tagTransgender & CrossdressersLoraine's Quest Ch. 02

Loraine's Quest Ch. 02


The night passed slowly as my fitful sleep was interrupted by cramps in my legs and hips. Each time I attempted to move to relieve the pain, the cinch around my balls would remind me of my mistake. My legs and hips were in desperate need of an opportunity to stretch out for relief, but the folded leg position would not allow it--the pain was almost constant now.

As if that weren't enough, the areas of my body that had been assaulted by the Epiladys were beginning to burn and itch terribly. My crotch was the worst, followed by my armpits. Tied as I was, there were no opportunities for relief. My vision taken away by the latex hood, my senses overwhelmed by the smell and taste of the latex, I was left to reflect on my situation.

Mistress Catherine was infinitely more beautiful than I ever imagined. My recollection of her in her red latex caused a stirring in my loins. I pictured her crotch framed by the latex panties and longed to be granted an opportunity to bury my face in her sweet smelling pussy. I thought of the insatiable Venus, and longed for another "treatment" from that extraordinarily talented mouth. I envisioned Leonardo's magnificent 8" cock with its gold cock ring wondering if I would ever fulfill my earlier fantasy.

These mental diversions only temporarily distracted my conscious mind away from the incredible burning, itching and cramps. I heard myself moaning through the gag, as if those unintelligible sounds might summon someone who would help relieve the extreme discomfort.

I felt as if I would go mad if someone didn't do something, and soon! My mind was racing from one vision to another, trying to ignore the dominant stimulus from the cramps and the increasingly worsening burning and itching. If only I could stop the itching!

I was beginning to toss and turn within the limits of my bondage. The tugging at my balls seemed less important than the overpowering need for relief from these tormentors. Please, oh please Mistress, I begged into the gag. "aaarrggh ooooaaaamm mmmffff, uuuuuggggghhh hhhooooor rrrffff", the efforts to communicate were wasted on an empty room, but the attempt helped take attention away from my suffering momentarily.

Suddenly a hand on my balls yanked me back to reality. Someone was loosening the cinch tie, freeing my balls. I immediately attempted to communicate, "pppprrreeeee oooo ppprreee, yyyeeeccchhh mmmmmrrrrfffff", begging for relief. A hand was placed over the area of my latex headgear where my mouth was, and I took it for a request for silence. So I shut up.

Straps were placed around my arms above the elbows and around my legs above my knees. These were secured to tie downs at the sides of the table. I couldn't believe I was being bound even tighter! As soon as the additional bondage was in place, my wrists were released from the spreader bar, and my leg bondage removed allowing me to straighten my legs somewhat--for the first time in hours.

The sound of the Epilady combined with the familiar sensation of hair being pulled out explained the revised bondage. Those areas that were not accessible earlier were being taken care of. The burning and itching returned. My ability to move a little did nothing to relieve the discomfort.

I moaned once more. Hands started to gently massage my body. The bondage was released and some kind of salve was being applied to every square inch of my now hairless body. The burning and itching stopped. The cramps subsided from the massage--I felt almost human again. The salve being applied to my cock and balls felt particularly good. The stimulation resulted in the inevitable. I had an erection and the stimulation felt very good. If it continued I would introduce some lubrication of my own.

Just as I thought orgasm was imminent the stimulation stopped. No, no, don't stop. As my hands were free, I started to reach for my cock--I could finish myself off! As if anticipating my move, strong hands stopped me. I was pulled up to a sitting position and my hands were handcuffed behind me.

I was turned on the table and helped to a standing position on the floor. I was standing, naked, my hands cuffed behind my back and my head sealed in the latex discipline helmet. Another pair of handcuffs were attached to the chain joining my wrists together. The loose end was passed between my legs and closed behind my hairless genitals locking my cock and balls in the embrace of the handcuff. This served to position my hands so that any excessive movement would pull at my cock and balls.

A leash was attached to the first link of the chain directly under my balls. A gentle tug and I was following whoever was leading me. I stepped cautiously as I didn't want to trip or walk into anything.

Before long my bare feet told me I was standing on a ceramic tile floor. I was tethered off to something and any movement tugged at the cuff on my genitals, so I remained still.

The latex helmet was removed and I could see that I was standing in a resplendent bathroom. Like everything else in this spacious penthouse, it was huge. There was a roman tub big enough for at least 4 people that was filled with an aromatic mixture of hot water and bath oils.

I turned around to see Venus and Leonardo. Venus was dressed in a phenomenal shiny yellow latex unitard. She was covered from head to toe in a single yellow latex garment, that included full length gloves and a complete hood with eye cutouts and breathing holes below her nose. I could clearly see that her mouth was filled with a large ball that looked very uncomfortable. A white patent leather collar limited her head movement and looked very erotic. Around her hips was a pair of white patent leather bikini panties with high cut sides and a thong at the back. I couldn't tell if there were plugs in her pussy or anus, but if I were a betting person, I would bet that there were both! Her feet were confined in a pair of white patent leather ballet boots with 8" heels. These positioned her feet into a permanent arch forcing her to stand with her toes pointed like a ballerina. A pair of white patent leather cuffs were locked on her ankles and connected with an 18" chain. The unitard had cutouts through which her nipples poked impudently and her pierced nipples were adorned with gold rings connected by a gold chain. I was amazed that she was able to move with a graceful gait in spite of her severly confined feet.

Leonardo was dressed in a black leather catsuit that laced up the back of her legs, arms, and torso. The bodice was boned and restricted her waist severely. Her abundant breasts were decorated and supported by a built in bizarre spider web arrangement that left her nipples exposed for attention. She was still wearing her leather punishment hood and her feet were shod with black oxford style laced high heels with 6" heels. Her ankles were hobbled using black leather locking cuffs with an 18" chain. There was no sign of her glorious 8" cock as the ring piercing her cock was the ideal anchor for a tie that pulled it into her crotch and tied it off to a waist belt under the catsuit. Her ensemble was finished off with shoulder length black leather gloves anchored at the top to her catsuit.

Leonardo unsnapped her gag and said, "Mistress Catherine has commanded that you take a bath and get ready for the day's activities. We will return in exactly one hour--be finished bathing, dry and ready to be prepared to meet Mistress Catherine on your first morning as slave."

Having said that, Leonardo replaced his gag, unlocked the cuffs restraining my wrists and genitals, and turned to leave the bathroom with Venus following. As I watched them leave I was once again captivated by their erotic beauty. I watched Venus' tight, thonged, ass cheeks bounce from the gait enforced by the ballet boots as she left.

I realized that my cock was once again standing at attention from this stimulation.

The first detail to attend to was to use the facilities, relieving the pressure in my bladder and bowels. Turning to the mirror, I looked over my hairless body. I was amazed at the smoothness of my skin devoid of hair. It was a strange feeling stroking my hairless body and genitals. I decided that I liked being sans hair and stepped into the tub looking forward to a relaxing bath.

The bath oils, with their associated fragrances, were almost intoxicating. I felt very feminine soaking in the tub, looking at my hairless chest, arms, legs, very happy that I agreed to become chattel to Mistress Catherine. I washed with the scented soap, shampooed my hair and looked forward to the return of Venus and Leonardo.

Stepping out of the tub, I dried off using one of the huge fluffy white towels that were everywhere. There were about 5 minutes left and I wanted to be ready. I felt my skin and was amazed at the soft velvety feel. I never imagined my skin could feel so good.

Venus returned first, still adorned in her entrancing yellow latex unitard. She walked--that unusual gaited walk--over to me and started inspecting my body. The feel of the latex gloves was fantastic as she rubbed her hands over my skin. She took my cock in her hand and manipulated it until it was erect again. If I could have seen her face, I'm sure she would have been smiling.

Leonardo entered the room with a tray of food, unsnapped her gag, and said, "I think Venus likes you Loraine. But then, Venus likes everyone! We're here to get you prepared for today's activities. We are not permitted to talk beyond these instructions, so please pay attention. You are to comply with every non-verbal command issued by either of us. Failure to cooperate will offend Mistress Catherine and result in 48 hours of continuous punishment. I wouldn't recommend behavior that offends the Mistress. You are to eat breakfast while we prepare you for the day."

Having said what she had to say, Leonardo snapped her gag back on her leather discipline helmet.

Venus applied K-Y Jelly to my cock and balls, while Leonardo slipped a strange looking pair of black latex dildo pants up my legs. As Leonardo pulled the pants over my legs Venus lubricated my anus for the dildo. Leonardo inserted the anal intruder and pushed until it was buried in my ass. The front of the dildo pants captured my attention. It was a cock and ball sheath with a 1" wide rubber strap that was attached to a 4" wide rubber waist band. My cock was inserted in the sheath and the rubber ball sac stretched over my balls. My cock and balls were now separated and confined in rubber. All this was designed so that once my cock and balls were restrained by the sheath, the waist band was pulled up so the 1" strap was pulled between my legs and up between my ass cheeks adding pressure to the dildo. This served to pinion my cock in my crotch providing a more feminine look. All the while I ate the croissant and orange juice, and finished off the fruit bowl.

I looked at my reflection and was pleased with the way the rubber dildo pants shaped my ass and gave my crotch a smooth appearance.

Leonardo pulled a latex breast simulator over my head, smoothing it down over my ribcage. This device, sort of a latex tank top with silicone breasts that was colored to precisely match my skin tone, gave me a set of perfectly shaped "D" cup breasts. I was amazed how real my "Tits" looked on my hairless body. They moved when I moved and displayed permanent erect nipples. The breast simulator was almost invisible and I looked as if I really had tits!

Venus had me step into a black satin corset, instructed me using unmistakable gestures to hold my arms straight up, allowing her and Leonardo to lace up the corset reducing my 34" waist to 28". The corset pushed my breasts up giving me cleavage. Leonardo pulled a pair of opera length fishnet hose up my legs that were connected to the 6 garters hanging from the corset. Venus slipped a pair of high heels with 6" heels on my feet locking the ankle straps to secure them in place. These straps were the attachment point for my 18" hobble chain.

The reflection in the mirror was not mine, but the body of a shapely women! A feeling of overwhelming love for Mistress Catherine and these two erotically beautiful slaves caused me to shudder with desire. I was so lucky!

They escorted me to another area adjacent to the bathroom. I was surprised how difficult walking in 6" heels was considering how much I had practiced in 4" heels. I couldn't imagine how difficult it must be for Venus.

The room we entered looked like an actor's dressing room with a barber chair and mirrors with surround lighting. I was seated in the barber chair and my fingers were slipped into loops on a flat surface at the end of each arm. Leonardo tightened something and my fingers were held snugly to the surface. A wrist strap completed the job.

Leonardo was busily getting ready to give me a set of acrylic nails while Venus was attending to my face. She tilted the chair back and wrapped my face in a hot towel. After a few minutes she removed the towel and started applying some gooey lotion to my face. She then replaced the hot towels and waited.

Leonardo was occupied with the task of giving me a set of beautiful fingernails. I couldn't see what she was doing but I could feel some discomfort as she worked over my fingertips.

Venus was removing the towel and washing my face with some strange smelling soap. That completed, she raised the chair back and I could see that my beard stubble was gone--my face looked smooth--almost feminine.

Leonardo and Venus worked for about another 45 minutes and when they were finished I had been transformed from an unattractive TV to a beautiful woman! I was enthralled by the captivating beauty of the face and body in the mirror. My make-up was impeccable with full red lips, smooth skin with just the right highlights, eyes that were perfect, and hair that was teased into a perfectly shaped curly hairdo.

Leonardo released my fingers and I gazed down at those long red nails that matched the lipstick on my pouting lips. God, I was stunning. I understood why Leonardo could not walk past a mirror without primping. I felt sorry for her, locked in that leather punishment hood, and I so wanted to see her face.

I was guided over to another area in the dressing room where I was fitted with a Black satin maid's uniform. The bodice was scooped to expose my abundant cleavage. The scooped opening closed at the neck with a slave collar that held my head level. The long sleeves were trimmed with lace at the wrist as was the opening at the front. The uniform laced at the back to achieve a skin tight fit. The hemline was just low enough to cover the tops of the fishnet hose.

Leonardo slipped a pair of white silk ruffled panties over the latex dildo pants as Venus tied the apron around my 28" waist and fitted my lace headgear.

Venus gently pulled my arms behind me and placed my hands together palms facing. Leonardo worked a boned black satin single glove up my arms and the two of them laced it securely and fastened it to the slave collar. I was astounded at the strictness of the bondage created by the single glove. I had only imagined what it must feel like. My breasts were thrust forward by the arm binding, and I found balancing on the 6" heels even more difficult. The vision in the mirror was more beautiful than before.

Venus raised a 3" long 2" diameter rubber penis with an inflator attached to my lips. I thought of resisting, but remembered Leonardo's warning and opened my mouth to accept the gag. It was designed to fill my mouth but leave my lips exposed as there was no outer flange, creating a red frame around the black intruder. My mouth was opened as wide as possible and my teeth popped into a groove near the inflator end. Immediately the ache in my jaw began. Venus pumped up the gag filling my mouth completely, puffing out my cheeks. Thankfully it wasn't long enough to stimulate my gag reflex. I had never been gagged so completely. I best I could muster was a weak moaning through the nose sound as Venus disconnected the inflator and stood back to look at her handiwork. All my breathing had to be done through my nose.

My reflection in the mirror had changed from that of a beautiful woman to that of a beautiful domestic in bondage. My beautiful face was horribly distorted from the oversized inflated penis gag. My head had been forced into a ridged position from the combination of the gag and the slave collar. If my cock were free my excitement would have been obvious. I had never been bound as securely.

Leonardo attached a chain to my slave collar and led me to my Mistress Catherine.

We entered an ante room to Mistresses boudoir where we stood three abreast about 4 feet from an ornate upholstered chair on a raised platform. Looking around as much as my bondage permitted, I could see I was in a room about 18-20 feet square with storage cabinets on the walls. The ceiling was about 10 feet high and looked as if there were several "trap" doors at various locations. I was about to assume the humble position in front of my Mistresses throne. Leonardo dropped to his knees pulling on my leash as he did, forcing me to my knees also. Venus followed suit and gracefully lowered to her knees and immediately lowered her forehead to the floor as she placed her hands behind her back. Leonardo pulled on my leash once more and I fell forward to a sort of three point stance. The corset and single glove combined with the slave collar and inflated penis gag made this task very difficult. The best I could do was to kneel there with my nose buried in the carpet. Leonardo assumed the same position as Venus and we waited for Mistress Catherine.

I was trying to shift my weight a little to take some of the pressure off my poor nose, and make breathing easier. I was astonished at how confining the bondage was. My feet and legs were relatively free, but that provided meager opportunity to maneuver. My weight seemed to be forward inhibiting the ability to pick up my head and upper body. I tested the position by attempting to raise my shoulders slightly and couldn't. I was bound in such a manner that I would need help to get my face out of the carpet!

Suddenly, I was aware of my Mistresses presence in the room. I couldn't see her but I knew she was there. From the front of the room, where the throne was, Mistress Catherine said, "Venus, Leonardo, stand and move to the back wall, get handcuffs from cabinet 7, secure you hands behind your backs and reassume the position facing me." I could hear them comply and was aware that I was now alone in front of my Mistress.

"Loraine, I have summoned you here to provide information to facilitate your understanding of your role in my stable. Leonardo, named after Leonardo DiVinci, is responsible for creating innovative devices to torment my slaves. She is very inventive and capable of creating devices from simple everyday materials to abuse and torture the most indomitable slaves. Although her name is not as feminine as others, she honors her namesake. You, along with Venus and Leonardo will have the distinct pleasure of suffering while adorned with Leonardo's imaginative devices."

"Venus, as you are already aware, is named after the goddess of love. In addition to her uncontrollable craving to be bound in the most bizarre, restrictive, cumbersome and embarrassing positions while being stimulated to the edge of orgasm, she also adores fellatio. She thinks that male cum is the nectar of the fountain of youth and will go out of her way to swallow as much as she can. Imagine how popular that mouth can be at the right party!"

"The penthouse we live in is the top floor of this magnificent hotel. A hotel that I own, thanks to my late husband, my wonderful Master Alexander. He was a wealthy industrialist with enormous international influence. I was his slave Catherine and with his capable guidance experienced a metamorphosis from slave to Mistress. Until his unfortunate death in a plane crash I was both a slave and a Mistress. One of his many joys was to watch me dominate slaves, which I did so well that he allowed me the occasional opportunity to dominate him. I loved him dearly, and miss his presence."

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