years.

Heather and the others found a new place for Heather's mother, a place with two bedrooms in a safe complex of small townhouses. Matthew declared he loved the home and didn't mind staying there while his mother went to school. Heather and her mother worked out a schedule that resulted in his being with his grandma a lot of the time.

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