tagGroup SexLord Roger's Women: Friday

Lord Roger's Women: Friday


Lord Roger sat sprawled on the cushions that covered the floor of the room with only his shirt on. Around him were his three closest friends and twice as many women. One was being fucked from behind while stimulating another girl's clit with her tongue and a finger running in and out of the vagina. Another of his friends was getting a blow job by two of the delectable whores with one playing with his cock with her tongue and the other sucking his balls and stroking his bum crack. His last friend was laughing with another whore who was sat in his lap riding his hard dick. None of the girls were fully clothed. Each had their breasts on view, bouncing away. Some wore tiny tutu skirts but otherwise the men had stripped them earlier.

As for Lord Roger he was leaning against the large bosom of one girl while between his legs knelt another, Marietta. Her hands cupped his balls and were slowly juggling them in her hand while the other held tight to his own cock. His eyes were closed as the tip of her tongue curled round the red top of his penis and then would run down the side of it. Previously she had dripped a little warm honey over it and at the moment she was slowly licking it off. As always he was greatly turned on and was fighting the urge to come due to her skilled tongue. He slipped lower and pushed his pelvis up so that his cock went deeper into Marietta's warm wet mouth.

Marietta knew her client far too well and knew how he liked his oral sex to end and he was coming to that time as he pushed his cock deeper into her mouth and she could feel its hot tip at the back of her throat. She gave it one last lick as she withdrew from it. She kept her face close Lord Roger's cock as she began to run her hand up and down his cock hard and fast. She felt it pulsating against the palm of her hand as it grew even thicker. She gently squeezed his balls and then she felt them tighten and Lord Roger beginning to gasp. Without any warning he ejaculated in her face. His hot sex juices leapt into the air and hit her skin. She smiled up at him and using her tongue ran it round her lips where it was beginning to drip down. Staring at her teasing him with that tongue Lord Roger could already feeling himself slowly growing hard again.

After a few minutes recovery time he grabbed hold of one of the cheeky young ladies dancing around in front of the men, teasing them. Some were playing with themselves as they waited for the men to recover. He could see one girl lying with her eyes closed and her breathing becoming faster as her finger rubbed her exposed clit and then entering her clef of sexual pleasure. Two others were kissing and rubbing their breasts against the face of one of his friends while one held his limp penis which was slowly rising to the occasion again.

Lord Roger pulled the girl he had grabbed down on to his naked lap, "You planning to just tease me all night. I told you I would have you first didn't I?"

"Oh yes my lord. I have heard such a lot about you." She said playing the innocence. She pressed herself against his body and rubbed her fanny against his semi. He moaned at the feel of her moist clit against his cock. He reached for a nipple and sucked it hard making the girl squeal in pleasure. His hand ran down her back and pulled her in closer to his hardening cock by squeezing her small firm buttock. She giggled, "Mi'lord."

"Quiet." He muttered sternly.

She ignored his order, "How about letting one of your friends join us?" She suggested.

"You are a greedy aren't you? We will see." His fingers found her arsehole and ran round the edge of it and he considered whether he should have that one or the wet pussy that was slowly rubbing along the length of his cock. She was moaning to herself as she built herself up into an orgasm by the tip of his cock rubbing her sex button. His desire growing her guided her so that her sex opening would catch on the tip of his cock and as she touched it he bucked so that he actually entered her, "ohh.. mi'lord, how large you are."

"Quiet. I think you need to be punished for being disobedient." He gasped as he beckoned to one of his friends who was looking on. His friend came over and spat into his hand and ran it over his cock before spitting on the young woman's arse hole which Lord Roger had exposed by pulling her buttocks apart,

"Oh, yes, do punish me sir." She moaned. She moaned even louder as the friend pushed his cock into her arse. She rocked back and forth between the two large manhoods. Her tight arse hole became too much for the man's cock and soon he came and backed off to let Lord Roger finish fucking her. It wasn't long before he thrust himself deep into her and let himself come. As he gasped, "Fuck!" she moaned aloud as well from her own orgasm. She lay on him for a while before he pushed her off and reached for the wine and watched the girls to decide who he was going to have next.

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