tagRomanceLori Ch. 03

Lori Ch. 03


In contrast to our early morning, the drive home was very chaste; Lori sat next to me, holding my hand. Her presense gave me a sense of immunity, so I was only a little worried about what my parents might say, yet, it was surprising how relieved I felt that I didn't see Dad's truck as we pulled in.

Still holding hands as we entered the house, we found Mom in the kitchen reading the paper and having her coffee. Looking up, her eyes traveled from me to Lori and back.

"So." I didn't exactly flinch at the word. "Are you sure about this?" she asked.

Looking at Lori, I squeezed her hand and nodded.

"You're both adults."

I hadn't expected this conversation "Mom...." I began.

Pointing her finger at us, "You have been best friends for too many years, do not let this get in the way of that."

We both gave an embarrassed "OK."

"And," focusing on me. Crap. "As an adult, you have a responsibility to tell those that love you if you are not going to come home at night."

"I'm sorry. It's just that..."

"No. That's between you. However, your father asked me to remind you that you still have work to do on the farm and that if it wasn't done today then it had to be done tomorrow."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Now go change and leave Lori here. I think we need to talk."

Dismissed, "Thanks, Mom." giving Lori a quick kiss, I rushed off to change into my work clothes.

10 minutes later, I was coming down the stairs to the sounds of the two of them laughing. Walking in, Lori burst out again. "What?" I wasn't sure what they had been talking about but I was sure it was at my expense.

"Nothing, honey." Mom responded, "We were just clearing up a few things."


Hugging Lori, Mom said "Dinner is at 6:30. Both of you should be here." Lori replied that we would.

Leaving, Mom pulled me aside, saying "This is a big thing for Lori, Mike. She's going to be very vulnerable. Be there for her." Assuring her I would, we left.

In the truck, I asked Lori "What did you and Mom talk about?"

Lori smile enigmatically "Just stuff." and no matter how I asked, Lori would not change her answer. Finally, leaning over and kissing my cheek, she said "Really, it wasn't anything you need to be concerned about."

The day passed quickly. I repaired a couple of sections of fence while Lori jokingly commented on how manly I was. When we talked, it was about school and our friends, everything but 'us'.

Finishing just before five and realizing we had a little under two hours to kill, Lori suggested we play in the shower again. As good of an idea as it sounded, I had a better one.

We were in the middle of nowhere but it was very open, no hills or trees, I told Lori to meet me in front of the truck. Her lips twisted into a cute little quirk as I unbuttoned her shirt. Pulling it off, I put it on the hood. "What are you doing?"

"Something you'll like." Untucking her t shirt, I pulled it over her head, leaving her in just her bra. "Turn around"

Hesitating, "OK"

Reaching around, I cupped her breasts through her bra. Leaning back, she whispered "That's feels good." Agreeing, I reached the clasp at the center, carefully unlocking it. I slowly pulled it away from each breast, exposing her to the world. "Brrr"

Laughing, "Yeah, it looks chilly." Pulling the straps off each arm, I dropped it to the ground.

"So, you've gotten me half naked. What now?"

Grabbing her bare mounds, I squeezed them before moving to her nipples, pinching to make them even more pronounced. Kissing her shoulders, I whispered in her ear, "NOW, you put your t-shirt back on." Lori spun around, hands on hips, her boobs bouncing with her movements. "You're just going to stop?" she demanded. I reached out and handed her the t-shirt.

"I'm thirsty. Let's go to Sonic." Picking up her bra and over shirt, I got in the truck. Lori stood there for a couple of minutes, disbelief clear on her face. "Hurry up! We don't have a lot of time."

Angrily pulling the t-shirt on, she got in. "What if I'm not thirsty?"

Driving across the field, "I think you will be." Lori stared out the window; her arms were crossed under her boobs effectively pushing them up and out. I could almost see through the shirt and I could definitely see her nipples poking through. "You look nice" I commented.

"I'm not talking to you." she pouted.

Hitting a big rut, I caused us both to bounce around the cab; Lori put her hands out to steady herself. Staying off road, I made sure to hit as many bumps as I could, causing us and, more specifically, her boobs, to bounce around. "What the hell are you doing?" she demanded.

"Watching your boobs bounce" and hit another bump.

Her eyes got big as she looked down. I hit a smaller bump, letting her see the effect. "You can see my nipples through my shirt!" she cried. "PERVERT!"

"Yes and guilty." I smiled, smugly.

Putting her hands under her breasts, Lori jiggled them up and down. "You like that? Seeing my boobs bounce around?"

"Yes, I do." I replied, sadly reaching the road, "I like seeing you do that, too."

Pulling her shirt up, she began bouncing them up and down. "How about this?"

"Even better. I wonder what the guy at Sonic is going to think."

"WHAT? NO! You wouldn't!"

"I said I was thirsty." I reminded her.

"We are not going to Sonic with my tits hanging out!" she said pulling her shirt down and reaching for her over shirt.

Snatching it away, "Nope." I put it between me and the door. "You're covered up enough."

"Mike! NO! Give me my shirt!" she pleaded.

HAH! "No way! You told me you wanted me to help push you. Well, I'm helping."

"This isn't what I meant! We know people here." she whined. "If someone sees me like this..."

"Do you trust me?" Lori looked at me; conflict clear on her face. "Do you?"

Softly "Yes."

"You know that I'll always protect you, like I promised, right?"

Sullenly, "Yeah, I guess."

"Besides, if word got out that I was dating a dirty girl who liked to flash her tits at everybody, what about my reputation?"

Lori's face grew outraged as she said "You better damn well keep your Dirty Girl happy or she won't be your dirty girl." but sat there with a crooked smile.

We rode in silence until we were almost in town. "Be careful, please?"

"Lori, if there was any chance that anyone you know could possibly see your nipples stabbing through your shirt; I would let you cover up."

Looking down, Lori saw how far her nipples were protruding through the shirt. "I don't think they've ever been this hard." She reached up, touching one. "Here, feel." she offered.

I reached over, placing a palm over her nipple; she leaned in, pressing against my hand. "See? It almost hurts!"

It was rigid. "Yes ma'am, I can see there is a problem with swelling." I joked, "Maybe we need to put some ice on them. I'm sure that will help."

"Ice? Really?" Closing her eyes, sighing "I think I'd like that."

Pulling into Sonic, "Drive through?

"Oh my God, NO!" throwing her hands over her chest.

Laughing, I pulled into one of the side stalls. Parking so that the carhop couldn't come up to the window but Lori could still be seen from the rear. After ordering our drinks, I told her that when they were delivered that she had to put her hands to her sides, to which she grudgingly agreed. The carhop wasn't anyone we knew but Lori's hand was shaking when she took her drink.

As soon as the girl left, I placed my hand over her left nipple. I didn't think it was possible that it could have gotten harder. Lori closed her eyes, almost whimpering "Can we please go to my house? I need..." she faltered. I tightened my grip on her breast and she gasped. "Stop....no...don't stop." clasping her hand over mine. "Drive. Now!" I didn't question her.

Pulling out of Sonic, I almost wrecked. Lori was clutching at my hand; I took the hint and started squeezing and pinching. Her other hand flew to her crotch and began rubbing in circles. I almost ran a stop light and as we screeched to a halt she started gasping and panting. Her hands flew to the buttons, opening her jeans for easier access. "Oh God...I can't believe I'm going to cum so fast!" leaning her head back, she closed her eyes. The light turned green; I sped off. "FUCK! What are you doing to me?" she groaned. Biting her lip, she tried to hold it in.

I was speeding down the road toward her house when she groaned "Oh SHIT! Here it cums!" Hunching forward, head shaking spastically, she shrieked unintelligently as it crashed through her, with a final "gggaaaaahhh!" she fell back, panting. I was almost to her house when she asked "What are you doing to me? I've never cum like this before. You're doing something to me...I know it!"

Laughing, I pulled her to me. "It's you! You're incredible!"

"I thought I was going to cum right there at Sonic. If you hadn't left..."

"Yeah, if we hadn't left you would have had everyone at Sonic at our truck making sure you were OK"

"I know! I don't get it. I've always been quite when I..." she trailed off embarrassed.

I called her on it. "That's cute."


"You have a screaming orgasm in my truck and you're embarrassed about masturbating."

Slapping at my chest she cried "Stop!"

"No really. You go from innocent to dirty and back. It's really cute."

"I'll show you innocent!" As we pulled into her driveway, she pulled off her shirt. I parked in front of the door as she continued to strip.

"Is this some kind of threat? Because I'm willing to let you go through with it."

Seconds later Lori was naked in my front seat. Turning so that she was leaning against the passenger door, she put her left foot in my crotch, rubbing my dick. I had been hard since I had first taken off her shirt and saw that I had left a rather large wet spot in my pants. "Hmmmm. Looks like somebody's happy to see me."

"Yes, we are." I replied, enjoying her foot massage.

"So, what do you think? Not so innocent now, huh?"

I swallowed as she drew her right leg up, letting her hand lay on her pubic area. "What are you going to do?" I knew she could act this way but I was guessing that she would have trouble saying it.

"Watch me." she said pulling her left foot away and resting her knee on the dashboard. Spread wide, I saw that her pussy was glistening. She ran a finger up and down either side then down the middle.

"Tell me what you are going to do." I demanded.

Blushing furiously, "I'm going to, to masturbate for you." The blush spread from her face to her chest and the tops of her breasts. Watching herself, "I'm going to finger my pussy." Slowly sliding a finger down her slit, parting her lips, her finger moved in a tiny oval; I realized she was outlining her opening.

It was getting very uncomfortable sitting trapped in my pants. Leaning back, I unbuttoned and unzipped. Gasping, "Pull it out. I want to see it." Pushing my pants down, I released my dick allowing it to spring up straight, the head was oozing pre-cum.

"Look at it!" she said excitedly. "Is that for me?"

"Only if you're bad." I joked.

"For you, I will be very, very bad." moving her other hand to her nipples, she began pinching and pulling on them. "Do you like that? Do you like watching me play with my titties?" licking her lips, she winked at me. "You were soooo naughty to me at Sonic." rubbing her clit. "It made me hot knowing that I might be seen. If we hadn't left, I would have fucked you right there!" her eyes closed, moaning, "I still can't believe you were able to get that big fucking cock into my itty-bitty pussy."

I couldn't believe it either. Pre-cum was flowing from my dick as I watched her and I could feel the pressure building "Lori, I think I gonna cum from just watching you." I gasped.

Lori's eyes flew open. "NO! You can't! You have to cum IN me!" pleading, "I need to feel it throb and jerk when it's buried deep in me." inhaling deeply, "I never knew it would feel so good." slipping a finger in and slowly moving it around. "Daddy was right. If I had known, I would have raped you months ago!" she looked at me "but now I don't have to, this body belongs to you." she slipped a second finger in. "This feels so good but your cock feels sooooo much better."

I could feel my dick swelling as she put on her show. "Lori, where does this come from? We've known each other for years and you have never hinted at having this side."

"I don't know." she gasped as her body shuddered. "Ooooh! That felt good. It's just that, when I get around you, I get all hot and then, if you touch me, I get all squishy" she giggled.


"It started when I felt your cock stabbing into me last week. I can't help myself. My pussy gets all wet and my mind goes off. I just want to be your nasty little slut. I am aren't I?" she asked, "You said so this morning."

Hearing the desperation in her voice; the need. "Yeah, you're my nasty little slut." Her face transformed with joy.

"You're going to cum in my pussy. Deep inside. I'm going to feel you squirt your sperm in me."

"Lori..." I warned.

I didn't know she could move that fast. One second she was leaning against the door, the next she was in my face, throwing her leg over me. I groaned when she reached down, rubbed the head, and brought her fingers to her mouth. "You taste yummy." she breathed before leaning in and sniffing my neck, "You're sweaty and you smell manly. I like that."

"You are fucking incredible" I told her.

Flashing me a smile, "I know!" Taking my dick, she rubbed it around her opening before lowering herself until just the head was just inside. "Don't you dare cum until you are completely inside of me!"

"You're on fire!" I gasped.

"I am!" she lowered herself a few inches. Closing her eyes, she gasped "Sooo big." Then rose up and slid back down, taking almost my whole shaft. "Aaaaahhhhhh!"

She felt too good, "Lori, I'm gonna explode!"

Grabbing my head, she pressed her forehead to mine, our eyes met, "Fuck me. Shove it in. Make it fit!"

Grabbing her hips, I pulled her down as I thrust up, ramming the last couple of inches all the way in, I cried out. "FUCK!!" as I let go!

"Cum in my pussy! Squirt it! Fuck yeah! It's so hot! Cum in my hot little cunt" she chanted. It felt like I would never quit spewing. I felt her clamp down and moan "So full." rocking her hips back and forth.

"God that feels good....you feel good." I moaned.

"Yeah. Let's stay like this." squeezing even tighter.

"Dear God! How are you doing that?"

"Kegels." she breathed, "I read somewhere that it can help give women better orgasms"

"Men too, I'm still hard."

Squeeze-squeeze. "Yeah you are. Now we get to really fuck."

I brushed her hair away from her face and began kissing down her neck to her chest. "You keep this up we're going to be too sore to fuck."

"Never!" rising up, she looked down, "We so look good."

"You look awesome!" I said, grabbing both of her tits as she rode me.

As Lori moved up and down, I began to chew on her delicious nipples, causing her to cry out. Thrusting up to meet her, our bodies slapped together and the sounds of our breathing filled the truck as she approached her climax.

Compared to her previous orgasms, it was quiet; whimpering and moaning in my ear. When she recovered, she ground herself against me, playfully biting my ear. "I want to taste you. Let me know when you're close!"

Grunting, I grabbed her hips trying to thrust a little deeper, her sheath began clasping and releasing my shaft as we moved. Feeling that familiar sensation, I groaned as she had another small orgasm and her pussy spasmed around me. "Now!" I cried.

When Lori jumped off, I felt a sudden chill on my dick then she was on her knees beside me, stroking my cock. As she lowered her head to my balls, licking and chewing at the base, I saw that gleam in her eye, "It tastes sooo good. I didn't know if I would like the taste of my pussy but I think I do. What do think? Do you think I taste good?" rising up, she kissed me.

"You're delicious." I replied.

She kept jerking me and whispered "I've always wondered what pussy tastes like, too. Do you think different girls taste differently?"

"I don't know." I croaked.

Kissing me again "I wonder what Vanessa tastes like?" The image flashed into my head of Lori's face buried in Vanessa's pussy.

"Why don't you ask her?" I was sooo close.

"I just might." lowering her head back to my cock. "Couldn't you just see me sucking on her huge tits?" Lori's dirty mouth had almost pushed me over the edge then, I felt her take the head in. I watched as she tried to work my cock into her mouth until she gagged. Suddenly "Oh, SHIT!"

"Mmmmmmm" she groaned.

I exploded with a roar! She pulled up so that her lips were fastened just under the head; I felt her tongue flicking as I flooded her mouth. A small stream of cum trickled out the corner but she kept sucking until I was completely spent.

Looking up with a smile, I could see her swishing her tongue around her mouth. Parting her lips, she showed me my cum before swallowing once, grinning, then swallowing a second time. "Thick, but so yummy!" I pulled her to me, kissing her. Our tongues fought until then she broke away "You like the taste of you cum."

"I like the taste of you." I corrected.

Looking down, Lori saw the dribble of cum she had missed and exclaimed angrily "Damn it! I thought I got it all!" and bent down to slurp it up. She also took my softening cock into her mouth, nursing on it until she was satisfied it was clean of all traces of cum before resting her head on my thigh.

Glancing at the clock on the dash, I saw that it was 5:40. We had less than an hour to get home for dinner. I mentioned it to Lori, asking if she wanted to get shower now or after dinner. She sleepily kissed my leg, mumbling "After."

I slowly drove towards town. About a mile out, I pulled onto a lease road. Waking Lori, I said "Hey, we're home. You need to get dressed before we go inside."

Lori's eyes shot open as she sat up in a panic. Hands covering her boobs, she looked around until realizing we were still out of town and punched me in the chest "What?" I asked.

"You bastard!" she cried, "You about gave me a heart attack. I would have totally freaked out if your Mom saw my with my head in you lap."

Chuckling, "I liked the way it looked"

"I'm sure. Gimme my shirt." holding out her hand, waiting as I dug it out from where I stuffed it. "Damn! It's a little wrinkled."

I laughed "A little? It looks like it's been...uh...wadded up and stuffed between the seats." I finished weakly.

"That's what I mean! How am I going to explain it?"

"Get dressed. If it looks to bad we still have time for you to get another."

"Like that won't be suspicious!"

I shrugged but Lori got dressed without panties and bra. She decided her shirt wasn't too wrinkled after all.

We got home in time to help get dinner ready. Dad cooked the steaks while Lori and I helped Mom in the kitchen.

As we sat down for dinner, Dad wondered aloud about the special occasion, Mom avoided looking at either of us, saying that it just seemed a good idea. He led a quick prayer, thanking God for the food, asking for blessings on those gathered, and a request for rain. It had been a dry year; rain was the farmer's curse, either too much at the wrong time or never enough the rest of the time.

We talked about the farms and plans for summer. When Dad asked Lori if she was seeing anyone special, she got a goofy, embarrassed grin on her face as Mom hid a smile. "Yeah, someone very special." she said looking at me.

Missing the exchange, Dad asked "Who's the lucky guy? Do I know him?"

Turning beet red, she reached her hand across the table as I reached out to her. Dad was busy cutting his steak so it wasn't until he looked up that he finally saw us holding hands. "Oh...OH, well." Raising his glass of tea, "Congratulations!" He fixed me with his eye saying "You better treat her right or we're going to have words." I knew from his tone that he was both joking and dead serious.

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