tagRomanceLori Ch. 04

Lori Ch. 04


When the alarm went off the sunshine was already streaming in and Lori was sprawled beside me. Church was at 10. We had about two hours to get ready.

Lori wanted to shower together but I begged off. I knew that if did, we'd miss church. I also reminded her that we needed Mom and Dad's goodwill if we were going to have any chance of staying together. It came to me as I fell asleep: We could live here, in the guest room. I hadn't figured it out how to get the permission we would need and Lori's parents were not something I wished to consider, yet.

Church first, then plan.

Lori beat me downstairs and was talking to my parents. She was wearing her light blue dress that hung from her in a just barely acceptable way. The same dress, at school, wouldn't have caused any comment but Church was a little more conservative. She was stunning.

Dad saw me first and how I was looking at Lori. He shook his head but I couldn't make out what he was thinking.

Church was short. The only thing remarkable was when, at one point, Lori leaned over whispering in my ear that her panties were soaked and that she was 'squishy'.

Dad suggested we load up and go into the City for lunch. We talked lightly on the way. None of us brought up last night.

Lunch was, thankfully, uneventful.

Mom said she needed to go to the mall and wanted Lori to help her pick out some decorations.

Dad and I said we'd stay in the car while they made a quick dash in. I was totally unprepared for what happened next.

Dad didn't find a parking space close by; instead he drove to a nearby park and got out. He sat on the front of the car. I followed, uncertain.

He didn't look at me as he started talking "Your Mother told me." I didn't have to guess what. "Son, it's not that I don't think the world of Lori but have you thought this through?" I didn't respond. "There are a lot of women out there. This is a small town. I know what its like to finally..." he paused. "When you think with your dick, you make bad decisions. You have a good head on your shoulders. College is in your future. You've been a great help on the farms and in the office. It's not hard to see you take over either, hell both, in time."

We'd talked about this before. The oil business presented all sorts of challenges and the farms offered different but what he implied about Lori, that she was common. I didn't trust myself to say anything.

He continued. "You know, I was 'in love' before I met your Mother? Or thought I was. She was a beaut! Just over five feet." He looked over at me "She was my first. I thought the sun rose and set on her command. I found out later, I was just another one of her playthings." I got the picture.

"Dad," I was surprised how calm I sounded.

"Now, again, I'm sure Lori is, well..." he trailed off.

Getting up, I walked off. I didn't trust myself. If he said another word, I was going to hit him.

I walked for a lot longer than I thought and I actually found myself listening to his words until I would remember Lori's voice telling me that she loved me and needed me. I must have walked about for close to an hour before I found myself standing in front of my Dad.

"Thanks, Dad." he really had make me think. I hoped one day I would be as wise as he was.

He nodded and asked "You really love her, don't you, son""

I couldn't speak. I just nodded.

"We need to get back. The girls are probably tired of shopping. That or I'm flat broke!" he laughed.

I smiled at that as we got back in the car and drove back. I didn't say anything until we were almost back to the mall. "Dad, I don't know what to do. I need her. I didn't know it was possible to feel like this."

Nodding, "Let's wait until we get home and we can talk about it."

Dad was wrong on both counts. They weren't done shopping and he wasn't broke. We loaded them up and headed home. It was funny; Mom and Dad sat in the back allowing Lori to sit next to me. I think I actually heard Mom giggle a couple of times but when I tried to look back Lori would jab me in the ribs. I got the hint.

Unloaded, changed, and relaxed, we all sat at the kitchen table.

Mom took charge as Lori and I nervously sat together.

"Lori, I've seen you look at Michael for months as he was totally blind to you. Something happened last weekend. I don't know what," I was startled that Mom had noticed but then she knew me. "Michael was in such a funk until Wednesday. I was afraid you two had fought." Shifting to me, "Thursday, I saw you at dinner and I knew. When Eric called looking for you Friday night, I was certain." Smiling, "I saw you both Saturday morning and I didn't see my boy and his girlfriend. I saw a young man smitten with a beautiful young woman. And you," looking at Lori, "you looked, not like a woman with a prize, but like a woman in love."

I was stunned that Mom had caught all of that and it seemed that she understood.

"Someday when you have kids..." she looked to Dad, who nodded.

"Lori, I have been friends with your Mother since the day she moved here in Third grade; your Dad, since kindergarten. I love them both but..." Yeah, but. "I think it's safe to say that I can talk to Karen about..." she waived her hands in the air, "all of this. I'm sure if I saw how you looked at Mike, she saw it too." pausing, she took a drink. "Your father. That's going to take a little more."

Lori had tears in her eyes; I grabbed her hand and held it.

Dad spoke up. "I said some things to Mike this afternoon that were, well, they weren't polite about you, Lori. I think he understands but, so it's in the open, I think you are a wonderful young woman and I don't think our son could make a better choice." He got up and gave Lori a couple of tissues and continued. "I'm not about to tell you what you should do or how you should approach this with your Mom and Dad but you're welcome here all the time." I was out of my chair and hugging my Dad before I knew it. Lori was there with me. He kept surprising me.

After a few minutes Mom coughed, regaining our attention. "Lori, I'm not sure if I should say this but, maybe you ought to go get some extra clothes for school tomorrow. I'll call your Mother and we can talk about it but tempers are likely to be high. Sam has a certain point of view." Lori nodded.

I glanced at the clock and it was close to five. We probably didn't have a lot of time. "Lori, we need to go. Mom, Dad, thanks."

Lori rushed over and hugged Mom and kissed her cheek. A quick hug with Dad and we were gone.

Lori was almost giddy with the response from my parents. She was sure that Mom was way wrong.

Her parents were there when we pulled up.

Lori's Mom, Karen, was just hanging up the phone as we walked in. Sam was out at the barn putting away the luggage. Lori hugged her Mom; I immediately knew something was up.

Lori asked her Mom how their weekend was and about her Grandmother. Karen looked at me and I suddenly felt like I was a rat caught in the cheese. I cringed. "Mike, why don't you go see if you can't help Sam with the luggage, please." Crap. Kissing Lori on the cheek, I squeezed her hand and managed to not quite run out of the house.

I ran into her Dad coming out of the barn and asked about the trip and how everyone was doing, trying to allow Lori time to talk to her Mother. They were seated at the kitchen table when we walked in.

It's amazing how kitchens can differ. I had eaten here hundreds of times, worked on homework, and talked about nothing at the same table. It was a totally different kitchen Sam and I walked into. Lori looked to be on the edge of tears and her Mother looked like she wanted to find a pair of shears and cut a few things off.

Sam didn't catch it at first. He was telling Lori about how her Grandmother had missed her and hoped her project had been worth it. He grabbed a beer from the fridge and had taken his first drink when he caught the mood.

"Sam, sit down." Karen said. I remained standing. Oddly enough, I was by the door but I had no intention of running and, by chance, he chose the seat on the other side of Lori, effectively isolating her.

"Who wants to explain?" she asked.

Lori looked at me expectantly. Gathering my courage, I said "Lori and I are dating." she looked hopeful and gave me a weak smile.

Quietly, Karen asked "Is there anything else you need to tell us?" She knew.

I shook my head but replied "There's nothing more you need to know."

Sam caught that. Taking a long drink, he stood up and walked over to the kitchen window, looking outside.

Tears were beginning to fall down Lori's face. "Daddy?" He didn't respond.

I had to say something. "Sam, I love her." Nothing. He took another drink.

Lori got up and walked over to him. "Daddy? Say something, please?" She put her hand on his shoulder and he shrugged it off. "Daddy, please!" She was crying openly.

"Sam..." I began.

He spun, raising his hand as if to hit me. I stood my ground "SAM!" cried Karen.

He glared at her then Lori but he didn't look at me again. "Out. Get out." and walked out the back door.

"DADDY!" she cried. "Daddy, please!" she was sobbing.

Karen approached and said "You better go. Run upstairs and get some clothes. I'll talk to him. We'll...you better leave."

Taking Lori by the arm, I guided her to her room. I sat her on her bed. She was crying uncontrollably.

I found a bag in her closet and stuffed several pieces of clothing in before gathering up Lori and helping her down the stairs. Neither Karen nor Sam was around. I put Lori in the truck where she sat looking at nothing, she had stopped crying but it was like she was in shock. I reached out to hold her hand but it was limp in my hand.

Mom was waiting when we pulled up. She got Lori's bag while I helped her to our room. Mom put her clothes in the closet as I put Lori in bed.

"Karen called. I'm so sorry. I had no idea he would react that severely." She looked at Lori and said "Stay with her. I'll bring you something to eat if you need it." I hugged her then lay down next to Lori.

We lay there with until she finally fell asleep. I got up and walked downstairs. Mom and Dad were in the kitchen talking. I sat down at the table and Mom offered to get me something to eat. I wasn't hungry and told her so.

"I'll talk to Sam tomorrow. He'll come around." Dad offered.

I shook my head. "Thanks, but no. It's something I need to do." Dad nodded as if it was the most reasonable thing. Mom held her tongue. We sat there for a while. I discovered I was staring at an empty plate; Mom had made me a sandwich. "Thanks." And I got up to change clothes and check on Lori.

She was still asleep but woke as I climbed back in bed. I handed her a glass of water that Mom must have brought at some time. I helped her get up and get undressed. She asked for the t-shirt I had been wearing then we crawled back into bed. "What are we going to do?" her voice hoarse from crying.

I tried to reassure her, "I'll figure out something."

"But what? I've never seen him so mad." she whispered.

"I'll fix this. Not tonight. Right now you need sleep and then we can talk in the morning."

Lori kissed me. And again. Her hand moved to my shorts "Love me, please?"

I removed her hand and hugged her tight. "I do and we will, but not tonight."

Tears flowing down her face, she nodded in understanding. I kissed her and stroked her hair until she fell asleep. I wasn't far behind.

I woke to find Lori gone. I was worried until I noticed the bathroom door was closed. There was a knock on the door and Mom stuck her head in. "Are you going to school today?" I shook my head.

"Probably not. I need to fix this and Lori isn't up to it."

"I'll call and let them know, for both of you."

"Thanks Mom." I said as she closed the door.

A few minutes later Lori opened the bathroom door and came out, still dressed in my t-shirt. With a wan smile she climbed back in bed. "I love you." she said.

"I love you." I replied. She rested her head on my chest. After about 20 minutes Lori's hand started moving to my shorts. I pulled it away and she looked at me in alarm. "No. Not until we figure this out." She nodded, again, in understanding but not agreement.

"Can you turn on the TV?" she asked.

"Sure, what do you want to watch?" I replied.

She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know what's on."

We spent the morning flipping through channels and finding stupid shows to watch.

At noon, I got dressed and finally coaxed Lori to get up. She refused to change her shirt but allowed me to put some shorts on her. We walked downstairs and found an empty house. Mom had left a note on the counter.

'I'll be helping your Dad at the office today. Call me if you need anything.'

We sat in the living room watching TV. Lori was leaning against me, legs drawn up, arms wrapped around then. She was miserable and getting worse.

When we sat down, she had asked for her cell phone. I had turned it and mine off the night before and when I turned them on we were flooded with messages from our friends. I scanned mine and saw one from Vanessa from this morning asking where we were. I replied that we had stayed home and asked if she could come over after school.

Lori called her Dad and left a voicemail pleading with him to call her. She waited a whole five minutes before calling again and leaving another voicemail. After the fourth attempt, I took away her phone. "Give him time." I counseled. She nodded, bleakly.

I called him a little later with the same response.

A very confused Vanessa brought our books and homework assignments. She tried talking to Lori but she wasn't much for conversation. I gave her a rough outline about us and what had happened.

"I knew she wanted to go out with you but I had no idea!" she told me.

Asking her to keep it quiet at school, I left her to talk to Lori.

I tried calling her Mom but the phone just rang. They had turned off the answering machine.

Lori played with the food on her plate at dinner but didn't eat.

Tuesday was about the same except that Paula, Lori's sister came to check on her. She confirmed that her Dad was avoiding us both and that any mention of either of us had resulted in a furious glare. It didn't stop either if us from trying to call.

Wednesday got worse as Lori wouldn't even leave our room. Eric and Vanessa, both, stopped by after school to check on Lori and offer support but she was getting worse. That night any call we made ended in a busy signal.

It was just after noon on Thursday and I had just gotten Lori to come downstairs when we were startled by a knock at the back door followed by a "Hello?" I smiled. It was Grampa. I got up and met him in the kitchen.

"Hey, Grampa." I said. "How are you today?"

"Hey, kiddo, your Grandmother made some cookies for you." looking around as if he had set them down somewhere and lost them. "Well, anyway. How are you holding up?"

He knew something. "We're getting by. Lori is...I don't know."

"Has she eaten? Do you want to go to lunch?" I shook my head. "How 'bout I go get something?"

"Thanks, but Lori won't eat." I replied.

"She needs to eat. Remind her that this is going to pass." Still looking around, "Maybe I left those cookies out in the truck." We walked outside.

"Grampa, I don't know how to fix this."

"What's to fix?" he responded.

"This thing with Lori and her Dad." I said.

"What, exactly, is the problem?"

"He won't talk to her. We keeps calling and he either doesn't answer or he hangs up on us."

He considered it for minute, "Why do you think he's doing that?"

I took my time answering, "I guess he's mad." Grampa smiled.

"Most men, most fathers, as soon as they hold their daughter for the first time, see danger everywhere. Not just at that moment, they see it all the way down their life. They especially see the boys. That's how it was with your Mother. As soon as I held her, I knew someone was going to take her away from me." Turning to face me. "I was lucky. I knew your Dad. Then they started dating. It got serious over time. I got the chance to see the gradual change in Sandra."

He smiled "Your Dad coming to tell me he was going to marry your Mother..." he shook his head, "I had seen it coming for weeks but the minute he told me I wanted nothing more than to tell him 'no'." he put his hand on my shoulder and looked at me. "Now, as I understand it, Lori's Dad went out of town and while he was away. Well..." he got into his truck. "Ah! Here they are!" he declared triumphantly, holding up two bags of cookies "Here...make her eat a few of these." Starting his truck, "Mike?"

"Yes sir?"

"When you do talk to him, try to remember his side. More importantly, if she really means that much to you, don't back down." I watched as he drove off.

I shook my head. With this kind of support, we couldn't lose. I walked into the house and texted Vanessa to come over after school, again. I tried to get Lori to eat; she was polite and nibbled at one cookie but didn't finish it.

Vanessa got there after four. I had changed into some work clothes and told her I would be back as soon as possible.

Driving out to Lori's house, I kept thinking about what I should say but nothing really sounded right. I still hadn't figured it out when I got there.

Knocking on the door, Karen answered. We stood there looking at each other. Finally I asked "Is Mr. James around?"

It seemed like a long time before she asked, "How is she?"

"She's not eating. All she can do is sleep. She hasn't been to school all week. She misses you both."

Karen studied me then "How are you doing?"

"Holding up; I'm worried about Lori."

"It was just so sudden, Mike." she told me. "We left our little girl here and when we came back..."

Nodding in understanding. "She worked so hard for me to see her."

Karen barked a laugh. "For months!"

I really had been blind. "When I did?" I shrugged. "I won't give her up."

"Sam's in the barn. He's working on the tractor. Go on out there."

"Thanks" I replied and walked around the house.

I found him hammering on a cheat pipe, trying to bust loose a stubborn bolt. I stopped about 20 feet away. "Mr. James?"

He stopped pounding and very purposefully put the hammer down. Still not facing me he said "You should probably leave."

"Sir, I'm here about Lori." I said.

He turned around and walked towards me, stopping about five feet away. "It's a little late to talk to me now. You've already taken her. What more do you want?"

"Sir, I..." I looked down to gather myself, and then met his stare. "Sir, I didn't take her. She...I love her."

"What do you know about love?" he spat. "You're just a kid." Softly "She's just a kid."

"No, sir. We aren't kids. We're young but you know us. More, you know her."

"So, you've decided you were grown up enough, why are you here?"

"Sir, the woman that I love, your daughter, is starving herself because you threw her out. She loves me but you're her Dad. I can't be what you are to her and you won't even talk to her."

He stepped up to me, staring; I couldn't read his face. When walked around me, out of the barn, I followed slowly. " 'Sam' " he said, "you've always called me 'Sam'. Dinner is at six. Don't be late." and strode into the house.

I tried not to drive 90 all the way home. I wasn't certain what was going to happen but it looked like progress.

Getting home, I found Lori by herself in our room. Vanessa had to leave.

I told Lori to take a shower and get dressed. We were going out. She tried to protest but I threatened to spank her if she didn't hurry. She actually smiled at that, sticking her tongue out at me.

Jumping in the other shower for a quick rinse, I dressed in record time. Lori was dragging her feet and complaining that she didn't want to go out. "It's not up to you. Now, hurry up!" It was after five.

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