tagBDSMLord Roger's Women: Tuesday

Lord Roger's Women: Tuesday


Madame Carrie's whorehouse always seemed to come alive on a Tuesday at the thought of their most regular customer arriving and demanding all of their attentions. Most of the whores had to wait until Friday when he and his friends would arrive and commandeer the whole building. On a Tuesday Lord Roger was there for one person only and that was the black haired seducer Marietta. As the doorman alerted the house to the coming carriage the house would become chaotic as Marietta was prepared for her lover. Her clothes who be stripped off and a corset which exposed her breasts in full and pushed them up was tied on. She would then be tied to her bed for she was one of those that liked a bit of torment and Lord Roger liked that in her. An ivory phallus would be placed on the table beside her bed for Lord Roger to chose to play with it if he desired.

With Lord Roger's arrival he strolled through the house, knowing where to go and ignoring all the other girls unless one was near and he would pinch her buttock and murmured, "I think you may be mine first on Friday." The girl giggled and ran and hid behind a curtain. Once in Marietta's room a scantily dressed maid helped him out of his clothes before closing the door behind her. Now alone Lord Roger took a look at his tied up whore. There she lay all welcoming, her nipples tweaked till they stood up all pink. Her black haired pussy had been trimmed to leave only a little triangle pointing to her clit and opening. She smiled at Lord Roger, "How do you want to play today?" Her eyes turned to the ivory phallus. He followed her look and smiled knowingly, "So that is how you want to play today?"

She nodded as he got on to the bed and crawled up her body length rubbing his skin against hers. He buried his face into her large bosom before taking a nipple into his mouth and nibbled it. A hand ran down the length of her body to reach her thigh where it moved over it and between her legs. Her back arched as his hand touched her clit and feeling her body pressing against his caused Lord Roger's shaft to grow.

His fingers moved back and forth over her clit causing it to harden and grow more sensitive under his touch. She moaned as his fingers slipped from her clit to her moist opening and slipped in. His two fingers ran in and out causing her to bite her lips to stifle a cry of pleasure. Looking at her face he saw her attempting to control herself, "But you want more, I know."

He reached for the ivory phallus and looked over it, comparing it to his own large cock and then a memory of the fact that it was modelled on his own made him smile, "do you want this?"

She nodded and pushed her clit into his erection. He sat up and moved down her body so that he sat between her spread legs. First he rubbed it's cold tip against her clit making her shiver with pleasure before slowly nudging it against the lips of her wet cunny. It slipped in and the chill of it against her warm insides made her throw back her head and moan and gasp. As he slowly moved it in and out, tormenting her with the growing orgasm he rubbed her clit again. Her head tossed and turned as the orgasm exploded in her insides. At her reaction he just smiled knowing that what he was going to do next would likely bring another. He withdrew the fake cock and ordered, "Turn over, I know where you really want it."

Obediently she turned over and pushed her buttocks into the air. With the phallus still slick from her sex juices he parted her buttocks and put the tip of it against her arse hole. She pushed her buttocks higher in indication of her wanting it in her as if she was about to be fucked by two men. At first her arse protested but then the wet ivory was allowed through. And now it was Lord Roger's turn.

With a finger he found her dripping cunt and then guided his warm hard cock into it. He thrust deep into Marietta and felt the ivory phallus that was in her arse through her vagina's wall. It turned him on even more as he moved back and forth in her cunt. He held her in place by her hips. As the pleasure mounted in him he began to pant and then with a shout he exploded into her. However he was so hard that he kept pumping his cock back and forth and a finger found Marietta's clit and rubbed it. She moaned as she came again rapidly and he felt the last of his cum erupt from his cock. Slowly he withdrew while Marietta continued to twitch from the tingling nerves of pleasure that was erupting all over her clit, cunt and arsehole. She lay there unable to move as he drew out her ivory phallus. She turned her head as he moved in to kiss her on the lips. It was the last act before he untied her from her bonds.

After a drink of wine Marietta would tie him up and then give him one of her infamous blowjobs...

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