tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLord Benford's Dungeon Ch. 01

Lord Benford's Dungeon Ch. 01


*This mysterious dungeon story is mixed with fact and fantasy that made me hot as hell, while writing. Multiple men in an insatiable drug-induced euphoria, rape a hapless victim of abduction. Magically, her virginity is renewed; only to be stolen by none other than, Lord Benford. Happy Reading.*


I wanted to enjoy downtown Indianapolis, so I booked a room at a nice hotel there. When I arrive I asked the concierge about any nice restaurants within walking distance. He informed of one a couple blocks away that offered live entertainment. I changed into a form fitting black dress and spiked heels. After letter my hair down and shaking it, I adjusted the sterling silver bobble hanging at the top of my cleavage and took one last look in the mirror. The concierge stepped back when I returned to the lobby and gave me a subtle wink. I looked good and I felt sexy; his wink confirmed my thoughts.

I did not stand out in the city, on a Friday night, since it was a hub of activity because of the weekend atmosphere. The restaurant was dimly lit and cozy. The meal was exquisite. I walked to the lounge where the live entertainment was setting up. It was definitely an upscale place. Many of the women's outfits outshined mine by a long shot. Men were dressed in suits or a shirt and tie. Taking a seat at the bar to order a drink, I noticed a gentlemen sitting at a table with some friends. He raised his glass to me with a smile. The bartender returned with my drink.

The gentleman that waved at me, walked over to make small talk. He obviously had a few drinks but wasn't drunk, just relaxed. After buying me another drink he offered to dance with me if I would accept. He was an older gentleman with graying temples. He was height and weight proportionate with a nice tan that finished off what I found to be a very handsome man. The way he carried himself spoke of refinement.

We danced to a soft jazz tune. He grasped my hand in his right, while his other fell at my waist. His feet were light and confident on the dance floor. I followed his lead, feeling comfortable in his command. We walked off the dance floor and found a vacant table in the corner. Motioning for me to sit, he pulled out the chair. After retrieving our drinks from the bar, he pulled a chair up close and sat down.

"Won't your buddies miss you?"

"Oh them? Nah, they are all enjoying a quiet night away from their wives," he chuckled.

"Do all of you live close to downtown, or in the suburbs?"

"It varies, some us prefer studio apartments downtown. The ones with kids prefer the suburbs."

"Are you married?"


"I'm sorry."

"Thank you. I do still miss her but it has been a few years so it's easier now."

"What about you?"

"Single... always a bridesmaid, never a bride," I quipped.

"That's hard to believe. You are a very beautiful woman."

"I know too many unhappy wives. I prefer to stay single and take care of myself."

"What do you do for fun?"


"Goodness girl, I need to show you what real fun is."

"What do you do for fun?"

"Dance and share a nice evening with a beautiful lady."

"You really are pouring it on quite heavily."

He grinned and took another sip of his drink then ordered us another. I could feel the effects of the drinks loosening my tongue. I would not have made the prior comment if I were not feeling uninhibited.

"Are you interested in spending the night with me? I would pay you handsomely."

"I'm not sure I understand what you mean."

"I think you know what I'm asking."

I stood up from the table and walked away. This man may be handsome and wealthy but I would not sell my body to anyone, not even him. I did not even offer him an excuse for leaving. He knew that he had overstepped his boundaries. Walking back to the hotel I noticed the amount of people was less than earlier, since the hour was late. I heard footsteps behind me moving at a faster pace. In my spiked heels I couldn't walk as fast, but quickened my pace as well.

My heart thumped in my chest. I just wanted to cover the few blocks to the hotel so I could feel safe. A hand reached out and wrapped around my eyes pulling me into a small alcove of a business that was closed. I screamed out for help, only to find something shoved into my mouth. A dark bag covered my head and he quickly tied my wrists behind my back. I kicked and tried to stomp his feet with my heels but he managed to dodge me on all accounts.

I heard wheels screech and stop close by. The person holding me pushed me out of the confined space and shoved me into the back seat of a vehicle just before it sped away. No one said anything but I knew that there had to be at least two people, the driver and the person that abducted me.

I tried to hear if there were any outside sounds that could help determine my whereabouts but the inside of the vehicle did not let in any outside sounds. The car stopped. I was manhandled and forced into a door. I was taken into a room and thrown unceremoniously onto a bed. The bedcover was soft and smelled of lavender. My ankle was shackled to a post on the bed before my abductor left the room, closing the door behind his self. I flailed and finally got the black hood off my head to look around. The room was magnificent with mahogany wood and very rich tapestries. But why would someone that lives like this abduct someone?

My questions would all be answered in due time, for now I waited impatiently to find out what would become of me. When the door opened a muscular man dressed in black pants and a black t-shirt entered. He wore a mask over his eyes to disguise his features. After removing the shackle from my ankle he pressed on a bookcase in the wall to reveal a hidden corridor. We walked through the stone opening. He turned to close the opening, then proceeded to usher me forward through the dimly lit, stone space.

We came to a dual archway that split to the left and right. I was pushed toward the left hall and walked for a short distance before coming to a large wooden door. He raised the metal latch on the door, opening it. I felt like I was stepping back in time, to a stone castle. Inside was a large stone room, equivalent to a great room in a home. The walls were stone and mortar. He shackled my ankle to a piece of metal protruding from the stone floor and walked to light a torch. He carried the torch around the room and lit several torch sconces that adorned the walls. When he returned he unshackled me and took me to a stone table in the room. There was a pewter pitcher and mug sitting on it. He filled the mug and pushed it to my lips. It had a bitter taste but he continued to pour the acrid beverage into my mouth. I tried to spit it out but he was persistent.

"Please, you must drink it," I was ordered.

"I will not drink it."

"I will have to make you drink it then."

He shoved me to sit on the narrow stone table then turned my body so that my legs stretched out on it. Metal shackles were attached to the table that he closed around my ankles. I sat upright with my arms still restrained behind me. He grabbed my face and pushed a plastic speculum into my mouth holding it open. Next he pushed a small plastic hose into my mouth and began to pour the beverage into a siphon while holding my head back slightly. I felt the liquid hit my throat and had to swallow for fear of choking. After he emptied the beverage into me, the room spun slightly. When he spoke his voice became deeper and slower, in slow motion.

"Relax now and rest."

"What did you give me to drink?" I could barely utter the words.

"It won't harm you. It is an ancient sexual aphrodisiac that will heighten your senses for the night, but it will not allow you to remember anything 24 hours from now."

"I must prepare you now."

"Prepare me?"

"Yes, you are to be a reward tonight?"

I felt giddy and knew the aphrodisiac was working its magic. His voice started to clear, my hearing and vision cleared. I smelled the musty din of the dungeon around me as well as the musky male scent of the muscular man preparing me. The most profound emotions washed over me. I wanted to reach out and grab his cock through his pants. I felt my loins growing hot and moist with need. I felt no inhibitions what so ever. I felt free. The thought of being in danger was the furthest thought from my mind now.

He removed my ankles from the shackles and untied my arms. I no longer wanted to escape and he knew it. Carefully he removed my black dress and underclothing leaving me naked with the exception of my spiked heels. I swayed and wiggled my body while he undressed me, looking like a harem dancer missing her castanets.

He placed a soft black velvet robe on my shoulders. It hung to the floor. He tied the threads at my neck to hold it on my body. The collar was adorned with soft white fur that tickled my neck. I looking around the dungeon, and felt like the Queen of the night in this robe. He had me sit and removed the spiked heels, leaving my bare feet on the cold stone floor.

He left the room but did not restrain me. I walked around the room admiring different artifacts adorning the walls. Whips, collars, clamping devices, chains and artwork were some of the items. I could see everything in such clarity and detail. I viewed the artwork more closely. It appeared to be charcoal on parchment paper. Every erotic pose of sexual intercourse you could imagine was drawn on the papers. Women, men and orgies came to life while I looked at them. I literally had to shake myself and remind myself that the pictures were not moving. I imagined being in the pictures and felt their lust.

The door opened, causing me to turn my attention.

"Come with me," my black knight beckoned me with his hand.

He took me to a round stone table that resembled the size and height of a large footstool.

"Please sit in the middle with your legs crossed and your hands palm up on your knees."

After I was in position he moved the black robe so that it concealed the front of my naked body. The slightest hint of flesh showed through the opening in the middle, while the rest of the robe flowed over the edge of the round stone behind me.

He walked to a rope and began pulling it hard until it reached the floor, then letting it recoil, harder and harder until I heard a large bell tolling. Dong... Dong... Dong, it went on and on. I marveled at the medieval aura. I was not afraid; I was excited and couldn't wait for the night to unfold.

The door creaked open again. Several men walked in line, into the room. They each wore a brown hooded robe with their hands clasped in front of them. The hoods concealed their facial features, from this distance. They walked closer and encircled the stone table upon which I sat, leaving a space directly in front of me.

One lone person entered the door donning a black velvet robe similar to the one I wore, minus the white fur at the collar, but with a black hood to match the other men's.

When he approached the table I thought he looked familiar. Graying temples and strong features awakened my memory to the gentleman I met at the lounge. He smiled at me. In my aphrodisiac state I could hold no malice. I smiled back at him.

He extended his hand to me, "Come, my Queen."

When I stood, the men in the brown hooded robes knelt in place. I took his hand as he pulled me toward him. He loosened my hand and used his hands to open the front of my robe, exposing my naked body to him.

"Such an exquisite creature, you are."

"Thank you, my Lord."

Where the hell did that come from? I would have never said something like that before now, but it flowed from my mouth like I had said it all my life.

"Tonight will be a night of all nights, my precious Queen."

"Have you a surprise for me, my Lord?"

"Ah yes, a surprise indeed. Thank you for drinking my potion, that in itself is a gift."

"Oh yes my Lord, I do enjoy the feeling of light heartedness and desire it brings to me."

"Very good. You shall need all of that and more tonight."

"You speak in riddles, my Lord."

He did not speak again but raised his hand and snapped his fingers. The men in brown stood and followed us to the original stone table that I had first sat on. My Lord untied the cloth threads at my neck and the robe fell to my feet. The men in brown gasped quietly.

"Did I not tell you she was an exquisite creature?"

Murmurs among the men confirmed that they agreed. My Lord summoned me to lie on the stone table. He pointed to four individual men at the corners. They knew what to do, without words. Each of them grabbed an appendage and fastened the shackles around them. Both ankles and both wrists were encased in cold steel. My arms stretched to the head of the table completely exposing my body to them.

"Feast now, gentleman?"

"Yes, My Lord," they said in unison.

Eight men in all started to stroke and caress my body with their mouths, while my Lord stood and watched silently. They closed in on me rapidly, tasting and licking my body. They tantalized every nerve ending in my body without touching my most intimate area. Licking my toes, fingers, arms, legs, belly, breasts and face was very erotic.

I wanted more, I wanted to feel them all over me. I wiggled and moaned while they continued. I couldn't remember ever feeling so sexual with no inhibitions, but it felt glorious and liberating. My Lord clapped his hands. The men added their hands to their torment of me, massaging and petting my body while continuing to kiss and lick me. He poured scented oil over my skin. They massaged the oil all me. It tingled and warmed me. One of them reached his hand between my thighs to spread the oil there. He removed his hand to show the juices that had dripped from me.

"Yes, I see that my exquisite Queen is ready."

The men halted their actions and moved to stand in line beside the table. My Lord reached for a pewter pitcher and goblet, going toward the men. He poured the goblet full and handed it to the first man.

"Take and drink, tonight shall be your reward for your loyalty to your Lord."

The man emptied the goblet and handed it back to him. He bowed his head, closing his eyes, "Thank you, my Lord."

He proceeded to each of the men doing the same until all eight of them drank from the pitcher. He laid the pitcher aside and clapped his hands together two times. The men dropped their hoods and untied the robes, which fell to the floor. They stood there naked with their heads still bowed, eyes closed. The first man to drink slowly raised his head, as if he were waking up. Whatever he drank had finally settled into his veins. He looked upon me with unbridled lust. The second man started to wake and raised his head as well, then the third, fourth and so on, until all of them were glaring at me on the table.

I turned to My Lord, "What did they drink?"

"A special ancient potion that will make them insatiable for hours. Like your potion, they will not remember anything within 24 hours. All they will remember is their loyalty to their Lord, but they won't know why."

The men started to move around. They stroked their cocks without inhibition, right in front of me, and each other. They appeared euphoric, but I knew that they were very attuned to their surrounds because I felt the same.

"How are you feeling, my Queen?"

"Very sexy and sensual, my Lord."

"Good. There is one last potion I would like you to drink. It will remove all pain from your body and replace it with pleasure."

"Why would I need that, my Lord?"

"You, my Queen, are their reward. Each of them will use you repeatedly until their insatiable potion wears off."

He took a small vial from his robe and placed it to my lips. I turned to accept it, while he poured the contents into my mouth. The sickening sweet potion filled my mouth. Within moments I felt like I was floating on a cloud. Two men removed the shackles from my ankles and bent my legs at the knee. Two of the men used rope to tie my calves to my thighs to hold my legs in that position.

I glanced at my Lord, who had taken a seat in a large wooden chair that appeared to be an ancient throne. He sat with his hands rested on the arms of the chair, watching the scene unfold before him. The men used everything at their disposal to take advantage of me. They bound me, and place a rag between my teeth then tied it behind my head. Some of them stood and jacked off from watching, like they couldn't help themselves. They unfastened my wrists from the shackles and tied them together with rope. In my drugged stupor I let them use me without a fight. It excited me to be used and manipulated by these men.

One by one I felt them invade my body, humping and sweating over me like animals. I whimpered and wiggled under them, trying to take them deep inside me. One of them grabbed me and pulled my body astride his so he could push up into me. My ass fully exposed, was a new source of entertainment. They fingers and licked my tight ass repeatedly, then reached to stroke themselves again. A bold one mounted me and drove deep into my ass. All I felt was pleasure and fullness. I ground against the two of them with a vengeance. They all used my tight pussy and ass repeatedly. I felt no pain, just a very hot pressure.

My Lord rose from his chair and came to me again. He handed me a glass of water and fed it to me. I drank it readily. I felt my state of euphoria starting to leave me. My inhibitions started to return. I looked around and felt fear.

"What the hell did you give me?"

"An antidote."

"But why?"

"I want you to remember part of this evening. I want you to feel a certain amount of pain. I want to hear you beg and scream when they fuck you senseless and use your body."

He walked away. Now when I looked at the men I felt fear. They looked possessed and demonic. One of the biggest of the men grabbed me and pulled me from the table placing me on the floor. He mounted me from behind like a dog and drove his cock deep into my sore pussy. His nails dug into my shoulders while he crouched and fucked me savagely. His cock tore at my tight pussy, driving deeper and deeper until I knew he was pressing against my womb. He reared back and drove as hard as he could. I screamed when I felt him pass the tight opening inside me, delving into places that no one had ever been. He pulled out and drove again, breaking and reducing my pussy muscles to quivering jelly. Jumping off of me he came in front of me and ripped the rag from my mouth before he jammed his long cock into my mouth. I gagged and screamed while he ravaged me.

Another of the men straddled my body and fucked me from behind. His nails dug into my fleshy hips then landed hard blows to my ass with his hand. I felt the sting of pain and the heat of the blow and tried to scream with the cock in my mouth. Tears flowed down my cheeks from the pain and from gagging on the numerous cocks that fucked my mouth, throat, pussy and ass.

"Please my Lord, give me the potion again, I beg of you!"

"Not yet my Queen. They so enjoy raping innocent women. It is intoxicating to watch them acting like animals without the human element of compassion."

"And what of me, my Lord?"

"If you enjoy it, it is not rape. They enjoy seeing you beg and scream from the agony, just look at how hard their cocks are now."

"Is it they who enjoy seeing and hearing this, or is it you my Lord?"

"Both, my Queen."

He opened his robe to display a fully erect 8" pole of flesh. He placed a small tablet on his tongue and let it dissolve. His head rolled back and his eyes closed.

"My Lord, are you ok!?"

He did not answer, but reached to stroke his cock, in his potion-induced state. His manhood grew thicker and darker before my eyes. This white handsome gentleman now possessed a brown cock that was 2" longer. He lowered his head and glared into my eyes while the men continued fucking me, in all of my holes.

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