tagInterracial LoveLord Noir: Prince of Kink

Lord Noir: Prince of Kink


Meet Patricia Arnaud, the latest submissive of Lord Noir, Prince of Kink and the top Black man in the BDSM world of metropolitan Ottawa, Ontario. This lady is definitely something to behold. She's five-foot-ten, with long blonde hair and blue eyes, a slender yet athletic build, and a nice round ass. Far from just a pretty face, Patricia Arnaud is bright, successful, and used to getting things done her way. Lord Noir represented something of a challenge for her, from the get go...

By day, Patricia Arnaud works as a collections agent for the Canada Revenue Agency. The collections division of the Canada Revenue Agency is a cutthroat environment, and as its boss, Patricia has been known to be domineering and at times downright ruthless. Nobody likes to hear from the tax person, especially when one owes the government, and leading such personnel means that one has to ensure that this most unpleasant of work gets done properly.

Patricia Arnaud is a mystery to many people. At the Canada Revenue Agency, she has a reputation for being difficult and her co-workers, male and female, Black or White, simply despise her. They refer to her as the Evil Queen. By night, what Patricia Arnaud does would surprise most of them. She's a sultry sex kitten eager to please her Master. Lord Noir became Patricia's Master for one reason and one reason only, simply because she wanted him to take the job.

When it comes to the male of the human species, Patricia Arnaud is a tad bit too demanding for most. While studying business at McGill University in the City of Montreal, Quebec, Patricia dated a young Scotsman named Cameron MacLeod, and although he was handsome, charming and rich, she found him boring. Cameron talked about his cottage, and his golf game, and didn't care to know who Patricia truly was, hence why she let him go.

Patricia Arnaud began dating men of color, and found them much more real and manly than White guys. She dated a Haitian-born Canadian Forces Corporal named Julien Gerald, who was handsome, charming and great in bed. Unfortunately, Julien ended up leaving Patricia and going back to his Haitian ex-girlfriend, Mildred somebody. That incident hurt Patricia a lot, because she really thought that she and Julien had a future together. Oh, well, life is cruel that way.

Patricia ended up marrying a Japanese immigrant named Leonard Tanaka, whom she met at a meeting for McGill University Alumni in the City of Montreal. Tall and handsome, Leonard Tanaka had that rare combination of good looks, intelligence and character that Patricia found quite appealing. The marriage lasted three years before Leonard Tanaka had enough of her bossy ways. Since then, Patricia had been looking for a man strong enough for her...

"Come here cutie," Lord Noir said in that deep, baritone voice of his, snatching Patricia out of her reverie. Even after living in the Capital region of Canada for years and years, he still had that cool Boston accent. The tall, dark and handsome Lord Noir, originally from the island of Haiti, sat on a throne-like chair in the living room of his nice townhouse located in the Glebe area of Ottawa, Ontario.

Clad in a Black leather vest and sleek blue jeans, Lord Noir looked dashing and handsome, all the more so due to the stylish sunglasses he wore. Patricia Arnaud had seen handsome men of all hues in her lifetime, but there was something different about Lord Noir. The brother oozed masculinity and sex appeal out of every pore, yet he wasn't boastful at all. For this and many other reasons, he was a mystery to her...

"Yes Master," Patricia replied, and Lord Noir nodded in approval. He was still getting the hang of all the BDSM protocols, such as style of address between Master and Sub. Prior to moving to the City of Ottawa, Lord Noir lived a very different life. In the City of Ottawa, Lord Noir discovered the world of BDSM, and the unique appeal that he posed as a tall, handsome Black man, for the numerous individuals of both sexes who couldn't resist his raw sexual magnetism. Individuals like Patricia here...

Born in the City of Jacmel, Haiti, and raised in the City of Boston, Massachusetts, Terrence Lords studied accounting at the University of Massachusetts in the City of Amherst, graduating with honors in 2008 at the age of twenty three. Fast forward a decade, and Terrence Lords was living in the Canadian Capital, working as a manager for Liberty Tax, and living La Vida Loca, as they say...

"Patricia, a true Master knows that the submissive is the one in control, and your pleasure matters most to me," Lord Noir said, looking at the lovely blonde creature kneeling at his feet. Sleek silvery handcuffs bound Patricia's hands behind her back, otherwise she was completely naked. As tall as an Amazon, and with a regal bearing, Patricia smiled coyly at Lord Noir, who cocked an eyebrow.

From the first time Lord Noir laid eyes on Patricia Arnaud, he knew that she was something special. A lioness who desperately wanted to be taken by the right lion. There were so many women like that in Western society. The local men had forgotten the essential truths about power and sex, and the local women were now looking to foreign men to give them what they craved. Oh, well, if she wanted strength and manliness, he would give her that and more...

Patricia Arnaud, the tall blonde ball buster in the stylish gray pantsuit came to the Management Office Liberty Tax one bright Monday morning to do an audit, and got more than she bargained for. Manager Terrence Lords, in true businesslike fashion, tested her mettle. He was not about to let some random government official intimidate him on his own turf, no matter how smart and pretty she was.

Terrence Lords had always understood that a woman is most attracted to strength, especially if she liked to dominate the men around her. Educated at McGill University, and born into a wealthy French Canadian family, Patricia Arnaud is one of those Alpha females that western society continues to produce, especially in places like America, Canada and Australia. The mean, beautiful gal who likes to outcompete the fellas because she's got something to prove...

"Why do you come to me?" Lord Noir asked Patricia, and she fixed those blue eyes on him, pensive for a moment. Patricia looked at Lord Noir, also known as Terrence Lords, and licked her lips. The tall, handsome African American stud from Boston was unlike anyone she'd ever met, either in Ottawa or her native Montreal. And she couldn't get enough of him...

"Lord Noir, I come to you because you're handsome, strong and masculine, you don't value yourself in terms of material possessions or wealth or social status, you're confident and respectful and strong, all the White men I know are insecure, craving money, craving women, craving control, you are different, you do what you want and you don't care what people think, you are a mystery to me," Patricia said softly.

Pausing for a moment, Patricia looked at Terrence Lords, the object of her obsession. He carried himself with an easy confidence that no other man she knew could match. In casual conversation, he spoke lovingly of his parents, and his older sister, all of whom still lived in Boston. He didn't talk about vacations in Aspen or yachting in British Columbia or buying up condos in Toronto. He was elegant, smart, and well-off, yet with simple tastes. What a man...

"Well, Patricia, before I finished my studies at UMass-Amherst, moved to Ottawa and got this cushy job, I used to do odd jobs like kitchen work, and security, and it made me strong, unlike those entitled White boys who have everything handed to them, look down on those different from them and are basically worthless as human beings," Lord Noir replied with a shrug. Licking his lips, he gently beckoned for Patricia to come closer...

"Yes sir," Patricia said, and when Lord Noir gently stroked her face, she purred like a kitten. There was something altogether wonderful and different about his touch. In earlier sessions, Patricia had been wilder and untamed, and Lord Noir had basically beaten it out of her by tying her up and spanking her. Sometimes he used a flogger, careful to avoid hitting her face, hitting instead her back, her ass, and her thighs. Lord Noir's touch could be brutal, or so gentle it hurts...

"What do you want from me?" Lord Noir asked, and Patricia grinned and sat on his lap, her hands behind her back. She looked into his eyes and nodded, and although he seemed peeved at her breach of protocol, she could tell that part of him liked her boldness. Patricia could feel Lord Noir's manhood stiffen under her, and she licked her lips lustfully before answering his question...

"Fuck your Evil Queen, my Master," Patricia said, biting her lip, and Lord Noir shook his head, then grabbed her by the throat. Not hard enough to hurt her but hard enough to put her on notice. Patricia smiled, for she loved the rough stuff. He let go of her throat and lifted her up, placing her on the nearby couch. Patricia spread her long, sexy legs invitingly, exposing her smooth shaved cunt...

"Careful what you wish for," Lord Noir said as he grabbed Patricia and kissed her, and she kissed him back passionately. Patricia looked up at Lord Noir and smiled adoringly at him. Tall, dark and handsome, with the dick of death. When he eased out of his jeans, she saw his manhood, long, thick and dark. If her hands hadn't been bound by the cuffs, she would have grabbed his dick and stroked it. Lord Noir rolled a condom on his dick and rubbed it against Patricia's inner thigh...

"Take me, sir," Patricia said, aware of Lord Noir's dislike of breach of protocols, even in the throes of passion. With a swift thrust he entered her, and a happy sigh escaped her lips. The tall, burly and dominant brother began fucking her with deep, powerful strokes and Patricia smiled, loving this most passionate, wondrous invasion. She hadn't had any good dick in a while, and Lord Noir was just what the doctor ordered...

"Shut up and take it," Lord Noir said, and with that, he slapped Patricia Arnaud across the face. Blinking in surprise, her face stinging from the slap, Patricia looked up at the vision of dark-skinned masculinity on top of her, whose manhood was embedded inside her pussy. Hissing like a snake, she wrapped her legs around his torso, holding him into place.

"Now that's more like it, I love it rough," Patricia screamed, and Lord Noir grinned as he continued hammering his dick into her. Patricia's warm, tight pussy gripped him like a vise, and he fucked her like there was no tomorrow. Lord Noir put Patricia on all fours, spanked her thick ass and even yanked her head back by pulling on that long, silky blonde hair. He went in balls deep, stabbing her cunt with his fuck stuck, and his groans mixed with her delighted squeals. Thus they fucked and sucked the afternoon away...

"Another great session, my dear Patricia, I'm glad you had fun, see you same time next week," Lord Noir said to Patricia Arnaud, a little while later. After the session, they showered, had some wine, and shared a quick kiss before he put in her in an Uber and sent her home. Patricia waved him goodbye before heading home with a big smile on her face. The gal looked...and felt, like a million bucks, and she owed it all to one man...

Patricia Arnaud got out of the Uber and headed to her lovely townhouse in the suburb of Barrhaven, Ontario. She had an extra bounce in her step as she went home, her sexy body still tingly from all the mean and sexy things she did with Lord Noir. Terrence Lords, the Haitian-born and Boston-raised, newly Canadian manager of Liberty Tax and self-styled Prince of Kink in the Ottawa BDSM, was definitely good at what he did. She looked forward to next week's fun and games.

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by Anonymous07/10/18


Are you ever going to have a new idea? This is the same sad one page story you've wrhitten a dozen times. Only the names get changed.

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