Lore of the Angels Ch. 09


Except that her wrists were bound over her head.

Frustration bubbled in her throat as his lips moved lower; kissing each mark he made after he bit her on her neck, her chest, her breasts...

He was purposely avoiding her nipples, choosing to kiss around it before moving south to kiss down her abdomen, to the triangle of soft black and blue hair...

Then he pulled away to examine the exquisite creature before him.

"Zilarrezko... why are you stopping?" Aria was rubbing her thighs together, feeling the wetness of anticipation between them. "You can't just..."

His reply was to grin devilishly --and the next thing she knew her thighs were spread apart; ankles locked by cold metal cuffs that seemed to hold her in place. Great. Now she couldn't move her hands or legs.

That was her last thought for her mind was simply a puddle of sensations as his tongue began licking the wetness on her inner thigh; driving her crazy as he kept avoiding her most erogenous zones.

"Touch me... please..." yes, she was begging now. Aria didn't think she could take much more teasing.

He bit the tender flesh of her inner thigh in response. She screamed, from the shock and the sheer frustration. His mouth hovered, less than an inch from her pussy, yet it might as well have been a mile. Nefariously, he kept licking, up and down and on either side. Everywhere but the source of her wetness.

"Zilarrezko..." a desperate plea.

"Yes Aria?" he blew gently against her. Her body shuddered and a moan made her forget whatever she had been about to say.

"Oh god..." she moaned. "You... will pay for this..." Her teeth were clenched; a feminine growl in her throat.

"And how? You're the one cuffed in such a vulnerable position." He gave her a wicked smile as he stood up, bringing his face closer until they were nose to nose. "And I could tease you over and over... and not slide this cock you want so much inside of you."

"Let go of me and we'll see how long you can last without your cock in... oh god..." she moaned at the sudden invasion of two thick fingers inside her pussy. All she could think about then was squeezing her muscles around the delicious...

"No!" she yelped when he took his fingers out to bring them to his lips; licking off her pussy juice, swirling his tongue over the tip of his fingers.

It made her think of that same naughty tongue all over her hard clit. A beautiful kind of torture. But one she'd endure, so long as he made her come.

"Yes Aria? You were saying something?"

"I want to come..."

He smiled as he covered her mouth with his; fingers moving down between her thighs to tap teasingly at her pussy lips. She squirmed impatiently, wanting those fingers inside her right that instant.

"Whose pussy is this?" he demanded as his fingers dipped slightly into her slippery folds.

"Yours!" Aria's words a mere breath as she felt him slide in his fingers completely; the contact causing her to shudder with relief.

"And who am I?" His eyes were pure golden as they held her gaze; fingers moving in and out in slow lazy motions.

"Mine," was her unexpected reply. It pleased him though for he began to move his fingers faster, feeling her muscles clenching --a sign that she was close to coming. He brought his other hand down and rubbed her clit with his thumb --the contact bringing her over the edge as she screamed her release.

He watched her eyelashes fluttering rapidly, head tilted back as her first orgasm of the night rocked her entire body, leaving her gasping.

When he was sure the orgasm had subsided, he pulled his fingers out and smiled at the amount of lubricant she had produced. She was more than ready for him.

"Good?" he asked when her eyes --sated and lazy --opened fully to look at him. Her reply was a purr in her throat. "What have we learnt today?"

She was still hazy but she managed a snide response. "Your fingers aren't as good as your cock?"

Her reply made him still for a second then he broke out into laughter. Calming himself down, he shook his head at her. "Obviously my Valkyrie; you haven't learnt anything." Snapping his fingers, the metal cuffs disappeared and Aria fell to her knees for her thighs were still too shaky to hold her up.

Scooping her up, he gently laid her on the bed before curling up beside her; silver-gold eyes staring into black-blue ones. "Promise me you won't leave my bed again."

"That's a big promise."

"Aria..." A warning tone.

She pursed her lips. "Did you think that one orgasm would make me submissive?"

The silver in his eyes disappeared completely as he rolled on top of her. "How many do you want? Five? Ten? I could make you come non-stop you know."

"Such arrogance."

"Such stubbornness."

They narrowed their eyes at each other... simply waiting. Predator and prey. Circling.

She snapped first.

Hands fisted in each other's hair; wild, untamed passion riding them both as their lips sought to claim; heated bodies intending to brand. He was relentless as he angled her head to deepen the kiss; tongues tangled in hungered desperation.

Their breaths came out as jagged gasps when they finally pulled away.

"Again," she whispered, drawing his head down for another searing kiss. He didn't need an invitation --he was drunk on her scent, her taste...

"Aria..." he moaned against her lips as he felt her hand reaching below to stroke him. That one touch alone was enough to shatter his control. He was planning to pleasure her all night but those soft fingers... "Stop..." a breathy utterance.

She only smiled against his lips.

Hand wrapping around his cock, she continued to stroke him --hard and fast then painfully slow --alternating the rhythm until he was sure he was going to come all over her hands.

"Enough," his teeth were gritting as he forced the command out. Grabbing both her hands, he moved it above her head and held them together by the wrist. Looking down, he growled, "Be good or I'm locking them again."

Her eyes stared back rebelliously. "What about my ankles?"

"That too if you don't..." his last words died in his throat as he felt her locking those very ankles around his waist; her liquid heat pressing temptingly against his abdomen.

"I want you inside... now." She grounded her wet pussy against him just to make her point.

Clenching his teeth, he reached down and positioned his cock directly at her slick entrance. She started to move her hips impatiently but he held her still; eyes locked on hers.

"This," he growled as he sheathed his cock inside her. "Is mine..." He leaned forward; his breath hot against her neck. "And what is mine must never be given away." He punctuated each word with a deep thrust inside her.

They moaned in unison on the last thrust.

Aria could feel her own orgasm approaching and groaned when she willed herself to push at his chest. Looking up at him, she whispered, "Or else?"

A sly smile curved on his lips as he pulled his cock inch by slow inch out of her.

"No!" she gasped; fingers desperately reaching between them to clasp around the thick male organ.

"So possessive Ayn?" he whispered, arching an eyebrow at her. She replied by squeezing his cock hard.

"No one else..." she demanded, giving him a final squeeze before letting go. "Or I'll drown them."

"That's my girl," he teased, "Now for you reward..." His cock, already slick with her lubricant, slid in effortlessly. Pushing her thighs back, he leaned his weight forward, allowing her calves to rest on his shoulders.

Aria was in ecstasy beneath him for he felt much so much bigger and imposing in this position. She could feel him thrusting in deeper; every stroke eliciting a moan from her.


"More!" she screamed. Naturally, he obliged, fucking her with deep, hard strokes. He could feel her muscles tightening around him but he didn't stop even as the first wave of her orgasm rocked through her.

She barely recovered when she felt him moving inside her once more. Her protests were ignored as he continued pounding into her, stretching her tight... so tight...

She exploded; body arching upwards as pleasure consumed her entire body.

Aria was sure that her legs were jelly as they lay flat on the bed; her Archangel still looming above her.

"Oh no you don't," she said warningly; her voice barely audible. "Give me a minute... I'm too sensitive right now." He grinned, pressing a kiss on each nipple before flipping onto his back to curl up beside her.

He moved a gentle hand to caress her cheek; golden eyes turning back to silver.

"Don't leave me again," he whispered.

She leaned into the curve of his hand, pressing a kiss on his palm. "I won't."

No words needed to be said after that as he pulled her closer; her head leaning against his chest as his arms wound protectively around her body.

He'd give her a minute...



Meanwhile, Lucian was enjoying himself with the children --especially the twins.

After dinner, he had taken them to the garden on the ninetieth floor where there was enough space for them to run around. Lucian particularly liked this floor, with its great expanse of carpet grass, dotted with various exotic plants. It was so different from the rigidity and formality of the Obelisque.

He'd probably bring them here again the next day when it was sunny, although it was beautiful in the night as well; the only light from the glittering stars above. It was so different from the rest of New York, which Lucian had always hated. It was just too damn bright.

"Do you think Aria will be okay?" asked Angelo, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"She's with the Archangel... she will be," he reassured him. The two older children were sprawled on their backs beside him, staring at the open skies. Lucian hadn't allowed himself to lie down for he was keeping an eye on the twins who were playing with each other not too far away.

"Does he like her?" asked Kissa. "He looks at her funny."

"Duh. It's the same look you give that other Ordinal," said Angelo.

"Shut up!"

"Okay now that's enough," warned Lucian although his smile betrayed him. Kissa sat up immediately to peer desperately into his eyes.

"You will not say a word," she said, waving a finger in front of him.

Lucian wondered if she was old enough to be educated on the art of female subtlety. The only female influence she might get --if the children were going to stay permanently --was from Julia and Aria, both of whom were not subtle at all.

"Men like a little surprise sweetie," he replied, patting the grass beside him. She scooted closer, her face in complete attention. Lucian let out a soft breath. Guess he was going to teach her after all.

"First of all, men don't listen much."

Her eyes widened and then she threw an accusing glance at her brother. He made a face at her.

"But... I didn't even say anything!" she told him.

"Exactly," said Lucian; eyes gleaming playfully. "They observe the things you do --how your eyes move, the graceful tilt of your head... stuff like that."

"Oh." Then she frowned. "How do you know all this?"

"Years of observation. Trust me, less is more." He winked at her. "You should start by trying to breathe whenever he's in the room."

Kissa gasped; staring at him, horrified.

"Now that," he said, pointing to her facial expression. "Is a no-no."

She closed her mouth immediately and narrowed her eyes to give him a cool, hard look.

"Ah, better ma chérie." He gripped her chin playfully.

When she finally smiled, he let go of her and stood up. "Okay children, time for bed. We'll explore more tomorrow okay?"

Troy came closer and looked up at him gingerly. "Can we kiss Aria goodnight?"

Squatting down so that they were looking eye to eye, Lucian shook his head. "Not tonight. She's going to be real tired and needs lots of sleep. How about a good morning kiss?" he offered instead.

"Aria always tucks us in when she's home."

"I'll tuck you in tonight okay?"

Troy didn't look too happy but he nodded nonetheless. As Lucian stood up once more, he tugged at his lavender wings.

"Will the Archangel tuck her in then? Sometimes we tuck her in when she's tired."

This time, the Angel picked the child up and whispered, "Yes, he will."

"Okay," said Troy, appeased. He yawned and rested his head on Lucian's shoulder.


Anthony was tired but he made the flight across the Atlantic Ocean nonetheless; stopping only to rest on the Canary Islands before continuing east towards Cairo.

After five hours of flight, Anthony was exhausted but he took the time to appreciate the aerial view of Cairo --a mixture of the ancient and modern. Flanking the Nile, it looked like any other city --with its skyscrapers, brightly lit complexes and bustling traffic --but Anthony had been around when the humble beginning of Human civilization had been born on her shores.

The end of the Ice Age had brought much rain to parts of the Sahara and the Earth Angels had still roamed the lands then for the Sahara wasn't just an extensive desert. It was lush with greenery; fuelled by the melting ice sheets. Gaia had said it was a parting gift of life from Archangel Sona... and to some extent, Anthony knew it was true.

But the calm had not lasted long. When Yuki's Ice had gravitated towards the opposing ends of the world, she began to confine herself to her palace, unwilling to see anyone. The Dark Angels who had been loyal to Yuki's conquests were suddenly left to rule as they please; snatching up the remaining unclaimed land and taking over all the territories that Yuki had once ruled.

Iluna had only been a pre-Cardinal then but her clan listened to her and as they spread, they tried to kill as many Cardinals in their path as possible, with the other Archangels as their final target.

Yuki had been left out naturally. Iluna didn't want to alert the Snow Queen of her mutiny... yet. Besides, the Snow-Water Cardinal had locked herself in with her Ordinals --a stupid move --for Iluna could easily wipe them out... after she had taken reign over the world.

The first to be taken out had been the Metal Ordinals. With Archangel Sona dead, Iluna had assumed that one of the Ordinals would take her place.

It was a massacre.

Anthony closed his eyes as though he was trying not to remember the brutality of it... nor the sight of a young Angel lying amidst the mangled bodies...

He had thought the child was dead... but somehow Iluna had spared him --Zilarrezko, not more than a century old then had lain quietly beside his mother's Ordinals; not crying, not angry... not anything.

The child was numbed.

But that wasn't the worst of it. If the Ice Age had been unbearable; the Dark Ages were simply devastating. Crops failed and the weather became erratic for Yuki had lost all interest in the world; refusing to regulate the seasons, the rain, the sea levels...

And on top of that --all the deaths...

Gaia had escaped it --barely --if you considered mortality as escaping death. It was simply a prolonging of death. Rumor has it that while Gaia's body had been reduced to a mortal's, her life was still that of an immortal. And now that he had seen her, he knew it was true.

It was perhaps a blessing that Cyrus was still an Ordinal Archangel then and Iluna hadn't bothered with him. Confined to an island, the Fire clan was of no threat to Iluna. With Earth, Metal, Fire and Water out of the game, Light was the only clan left.

Africa --Noor's stronghold.

The life long antagonism between Light and Dark finally came to a climax.

Anthony would never forget the death and destruction Illuna brought to the rolling green plains of Africa. It was the sheer amount of Light that dried up the Northern Saharan regions; turning it into a desert battlefield where extreme cold and Darkness reigned at night and unbearable heat and Light ruled during the day.

Iluna had underestimated Noor. She had thought her victory over Gaia was a sign of her invincibility but she had forgotten that Noor was centuries older and stronger than Gaia and as a Cardinal Archangel; much more experienced and powerful than Iluna who was still a pre-Cardinal.

The Dark Ages ended with Iluna banished across the Atlantic Ocean; a Light Ordinal left on the North American territory to keep Iluna in check.

That was how Julia came to be in Zilarrezko's service.

It was perhaps an irony that Noor would keep a Dark Angel as an Ordinal, close by her side --an exception --for no other Dark Angels were allowed to serve outside Iluna's court; as decreed by Noor during Iluna's terms of surrender.

It could have been a political move but Noor had personally requested for Ehren. Anthony wondered what the Light Cardinal found fascinating about Dark Ordinal's sombre disposition...

Perhaps she, like the other Light Angels were attracted to those that were complete opposites of them. They wanted contrast from their bright, beautiful, exotic... white wings against the smoothest dark chocolate...

"Snap out of it!"

Anthony slapped a hand down his face in an attempt to wipe her image out of his head --a feat --considering that the Archangel welcoming him on her Sky Bridge home had the exact same coloring as Julia.

"Anthony," the gentle, airy voice of Noor greeted him.

Anthony had considered it an honor to be welcomed by the Archangel herself --especially from one that he respected.

"Archangel, I have inconvenienced you." It was an apology and question both disguised in a statement.

"Perhaps..." she smiled; her wings like a flickering light bulb under the pre-dawn darkness. "Or maybe I just like to greet the morning sun."

She moved past him --in that same graceful way as Julia --slightly elevated as though she was gliding through the air. Anthony followed her, watching the way her head angled to the left, where the sun would soon rise from.

Noor's home was as unique and magnificent as the other Archangels'. The Sky Bridge as it was called was built directly over the Nile River; resting on the rooftops of the two tallest buildings in Cairo, one at each side of the bank. Made completely out of glass, it appeared almost invisible --at least when Noor allowed it to be.

What we see --as Lucian and Julia have taught him --is simply what we perceive from light absorbed, reflected, or refracted off surfaces of objects. And the Archangel of Light was the best when it came to creating visions --real or otherwise.

The Sky Bridge would sometimes look like a rainbow or a stormy cloud, depending on her mood.

At that moment, she seemed upset. It wasn't just her wings that were flickering but the entire Sky Bridge looked like a blanket of twinkling stars. Beautiful to those below but painfully annoying to be standing right on top of it.

"I know you're tired," she said softly.


She turned very slowly to face him; white eyelashes lifting slowly to reveal colorless irises. "Would you like to rest?"


Noor gave him an amused smile. "You would get along well with Ehren. He is waiting for you." She angled her head slightly and Anthony knew then that the Dark Angel had been standing behind him all along.

A discomforting thought.

Anthony had met Ehren before but now that they were actually going to talk...

This meeting might actually be short.


Ehren had silently led Anthony into a small and darkened office --clearly his. To even call it a room was inaccurate.

It was just... a space.

"I have come to see how much assistance you're offering."

"Yes," said the Dark Ordinal, passing a black file --from nowhere --to Anthony.

Grateful for the lack of need to talk, Anthony opened the file to see a detailed report of currently mobilized air, sea and land troops and transportations as well as those on standby and those on reserves.

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