tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLord Daygar - Kingslayer Ch. 14

Lord Daygar - Kingslayer Ch. 14


Natalia scrambled from his knee wriggling her hips as she pulled the simple sackcloth dress down over her throbbing bottom, tugging its hem as far as it would allow. He had lifted it to just below her breasts, exposing the lower curve of her belly and its wispy triangle of fur before putting her across his lap. The rough material barely covered her knees, woefully short of the sumptuous dresses she had worn in her previous life when to display even an ankle was thought inappropriate. Her hands worked tenderly behind her, the spanking Scabious had just given her without doubt the longest and most painful so far.

He remained seated on the stump of a felled tree at the edge of the clearing he called a field, his eyes scanning his slave properly for the first time, watching her breasts heaving beneath the simple dress as she caressed her bottom. Her hair was returning, no longer bald and he noticed for the first time the almost golden sheen of the downy fluff shining in the midday sun. His cock jerked within his loose clothing, her worth lay in her body and not in her puny strength he reckoned, her poor efforts on the land earning her the spanking he had just given her but he knew she would never be a farm girl.

'You will work hard for me tonight girl,' he said evenly, it was an order not a request.

'Yes Master,' Natalia answered. She would work hard with his cock, not for his pleasure but for the comfort of a bed for the night in preference to the floor with the dog! This was not just a world away from her pampered life as a Princess, it was an entire Universe.


Lady Helena marvelled at the majesty of Lord Templar's manhood in her hands. How do men hide such magnificent assets beneath their robes from a woman's searching eyes? She thought, cupping the enormous sac containing his testicles like a purse holding his jewels slung behind his monster erection. The purse was almost too large for her small hand and his erection too thick for her other to encircle it, the angry purple-red mushroom threatening her as opposed to the gentle, caring nature of its owner.

Lord Templar had fed and nursed her to full health for two weeks since releasing her from Slaveria's hell hole beneath the Castle. He had resisted her offers to satisfy the lust she knew he had for her, the opposite of the years he had sought her hand only to be rejected in favour of King Hinea, a union that would never be. Hinea had no wish to make her his Queen but she was useful in his bed and as a surrogate mother to Natalia and Saria, his little twin Princesses. But Templar had been patient, hoping one day to make Helena his own and now she knelt before him, naked but for jewels and sandals, caressing his ardent cock in the manner of his many dreams.

He had refreshed her, given her clothes, gems and fragrances giving her back her high born status stripped from her by the thug who calls himself a Lord. Daygar was his enemy and he would win or die in his bid to retake Arenia from him. He sucked in breath as if winded as Helena nuzzled her full wet lips against his tip, kissing his bald end whilst running a finger along its spine, her other hand continued to caress his balls. This at least would be one dream fulfilled.

Templar stroked her long raven-black hair as she bobbed freely at his crotch, her hands exploring him as she sucked his cock greedily, her fingers straying across his tight buttocks then above her head over his muscled stomach. He had waited for so long for this moment and fought to retain his juices yet unwilling to stop her giving him such pleasure, her soft hair glistening as it rippled down her back with the steady movement of her head. She looked up at him with large pleading yet grateful eyes, knowing he had saved her from a life of violent exploitation, begging him to forgive her rejections of the past.

Lady Helena lay back with her legs spread wide for the Knight to enter her, almost climaxing at the feel of his ardent cock as he nudged against her folds, easing between them into her soft wet cunt. His generous girth filled every part of her as he deployed his length to find her tender 'spot' at the neck of her womanhood. Her legs closed about him at his arrival, bearing down onto his shaft to extract the last centimetre of it, strange sounds emerging from her half open lips as he began to work the magic only a man can perform.

'Will you find Natalia?' she husked as she clawed his back with manicured nails, reinstated by her new handmaidens.

'The Princess will take her place on the throne of Arania,' he said decisively, his balls finally releasing his hot liquid, surging along his cock into her inner sanctum.


Lady Lawinia and her sisters had arrived safely in Zoran at last and enjoying the hospitality of Duke Vadris and Duchess Katriona at their sumptuous Castle. The two elder sisters had resolved to forget the serfs who had raped them in the forests of Kandalla and maintain the illusion of purity; their supposed virgin status would prove vital in their quest for a good union with powerful men. Rosa could not easily forget the scruffy serf who had defiled her and taken her maidenhood from her in such unsavoury circumstances yet she was not appalled, the opposite was true and those thoughts made the need for a man ever more urgent.

Lawinia was of a similar mind. She wished she had known the name of the peasant who had handled her so roughly, it would have made her recollections all the sweeter. She too needed to attract a powerful man but for now any man would do!

Duke Vadris was the perfect host. His wealth and power were legendary as was the beauty of his consort Katriona and unknown to him two young ladies who shared his table urgently wanted to share his bed!


Five men lay dead and several wounded, some mortally by the time Boudina had been brought to the ground, her flailing arms and legs suppressed by six more of Grojon's men. Her life was about to be extinguished by the blade flashing in front of her, a single stroke across her throat before drowning in her own blood.

'Stop!' Grojon ordered as he strode into the huge chamber. 'Bring her to me.'

Boudina was hauled from the floor and presented to the Commander who then wiped the spittle from his face as she vented her disdain at him. His hand swept the gown from her body as if it were made of cobwebs, presenting her nakedness to all, her ample breasts bouncing free of the tight bodice. Grojon then gripped her long auburn hair and brought her to her knees in front of him. 'Bind the bitch,' he boomed. Strong cord from the drapes were cut and Boudina's hands shackled behind her, then her feet and the two lashed together preventing her from standing.

'I'll bite your cock off if you touch me heathen bastard,' she howled in a low determined voice.

'I thought you might bitch,' Grojon said smiling, producing something from beneath his tunic before withdrawing his erect cock. The thick leather tube slid over his penis leaving the bulbous end exposed. 'Bite on this witch,' he hissed pulling her hair back and prising open her mouth with his fingers. Before she could react he had pushed his protected cock deep into her throat and fucked her mouth as earnestly as he would her cunt.

Boudina gagged on his length, unable to make an impression on the hard leather sheath and nearly choking as Grojon ejected his load. He was not a man to be bothered with etiquette even in the company of a Queen, holding her head firmly to his cock as he emptied his balls.

'Your Royal cunt will have to wait, Your Majesty,' he mocked. 'Lord Daygar will have that pleasure but I hope to be the last man to fuck you before sending you onto the next world.' Boudina was still choking as he removed his spent cock. 'In the meantime your little Lady friend will suffice; she will entertain me and my men in a more usual way,' he laughed leaning closer to her, 'on the end of a cock instead of a woman's finger.' Lady Angelica curled up in the corner, now knowing her fate.


Daygar stood alongside Queen Flavica on the prow of her flagship as they sailed around the Northern headland of the ten nations. They had successfully negotiated the coastline of Cedron since leaving Kandalla and relaxed a little, having not encountering any hostilities from the Sea People who now occupied the Kingdom. They were expert pirates and even Daygar's men would have struggled to protect the Queen from their clutches, the Iron Lord had sensed the tension in the delicate olive beauty at his side but realised she still had not yet relaxed.

'There will be no attack from them, Your Majesty,' Daygar said, placing his arm protectively around her small shoulders.

'Do you intend to invade Cedron?' she asked.

'It will yield to me at some stage,' Daygar said evenly. 'What is troubling you?'

'My sister Gallica resides there with her daughter Tia,' she said quietly, gazing intently at the vanishing coast.

Daygar's expression was grave. 'The Sea People do not care for status,' he said as carefully as he could, 'I am afraid they could well be dead, if they are not they would almost certainly be used as servants or slaves. I'm sorry Your Majesty.'

Flavica's tensions seemed to lift from her. 'Don't be,' she said softly. 'Hopefully Gallica is dead.' Daygar turned to her in surprise at her words. 'If not she will come looking for me. She swore to kill me one day to avenge a wrong impossible to right.' Daygar was about to enquire further but she swiftly changed the subject. 'Why do you insist on calling me Majesty?'

'You are a Queen and I am just a Lord, it is customary to address a royal as such. Also you are the only Queen in the six nations, Your Majesty.'

Flavica smiled. 'I am Queen because you say so My Lord. You have taken away the titles from Simaca and Boudina and you could easily strip me of mine. Why do you not declare yourself King, you have the right?'

Daygar sidestepped the question. 'Flavica, I now strip you of your title, you are no longer Queen and will yield to me as a commoner. Now I will strip you of everything else,' he said leading her to her staterooms. Her shimmering gown slipped from her bronzed body, pooling around her ankles as the Iron Lord produced his equally iron cock, persuading the slender woman to her knees, his huge hand on the nape of her neck, bringing her onto his erection. He slid between her crimson painted lips to the back of her throat, his fearsome bulk towering over the dainty female as she sucked him greedily.

'You are now a mere handmaiden,' he said pressing her head to his groin. 'The treasures between your legs are mine to plunder girl, see that you pleasure me well.'

His voice was authoritative and penetrated her as surely as his cock would penetrate her, raising pimples on her skin, tantalising every part of her. Flavica's mouth tightened around his shaft, savouring his masculinity whilst waiting the command to spread herself beneath him and accept his dominance.

Daygar's cock found her opening and forced himself into her, sliding her back and forth as if she were a toy, his hands gripping her hips dictating her motions. 'Tomorrow I will reinstate your Crown but until then you will serve my every wish, is that understood handmaiden?'

Flavica gripped his flanks, her nails biting into his flesh. 'Yes My Lord,' she husked. 'Master,' she corrected, wishing there would be no reinstatement, her place as a servant at his behest bringing her to a climax.


Countless eyes had already spotted Flavica's golden ship and its two escorts as it sailed past the forbidding cliff coast of Pyroteum, the mysterious Kingdom of Fire. There was no threat to either party, no ships could land and none could be launched from the treacherous coastline but nothing happened at any border without their knowledge. As Daygar plundered the feminine assets of his Queen nothing could be more different than life in Pyroteum.

The stocky bald man wearing nothing but a waist cloth ordered the others to remain vigilant. 'I will inform Mistress Kahla immediately,' he said moving swiftly towards the large stone building half a mile inland. He was slightly breathless as he followed the two female Protectors into the large chamber where Mistress Kahla reclined in a large chair.

The woman presented a tall figure in a tight black gown, belted at the waist and shod in sandals of thin leather straps; in complete contrast the Protectors wore black leather corseted one piece suits from neck to crotch, high cut to expose their legs from top to toe. Knee high leather buckled boots making them appear much taller than they actually were; the bald man trembling in the presence of the formidable women.

'Why did you not inform the lookouts to observe their passage along the coast?' Kahla demanded. The man now quaked at the tone of her voice, unable to speak from fear. 'Fool,' she hissed. 'Give him twenty lashes.'

'Of course My Lady,' one of the Protectors stepped forward and grabbed him by the collar around his neck, leading him towards a long table. Despite his bulk towering over her and twice her size he obeyed without question, bending over the table, the cloth having been pulled from his waist leaving him naked. A brand on his left buttock proclaimed 'K13' and that was his name. The 'K' representing the mark of his owner, Mistress Kahla; every man in Pyroteum displayed such a mark and every woman was his master!

His flaccid cock hung limply between his legs, the cold hard table firm against his stomach as the Protector pulled him forward, the other stepping up behind him unclipping a short stiff whip from her waist. Stepping to one side she aligned the whip with his backside and swiped it harshly, sending a howl from his lips, his head now pressed against the table. The statuesque woman struck again and again his hindquarters reddening rapidly with each stroke until she had counted out twenty. Raising him from the table he was led back to Kahla, his manhood swinging idly as he was forced to kneel before her.

'Get back to your post and report the ship's progress to me at regular intervals.'

'Yes Mistress,' he panted taking the waist wrap from the Protector as he was led away from the chamber.


Daygar watched the cliff coast of Pyroteum drift by, the wrecks at the base of the sheer rocky faces testament to the impossibility of an attack from the sea even by the Sea People. Spurts of fire erupted occasionally inland sending plumes of flame and black smoke high into the clouds and he wondered what sort of people inhabited the Kingdom. No one had ever infiltrated the land and no one had ever come from it. Bowdan had sent spies on several occasions but they never returned, incinerated in a wall of fire as they attempted to cross its borders.

Myths were widespread of dragons and superior women ten feet tall with black water that erupted in flame at their will. Despite this the old Lord had informed Daygar he had a notion of how to breach their defences and he had no doubt that soon the mysterious Kingdom would be his.


Natalia had indeed worked hard to satisfy Scabious. He had talked of taking her to the slave-market in Slaveria, hoping he could barter her for at least two sacks of corn to prevent starvation and secure a crop for the next harvest. She knew her life as a slave-girl could become even worse than it already was if she was sold to a hard taskmaster.

Her efforts on her knees had not gone unnoticed and Scabious stood motionless as she sucked his cock to a hardness he had never known, her small hand caressing his balls in a fashion a slave would not normally do. He had taken her on her back, raising her legs and spreading them wide to enjoy her spectacle before sinking into her, revelling in her nubile nakedness, a young woman against his advancing years of how many were a mystery, having lost count of his age years before. His cock slid between her folds and quickly found her limit, riding her hard, her small nipples dancing provocatively atop her fairly ample breasts.

Scabious grunted hard as he came within her, satisfying his frustrations in several rapid jerks as his hot lava exited the volcano of his penis. Natalia hoped she had done enough for him to keep her but the farmer knew she would have to go to the market; it was his only hope for survival.


The two sisters lay silently together, holding hands in the small space between them; Duke Vadris had his cock firmly inside Lady Lawinia and worked her passage with his steel hard erection, as hard as any steel from the Zoran Kingdom he controlled. Her lips were parted but no sound came from her as she stared up at him, his cock satisfying the lust that had been awakened in her having been raped by the common serf.

The women had heard news of the fall of Kindalla to Daygar, their home and possessions confiscated leaving them destitute apart from the strongbox of jewels, their future depended on Duke Vadris. His thirst for women was legendary and they knew what they must do to secure their needs, they also knew they had severe competition from the radiant beauty of Katriona and would work hard to pleasure their new master.

Lady Rosa felt the fire between her legs intensify as her sister suddenly squealed, squeezing her hand tightly in a mixture of pleasure and pain, reaching an ecstatic orgasm on the end of Vadris's manhood. Then he was gliding between the two women, hovering over the younger Rosa, at nineteen barely a third of his age, his lips engaged hers as his hand weaved between her thighs making a path for his still erect penis.

Vadris had saved her until last; wanting to savour her supposed virginity unaware she had also been raped by the serfs who had overwhelmed their carriage. Rosa pouted wet lips and projected an air of innocence as his cock nuzzled against her clit, sliding down to her entrance and parting her with his bulbous mushroom. She exaggerated her squeals as he passed through her labia and into her still tight cunt feigning her 'first time' by writhing and moaning beneath him. Vadris pinned her arms to the bed and fucked the maiden Lady with the gusto of a man slaking his thirst, her virgin status falling to him sending her into womanhood.

Lady Rosa acted her role impeccably, fighting his stronghold over her as he restrained her on the bed, his bulk firmly between her legs pushing her further apart. The Duke relinquished his cream, balls tightening to rocks as he injected her forcibly, his buttocks tight and frenzied; filling her with every drop he could muster. Rosa squealed gratefully, happy her master had found her so fresh and stimulating yet secretly comparing him to the serf who had taken her by force in the carriage; it was the Duke who came up short!


In the Kingdom of Pyroteum boys were born as slaves and girls as mistresses, there would be no change to this order of things, as adults men were still slaves and women had the power of life or death over them.

Chellac knew of her power. Since her birth just over eighteen years ago she had dominated the boy born at the same time as her, he had no name and had not yet been assigned a number so she called him simply 'Boy'. Boy had known his place since he could walk and had been deferential to her all throughout their growing years, fetching and carrying for her as she instructed. It was normal behaviour in Pyroteum, the way of life and no one questioned it, to do so would have brought him severe punishment.

Reaching womanhood had changed things between them, Chellac teasing him with her newfound sex knowing he could do nothing to harm her; even to touch her would bring him before Mistress Khala, his ultimate owner. Chellac enjoyed touching him! On several occasions she had ordered him to remove his waist wrap, encircling his limp cock with her hand and bringing him to full attention, massaging him gently until he spurted his cream. The sight of him ejaculating gave her a real thrill and she could tell he liked it.

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