tagIncest/TabooLoosing My Virginity

Loosing My Virginity


I had always found my older sister very sexy, even as a young boy. Starting when I was fifteen I would steal her worn panties and bras and well..... you can guess! Her aroma would stiffen my young penis to extreme lengths. I would find any excuse to brush up against her breasts or thighs. When she wanted to wrestle, I was in heaven. I would make sure to rub her ass and run my hands on her wonderful breasts. I should describe her a little. She stood about five foot six or seven. Her breasts were a full 34D, I knew from her bras. She was always in wonderful shape, so her ass was nice and tight. Her black hair hung just below her ear lobes. She was not a beauty queen by any stretch; however, I will always remember her as my beauty. If you could just remember her by her face, she was not anyone who would stand out in a crowd. But I would always lose myself in her blue eyes. Roberta must have known how horny she made me. I am not as equipped as a porn star; but I knew she had to be able to feel my stiff cock through my shorts or pants when we wrestled. Thinking back on it I am sure she enjoyed teasing me. After a bout on the floor wrestling she always had such a smile. I was always busy trying to get out of the room with out the whole world seeing my erection.

We would spend time in her room watching her small TV together. Since her room was little and our family poor, we would have to sit or lay on her small twin bed. She normally shared this room with two other of my five sisters. My older brother and I shared another room. So time alone was very rare. By the time I was eighteen & she was twenty-three I was getting desperate to fulfill my desires.

On that wonderful day of fate, we were laying on her bed together, no one else in the room. Our other sisters and brother were all gone; our father and mother were busy in the front room. I laid on my side with my back against the wall on the bed next to Roberta. My head resting in my right hand. The spring sun light was coming through the curtains. My arm grew tired of holding my head and with out thinking I laid my head down on her left breast. It took me a little bit to think about what I had just done. I held my breath in fear she would push me away. However, the gentle rise of her breast from her breathing told me she did not mind. I was far too frightened to move, but was becoming aroused from the position I found myself in. I was still a virgin at the time and had no idea how to act upon this wonderful situation I was in. I tried to slow my own rising excitement. I knew she would soon feel my stiffening cock against her thigh.

As I tried to calm myself, I realized her breathing was quickening. Could she be getting as aroused as I was? I finally decided to do something, before this moment slipped away. So I slowly and softly started rubbing my cheek against her nipple. Slowly rubbing in a circular pattern against one of those wonderful breasts I had only dreamt about. Slowly her nipple began to harden, and even a virgin like myself knew what that meant. I kept rubbing against that breast for what seemed like a long time. As her breathing became faster and I could see her other nipple hardening against the thin material of her pull over top. My lust took over. I slowly ran my shaking left hand up from her waist, to her stomach and then to just touch the underside of her right breast. My fingers, still shaking from my lust and excitement, tenderly ran along the underside of her breast. They them traced upwards to her nipple and ran around it.

When I saw she wasn't going to sit up screaming for mom and yelling what a pervert I was, I slowly cupped that breast that had been a distant object of my desire. How soft and tender it felt to my hand. I gently squeezed it and caught the nipple between two of my fingers to squeeze it. A soft moan escaped her mouth. My cock was so hard it hurt as it strained against my pants. I looked up into her eyes and saw the same lust reflected back at me. As my lips moved upward to hers, I mouthed what had to be the worst line possibly at that moment of complete lust, "Lets make it." Her answer was to lift her lips to mine and push her tongue into my mouth. As I have said before, I was a virgin. So when she did this I had no idea what to do, but did almost came from the excitement of the moment.

We continued to kiss as my inexperienced hands groped her breasts. I almost came a second time when she grabbed my cock through my pants. She broke our kiss and told me to stand up and get undressed. How I didn't trip and fall flat on my face in my mad rush to pull my pants down, or how she contained herself from not laughing at my actions, I will never know. But by the time I had kicked my tennis shoes and socks off she had sat up on the bed and had her top almost over her shoulders. I moaned at the sight of her bra-covered tits. So many times I had tried to catch her without a top on. I could only just stand there with my pants around my ankles as she tossed the top onto the floor and reached back to unhook her bra. A louder groan tore from my mouth as she slide that bra off and freed those beautiful breasts. Even today after so many years the memory of that sight still excites me.

She simply smiled at me and stood to unbuckle her jeans and slid them down and onto the floor. Time finally started again for me and I ripped my tee shirt over my head and at last stood naked before my goddess. Once her panties joined the rest of her clothing on the floor, she laid back down onto her bed. No goddess has ever looked so sensuous before or ever will. I slowly lay down next to her as she slide over to make room for me.

I tried to say I didn't know what to do, but she silenced me with a gentle kiss. She pulled my lips to her nipple, which I quickly surrounded with my lips and began sucking it. She took my hand and placed it on the moist hairs of her pussy and the outer lips. She moved my hand around and pushed my middle finger gently down into her. I took over and moved my finger deeper inside her. She pushed my mouth farther down on her breast and groaned. My finger found her clit and rubbed it. I felt her fingers traveling along my thigh to my rock hard cock. They encircled it and started pumping it up and down.

Neither of us was going to last to long and she pulled me upwards while her hand guided my cock to her swollen pussy lips. I slowly pushed my cock into not only my first cunt, but also the most wonderful pussy in the world, my sister's pussy. I buried my cock inside her until my straining balls pushed against her. I just held it there for a second and then started slowly pumping it in and out. I soon lost control to my lust and started pumping faster and harder. I was finally fucking my older sister and I was fucking her hard. Our groans were growing and I was tensing up to cum. As I gave on final deep push, she raised her legs and locked them around me as we came together. My first fuck and I had managed to make her cum too. I have never felt such a joy in my life as that first fuck.

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