tagRomanceLord Reynard's Fancy Ch. 04

Lord Reynard's Fancy Ch. 04


Thank you to all of you giving me high votes, it really warms my heart and makes me feel proud. If you could take a moment to make even a very brief comment, I would love to hear why you like what you like, or how I could improve the story or correct errors. I live for your comments! Oh, and chapter five is about halfway done I think, I will post it ASAP. *happy wave*


Riding Saracen together to market became a custom between them. The stable did not lack steeds, and Lilac could now sit her own mare, yet they persisted without speaking of it. Lilac relished their physical closeness, no longer needed for reassurance but somehow never altered. If she shook in the saddle when riding with Sir Reynard still, the shrewd winds of the deepening winter could let it pass.

Lilac had decided that she might use these rides to drag Sir Reynard into awareness that she was a woman grown. If he would not bestow his notice, she was determined now to grow bolder and attract it. Maisry had great skill at seducing John whenever she wished, and Lilac learned by watching. Rubbing up against her man in any fashion, even discreetly, seemed to work every time. Lilac recalled that Willie had loved doing so to her when kissing. A good gallop on market day might serve the purpose without looking suspicious.

One day after market, fortune favored her when the Sir Reynard asked, "Lilac, might you ride with me to the wood? I am minded of a few snares nearby I must attend to."

Lilac mockingly affected deep thought, then replied, "I will accompany you sir, if you agree to spur Saracen into a gallop this very instant."

"You strike a hard bargain, but since it speaks to your boldness as a rider...Done!"

Laughing at how close to the mark she hoped this to be, Lilac leaned herself forward to adjust for speed and pressed her seat back hard, letting Saracen's gait provide all the rubbing.

It worked.

He bent down over her and his hand slid to her breast. She felt him harden against her and by the time they were well into the wood her breathing was ragged and the cold wind forgotten.

Sir Reynard reigned in Saracen and practically dragged her out of the saddle. He backed her against a midsized tree and locked his hands behind it, trapping her. His eyes narrowed and darkened as he leaned his face into hers.

"If you act like quarry, Lilac, you might just find yourself snared." His mouth crushed hers in a fierce kiss and she reached for the buttons of his doublet, undoing them with shaking fingers. "Lilac, what..."

"If you snare me, sir, prepare to be bitten." She lunged for his bare neck and made good on her threat. She could feel his pulse gain speed under her lips as she covered each bite with a kiss, as if to ease the pain or apologize. She fumbled with the ties to his shirt, wanting to feel him, needing to run her hands over the skin and muscle and hair of his chest.

Sir Reynard responded with no hesitation or uncertainty, pinning her willing form to the tree with his own hard body and moving his hands to cup her face. He kissed her repeatedly with increasing passion before speaking in an alluring tone, "Ah, sweet Lilac, I could not have pinned you thus if ever you listened and kept a firm stance."

She bit him like to draw blood at this. "Do you never stop jesting, or reproving, or commanding? And why think you I would wish to keep on balance in your wake?" she asked with an incredulous grin.

"Enough talking," he said, suddenly serious yet soft, "Lilac, I would see your hair unbound if you are willing."

"Aye." Lilac replied simply, with scarlet face and pounding heart. No man had seen her hair unbound since before she knew her prayers by heart. It was the most erotic request she could have imagined, and her belly clenched as she unpinned her braid, brought it around her shoulder and untied the green ribbon. She worked her fingers through the locks, untwisting the tiny plaits at the end with her eyes cast down modestly.

She felt his fingers fanning out the untwisted hair, loosening and caressing it with a sound somewhere between a sigh and a groan. It gave Lilac a sudden feeling of command over him, allotting the courage to raise her eyes once more to his. Brown eyes locked with green as they continued to take down her hair in concert. Finally the last plait was undone, and she shook her hair out completely.

Sir Reynard rubbed his cheek against her loosened hair while turning them around slowly, as if in one of his dances. He took Lilac's hand, and sliding down the tree trunk pulled her down to his lap for more kisses.


Reynard could not believe his good fortune.

Though innocent and a bit timid at first, Lilac had proved a quick and eager learner. This day he had persuaded her to mount him, and her gasping delight added to the look and feel of her sheathing herself on his staff had him groaning without pause, scarcely able to contain himself. He had to close his eyes for calm as he guided her soft hips down until she had him hilted within her.

Lilac began to move upon him and it was Reynard's turn to gasp. His eyes flew wide and he was greeted with the sight of their sliding bodies, her rounded belly and swaying breasts with nipples hard as small cherries, the enchanting flush that ran from chest to scalp, and her own glowing green eyes. Her silky chestnut hair swept down caressing his thighs and balls. He had never seen a more alluring sight and his control vanished. He began thrusting wildly and soon bumped into her womb. Lilac cried out and momentarily he though he had pained her, but when she pleaded over and over for him to do it again then shattered around him he was undone.

Reynard woke from his dream with his seed spurting on his belly and cursed, while Lilac sighed herself to sleep after the glow of her release, her fingers still twitching between her thighs.

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