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The story is al fictional parody - it's not true, nor is it approved of by the celebrities named in the stories. Authors write these fictitious stories about famous people for the same reason that Larry Flynt made fun of Jerry Falwell, because they can. The Supreme Court of the United States, the country where this site is located, has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution. The specific case law on this was decided in the case of "Hustler Magazine, Inc. et al. v. Jerry Falwell" in 1988. No harm is intended toward the celebrities featured in these stories, but they are public figures and in being so, they must accept that they are fair target for parodies by the public. We believe in the first amendment, and more broadly, in the basic principle of free speech and this section may push the boundaries of that principle, but the United States Supreme Court has approved of this type of material. We believe that the Supreme Court was correct in their decision.

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It was in the annals of ancient time, millennia before the Great War, long before Rivendale or the Shire, before the days of Biblo Baggins, even before Gandalf when the Ents began their great expansion. During this wild time there were many changes, great shifts in the earth, Mount Doom erupted for the first time and covered the sky in its foul dust.

From this darkness arose a leader, one who could lead his people back to the sun. This leader, called Fangorn first convinced the Ents they could and should migrate. At first they called him nuts, but with great determination he showed them all. Still a young ent in those days, he stood about ten feet tall, his trunk was a good eighteen inches and he spanned nearly twelve feet. Though young, he spoke with a knowledge that few had seen before and then, when he lifted his roots and stepped, the group was silent.

The silence lasted several days until finally, the whispers began, "Did you see that?" "He moved!" "The most amazing thing..."

In the months that followed he took another step, and then another. Within the year he had walked a circle around the group and had several young friends moving too. It took some time, but he finally convinced the elders that, although it would be hard, if they were to survive they had to move to the sunlight.

The migration took the Ents many, many miles from the valley of Mount Doom. It took decades, but they finally arrived in the sun. The trip took its toll, many Ents either died or were simply left behind, but the strongest survived.

Realizing if the Ents were to survive, even in the sun, they needed to multiply. Many of the elders were too old, so Fangorn and several companions began to make seed. For Ents, this was a time consuming, but enjoyable task. Finding an attractive sapling of about ten years of age (Literotica readers should note that the relative maturity of Ents are very different from humans and that an ent of ten years is precisely the equivalent of an eighteen and a half year old human) and began making seed with her.

It was a great honor for this sapling to be selected by such an ent as Fangorn and her sisters and companions all watched the union with intense interest. In fact, the union was so spectacular that pretty much everyone watched. Nothing perverted mind you, that was just the way of the Ents.

Fangorn could always hold wood for great lengths of time, so he was a natural for making beautiful seed. With this beautiful sapling, he was incredibly aroused, so he moved quickly. The first month he caressed her with his leaves and tiny branches, gently running branches through her leaves, teasing her nippled knobs, kneading her firm bark.

He touched her as she swayed rhythmically, slowly exposing her roots to him. They entwined, bare root against bare root, his wood sliding over her, their dampness mingling until she began to bud. He too began to swell in the intensity of their seed making.

He'd whisper her name, "Salgorn," and she would sway in the breeze, her leaves trembling in anticipation.

In the months that followed, their passionate act intensified and her buds opened, in all their wet, pink glory. Fangorn's pistil stood firm and hard at the sight of her widespread petals and he moaned at the softness of her flowers.

So exquisite was his motion that her wetness glistened all over her and in a sudden week her liquid flow in vascular delight and she throbbed as she came, shedding bark with each pulse. Her orgasm lasted two weeks, a full week longer than she had ever experienced one before.

The sight and sensation of this beautiful sapling coming at his touch drove Fangorn wild and within only half a week, his trunk flowed with his juice and he came, spraying his white pollen all over Salgorn for days. In fact, his explosion was so incredibly intense that his pollen no only sprayed Salgorn, but three of her sisters and seven friends. The light breezes picked up the come and carried to many others.

With tender caresses and whispered nothings, Fangorn and Salgorn slowly untwined, lingering a bit in each other, but eventually, after several months separating. Their spectacle inspired others to unite, but it was Fangorn's pollen that brought the most fruit and in the years to follow, a strong and virile set of offspring.

Salgorn went on to other lovers, but none could ever compare to Fangorn at making seed. Fangorn also tried with others, but like Salgorn, he never could reach that ultimate high that he reached with her. In the centuries to come, Fangorn became known as Treebeard, because of the proud moss beard he wore, Celeborn called him the elder and all knew him as the greatest leader the Ents ever had, but that is another story.

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