tagInterracial LoveLori is Introduced Ch. 01

Lori is Introduced Ch. 01


April begged Lori to come over to her house. It had been 3 weeks since they last spoke. April told her prudish friend about something that changed her life and wanted SO MUCH to share it with her. Lori was afraid it was some of multi-level-marking scheme selling trinkets door-to-door. April assured her it wasn't anything like that.

"It's something I have in my house - right now. It's changed my life and I want it to share it with you!" April told her. Lori's curiosity was getting the best of her. What could it be? Lori, relented and said she'd be over in an hour…

April had gone black for three months. She a "liberated woman." who no longer hid her sexuality from her husband, as she was more than proud to boast her taste and preference for black men. Black cock. Her husband understood and relinquished his right to sex his own wife to black men. April's lover and pimp, Rodney-D or simply R.D., had stretched out her racist pussy for two and a half months before laying down the law by presenting April her new obligation; introduce a friend or family member to black sexing. She would either comply or be totally cut-off from black dick. She would not even be allowed to peddle her ass on the street, as she would be "blacklisted"; pardon the expression! But April wasn't surprised. She understood and sympathized this rite of passage. After all, it is a better world when a woman is introduced to black cock - for it changed her life forever too. R.D. gave black cock slut April two whole days to find someone, preferably a close friend, sister or other relative. Her reward would be more black cock - maybe shown the men's locker room in an all-black school or maybe given away for the weekend to a local college star athlete.

April did not think very hard when she decided to share her pleasures with her friend, Lori. Lori had been married twice, and to her current husband for 3 years. She had light brown hair, but unlike most women dyed it a darker color because though she was attractive she was kind of a prude. Lori didn't drink much and did no drugs. Since April had gone black, she attempted several conversations about sex with Lori. April wanted to talk about high-heels, strutting, flirting then over a time changed the conversation to oral and group sex. But each time Lori shunned. In fact, more time passed between each get together. April saved sharing her experiences with her friend, fearing she wouldn't understand. But deep inside she knew the greater the challenge the more rewarding the victory!

… Lori showed up at April's door at 2 in the afternoon. April greeted her in her bathrobe. Her excuse was that she had just showered. Lori was too naïve to notice April's dry hair. April sat Lori down on the living room couch to a glass of wine which unknown to Lori was spiked with "Viagra for Women". April led the conversation and guided it away to what Lori had been up to like her hobbies, her marriage. It didn't take long for Lori to finish her first glass. April enjoyed seeing her friend's lips cover the rim of the glass and imagined how they would look hard at work. April volunteered her friend a second glass of wine - this time spiked with a stimulant. April needed to make Lori wait another 15 minutes. By then her sexual stimulant will start to make her nipples hard while the wine will spin her head and the extra caffeine will race her heart. It was a lot of work but Lori needed a little deception to convince her of her surprise.

Lori had half finished her second glass when she finally brought up the nerve to ask April about her changed better life. April smiled, "It's about time you asked!" She reached behind her into the seat cushion and pulled out a black, padded, blindfold. Lori laughed, "Wow - it must be really something!"

April snickered, "Yeah, it's something all right!"

April gestured Lori to quickly finish off her wine. A couple of hard swallows made her just a little tipsy. But at the same time the anticipation and excitement made her heart pound. April stood Lori up and placed the thick padded blindfold over her eyes and pulled the elastic band over her ears. She then stood back and dropped her thick robe to the floor, blindly exposing her naked tattooed, pierced body. She took Lori by the hand and guided her down the hallway. "Don't be afraid, it's in the other room." April reassured her. She didn't tell her the other room was the master bedroom.

"You'll see better from this position." April told her and she guided Lori to her knees. Lori wondered what could April be up to? She took a deep breath and sensed a strange aroma. It was a dark, musty odor that was strangely alluring. She instinctively reached out her nose to try to sense where the attractive smell was coming from.

"Okay! Here … it … goes!"

Off came the blindfold.

Black cock!

Huge … bulging … hard … dark dick!

Big black balls … full of cum … hanging low like a bull.

It's swollen purple head with a coat of clear jizz oozed down its shaft.

RD smiled with pride showing off his eleven inch African fuck-meat entitled to white pussy.

Lori gasped and covered her mouth in awe! She wanted to blurt something out. But before she could muster the words, April pushed the back of Lori's head forcing her lips over RD's .


Slurp! Slurp. Mmmmmph!

The sexual stimulant forced Lori's mouth to salivate like a hungry junkyard dog. The shocked wife was stunned. Not completely understanding yet what was happening. She bobbed her head quickly seven or eight times, gagging on the last when RD's cock pushed into the back of her throat. RD pulled out his bulging cock from Lori's mouth. While she gasped for air, RD cock-slapped her across her cheek. Making a soft, plushy sound, he mercilessly showed her who was in charge. Spit covered Lori's face from the nose down. April had knelt behind Lori and reached around unbuttoning her blouse and gave her titties a tight, playful squeeze. Confused Lori brought her arms back, allowing April to pull off her top. While Lori was still looking lost, RD tapped her nose again with his cock, still slick and shiny with her spit. RD's rough, black hands firmly grabbed Lori by the hair and forcefully guided her mouth to visit his fuck meat again. She placed her hands on his muscular thighs to keep her balance and her sexual instincts were taking control.

"Oh my gawd!" she thought, "What am I doing? Cock! I'm sucking black cock!" her head was spinning and her body was beginning to reward her. She gave her mouth a couple more fills of dick before she gave her next thought.

"What's happening?" she thought to herself again, "I have to stop."

April cheered her friend while RD manly cursed at her, "That's it, bitch! Suck that BLACK COCK!"

Lori felt a wave of un-guilty pleasure. With a deep inhale; she gave RD a wet, sloppy slurp. "That's it, Lori. Fuck your face!" April told her. And in her mind, she felt great pride introducing her white friend to black cock. Now, one more married, white wife in the world is going to give up her twat to the Black Man. "Yes! My friend is going to get fucked! I'm going to see Lori become a white black-cock slut!" she thought. April nodded her head and imaged what was going to happen some more, "That's it you racist bitch. All you'll ever want is a black man to use you like a whore you've always been. While that black cock is in your mouth nothing else matters." April laughed. She was enjoying how this conquest was developing.

Lori kept bobbing her head - hoping to stall some time until she could figure out what she was doing and how to get out of this. While the faithful wife brought her head away, the dutiful lover brought her head in. Fortunately for her, RD helped make up her mind with his forceful hand. It was becoming too late, Lori looked up and winked at RD. That black dick tasted too good. It was warm, leathery, and powerful. The more she submitted to this nasty act the better it made her feel. She forgotten about the wedding band she was wearing. She also didn't feel April removing her bra. April squeezed and played with Lori's naked breasts furthering sending waves of interracial lust throughout her body. In a beautiful act of capitulation, she firmly grasped the base of RD's cock with her left hand, proud fully boasting her diamond ring. She cock-slapped her tongue she stuck out as far as she could and moaned.

"Aaaaaah. Ahhhhh. Ahhhh."

Slapping her tongue three times she reached her nose below and began licking his hanging bull-balls. Full of cum, she worshipped them like a woman should. Though Lori's husband once begged for her to do that with him, she refused. But now - it seemed right! Maybe it was the drugs, or maybe it was the woman inside of her that believes a man with an 11-inch cock deserves more.

April stood Lori up. "Let's get those panties off of you so RD can fuck you." She whispered to her. Still dazed with the taste of dick in her mouth, time passed blindly as April completely undressed Lori leaving her only to her pumps.

"Fucked?" Lori thought to herself, "Oh no! I'm going to get fucked! My husband! I can't …"

Lori was already on her back when thoughts of guilt and her marriage whispered into her head. RD reached out and stuck two of his fingers into her tight, wet pussy. She cooed as he twisted his hand back and forth thoroughly fucking her like a cheap teen slut. RD leaned forward and planted his lips onto Lori, kissing her. She moaned while April took one of her nipples into her mouth. When RD stuck his tongue into Lori's cheek, she reached out hers and flickered it. Danced with it. Unknowingly she gave herself to him. RD spread her legs and firmly rubbed his cock head against Lori's clit. Lori looked up between her legs. She couldn't believe in his size, but she was in love with it. "I can't believe I'm going to do this." Thought her. RD roared and pushed his black meat into the housewife. When Lori watched its plump purple head disappear into her twat she pulled her head back and squealed. RD pushed, deeper and deeper. April clenched her fist in celebration. RD left four of his man inches back before pulling out leaving just his fat cock head in … then …

One, hard … THRUST!

Lori's eyelids popped open and she rolled her eyes back. She was getting FUCKED! This wasn't just sex. Not something as cheap as lovemaking. She was getting used. RD pulled back and gave another hard slam before starting a constant pace of pussy stuffing. Lori gave a deep moan knowing there was no going back. She had to continue having sex with this powerful, demanding black man. Her pussy never felt so rightly filled, rightly fucked. She could feel her pussy lips stretch open and her clit swelling with bright fire.

"…fuck…fuck me…please fuck me…" she whispered. RD gave another ten, twenty, thirty steady thrusts.

"…oh fuck me…fuck me…FUCK ME!" she demanded. RD gave his forty, fiftieth thrust.

"Like that black meat?" RD crudely asked, "All you white bitches like black dick when you finally get it."

After several more hard pussy stuffing pushes, Lori experienced an empty feeling. Like a part of her suddenly felt empty. RD had pulled his cock out. But he demanded Lori roll over on her hands and knees. Lori quickly obeyed. She wanted to obey and follow commands like a heated bitch in a cage, forced to do tricks. She got into her doggie position; arching her back, exposing her hot pussy. She turned to April, noticing her pierced nipples and belly button. So erotic! So sexy! This couldn't be real?

When she felt RD push his cock back inside her, Lori smiled, "Yeah … fuck that white pussy!" She was quickly succumbing to her primal emotions. She was getting big dick and a great fucking - fuck the world, she'll talk like a slut if she wanted to.

"…don't stop…fuck me…fuck my pussy…please fuck my pussy…" she begged.

April and RD locked eyes. They smiled. They got to Lori. So many horny black men in the world were waiting their turn to rightfully sex this slut. April loved how Lori's hanging tits were bouncing all around.

"Does it feel good?" April impishly asked Lori. "You like getting a black dick inside that cunt?"

"Mmm-mmmm…" Lori replied. She grunted a couple times, begged RD again, and starting moaning.

"You'll do anything for black cock? Right Lori?" April questioned the weakened wife who was beginning to feel a hot implosion inside of her.

Without hesitation, "Yes! Anything for black cock." Lori replied before she came in the excitement. She would agree to anything now.

RD quickened his pace. His mind couldn't come up with any more dirty words. He couldn't hear anything. His balls were getting hot with fire. The thick, sticky cream was trying to fight its way out of his cock fighting for life looking for an egg to fertilize. RD worked out his frustrations and hatred of white, male race. He was going to get back at the racist world by dumping his load inside this bitch's womb. This is all you deserve you whore! You act so pompous. And once you get a taste of black meat you don't want to miss out of the Black Man's World. That's all you're good for.

RD roared, "Take this - slut! Take it!" he roared again and first shot a hot, quick stream. It splattered at the back of Lori's womb. She whimpered, quickly understanding this was "the moment". Taking his seed her body reacted in a violent orgasm.


RD was beginning to feel relief, knowing he was cumming. He relaxed as forced out a steady, long stream of cum. Lori moaned as a long rope coated her womb from the edge of her pussy to down deep of her fuck hole. It was hot and magnetic, sending chills down through her legs. RD pushed three more times with a steady stroke before feeling his balls expand. A strange, powerful sensation overcame him.

"Fuck yeah! Going to fill that pussy with black cum!" A third rope of cum splattered out of his dick and dumped itself into Lori's twat. Then a forth … a fifth! He tightened his ass and forced another, short shot sending it deep. RD took a deep breath, clenched again and squeezed another quick splat that reached the back of her womb again.

Lori never felt anything like this. Her pussy was full of sperm. This is what IT'S SUPPOSED TO FEEL like. Used to dump cum inside. Panting, Lori left her ass in the air as the world around her spun counter-clock wise, corkscrewing through the floor. April gently kissed Lori on the cheek and whispered into her ear, "Surprise, you've been black sexed."

The not-so-naïve-anymore quiet housewife felt good and dirty. Good and nasty. Good and filthy. She felt shamelessly good. She thought herself as a slut. That hot, sticky feeling she had between her legs was something she was going to live for. April helped up Lori on her knees where then RD pushed his sticky, cum-coated cock into her face.

Time to give head (bitch).

Serve that cock. Serve the black man (slut).

Do it! (whore)

Being a cheating slut that she was, she grabbed his half-hard cock and placed it in her mouth. This time it tasted better - like pure sex. She looked up into RD's eyes. He was standing straight up on the bed. She showed no doubt that she was turned. When the taste of man and pussy cum dissolved down her throat, RD's dick became hard and he became demanding again. Like a sexual ballet, April and RD performed moves on the bed - their sexual stage. April crawled on her elbows and knees between Lori's legs. RD maneuvered behind April's ass. While he pushed his dick into another white wife, April reached out her tongue and began sweeping Lori's pussy for cum.

Never has any woman done anything like that before to Lori. She was caught by surprise just as much when RD's cock pushed itself into her mouth. She was sharing her cum with her friend. It felt good and right. She looked up and seen the pleasure April's pussy was giving the black stud realizing she gave RD the same. April looked into Lori's eyes with such love. Her bright, round eyes were telling themselves to Lori, "Enjoy it. This is what sex is all about."

Lori loved seeing a couple so close fucking. Seeing a white woman giving it up, so easily, to a black man. The smell, the sound, the sights seduced Lori further. She kept her legs wide, smiled and moaned while semen rolled out of her womb onto April's tongue.

RD grunted and rolled April on her back before pulling by her hair onto her ass. Out of habit, April opened her mouth wide as RD fisted his cock until he streamed out several more white loads into her mouth and over her face and hair. Lori about had another orgasm that moment. It was so wild! Holding it in her mouth, April approached Lori, putting her lips over her friend's. April opened her mouth and a slosh of milky cum-spit drenched Lori's lips. She opened them, welcoming the sexual fruits. This was too nasty! But Lori's a slut now.

Open wide.


Lori held back a hacking cough as the salty brine overwhelmed her. She looked across the room into a mirror. Who was that naked woman with spit and cum covering her from her head down to her breasts? She didn't recognize herself.

But Lori got laid.

And that was all that mattered.

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