tagNonHumanLore of the Angels Ch. 01

Lore of the Angels Ch. 01


Hi all. This is my first attempt at writing but I hope to get some comments and feedback as to how I can improve. I really love paranormal fantasies and nonhuman stories and after reading so much great work here, I've decided to give my own ideas a place on paper. So here it is. Hope you like it!


Aria was a Valkyrie –specifically an Ayn; trained in the art of stealth, disguise and intelligence. In other words, she's a spy. There were other denominations of Valkyries of course –most notably the Warriors, the Hunters and the Trackers but Aria didn't choose to be an Ayn. She was born one.

And a born Ayn was rare –so rare that only the richest of clients could afford her services. The ability to cloak oneself with Illusion was only available to the Archangels but the born Ayns also possessed this and it was what made them highly sought after, especially in times of war... like now.

Though she owed no loyalty to anyone, Aria took her job seriously. She had been hired by Iluna, the Archangel of South America, to enter the enemy lands up north and gain information about their next attack movements. It should be an easy task, except that Iluna had requested Aria to spy specifically on the reigning Archangel –Zilarrezko; otherwise known as the Archangel of Death. Aria had never seen Zilarrezko in person but the stories that were told of his power always sent fear in her people. Fear was the reason why Archangels were up there together with the Ordinal angels while the Valkyries and the Humans lay at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Lores of the Angels had been told repeatedly to her as a child, so much so that she could recite them right now, even as she lay crouched on the roof of the Obelisque –the highest tower in New York that housed the Archangel and his Ordinals.

At the beginning of time, the first creation had been Darkness and then there was Light. Fire was created to sustain light in the dark and Water was made to put it out. Finally, Earth was made and with it, Metal embedded deep within its soils.

Out of these were born winged creatures; each bearing a feature of their birth elements –some called them angels, others were called nymphs but only one was called Man and he was born out of Earth.

However, only the strongest of these creations were named Cardinals; better known as Archangels and they divided up the lands amongst themselves, often fighting for more territory and more power.

After centuries of fighting, Earth conceded and five kingdoms were carved out and they were: Iluna of South America, Zilarrezko of North America, Yukiko of Asia, Noor of Africa and Cyrus of Europe.

A wry smile hit the curve of her lips as she recalled the Lore. Just because they were Cardinals did not mean they were invincible. Her undetected presence, just a few feet from the Archangel himself proved her point. She had been listening to him all night; hidden in the shadows, cloaked in the safety of her Illusion and quiet as a mouse. She didn't even shiver when rain began to soak her body even though the chills seeped right through to the bone.

The Archangel had meetings with his Ordinals for precisely three hours each day starting at midnight. Thus for three days, Aria had crouched on the roof of the Obelisque, putting into memory every single detail that transpired within the walls of the Archangel's office.


"Have you news for me Aria Ayn?"

Aria got down to her knees before the Archangel Iluna and whispered, "Yes Cardinal."

"Rise and tell me."

Aria got to her feet and lifted her eyes to look at the exquisite creation before her. Iluna was born into Darkness –the oldest and most secretive clans –but not necessarily the most powerful. However, she was the most powerful Dark angel and deserving of her status as Cardinal or Archangel.

One look at her and no one would doubt it. Her wings were in a color that could only be described as cloudless night skies with its blanket of stars. Looking at them, one would feel eternally lost within its chasm.

There had never been words invented to describe the intense beauty of an Archangel for it affects all living creatures differently. Men –both Valkyrie and Human alike would praise her for her seductive allure; her intoxicating scent that pulls at their very loins and make them beg to be pleasured. Oh, Aria had seen that before and she had no doubt that Archangel Iluna ate men for breakfast –literally or not.

But to her, Iluna sent chills down her body; not from the cold but from the promise of eternal darkness that would rob one of all his or her senses leaving them with nothing but a strange vacuum of pitch black eternity.

"Archangel Zilarrezko had commanded his Valkyrie troops to station themselves along the border. He has the Snow Queen's Valkyries at his disposal as well Cardinal."

"What! That's just absurd! Why that bitch Yuki! How dare she ally with him!" exploded Iluna, her pretty face scrunched up in anger. "And these Valkyries... what denominations are they?"

Aria had to smile. That was not what Iluna wanted to know. She wanted to know if Zilarrezko had any Ayn Valkyries.

"There are only five of us in the world at this moment Cardinal and none of the others are on this continent."

"How sure are you of this?"

"They are my brothers and sisters, Cardinal. I am sure."

Iluna relaxed slightly at the confidence in Aria's voice but spread her starlit black wings nonetheless to its full height in an open display of her prowess. Aria understood the silent warning –there was no point lying to an Archangel.

"Very well Aria Ayn... your next task is slightly harder but I will not accept no as an answer."

Aria kept silent and bowed her head.

"I have made the necessary fund transfer into your account. Consider it an advance payment."

Aria continued keeping quiet... simply waiting for Iluna to speak again.

"I would like you to seduce Archangel Zilarrezko and learn all his secrets."

What! Aria's brain was screaming in shock. She raised her eyes to stare at Iluna but the Archangel ignored her and was instead fashioning a weapon of sorts from the pools of Darkness surrounding her.

"Cardinal Iluna... I don't think that's a..."

"I have said that I will not accept 'no' as an answer."

"Wouldn't any of the other angels be a more suitable candidate for this task Cardinal? It is almost impossible for a Valkyrie to seduce an Archangel."

"You will do it," she said forcefully as she handed over a black pearl necklace to Aria. "Use this when he is at his most vulnerable. It will help to incapacitate him."

"Will it kill him?"

"Of course not. Only an Archangel can kill another Archangel."

Aria took the necklace but did not put it around her neck.

"You have given me valuable intelligence Aria... but I need more. I need to know Zilarrezko's weaknesses and the only way to learn that is to be within his most trusted circle. I want to know his relationship with Yuki –is she his weakness? Or perhaps he is hers?"

Aria wanted to retort As he is yours? but disciplined herself not to betray any emotion or thought.

"I will give it my all, Cardinal."

Iluna came closer to Aria; their nose almost touching each other. "I want you to exhaust every single option that you have. I don't care how you do it. During this time, you will not report to me and don't come back until you've incapacitate him with my Pearl."

Aria was about to nod when Iluna added in a soft whisper, "If you fail, I will come for your head myself is that clear?"

Aria nodded, stepped back to give a bow and strode out of the Archangel's hall.


Hours later, in her small hotel room, Aria began to peel the skintight material off her body. In fact she wouldn't even call it a material for it was exactly like a second skin –its color and texture changes according to who was looking at her. She could be wearing a dress or a suit or a string bikini but most importantly, she would appear to be whatever it was that kept the onlooker at ease –which was doubly important when you're an Ayn. She didn't really need it to maintain Illusion but neither could she live without it.

Standing naked, she examined herself in front of the mirror. Her body was lithe and toned as a Valkyrie's body should be with breasts that were perfectly shaped to balance her figure. Not many have seen her actually naked but if they did, they'd notice the slight golden tan in her skin, inherited from her Persian ancestors. As for her hair, on the first look, it appeared to be completely black but as you sift through it, you'd find strands of blue that complemented the pupils in her eyes. Yes, that's right. Her pupils were blue surrounded by irises that were pure black.

The winged helmets and the muscular Amazonian bodies that most people associate with Valkyries were in fact only applicable to the Warrior denomination. The winged helmet was part of their uniform that showed their subservience to the Angels.

But Aria was subservient to no one and if she was going to sell herself to the North American Archangel, then she'd better have an excellent escape plan.

Lying naked on the bed, she reached out for her laptop and started opening up the various files labeled 'Silverbells' –well, she had to name him something right? Even an encrypted file would receive double glances if she labeled it outright with his name on it. Besides, Zilarrezko means Silver in her native language and bells were just a reminder of the Archangel's clan type –Metal.

Even after days of spying on the Archangel, Aria never had a chance to actually see him up close. She had heard that where other angel wings were soft and touchable, his were tough knife like points that would kill the instant he stretched them out.

And still, Archangel Iluna asked her to seduce him.

Now... the question was how?


He'd been waiting for her to come for the past week and had been slightly irritated and disappointed when he discovered she was not in her usual hiding place –oh he knew she was there alright. He had pretended to give false instructions out loud to his Ordinals, all the while keeping his true instructions, silent and inside their heads.

He'd added that little bit about Yuki just to piss Iluna off –of course he knew it was she who sent the spy. It just annoyed him that he had been too patient; amusing himself with the falsities instead of breaking through the wall and snapping the little spy's head.

Zilarrezko knew it was a woman or at least his senses told him it was a woman but what type of woman was the question begging to be answered. His first instinct told him it was a Valkyrie but considering the height of the Obelisque, he was willing to accept that it could have been an Angel too. Those Dark Angels were pretty sneaky and in the cloak of the night, practically invisible too.

After millennia of existence, nothing much amuses or fascinates him anymore until the last week when he sensed her watching him. It intrigued him as to why he couldn't see her and that was enough to drive him crazy because an Archangel lived to know everything.

Where is his mystery woman and when is she coming to see him again?

Maybe he'll be nice –play with her a little before slicing her apart, limb by limb. How exciting.

Zilarrezko moved away from his window; silvery wings stretched tautly behind him. Perhaps she would come when he's sleeping, he thought, curving his lips up in a sexy grin. Very well then... he will wait for her.


Aria was certain that her plan was stupid but it was the only way to ensure that he takes her in straight away. There would be only two outcome of this plan –one was to be a prisoner and the other was death. Aria prayed for the first. Prisons were just walls; escape was possible and inevitable.

So when she landed on the rooftop of Obelisque, Aria was simply waiting to get caught.

She wore nothing but her second skin and wondered what the Archangel would see when he finally caught her. Would he see an Angel? Or a Valkyrie? Or perhaps even a Human? Whatever it was, Aria patiently waited to find out; her finger absently fingering the black pearl tucked neatly between her breasts, beneath her outer covering.

She was still fingering it when razor sharp blades covered her vision in a blink of an eye. She knew they were blades for they made that unmistakable sound of metal clashing against each other but it was nothing compared to the hard surface that slammed itself against her back. Aria tried not to think about that.

"Did you come here to die?"

Aria almost screamed 'yes' but her training forced her to short-circuit his suggestion.

"Impressive," he commented; his voice strong yet silky against her ears. It was a trick, she knew. He was going to push all her buttons to see which one yielded the most results. "You must be a Valkyrie... or a very strong Angel that slipped my notice."

Aria was surprised. He couldn't decide what she was and if her Illusion was still working –that meant that he was probably seeing her as a winged creature... or maybe not. He could just see her naked if he wanted to.

"So what are you?" Again with that silky voice... and then a strong hand wrapped itself around her throat. "Answer me or I will rip your vocal chords off." His words were gentle but the threat wasn't.

"Va...val..." she stammered –not out of fear but due to the force of his grip around her neck. Only when he released it a fraction was she able to blurt out, "Valkyrie."

The moment those words were out of her mouth, she felt herself being lifted into the air; strong hands holding her by her waist for a minute –then the next she was free falling through the air.

"Oh my god! Oh my god!" she started screaming as her vertical descent took on a higher velocity. She was going to die.


He watched her falling towards her death –if she was stupid enough not to open her wings that is. Zilarrezko was sure that she was lying. A spy never tells the truth. Or was she?

She was going to crash straight into midnight traffic on Times Square. Idiot! There was no way he was going to let her die on his watch so soon. That was definitely going to escalate the war. Besides she might prove useful... after all, she is the enemy.

With a sigh of resignation, the Archangel swooped down from his mid air position and grabbed her just inches before her face smashed into an oncoming taxi.

"Valkyrie!" he barked at her when they returned to his rooftop but Aria had already passed out.

He considered laying her on his bed but then decided not to. Instead he dumped her on the cold hard floor of his rooftop and simply waited for her to regain her consciousness.

It didn't take long... and boy was she pissed.

"You son of a bitch! Why'd you do that for!" she screamed at him. Zilarrezko was sure that she had forgotten who she was speaking to. Her lack of self restraint should have angered him but instead he found her amusing.

"It's my personal lie detector."

"Why you..." she yelled and came charging towards him; a blade in her hand. Where the hell did she get...

"Valkyrie... are you trying to kill me with my own feather?" he laughed watching the blade she held in her hand turn into a soft grey down. "Surely you are not so stupid."

"Urgh!" she spat angrily then crossed her arms around her chest. "Do what you want with me. Kill me if you want to. I can't stand you."

The Archangel found his interest sparking to a new level. What an intriguing woman.

"What is your name Valkyrie?" Aria was about to answer (lie) when his lips pressed close to her ear to whisper, "If you lie to me, I won't promise to catch you when you fall this time."

Asshole! She screamed silently. "Aria," she replied defiantly before turning to look him straight in the eye. "And you?"

The Archangel's eyes widened in genuine surprise then he laughed. "I would have enjoyed killing you over and over tonight if only you had been an immortal. But alas, you amuse me too much even as a mortal."

She narrowed her eyes at him but didn't say anything. Aria knew that she had stepped the line back there with her unnecessary taunt. If she didn't know herself better, she would have said she was trying to flirt with the Archangel. For god sake! Flirting and seducing were two very different things!

And now he was moving closer to her; a hand cupping her chin forcefully. "You will call me 'Master'."

This time, it was she who widened her eyes in protest. Before she could verbalize her resistance, he was gone and in his place were two large, indestructible-looking metal cuffs –one clamped around her neck and the other to her right ankle. There were no chains but Aria was sure that just because she can't see them doesn't mean they weren't there.


Aria did not remember how long she slept but when she woke up, she was aware of someone watching her –except that it wasn't the Archangel. Opening her eyes slowly, she came face to face with the most beautiful lavender lashes she had ever seen. Instinctively she reached out to touch it.

"Tut tut! No touching."

She blinked her eyes to open them fully and saw the flirtatious smile of a lavender winged angel; his face bare inches from hers. Had he been watching her the whole time?

"Pervert," she hissed out.

"Unfortunately that's not my name," he smiled as he lightly touched her cheek with a finger. "My name is Lucian and I will be your guardian for your... uh duration of service to the Cardinal."

Aria noted the smug look and amusement in his tone.

"Lucian of Samosata," she murmured under her breath.

"Oh yes, the very same!" he giggled –yes, giggled but in that flirty, sexy kinda way. "The satirist and rhetorician at your service."

Aria tried not to roll her eyes. So; the Archangel sent her a clown to keep his prisoner entertained. How droll.

"Come Aria, don't be so glum. Play with me," he said gleefully, pulling her up to her feet.

"I'm not your toy!" she retorted, pulling her hand away. "I am chained up. I do not need a guardian angel," she said, emphasizing the last two words with disdain.

"Okay, let's have sex then."

That caught her attention. For a moment she wanted to call his bluff but there was something in his eye that told her he meant what he said.

"Lay one finger on me... and I will rip off every single feather –even the ones hidden from sight."

Lucian laughed and flapped his pretty wings at her. "Ouch. Play nice Valkyrie."

"Where is he?" she demanded. "Is he going to leave me chained here forever?"

Lucian shrugged. "Would you rather be chained in the dungeon?" At her sharp gasp, he smiled, "Thought not. Well then, play with me!"

It was then that she realized how young Lucian possibly was. In angel-years, the few hundred year olds were still children and judging from Lucian's playful demeanor, he was still an adolescent –one with a powerfully built body and sex-me-up eyes. The feathers should have been the first sign. Older angels have much darker tones and Lucian reminded her of Barbie and the Pegasus.

"Okay, I'll play with you," she said in resignation. "But no cheating... and no sex."

His lavender lashes fluttered rapidly in lieu of a reply. She was taking that as a yes.

"What are we going to play then?"

"Dodge lightning?" he suggested innocently.

"But it's not even raining..."

She regretted even saying that for it just occurred to her that she was going to be dodging his lightning bolts. Why oh why hadn't she thought this through? Purple –one of the colors of the rainbow –a refraction of Light...

"Lucian!" she screamed as one of his bolts hit her ankle.

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