tagNonHumanLore of the Angels Ch. 03

Lore of the Angels Ch. 03


Okay I'm on a roll! Must be all the fantastic comments coz I finished writing this chapter in a day! I'm glad the story's well received and I hope this chapter promises to be as entertaining and exciting as the previous ones. Thank you for reading and don't forget to rate and comment!


Aria sat at the edge of her bed, simply staring out from her full length glass window. The sun was slowly rising beyond the darkened sky and Aria waited eagerly to greet it.

As the streaks of crimson stretched across the purplish blue sky, Aria got ready for the morning flight --the time when Angels flew off from their balconies into the beautiful sky --as the mark of a new day. That was the romantic reason of course. Truth was, the Angels were just off to go to work. Yes, they, like everybody else have jobs to go to and had problems as well. Even with the war approaching, the Archangel has commanded that lives continue to be run as usual. War, according to him, was not fought by civilians and as such their lives should be spared.

She was staring too much into the open space that she almost didn't hear the tap on her door. Feeling hopeful, Aria turned and waited for it to open.

In the glow of the morning sun, the Archangel himself looked like one of its shining ray.

"Come," was all he said.

Aria hesitated for a moment. She was fully aware of how dirty and sweaty she was. Not to mention smelly from four days of not bathing.

"Trust me; I have no intention of touching you so don't look so guilty."

Aria's mouth fell open at his words. He was doing so well with the monosyllabic welcome earlier. Anything beyond that was a mean to insult, seduce and manipulate his way into her head... like now.

"Where are we going?" she asked stiffly as she walked behind him.

He didn't reply her but continued walking; his wings tucked neatly behind him. For a moment Aria was sure that the metallic sheen on his wings were gone and were instead replaced by a soft down in the palest grey.

Her eyes were definitely making things up. Maybe she had too much sleep.

"Watch your step," he told her as he descended down a narrow flight of stairs. Aria had no idea where he was taking her but if they were leaving the 100th floor, it could only mean that he was bringing her away from his private level.

Maybe they had to take a lift on the 99th floor to get to the dungeons in the basement? The thought of stinky grimy pits made her want to gag. However she continued to follow him in silence.

"In here," he ushered, opening a door at the end of the corridor for her. Aria frowned as she moved closer. She did not see any elevators along the corridor at all. Could this floor still be out of bounds for the common angels and humans?

"What's in..." she trailed off. Whatever she wanted to say died on her lips the instant she saw the Olympic sized swimming pool. Water! Clean! Then her eyes moved to the windows and she felt her heart skip a beat.

The entire pool area was surrounded by full length glass that allowed a panoramic view of the city skyline. Aria could still see angels flying about as the sun continued to rise in the sky.

"Don't worry," he told her. "You can see out but no one can see in."

Aria dared herself to look at him. "Am I... I mean... Are you asking me to take a bath, Cardinal?"

"If you'd like to."

His reply startled her. He was giving her a choice?

"Yes I would... please."

He nodded and moved over to a control panel beside the door and pressed a few buttons. A moment later, Aria saw the pool bubble and froth; sweet fragrance floating in the air.

"Oh god... it's an Archangel-sized Jacuzzi..." she moaned. Turning around, she caught him staring at her. "Umm, I'm going to strip now," she announced.

"What? You want me to turn away? It's not like I haven't seen your private parts..."

The rebuff was already at the edge of her tongue but Aria valued her chance to bathe more than her desire to snap at him. Turning away from him, she began to undo the strap of the toga and unzipped the side of the dress before pulling it off over her head. Since the dress already had a built in bra, she was only left clad in her panties. Sliding the material down, Aria looked at the offensive heap of soiled material for one last time before jumping into the water.

She continued to ignore the fact that the Archangel was watching her every move and began to scrub ferociously at her skin, hoping to get every inch of grime and dirt off. Then she moved to her hair.

"Here," he said, offering her a bottle of what looked like shampoo.

"Thank you," she blinked the water away as she accepted his offering. Bringing the foam to lather, she began to work it through her strands; massaging her scalp and feeling her stress slipping away slowly.

"I can wash your back for you if you'd like..." his voice sounded raspy. Aria submerged herself in the water and came out a moment later with her hair free of the soap bubbles.

She cocked her head to the side and frowned at him. "Why are you being nice to me?"

He returned her frown. "Because I do not like to be accused of raping my woman."

"I am not your woman."

"But you are my prisoner. Mine."

Aria did not like that possessive tone in his voice. Did he forget that she's the enemy here?

"If you're trying to be nice to win my favor, it's not going to work."

This time the Archangel didn't reply but simply smiled. Making sure that her eyes were still on him, Zilarrezko untied the drawstring of his pants and let the soft cotton slide away. Sleep was the only time when he'd let himself wear human clothing. Otherwise, he preferred his armor.

He heard the soft intake of her breath as he walked naked towards her but her next question caught him by surprise.

"Why aren't your wings hard like blades?"

"Oh?" He spread his wings out as he stepped into the pool. Indeed his feathered wings were slowly getting wet as it soaked up the water. "I'd like to wake up without having multiple cuts on myself... or my lover," he told her, putting emphasis on the last word.

On impulse, she reached out to touch his wings only to have her hands caught in his.

"I'm sorry!" Had she been so enchanted by him that she'd forgotten that Angels don't like to have their wings touched?

"Don't be," he whispered, unclenching his hold on her hand such that they were palm to palm. Aria didn't know why but that gesture felt extremely intimate. It made her want to lean her head on his chest and trace every single curve of his muscles with her finger. Yet, she kept her distance and remained in place.

"I've missed you," he admitted, drawing her close in his embrace. Tilting her chin up, Aria briefly saw the rare genuine smile on his face before his lips pressed over hers and remained still.

She'd thought he'd kiss her breathless by now but instead he was behaving very strangely as though he was waiting for her to make a move...

Good god... he is waiting for her! Had the Archangel learnt a lesson from their previous interlude? Aria moved her lips experimentally against his; parting them slightly to search for his tongue. He let out a sound like a sexy purr as he deepened their kiss, igniting a fire deep within her belly that could only be described as pure lust.

When she finally pulled away, Aria dared herself to look up into his eyes and saw that instead of its usual silver, it reflected molten gold. As he raised his knuckles to caress her cheek, Aria felt a strange tug inside of her that had nothing to do with sexual heat.

She could tolerate the stubborn, rude and heartless Archangel but this? This kind, gentle... even thoughtful man was just the kind of man that she would fall...

No! Her brain screamed. He was just pretending to be kind because he wanted something from her.

"What do you want from me Cardinal?" she asked, trying to steel herself against him. But those molten gold eyes didn't cease to reflect lust.

"I would like to want you Aria... but would you let me?"

The honesty of his answer stopped whatever rebuttal she was prepared to throw at him. Would she? Would she let the Archangel want her?

Aria couldn't believe it when she said, "Yes." This time she couldn't blame it on him because he had not intruded into her mind to make that decision for her. This was her own decision... and she would have to pay the price for it... later.

He was opening his arms for her --for her --and it was all she could think of as she entered into his embrace. If Siren was a man, he'd look like Zilarrezko, she thought. Never has Death looked so seductive.

"Aria," he kept whispering her name as he brushed kisses down her neck. Tilting her head back, he pressed his lips at the centre of her throat and moved down towards the 'v' of her chest. A soft sigh escaped her lips as his hands moved to mold around both her breasts.

"Sweet, sweet Aria... la miamusicadolce," he murmured against her skin.

"Mmm..." was all she could say for he chose that moment to close his lips over her right nipple and suck it hard.

"Like my favourite Gianni Schicchi..."

"I don't like you saying another man's name when we're like this," she teased. Of course she knew it was the name of an opera but she'd tease him again just to see the scandalous look that flashed across his face right that moment.

"I do not take men to my chambers!" he protested. He was standing up right now and towering over her like a sulky child.

"Oh, don't be so childish," she laughed, slapping his chest playfully. "I was only teasing. You do laugh at jokes don't you?"

He arched an eyebrow at her and grabbed her right wrist. "Does this feel like a joke to you?" he asked, curling her fingers around his swollen cock under water. Apparently the Archangel takes his masculinity seriously and while it flattered her to be the object of his sexual desire, it intimidated her at the same time. Her fingers could not fully close around his cock and as she stroked down its hard length, she couldn't help but wonder if she would be able to accommodate such an impressive phallus.

The effect of her fingers stroking his cock had brought back the molten gold in his eyes and Aria was sure that if her desire had a color, it would reflect gold too. She moved closer and brought her lips to his --as a peace offering --to which he accepted readily.

The Archangel may be a stubborn and pompous but he was an excellent kisser. A product of centuries of experience no doubt.

"I want you now Aria," he whispered against her lips. After his twice interrupted attempts, Zilarrezko was dying to nail his Valkyrie down. "Wrap your legs around me," he instructed and waited for her to comply.

Then he turned with her clinging on to him and rested her back to the wall at the edge of the pool. His hand snaked down between her thighs to test for her wetness and Aria saw the satisfied smile cross his face a moment later.

"Ready?" he asked. Aria wasn't sure if she was but she nodded. He held her body still as he moved his hips forward slightly; only the first few inches were embedded inside of her but it was enough to make her tilt her head back and moan.

He covered her mouth to take in her screams the moment he plunged his entire length inside of her. The pleasure rocking through her body was simply out of this world. Aria hadn't known that sex could be this... earth shattering. Her body was trembling as the first wave of her orgasm rocked her. She must have been really horny to have cum at the first thrust like that.

When she recovered from her orgasm, she found that he was keeping still inside of her; his eyes simply watching her face. Impatient for more, she moved her hips as though demanding for him to fuck her more.

"Archangel..." she pleaded.

"Yes Valkyrie?" he whispered; his voice like silky sex over her skin.

"Move your hips." Her words sounded more demanding that she intended them to be.

"And what?" he teased, pulling his cock out inch by delicious inch. The friction of his action caused her nerve endings to go on overdrive. Then suddenly he was completely out of her.

"No!" she shrieked when she felt him slipping his hand away from her body.

"You haven't answered the question Aria..." He was rubbing his cock up and down her wet pussy lips; teasing her to madness.

What's the question again?

"Why has Iluna sent you to me?"

When did he ask that?!

Aria's eyes snapped open then fluttered slightly as she felt the head of his cock enter her before pulling out again. Hissing at him she tried to move her hips but his hand held them in place.

"Tell me."


"Then no cock for you."

"Fuck you!" she screamed and tried to get out of his grip.

"I promise I will my Valkyrie... but first you have to answer my question."

Narrowing her eyes at him, she grumbled, "You know why I'm here. I'm a spy sent to learn your battle strategies." He seemed pleased with her answer somewhat for he toyed with a nipple, pinching it hard.

"How did you manage to create Illusion?"

"What's your proof of that?"

"How can you appear different to me and Lucian at the same time?"

"Have I appeared different to both of you these few days?"

He gave her a serious look. She was right of course, he had checked and all his Ordinals had given him the same answer --black hair with occasional blue strands, golden tanned skin and blue-black eyes.

"Fine. Then tell me, did Iluna give you some of her Illusion ability perhaps? Or that of another angel's?"

This time she frowned and slapped his chest. "No!"

He could tell she was telling the truth.

"Good girl," he whispered then rubbed his cock at the entrance of her pussy again. "Now beg for it."


"You heard me. Tell your Master what you want from him."

Aria didn't want to but the heat from his cock was searing her and she craved for the feeling of being filled completely. Zilarrezko was truly the most magnificent of all lovers.

"Please Archangel..."

"Please what?" he teased, nipping at her earlobe. "Tell me..."

"Fuck me!" she finally rasped out; a second before she screamed in ecstasy for he did as she asked, thrusting his hips in one move to fill her pussy completely with every inch of his cock. Then he did again and again, pulling nearly all the way before burying himself deep inside of her; his hard cock spearing her pussy, stretching her apart to accommodate his girth.

When she started thrashing through another orgasm, he smiled in satisfaction as he flapped his wings to carry them both out of the water. Laying her on the ceramic tiles, he loomed over her until she opened her eyes once more.

"Good?" he asked. She turned her head away defiantly as a reply. "That's a bad bad girl. I've made you cum twice now Valkyrie..."

"Keeping count now Archangel?" she sneered; seconds before he flipped her around on her hands and knees. The slight scrape on her knee hurt but she didn't get to move in time for he was already straddling her; pushing her body down until her face touched the cool floor.

Then he slipped his cock into her in a swift merciless stroke.

She screamed at the intensity of the sensations. From this position, he felt even bigger than before and he had complete control over the movements. Bunching her hair in his fist, he pulled it slightly back even as he fucked her harder.

"What's my name Valkyrie?" he demanded as he ground hard into her. Aria wanted to say it but her brain was taken over by a sensory ecstasy. She was going to cum again...

"Say it!" The command was clear; pulling her out of her daze just enough for her to scream his name.

He shouted out her name the same time she did as pure liquid desire coursed through their bodies in a culmination of their combined pleasure.


In the following days, their routine consisted of him interrogating her endlessly before fucking her into oblivion then parting with heated spats of hate. They were almost always at each other's throats that the Ordinals had learnt to stay out of Zilarrezko's way each time he returned from spending time with Aria.

Like today.

He was fuming as he sat across the table from all his four Ordinals. On other days, Anthony usually took the crown as to being the hottest but today, his Archangel came close to beating him.

"Every question that I ask her brings me yet to another wall!" he said sourly. The three male Ordinals looked expectantly at Julia.

"What!" she hissed at them. Just because she was the only female Angel, they'd expect her to understand? "Well, Cardinal..." she said out loud, testing the water. When Zilarrezko did not scowl at her; she continued, "Could it be that Archangel Iluna has sent the Valkyrie to do exactly this to you?"

That caught his interest. "You mean... make me feel miserable and distracted?"

"Feelings are dangerous Cardinal," warned Anthony in a low voice.

Zilarrezko looked from one Ordinal to the other then wiped his hand over his face. How could he be so stupid! Aria was weakening him; making him feel and making him more mortal.

He knew what had to be done...

Pushing the inevitable to the back of his head, Zilarrezko returned his attention to his Ordinals and the attack strategy at hand.

"Okay lay out to me what has been done so far."

"Most of our Valkyrie troops are already stationed along the Panama borders but the strip of land is much too small to counter the enemy troops already lined along the entire border of Columbia," said Marcus.

"So, to make up for that, I've stationed the aircrafts on the Dominican Republic and Haitian coasts."

"Good, that's good," said Zilarrezko. "Iluna's going to expect Yuki's Valkyries from the surrounding Caribbean Sea. That'll mean that her attack weapons of choice would be pointing downwards instead of up."

"We did encounter a bit of problem though," said Anthony, looking at Lucian to continue explaining.

"Yes," said Lucian, the playful tilt in his voice gone. "Archangel Iluna has shrouded the entire stretch of coasts lining from Venezuela, Columbia and Ecuador in Darkness."

Zilarrezko sat up upon hearing this news. "That's going to impair the troops' vision."

"I'm working on something to hopefully allow them to see through the fog. But I can't promise it'll be ready in time Cardinal," said Julia.

"As of now, we can't do anything but I've already gathered a battalion of our best Light and Fire Angels to station alongside the Valkyries in Panama," said Lucian.

"How many?" asked Zilarrezko.

"Current strength of two hundred. But I'm afraid it might not be enough Cardinal... It takes at least five to six hundred Dark Angels at every one time to maintain the density of that kind of Dark fog. Considering that they rotate every few hours, there could easily be a thousand of them."

Zilarrezko was quite shocked at this recent finding. Could Iluna be that determined to proceed with this war? The thousand used for war was almost half the population of Dark Angels in the world at the forefront to death.

He sat in silence for a few more moments; contemplating if he should call upon Noor the Archangel of Light to assist them. It made more sense to seek help from Africa seeing that it is geographically closer to Iluna's territory.

Looking up at Julia and Lucian, he made up his mind. "I will draft you an official letter and you will deliver it to Noor of Africa and seek her help in lending us her Angels. I'm sending you both mainly because you are of the same clan but also because Noor is attracted to charm and beauty... as are most Light Angels."

Lucian fluttered his lashes flirtatiously at Julia who rolled her eyes at him. Only when Anthony deliberately cleared his throat did Lucian stop and grinned instead.

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