Lori Ch. 05



Lori woke me up just after seven. She was already dressed and looked stunning. "Hurry up! We're going to be late for school! I'll meet you down stairs." and she was off.

I struggled out of bed and, a quick shower and shave later, I was walking downstairs pulling my shirt on. Lori was in the kitchen talking to Mom. Her dark hair was in loose curls; her top was a yellow and blue Oxford that was not quite straining at the buttons, jeans so tight I can't imagine how she got them on! Black belt and boots completed her look. She flashed me a smile. It seemed the last week had just been a bad dream.

I was woefully underdressed. Running back up to my room, I replaced my t-shirt with a navy blue button-down and my shoes with boots. Leaving the house, we could have been going out dancing instead of to school.

We were holding hands when we walked into school. True to their word Vanessa and Eric hadn't said anything. Still, we caused quite a stir with the rest of our friends and classmates. Lori even blushed when I gave her a quick kiss as we split off to go to our first class.

We didn't try to keep our relationship quiet and by lunch the rumors were flying. The stares and whispers would have worried me if they had been anywhere close to the truth; we heard the word 'pregnant' several times as we were walking through the halls and Lori laughed each time she heard it.

When we finally told our group that we were living together at my parents, I was surprised that we didn't hear the floor cracking from all the dropped jaws. Everyone but Vanessa; even Eric hadn't known all of it.

Overhearing Lori making plans for the evening, I interrupted her to 'remind' her that we had plans but we could meet up Saturday.

School ended with Lori groaning under the load of homework she had missed. I was only slightly spared because I had been working on my assignments through the week.

We worked on getting caught up until about five when Lori looked at me and said "Khaki shorts and a polo." and went up to get ready. I finished my Physics before going up. I showered and shaved. Then, remembering Lori's comment about pubic hair, I shaved most of it off. I just knew I was going to cut myself so I went slooooow. The water was almost cold by the time I was done. Making sure I put plenty of lotion on, I got dressed: as she said, khaki shorts and a polo.

I was met with the vision of my dazzling girlfriend talking to my parents. She was wearing a proper below-the-knee jean dress and a long sleeved pink button up blouse. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she had her pink lipstick and polish on. I told them we were going to dinner and a movie. We would definitely be late.

Lori sat next to me until we were almost to the City before climbing into the back seat. "Eyes front, mister!" she commanded.

Parking at Fridays, she hopped out before I could see. By the time I had walked around the back, she was leaning against the tailgate wearing a much shorter pink dress that I realized was her 'blouse'; she had taken off her jean skirt! Lori had also let her hair down so that it fell about her face. I whistled in appreciation. She twirled and I thought I saw her bare ass. Grinning, she grabbed my hand as we walked inside.

Sitting across from me, Lori emphasized that she wasn't very hungry and ordered a salad, I chose a burger. When I asked if she was feeling OK, she responded "You have the only thing I need to eat tonight." Then I about jumped out of my seat when I felt her bare foot start rubbing my crotch! She gave me a devilish smile and said "You probably shouldn't eat too much, either."

Teased mercilessly throughout dinner, I plotted my revenge. When Lori offered to crawl under the table, I decided it was time to leave.

As we walked through the food court to the theater, I swear every eye was on her. I tried to cancel the movie but she was insistent. Picking a movie that had been out for a while and with bottles of water in hand, we made it to the theater. She made sure I had a great view of her ass as she climbed the stairs to the top. Watching the trivia before the movie and making stupid jokes about the ads, we were two of about 20 people in the theater when the movie started.

Lifting the arm separating our seats, she scooted next to me. Pulling my arm around her, Lori snuggled up to watch the movie. Resting her hand on my thigh, she idly rubbed up and down. When I moved my hand down she shifted so that I could reach her breast. About half way through the movie she loudly whispered "Are you going to fuck me tonight?"

Laughing at her boldness, "Isn't that what you want me to do?"

Nodding, she asked, "If I suck you off now, will you be able get it up later?"

My dick had been semi-hard since she had begun massaging my thigh but at her words it surged to full hardness. "I think I can manage that." I assured her.

She leaned over and bit my neck and said "You would not believe how squishy I am."

"Show me."

Moving so that she was leaning against the other side of her seat, Lori lifted her skirt the few inches needed to expose her bald beaver. The light from the movie screen let me see it glistening. "I need a closer look." I told her. Then, before she could move, I quickly leaned in. Placing my hands under her thighs, I lifted and pushed her back as I licked her pussy from bottom to top, stopping to suck on her clit. It happened to be a quiet part of the movie so her yelp of "Oh fuck me!" was exceptionally loud. She tried to push me away but I stayed put; licking her as well as I knew how. Lori tried to be quiet but when she finally came there was no doubt to anyone in the theater what was happening.

I sat up and she growled "You fucker!"

With her juices still wet on my face, I kissed her which almost drove her into a frenzy. We had to leave or risk being arrested for loudly fucking in public. I unbuttoned her blouse, I mean 'dress', to just below her breasts. I was right again; no bra. Pinching both of her nipples hard enough that she gasped, I grabbed her hand, leading her down the stairs.

At the door, I looked at her in the light. It was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra; her nipples were protruding through the thin dress and with it unbuttoned as it was, I could see the curve of each wondrous globe. Her eyes were almost glazed in lust.

"Through the mall or side exit?" I asked.

She hesitated.

"Oops. Took too long. Through the mall it is." I said. Grabbing her hand, I led her out into the crowded lobby.

Lori staggered to a halt. Her eyes darting around, "I can't" she whispered.

Backing her up against the wall, effectively shielding her, "I won't make you, but I'll be with you if you want to go."

She looked up at me, fearfully. "I want to but I'm not ready."

Reaching up, I fastened two buttons. "We'll go out the side." I said flashing her a smile, "I love you." and kissed her before guiding her to the side exit.

Reaching the door, Lori said "Wait." we stopped and I watched as, with trembling hands, she undid the two buttons I had re-buttoned and unbuttoned three more. There was no doubt that she was naked under her dress.

Lori pulled her dress open and flashed her tits to me. I reached up and grabbed her left nipple and said "Ready?"

Taking the hand that was pinching her nipple; she led me out, leaving her chest exposed. We ran to the truck with her laughing at the expressions on those few who saw her. In the truck, Lori said "I'm sorry I couldn't do it."

"Sweetheart, you don't need to apologize." I reassured her. "Besides, when you screamed back there in the theater, I just knew they were going to throw us out!"

"You bastard! I wanted to be the one to do that." she replied.

"Maybe, but remember, as much as you like tasting 'us' on me, I like tasting 'you' on you."

Shyly, "You really like to do that?"

I laughed, "Hell yeah. I like tasting you and I like doing anything that causes you to squirm like that."

"I was afraid you just did it because I did it. I didn't want you to feel like you had to."

"Do you really like sucking me?" I asked.

"Oh my God, yes!" she gushed. "It's, like, my second favorite thing to do!" placing her hand on my shaft, "Can you guess what my favorite thing is?"

Playing along, "I have an idea."

Pulling out of the parking space, I decided to get my 'revenge'. "So," I began, "as punishment for not walking through the mall." Pause.

"Punishment?" she squeaked.

"Yes. I think you need to be, don't you?"

"Um, what do you suggest?" sounding genuinely interested.

"Naked." I said. "You need to be naked. Now."

Grinning, she said "That sounds fair!" and finished unbuttoning her dress. She took off her jacket, dress, and shoes; tossing them into the back seat.

"That's better." I said with admiration then, "Crap!"

Lori looked around in alarm. "What?"

"I just noticed that we need to stop for gas." I said.

Laughing in relief, "Oh! I thought it was something bad."

We were at the stop light across from a well-lit gas station. "What are you doing?" as she reached back for her dress.

"Don't worry, I'll take it off again when we're on the road again." she assured me.

As stern as I could manage, I said "I guess I wasn't clear. Not wearing your clothes is your punishment. They stay off." I grabbed the dress from her.

Her face looked shocked. "Mike, NO! People will see me!" she shrieked.

"I guess you should have thought of that before you so casually stripped. You didn't seem to mind who saw you when we were running to the car." I reminded her and stopped next to a pump. It was Friday night. The place was packed.

Lori shrank and put her hands up to cover herself then crawled onto the floorboard as I got out. "MIKE!" I laughed and closed the door. I looked in through the window. My truck sits high enough that she didn't really have anything to worry about unless someone looked in, like I was doing, but it was fun to see her crouched down there.

Taking my time, I washed the windows after I finished filling up, enjoying the glares she gave me. Then, just to mess with her, I opened the door and asked if she wanted anything to drink. "NO! Don't you dare leave me out here by myself!"

"OK. I guess we can always go through a drive-through." and climbed in.

"You wouldn't! Would you?" she sounded desperate.

I was laughing as we drove off while Lori stayed hidden on the floor. I had decided to take the back roads home but, since she couldn't see, she had no idea if I was really going to stop at a drive thru. She began pleading with me not to stop. "Why don't you get in your seat and we can talk about it."

She looked at me, sticking out her tongue, "I can't believe you're doing this to me." reluctantly crawling back into her seat. Lori looked around and seeing that we were almost out of town, "You jerk!" she crossed her arms, nose in the air, "That really was mean."

"There was never any change you were going to be seen by anyone but me unless they got into the truck. I wouldn't do that to you. Well, not yet."

"What do you mean 'not yet'?" she whined.

"I mean someday when we're in a place nobody knows us, like Dallas or somewhere, I'm going to show you off." I explained.

I glanced over at her and saw her thinking about it, a little smile playing across her face. "So, you want other people see this?" turning towards me and opening her arms and legs. The street lights splashing across her body.

"Maybe not." I said. "I'm not sure how I feel about sharing you like that. Teasing and flashing your boobs is one thing." I shook my head.

Lori slid over to me and kissed my cheek. "It's exciting to fantasize about it but I'm not sure if I want anyone but you seeing all of me." We drove in silence until we had almost reached the expressway. "You need to pull off at the next lease road." I looked the question at her. "You're way too overdressed and I don't think that I can undress you while you're driving."

I did as she asked but I wanted to surprise her with my 'haircut'. I got out and shucked my clothes then got back in holding them over my almost hairless groin. "I, uh..." pretending to be embarrassed but she knew something was up.

"Don't give me that. Clothes. Now." Holding out her hands until I gave them up. She turned to put them in the back seat. Turning back around, her hand snaked down to grab me. As soon as she touched me she squealed in delight. "Mike! Oh my God!" her other hand went to the dome light, clicking it on. I leaned back so that she could see that, except for the hair just above my dick, I was shorn bare. She used both hands to stroke and explore. With raw lust in her voice "I cannot wait until we get home so I can really see this."

I put the truck in drive and said "If that's what you'd rather do..."

Lori grabbed and squeezed my balls. "Stop." I did. "When school is out and we have enough money we are going to get our own place. Until then, you are going to take me out into the country, whenever I want, so I can be as loud as I need to be when you jam this thing in me. You got that?"

"Yes, ma'am!" What else was there to say? I slammed it into park and shut it down.

"That's better." and released me.

"Move over. We need to switch places." I directed. Lori climbed over me as I slid under.

"What now?"

"Lay back. I get to finish what I started at the theater." Leaning down, "Good God! You're fucking dripping!" Her fingers drifted down and played with her slit.

She gave me a wicked grin, saying "Yeah. I almost came when we were at that gas station."

I scooted forward and began lapping up her juices. "Mmmmmmm, you getting really good at that!" she commented. I licked, sucked and chewed her to several orgasms. She was incredible! It seemed like each time she came, it was easier to make it happen the next time; still, I was damn proud of myself! She moaned, groaned, and screamed with abandon. Lori finally yanked my hair hard enough to remove me from her pussy.

Panting, Lori brought me up "Stop! Stop. Stopstopstop." she lay back, holding me at arms' length. "I think I'm....oh, my God. You need to stop."

I sat back watching as she placed her hand over her swollen lips and laughed as she jerked her hand away. "I need a minute." she panted, "Then I'm going to get what we came for." It was almost predatory in the way she said it, my dick to surged in anticipation. Pointing, "That better stay put."

"We're not going anywhere." I replied. "And if I get that," pointing at her, "I'll wait."

"Damn straight you will." she barked. After a minute, she said "My pussy may need time to recover but my mouth is just fine. Although," she coughed, "my throat does seem to be a little sore. Maybe you can give me some cough syrup?"

I leaned back, indicating that I was willing. She crawled forward and placed her hands on my hips. Without saying a word she started licking my head before taking it halfway into her mouth. Slowly moving up and down, she worked more of my dick inside only stopping when I felt the entrance of her throat. She didn't move. Breathing deeply around me, her left hand moved off my hip, blindly feeling about until she found my hand. Deliberately, she placed it on her head. I immediately got the hint, moving my other hand to her head. Smiling as I remembered what she liked. I pulled her up, allowing her time for a quick breath then I applied pressure, slowly moving her down my shaft. Reaching her throat, I paused, allowing her time to prepare, then gently forced my dick into her throat, continuing until her lips were stretched wide around the base. Lori moaned as I held her in place.

I felt her throat constricting as she tried to swallow. I held her there until I felt her hands on my hips tighten. I pushed deeper, holding her in place. Just before she started to struggle, I released her. She jerked up, gulping air but grinning as I pulled her to me. "I thought you'd never get it." and gave me a sloppy kiss.

"Are you recovered enough?"


"Then move, I'm on top tonight." I said and pushed her back.

Lori reached down and grabbed my shaft, guiding it to her opening. Pushing gently, it was amazing how easily I slid in. "Oh, God, Mike! I needed this." she moaned.

"This isn't all about you, you know." I teased.

"It is tonight, shut up and fuck me!" she commanded.

Doing as she asked, I shoved my way in to the hilt. Lori's scream caused me to stop until she stared daggers at me. "You little slut." I said, withdrawing enough that I could slam back in.

Screaming again, she ground upward to meet my thrust. Her eyes met mine as she yelled "FUCK ME!"

I did my best, slamming into her faster and faster. Lori cried out as she came, her muscles clamping down. She started shaking and suddenly stopped screaming. Except for short quick breaths, she didn't make a sound. Her hands grasped my shoulders, fingernails digging in. I tried to move and she shook her head. Then her eyes clamped shut. Her head started to shake back and forth as her sheath began to spasm around my cock. I could feel my cum rising and tried to hold back. "Lori?" I warned.

Nodding, "Do it, cum in me." she rasped. "Please!"

I pressed against her as hard as I could and with a shout I exploded into her. That was all Lori needed. The sensation of my cock expanding and firing hot cum deep inside her clenching walls caused her to arch her back and shriek into the night as she came.

As the last of my cum spewed into her, Lori collapsing to the seat. I was astonished at the intensity of her orgasms. And, as soon as she released me, it was like all the blood had been forced out of my dick. Watching as my limp dick slid out of her, I fell back against the door.

For a moment I thought that Lori had fallen asleep because her breathing was so soft then her hand strayed to her still open slit, her fingers rested on her clit. She started rubbing it in growing circles. Weakly, I heard her beg "Please?"

My unit was not going to rise to the task that quickly. I didn't know what she expected but when my lips closed over her clit, that wasn't it.

I sucked and flipped her clit until she was groaning then I moved down. I figured that if she could suck my dick clean after we fucked then I could at least return the favor.

Lifting her legs and pushing them back, I had a clear shot at her open tunnel. I licked and chewed on her lips until she begged me to stop then I thrust my tongue inside.

"You fucking dirty man! You fucked my cunt full now you're sucking it out! It's not fair!" but she held my head in place so I kept going.

It hit me that we'd been in this position before. I stopped and looking up, "Lori?"

Weakly she raised her head "What?"

I grinned, "I'm going to lick your butt."

"NO! Please, no. Not tonight." she pleaded. "I can't take any more tonight."

Ignoring her pleas, I ducked my head down. She damn near pulled my hair out as she tried to stop me. I ran my tongue down her slit. "Mike, please!" Grinning, I swiped my tongue down across her hole. "Uuugghh!" I licked it again, following the ridge around. "God, that feels so good, but please stop." she whined.

Shaking my head, I kept up the pressure. Her tight little knot yielded slowly; it became my mission to get in. Lori started kicking; her heels pounded against my shoulders as I worked. Then her legs stopped as she gave in "Nononono...oh my God. Mike. That's....I'm going to..." Her hips lifted and I was amazed when her anus suddenly relaxed and my tongue slipped in. I could just hear her say "This is not happening." Then it felt like her ring was grasping and sucking at my tongue. "Oh, God. Don't stop. Don't stop. Don't stop. Your tongue feels...uuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggg!"

When her legs and hips finally relaxed, Lori grabbed the sides of my head, urging me up. "Please, no more tonight."

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