Lori Ch. 07


Giggling, "I can't wait to see the pictures and video." and laid back with her eyes closed. I drove home with her still spread out next to me.

I woke her as I pulled into the driveway. The house was dark. Grabbing her shirt, I handed it to her as she struggled to sit up then walked around to her side of the truck to help, catching her as she damn near fell out of the truck. Laughing, she commented that she was probably going to walk funny at school. Refusing the shirt, she asked "Help me to bed."

We walked in with her arm over my shoulder as she stumbled along. I was beyond pleased with myself!

She flopped to the bed and lay there. "Add that to the list of things to do again."

I got undressed and lay next to her. My dick was hard and upright. "Want to go for round two?"

"How can you be hard after that? This soon?" she asked in disbelief.

"I've got a smoking hot naked girlfriend lying next to me who could turn on the dead and I'm 18." I explained.

"Well, you aren't putting that back in me tonight. I'm going to walk funny as it is!" she reached out and wrapped her hand around me and began stroking. "I want you to do it."


"I want to watch you jerk off." she clarified.

I wrapped my hand around hers and continued moving it up and down. "I like it when you do it."

"You like seeing my little hand wrapped around your big cock? Pervert." but she continued to move her hand with mine.

"Me? A pervert? This from a girl that I have on video saying that she loves cum?" I asked.

"I didn't say I didn't like it. Just calling it like I see it. Besides, I need to see those pictures."

I reached over and grabbed my phone. "Oh my God, I was covered!" as I brought up the first picture. I agreed, I looked at her cum covered face, it was freaking HOT!

Her hand tightened on my shaft as we jerked. Each picture we looked at caused her to become more aggressive. We got to the picture of her face streaked with my cum Lori said "THAT'S the one! I'm going to send that to Vanessa."

"Huh?" shocked!

"Show me the video" she said. I could tell she was getting excited. I let my hand fall away from hers. She really started moving her hand; up and down with special attention to just under my head. Watching herself scoop up my cum and slurp it down was getting her worked up.

It would have been funny if it wasn't so hot listening to her talk about the girl in the video being such a cumslut and being so dirty.

As soon as it ended "Again." and we watched it again.

Her handjob was getting me close. "The problem with doing that is that it's such a waste. Look, see? No matter how hard I tried I didn't get it all. It needs to be in me." she was saying this so casually. "I'll admit that I look great with your cum splashed all over me." She looked over and kissed me. "But by the time I get it gathered up, it doesn't taste as good. When you cum in my mouth it's hot and kinda salty and bitter and tangy. I mean, I shouldn't be able to stand it! But I can't help it. It's delicious!"

I nodded in understanding but I didn't really care. I was on the edge and my breathing was strained. "Ugh..."

Lori gave me a wicked grin. "Now, I could just keep jerking you off. With you knowing damn well that I wanted to see you do it. I could make you squirt it out just wherever! But then that would be TWO loads I missed. Not going to happen." my cock was near to bursting as she continued. "See, I know that when the head is all big and red and purply, almost like it is now, that you are about to cum..."

She stopped then noticed my look of alarm. "Ooooooooh. You thought I wasn't going to finish you. Don't worry. I'm going to let you cum. Even though I told you I wanted to watch YOU jerk off. Even though you took all those nasty pictures of me without asking!" she positioned herself between my legs. "So, yeah, I'm going to make you cum." She grabbed my dick and started stroking me then she licked around the head. "This isn't about you." she smacked as she pulled off me. "You'll like it but this is for me." she sucked me halfway into her mouth and bobbed up and down. "I want to taste your cum. HOT."

One last look at her and the determination on her face was enough. "Oh fuck, Lori!" and let loose! My cum shot up my shaft and Lori moaned in contentment as I filled her mouth. Swallowing several times before I was finished, she tilted her head back for a final gulp then inspected my cock for any strands she may have missed. Satisfied, she flopped down on the bed next to me.

Breathing deeply as she relaxed, she pointed "Lights." I rolled over and turned off the lamp. I was almost asleep when she spoke again. "Next time you decide to spray me with your cum you better have a real camera and you better not forget to send that picture to Vanessa."

I leaned over and gave her a deep kiss. "You are such a Dirty Girl." I told her.

"You have no idea." she replied. "Oh, and if I'm not still walking funny in the morning I expect you to fuck me silly until it's obvious to everyone why I can't walk a straight line." I felt my dick surge back alive as her hand encircled it. "Tomorrow, big boy."

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