tagBDSMLord Justin and the Maiden

Lord Justin and the Maiden

byAngel Larkin©

Dedicated to my Lord Justin who brought out the maiden in me.

A young maiden was walking along the road one late autumn afternoon. The trees were thick on both sides. The shadows were beginning to lengthen and you could feel a chill in the air. Between the thick carpet of fallen leaves and the density of the trees the road seemed to narrow; or perhaps it was the lateness in the day that made it seem so. I will need to find a place to sleep soon, she thought as she started to shiver. She was so deeply absorbed in her thoughts she did not know someone was following her.

Lord Justin was ambling along on his horse on his way home when up ahead he noticed someone walking on the side of the road. It looks like a young maiden, he thought. It will soon be dark. It is getting too late for a maiden out alone. He decided to get a closer look. Perhaps he could give her aid. Without really thinking he spurred his horse into a gallop and raced toward her!

Suddenly she heard a horse galloping towards her! She turned quickly, ran into the woods, and hid behind a bush. It looked like a man, she thought. Her heart was beating so loudly she was not sure if it was her heart of the pounding of the horse's hooves. Why does this man want to frighten me so? She did not know he had watched her and knew exactly where she had disappeared.

Suddenly Lord Justin drew up his horse and dismounted. He stood facing her direction and said, "I know you're in there. I am sorry. I did not mean to frighten you. I was not thinking when I spurred my horse. I just wanted to see if you were in need of help. It will soon be dark and a young maiden should not be out alone. Please forgive me dear maiden and come out."

Angel thought, he is dressed like a Lord. Perhaps he did not mean to frighten me. Perhaps he is concerned as he said. She slowly stood up but kept her distance. She said, "My Lord I know you not and I'm frightened and alone. How do I know you won't harm me if I come out of the bushes."
"Fair maiden I'm sorry. I did not mean to frighten you as I said. I implore you if you are alone let me help you. Perhaps then you will forgive my horrible conduct. I am Lord Justin," he said as he took a slight bow. He smiled as he said, "Maybe one day I'll learn to behave and not frighten young maidens. Please forgive me and come out." She took a few tentative steps but did not come out of the woods.

Once she got closer Lord Justin said, "I don't recall seeing you before. Do you live close by?"

"My parents are both gone, my Lord. I lived at an orphanage but ran away. The sisters did not like me, were cruel, often punished me for naught, and would not let me eat. One day when I was sent to fetch water I simply did not return."

"Fair maiden where are you sleeping now."

"I sleep in barns my Lord. I've been sleeping in the haymows."

"Have you eaten recently? Are you hungry?" She did not answer or move any closer but Lord Justin could see she was weakening.

Lord Justin held his hand out to her and said, "My fair maiden, I could give you a place to sleep and food to eat. You can work for me. I am in need of a maidservant. Please come out now as it is getting late and these woods will soon be full of animals on the prowl."

Her eyes grew large and she looked around her in fright and quickly stepped out of the bushes. As she came out of the bushes Lord Justin offered her his hand saying, "Fair maiden I can't keep calling you hence, pray tell me your name."

Tentatively she looked into his eyes and said, "My name is Angel my Lord."

Lord Justin did not move. He looked into her eyes and could not pull his eyes from hers. She had the darkest brown eyes he had ever seen. Finally forcing his eyes from hers he said, "I'm glad to have made your acquaintance Angel." What a perfect name he thought as he looked again into her eyes. Her eyes captured his again. He could feel his heart racing. What was it about the maiden that made his heart beat so? He finally pulled his eyes from hers and said, "It's time to go."

Lord Justin mounted his horse and put his hand down to lift her saying, "As you are in a frock Angel, you will have to sit across in front of me. Fear not I'll hold you between the reins." He closed his arms around her holding the reins on either side and spurred his horse into a gentle gallop.

They rode in silence each left to their own thoughts.

Lord Justin enjoyed the feeling of the young maiden pressed against him as he rode. His thoughts were not as kindly as he had led Angel to think. His manhood was in need and she could learn to serve him well. He thought, I will let her get comfortable and win her with my kindness and she will learn to serve me in other ways beyond being my maidservant. His smile turned wicked as he looked down upon her.

Angel did not realize what Lord Justin's plans were for her. She was happy and content that she would no longer have to sleep in the haymow above the horses and soon would be warm and have food to eat. She would happily cook his meals. She thought, I am going to take very good care of my Lord to repay his kindness. I am only a maidservant but I will take good care of his needs.

Little did Angel know what the lord's needs were.

As they rode on in silence the rhythmic gait of the horse made Angel drowsy. She did not realize she had snuggled into Lord Justin drifting off to sleep.

Lord Justin felt Angel as she nestled up close and enjoyed the feeling of her next to him. It had been quite a while since he had bed a wench and he was in great need. Angel would serve him well.

It was some time before they reached Lord Justin's manor. By the time they had gotten there Angel was rested. When he drew the horse to a halt, she awakened with a smile. She looked up at Lord Justin and said, "I'm sorry my Lord I seem to have fallen asleep."

"No need to apologize we are home now and you may have something to eat."

Lord Justin helped her down and then dismounted. He said, "I'll take you into the house then I'll care for my horse." He led her into the kitchen much to her delight and left the room. Angel thought, I'll make him something to eat while he tends his horse. Angel soon found all she needed and had fixed something to eat by the time the lord returned.

Lord Justin smelled something cooking before he entered the room. He came in smiling and said, "I'm glad I rescued you Angel. I am a dreadful cook. While it smells very good, you need not have cooked the moment I brought you in. You must be very hungry."

Angel said, "I was happy to be of help. I've nibbled a little while I cooked." Her eyes grew large, she covered her mouth with her hand, lowered her eyes and said, "I'm sorry my Lord, I should have asked."

Lord Justin said, "Don't apologize Angel. I'm glad you made yourself to home. I intended you should eat. I just wasn't expecting you to start working the moment you walked into the kitchen."

Lord Justin smiled, looking down at Angel's bowed head said, "Please eat as you will. Once you are finished I will find you something clean to wear then you may wash up and head off to bed. We'll figure everything else out tomorrow."

Once Angel had eaten, Lord Justin showed her to her room. Lord Justin smiled distractedly as he turned to walk away then stopped. He retraced his steps and knocked on Angel's door. Angel slowly opened the door saying, "Yes my Lord?"

"I'm going to look and see if there are any clothes here that will fit you and I'll be back shortly."

"Thank you my Lord," Angel murmured as she slowly closed the door.

Lord Justin went to the closet to see what he could find. That wench he had known was about the same size as Angel. If he could find something, she had left, Yes! This was exactly what he was looking for. Looking them over he decided she would have more than enough clothes. He would not have to worry about getting her anything to wear. If they needed altering, he was sure Angel could do it. She would not be expecting new clothes anyway. After all, she was only a maidservant. He quickly took the clothes to Angel so she could get off to bed.

Lord Justin realized what a treasure he had found. Angel had no family and was his for the bidding. Now he thought how could I have her as my maidservant and have her serve me in other ways as well? It was obvious she wanted to please him.

First things first he had to win her trust so she would serve him well in everything she did. Now, he had a lot of planning to do…

Lord Justin's manor was almost a day's ride from the closest village. He was a Lord by title, however he was the poorest Lord around. He had lost all of his money gambling. He was quite sure when he had more money he could turn things around again. In the meantime, he now had a maid and didn't have to pay a thing, and soon… very soon…

There was no time to think of that now.

Lord Justin had enough food in the pantry for a couple of days but he would need to sell something to get a few supplies. He looked about trying to find something of value to sell. He had sold almost everything already. He did not see anything. What was he going to do? Then he thought about the north wing. That has not been open in over fifty years. Perhaps there is something of value there.

Angel had drifted off to sleep and for the first time in a long time was warm and full. She slept well and did not awaken until the sun was high in the sky.

At first, Angel forgot where she was. She looked around and saw the clothes Lord Justin had brought her. She did not know where they had come from but thought they were much too beautiful for her to wear as a servant. However, there was nothing else for her to wear so she quickly put them on. She washed up and brushed her hair. She had just started thinking about what she should do next when there was a knock at her door.

Angel ran to the door and opening it found Lord Justin on the other side. She curtseyed, smiled and said, "Good morning my Lord."

"Good morning Angel, I trust you slept well."

"Oh yes my Lord, but I should have been up hours ago to cook for you."

Lord Justin smiled and extended his hand. "Come Angel let me show you your new home."

Angel pulled her hand back and said, "No my Lord, I am here to serve you. I am at your bidding. Tell me what you wish me to do."

Lord Justin had many wicked wishes for his maidservant but all he said was, "Get yourself something to eat and be about your cleaning chores."

Angel smiled, blushed and said, "My Lord, I'm sorry, I don't know my way."

When Lord Justin saw her blush, it was all he could do to keep from taking her. Patience, oh how he hated that word, but he must have patience and she would beg to do his bidding in the end.

Lord Justin led her to the kitchen, which he now had fully stocked. He said, "Wench make my breakfast and be quick about it." Angel thought about his manners, which had changed a bit, but he was smiling so she went off to do his bidding. Besides, she had told him she would serve him and serve him she would. She would be the best maidservant he had ever had. She did not want to go back to sleeping in the cold again.

When Lord Justin had eaten his fill Angel said, "What would you have me do my Lord."

Lord Justin said, " I have a list of chores for you to do. In the meantime, I am going to rest. When you have finished the hearth, awaken me."

Angel's eyes grew large and she looked at him and said, "OH NO My Lord! I've never been in a man's bedchambers before."

Lord Justin said, "There is no one here Angel and I need you to awaken me so I can be about the Lord's business. You are now my servant and will do as I say."

Angel gave him a quick curtsey and said, "Yes my Lord, anything you say." and swiftly took her leave. Angel thought, perhaps it is only because he is tired that he is like this now. She set about her chores singing while she worked.

Suddenly Angel remembered she was to awaken Lord Justin. She feared he would be angry because she had not done so sooner as he had said. She knew to wait may bring more wrath so she hurried off to awaken him.

Angel lightly knocked on his door but did not hear a sound. She rapped a little louder but still nothing. She finally opened the door and peeked in. Lord Justin lay there and looked to be sleeping. She tiptoed into his room feeling very aware that she was in her master's bedchambers. She stood beside his bed and loudly cleared her throat. He did not move. She cleared her throat again not wanting to touch him nothing. She realized she would have to shake him to awaken him. Just as she reached up to touch him, he grabbed her by the arm.

Angel gasped, "My Lord you're hurting me."

Lord Justin yelled, "Why didn't you awaken me earlier."

"I was busy cleaning my Lord and lost track of the time. I am sorry my Lord. Please let loose of my arm, you're hurting me."

Lord Justin let go of her arm so fast that she landed hard upon her behind.

Lord Justin quickly took advantage of the situation and sprang out of bed to help Angel to her feet. He slipped his arms under her and placed her on his bed. He could see fear in her eyes but he could wait no longer. He needed her to soothe the pain he had in his swelling engorged cock.

Angel was so frightened she had not realized Lord Justin was not wearing any clothes until he said, "Look at me sweet Angel. Look at what your master has for you."

Angel looked where Lord Justin bade her and saw his cock as it swelled. "OH! My Lord, I've never been with a man before."

"Did you not say you would serve me in any way that was my bidding?"

Angel said, "Yes my Lord, but I am only a maidservant."

"HUSH! For that is precisely what you will be. You will be my maidservant, clean, and cook for me and at my bidding you will serve me here as well. Now wench, either you take off your clothes or I will do it for you."

Angel was terrified of what her master might do if she did not do his bidding. Now she knew what he wanted and why he had been so nice to her. No one would miss her, she was alone in the world, and he knew that. She knew she was at his mercy. With tears streaming down her face she said, "My Lord, you have been so kind to take me in. I will serve you in any way you choose. I will wash your clothes, clean your home, and fix your meals my Lord. I have learned well at the orphanage. I will serve you well my Lord."

Lord Justin had her right where he wanted her and knew he could take her now if he chose. Angel was not going to fight him and he knew it, but as he looked into her eyes and saw the tears, he could not stand the idea of just taking her. Something inside of him wanted her to want him too. Those beautiful eyes that had drawn him to her when they first met had tears in them now and he was to blame. Yet still, he needed her tonight. His cock was already swollen and dripping.

Lord Justin reached up and gently wiped her tears away and said, "Please forgive me Angel. I have been without a maiden for a very long time. I am sorry I have frightened you. You are a beautiful young maiden and have filed me with desire. Look at my cock, swollen and dripping in anticipation of your loins. Angel, as you have professed to never having been with a man, I'll take is slow and easy and let you learn to enjoy it as well."

Angel lay there trembling with fear as Lord Justin slowly touched her lips with his and gently kissed her. Slowly she could feel her body reacting to his kiss as his kisses became more forceful. Angel found she wanted more. Unbidden she opened her mouth and slowly he moved his tongue within. She was starting to tremble but now it was from within. She no longer feared her master. He was making her feel alive. She loved how she was feeling and wanted more. As he kissed her, he slowly removed her garments. Now that her breasts were unclothed, he touched her nipples with his fingers pinching and twisting them to her delight.

Lord Justin pulled away to look into Angel's eyes and could see that she was filling with a passion he could not resist. He lowered his mouth and suckled at her breast. He listened to her breathing and heard her audible gasp. Slowly he licked down her stomach and found her navel with his tongue. He circled it and felt her quiver. "Angel, do you want me to stop?"

Angel's whispered, breathless, "No," drove Lord Justin wild and he wanted to take her then but he knew he must take her slowly so she would enjoy it too.

Lord Justin knelt above Angel with his knees even with her breast. His cock was swollen and dripping on her chin. He said, "stick your tongue out Angel and taste my sweet juice. She did as bidden. After she had licked his juices from her chin he reached down and helped her sit up until his swollen, dripping cock was now even with her mouth. "Open your mouth Angel," he said as he moved closer to her mouth. She opened as bidden and he said, "Lick it Angel. Lick the end of my cock." She did as bidden and he slowly pushed it into her mouth. "Suck it Angel. Suck your master's cock. Move your tongue around the end of it and suck it at the same time." She did as bidden.

Lord Justin could see that Angel was becoming aroused and it excited him. The feeling of her mouth upon his cock was driving him wild. He put his hands upon the head of the bed and said. "Open your mouth more so I can put more in." She did as bidden and he slowly fucked her mouth. He said, "Open your mouth and look into my eyes." As her mouth opened he withdrew from her and said, "Slide down in the bed." He slowly backed away from her mouth as he straddled her body on his knees.

"Are you afraid Angel. May I continue?" She shook her head, her eyes looking straight into his. Lord Justin moved his hands to her under things and looking into her eyes slowly slipped them off. "Angel are you sure you don't want me to stop? I need to hear you tell Angel. Tell me not to stop."

Filled with passion she whispered, "Don't stop my Lord. Teach me to serve you well."

Lord Justin needed so much to take her but he knew he must go slowly. Angel had said she had never been with a man before and he wanted her to want him as he wanted her. He thought, if I please her she will want to serve me forever and I will never want again. He would love to drive his cock in her now. He could already see she was wet. The thought of those sweet virgin juices was driving him wild but he forced himself to wait. He knelt down drew her to him and kissed her with more demand and she answered with her tongue.

Lord Justin moaned with pleasure and looking into her face said, "Sweet Angel, do you want me to stop? Are you sure you want me to continue?" He held her eyes with his and watched as she nodded in consent. He lowered his mouth again to hers and kissed her slowly moving his tongue down her neck to her erect nipples. He suckled her breasts while he slowly slid his hand towards her mound. He lightly touched her clit and heard her whimper as he did. He slowly moved his tongue down to encircle her navel again and felt her quiver again.

Lord Justin looked straight into her eyes, then lowered to taste the sweet nectar she offered his tongue. He heard her audible gasp as Angel arched unbidden towards his mouth. He moaned and raised her towards him as he licked and teased her clit. He dipped his tongue into the nectar and lost control. He wanted to take her and he wanted her now.

"My dear sweet Angel I need to merge within your loins. I will take is slowly as I know it is your first time. Lord Justin looked into her eyes and said, "Are you really sure?" She nodded and he moaned as he put his cock within her moist cavern. He put in the head and felt the hymen of her youth. He knew he was her first and that she had told him the truth. He looked into her eyes and said, "It will only hurt a short time then I promise sweet Angel, only pleasure after this."

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