tagGroup SexLord Roger's Women: Wednesday

Lord Roger's Women: Wednesday


Wednesday was another trip to Madame Carrie's whorehouse. This time it was to see a pair of blonde blue-eyed women known through out the place as the twins as they always worked as a pair as well as looking so alike. Walking in with only a dressing robe on he found them already playing. Frances was sitting in Colette's lap with an ivory dildo in her slender hand and at the sight of Lord Roger she smiled and pushed its length into her cunt. It kept vanishing and reappearing in the fine blonde hairs of her pussy. Colette was kissing Frances' neck and fondling the girl's breasts. Both were breathing hard and before long Frances gasped from an orgasm brought on by her exhibitionist side- Lord Roger watching her fuck herself and then coming. Lord Roger drew in a breath to try and restrain himself from jumping on them and kissing and fingering them there and then. The exhibition wasn't over yet for Colette reached for another dildo hiding under a cushion. It was twice the length of Frances' now thrown away one. Frances took it and took it in her mouth to warm it and make it sleek to then push into Colette's pussy. She then took the other end and pressed it into her own pussy. They were now joined and they rocked together, breasts rubbing against each other. Lord Roger felt himself growing weak at the knees at the sinful sight. The two girls were kissing and he wanted to join in.

They came and Colette removed herself from that illegal object of pleasure to beckoned him over to the large bed with a seductively curling finger and then lifted her face to his so that he could kiss her rose red lips. Their tongues twisted around each other as Lord Roger pushed her down and he squeezed her plump breast and tweaked the nipple so it became rigid. She moaned at the pleasurable pain and pushed herself against him. She felt his hardening cock under his satin robe.

Frances pushed in wanting a kiss from her Lord. While Colette distracted the lord Frances pulled the robe open and gasped in admiration, "I'm sure you grow bigger every week sir."

"Only because of you." He managed to say before Colette pulled him back to her. Frances ran her naked body down his until she came to his cock. She pressed her breasts around its thick length and drew her breasts up and down it causing Lord Roger to push it towards her nearby open 'o' of a mouth. She cupped his balls as she held his cock still and licked its tip making him quiver from the delicate touch of her tongue. She then took it into her mouth and her tongue wrapped itself around the length of his cock. He thrust upwards forcing more of its length into her warm wet mouth. She withdrew and beckoned Colette to join her.

Colette slithered down the bed and lay on her side so that Lord Roger could pleasure her as well. She and Frances took it in turns to take a suck at his hard cock. As for Lord Roger he was faced with a beauty little pussy to play with. He took her thighs and pushed them gently apart before dipping his face into her bare pussy. He found that hard little button of pleasure and with his tongue ran it round and round so Colette moaned into his cock and press her pussy into his face. He felt his nose rubbing against the soft damp covers of her sex and he took his attention to it, dipping his tongue in to taste her musty sex juices. His finger entered and plunged as deep as it could go while his tongue returned to teasing her clit.

He had to pull away as she twisted round and moved to have his cock take her. Frances slipped up the bed eager to get some of what Colette had had. Colette took his cock and guided it to the edge of her cunt. She drove herself on to its length and let out a loud moan as she felt its thickness cling to all of her insides. She slipped a finger into her mouth to wet it before she began to play with her clit turning Lord Roger on even more. However Frances was not going to let him forget her. She thrust her pussy into his face. He eagerly parted the lips of her sex with a hand and then pushed his long middle finger up into her while his tongue found her clit and began to play.

The three bodies withered and gasped until someone came. Colette was the first to gasp and grown as she felt her ecstasy growing inside her from Lord Roger's cock rubbing her insides. She stopped moving up and down his cock and shuddered before slipping off it. Between breathes she gasped, "You feel better every week. Frances have a go."

Lord Roger looked slightly disappointed when Frances broke away from his tongue's attentions but then was relieved that she was not going to let him go limp. She lay down and pushed her pert buttocks into the air. Colette pulled the lips apart with a hand and helped him guide his cock into Frances' eager pussy. He held tight to her hips and he thrust in again and again, feeling his pleasure growing. Colette licked Frances' clit and the girl felt like she was being attacked from all sides with senses she only found once a week with Lord Roger. She let out a long loud gasp as Lord Roger forced himself deep into her and came at the same time as Colette's tongue caused her to orgasm again as well.

It was only then that they all lay still, in a sweaty heap. Lord Roger gently played with a breast and Frances purred as her fingers stroked Colette's pussy and clit. It would be a short while before it would all start again but all three were looking forward to it.

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