Lori Is Taken


Lori walked into the conference room with confidence, swinging her hips with each step. Her boss, Ryan, gazed at her legs as she strode past him, her heels clicking loudly on the floor. She took a seat next to his, crossing her legs with a rasp of fabrics as her black pencil skirt slid over her nylons. The meeting chairs were leather, cozy, and the large table was glass. Sitting next to Lori, Ryan had an excellent view of her legs and that's the way he liked it.

"Welcome to the meeting" Ryan said as he looked down at her feet. Lori's ruby red toenails shimmered under the light reinforcement of her sheer nylon stockings. She'd worn a pair of her favorite black four inch heels which had a tiny peep toe. The heels wrapped around the front of her foot with a faux bow, presenting two toenails with a third just peeking into view. Her legs looked fabulous covered in a shade of nylon that gave a look of glazed honey to her smooth skin. Ryan admired Lori's legs in a subtle way that wasn't gawking yet, clearly, he studied every inch of her silky legs.

Lori looked at Ryan and saw that his attention was still focused on her long silky legs. She smiled warmly at him and said "Thank you." Slowly she slid her legs together causing a soft rasp. Lori enjoyed playing the puppet master, pulling the strings that made men wiggle. Ryan was her boss, but she was certain she could get him to do anything she wanted.

Ryan's gaze was still fixated on Lori's silky stockings while she crossed her legs again, treating Ryan to that rasping only nylons make as they slid across each other. She then made a show bending over to examine the back of her leg. Presenting the back of her calf and checking the dark brown seams that traced the back of her stockinged legs, she ran a ruby red fingernail along the back of her stocking.

As Lori bent forward, she leaned subtlety toward Ryan. This let Ryan have a clear view down the front of her blouse. The white satin top covered her but from the angle she gave Ryan, and with the top button undone, he would have a view of her firm breasts. Ryan didn't hesitate to sneak a glance at her cleavage that was now aimed at him. He could make out the lacy white top of her bra, just visible inside her blouse.

Lori couldn't see, but she could tell by the way Ryan shifted in his chair that he was getting a good look at her full breasts. Once Lori was sure that her seams were properly aligned she sat up and smiled and looked at Ryan, watching his reaction.

Unlike the other men in the office, Ryan was much more subtle with his body language. Were most men would now be shifting awkwardly in their chair, trying to hide the erection growing in their pants, Ryan sat calmly and he unabashedly ogled her curves. He knew she was giving him a show and he wasn't afraid to admire her beauty.

Teasing the men at work had become a hobby for Lori. Success came when she knew she had aroused a man to a point where he was no longer able to think clearly. But Ryan was always in control. It excited Lori that he was obviously interested in her, but frustrated her that she couldn't get him flustered. She had ramped up her efforts over the last few months, hoping to win a small victory and catch Ryan gawking at her, his last thought lost in the reflection of the light in her nylons.

Others began to enter the conference room but Ryan kept his attention away on Lori. Considering that most of the people walking in were also men, Lori realized that Ryan could stare at her and make suggestive gestures, but the men in the room wouldn't notice since they were doing their best to covertly ogle her sexy legs.

Lori didn't think any of them would notice Ryan studying her body since they spent all of their time doing the same. Lori grinned, amused at how all the men gawked at her while at the same time trying not to show it. She already had them conquered and paid them little attention. For now, she pondered what else she could do, within the limits of the dress code, to surprise Ryan.

Lori hadn't always been a cock tease. In the past she had been a most conservative dresser. She wore trousers most of the time and "comfortable" shoes. She didn't wear stockings or hosiery of any kind. Lori didn't even shave her legs regularly. Despite her work ethic and long hours she was passed for promotion for three years. Then after a long chat with her best friend, Cynthia, she changed her approach to Corporate America.

"It's a Man's world, Sweetie." Cynthia had said to her. "But dressing like a man won't help you."

"What are you talking about?" Lori had said to her.

"It's easy, dear. All you have to do is show off those legs, give a peek of cleavage and you'll see."

"I'm not a slut." Lori stated flatly.

Cynthia giggled at her. "You don't have to sleep with them silly. Just tease them."

Cynthia's giggle echoed in Lori's head as she popped her shoe halfway off her foot and dangled it in front of Ryan. He could clearly see the dark reinforced area on the back of her heel as her foot waggled. Ryan cocked an eyebrow but otherwise made no sign that his thoughts were drifting. A few other men tried to get a better look at the stockings Lori wore.

Lori's fully fashioned stockings were a rare sight in a modern office and the men gawking reminded Lori of puppies. Eyes fully intent on the treat you hold in your hand, just out of their reach. Puppies that would sit and wait, indefinitely obedient, for a treat that would never come.

The other men subtlety fought to find seats either close to her, or in a position where they could drop a pen and have a nice view of her legs as they picked it up. Lori noted that the few women who now walked into the room also tried to hide something from Lori. Their disdain for her.

Lori knew that the few women in the room hated her for what she did. They wanted the attention she was getting, but found her methods distasteful. To their annoyance, Lori never wore anything that would be considered inappropriate. her skirts were never unduly short and her tops never exposed too much cleavage.

What those women didn't realize was that Lori used her legs, and more importantly, high quality hosiery to get the attention of every man who glanced her way. Some of the women wore "fuck me" heels that were more daring than anything Lori slipped her feet into. But they all missed that key ingredient that dazzled every man in the office.

Their bare legs were smooth and sexy, but Lori's ultra sheer stockings drew a man's attention every time. Now as her foot, adorned in a classic fully fashioned stocking, looked as if it was dressed for an evening on the town. The nylon gave her foot an added something that bare feet didn't have at all.

Thinking back, Lori hadn't really believed Cynthia at all. She thought it was a fallacy to dress up for a man and hope to get her own way. She felt it would diminish her. But, Lori knew that her darling husband, Michael, would always gaze longingly at a woman in a skirt. He wouldn't fail to look if she wore hosiery of some kind under it. Lori always pretended not to notice Michael's gaze stray as a woman in short skirt and heels wiggled her ass past him. But she knew he looked every time.

After a while Cynthia's advice and her husband's actions convinced her to try it out. Lori wore a pair of sheer pantyhose and skirt that showed off her legs a bit more. Legs that she had carefully shaved then treated to soft creams to bring out her skins natural shine. Checking herself in the mirror, Lori decided that her flat shoes didn't look right with the skirt. She tried on her only pair of black pumps with a three inch heel.

The effect was amazing! Lori had to admit that she did have a nice pair of legs, and the heels helped shape her calves, thighs and ass. She went downstairs for breakfast and found that her husband was leering at her legs in a way she had never seen. When she made it into the office Lori became aware that everyone else was noticing her. Every man she passed took an extra glance at her. Lori was now the woman turning heads and it felt wonderful!

When she got home, Michael wanted to tear her out of her clothes and make love to her. Lori was more than happy to comply, ecstatic that she had found a way to rev up their sex life. But Michael was almost too excited and his endurance didn't last as long as it would take to slide on a pair of sheer pantyhose.

Lori wanted more. She hoped that Michael would build more endurance over time. She bought more skirts, shorter and tighter than anything she had ever worn. Her flats turned into heels with open toes and four inches of lift. Pantyhose gave way to stockings with garters. Her "Granny Panties" tossed and sexy thongs replaced them.

But Michael's performance didn't improve. Worse, Michael's attention started to wane and soon it didn't seem to matter what she wore. The side effect to Lori's new wardrobe was that men flocked around Lori. They thought of any excuse to be around her and talking to her any chance they had. Lori felt sexy and secret fantasies of a man who would satisfy her sexual hunger grew.

The other side effect was that Lori's boss took notice of her long silky legs as well. "I told you so!" said Cynthia when Lori met her for lunch one day.

"Now what do I do? I'm still on the bottom rung, I just have men pestering me all the time."

"You tease your boss." Cynthia said with a grin.

Lori felt uncomfortable with that. She was very much the good wife and the thought of making sexual advances toward her boss didn't seem right. Daydreams and fantasies were one thing but cheating on her husband didn't sit well with Lori.

"Wouldn't he get the wrong idea?" "I'm not going to sleep with my boss-"

"No, dum dum." Cynthia cut Lori off in a warm tone that eased the insult to her long time friend. "I said tease, not flirt."

"There is a difference?" Lori said, puzzled.

"Oh yes." Cynthia said sternly.

Cynthia explained to Lori that the trick was to kept up a frosty attitude toward any sexual advances. Cynthia told her that, no matter how slutty she acted, any man who thought her actions were for his sole benefit would be told to mind his own damn business, or face a lawsuit for sexual harassment.

"These days everything is on your side." Cynthia said. "You can even 'accidentally' rub your ass against him, and if he grabs you, it's a sexual 'assault' allowing you to take him to court. They won't get the wrong idea if you make it clear you aren't interested, and you're willing to report them."

"But what's the benefit?" Lori said, still puzzled.

"Honey," Cynthia said, peering over her glasses at Lori "Those men will do anything hoping that you suddenly change your mind, zip down their pants and suck their cock. As long as they think they have a one in a million chance, they'll do anything you want."

"I don't know."

"Try it."

Lori did. Ryan had been her supervisor for two years. He hadn't given Lori much thought during that time. At least, Lori never felt Ryan paid attention to her. In her mind, Ryan only saw a frumpy girl who maintained a database. When Lori showed up in a pencil skirt, heels, stockings the color of French Coffee, and a tight fitting low cut blouse, Ryan couldn't keep his eyes off her.

Lori carefully teased Ryan, but kept up a show of indifference that made it clear she wasn't interested in Ryan's physical attention. It wasn't long before Ryan found a way to have her in view much more often. Lori went from a database manager to his personal secretary in less than two weeks.

Lori was happy because, as Cynthia promised, she didn't have to spread her legs to move up the corporate ladder. Once, during a private meeting when Ryan and Lori had discussed her salary, she had "accidentally" slid her silky foot along the inside of his calf. It was just long enough to leave doubt as to if she had done it intentionally, but the touch of her nylon foot against his leg was enough for him to promote her as his personal assistant the same day.

Ryan had made a pass at her once. During a meeting, like this one, Ryan had placed his hand on Lori's thigh, just above her knee. The lights were dimmed low for a power point presentation, and no one else in the room would have been able to see him grope her. Lori let Ryan have a moment to feel her firm leg and the soft stockings she wore, then she took him by the wrist and sternly moved his hand off her.

Ryan gave no reaction at her rebuff and he acted as if nothing had happened at all. He hadn't made any further advances since then and Lori felt Cynthia was right in her assessment. For the last six months Lori had enjoyed good pay and an easy job. She did very little as a "personal assistant." In fact all she seemed to do was dress sexy and tease the men in the office. Lori was happy to do just that and Today was no different. Her tight skirt, silky blouse and sexy stockings kept Ryan, and every other man, peeking at her. Meanwhile, Lori was getting paid to simply look pretty.

As the meeting started Ryan slipped her a note. Lori looked at it. It was short and to the point: PRIVATE MEETING AT 5PM. Lori looked at Ryan but he wasn't looking at her. He started the quarterly report and didn't seem to pay any more attention to her. Lori smiled quietly to herself and slipped the note into her planner. She knew she had Ryan wrapped around her finger. Maybe he had another promotion in mind. If he didn't, she knew how to handle him.

The meeting was dull but ended quick enough. Lori was the first to get out of her seat and waltz out of the room, fully aware that more than one set of eyes watched her leave. Once back at her desk, she sat and idly surfed the internet waiting for time to pass. As the day grew late more and more people left the office. Hardly anyone would be around at five.

Finally the time managed to drag by. Lori got up from her desk, stretching from the hours of waiting. She made her way to Ryan's office and as she did she realized something was missing. Usually as she walked down this passage men would peek over their cubicle walls to look at her, or suddenly realize they had something at the copier to pick up.But the office was a ghost town. Lori stopped and walked down one of the rows of cubicles. Nobody was around.

It occurred to Lori that she had never been in the office this late. She walked in about eight in the morning and was usually on her way home by three in the afternoon. Had Lori been a real assistant, doing her job rather than teasing, she would put in a full eight hours of work. Lori didn't know that almost the entire office was empty by half past four.

Turning the corner, Lori saw Ryan's office. His door was open and the light was on, a sure sign that he was still there. Lori sighed in relief and excitement grew in her chest. Her curiosity was starting to overcome her patience. When she walked into the office she saw Ryan at his desk, looking at something on his monitor. Across from the large executive desk was a black leather couch. The couch was long and made of high quality leather. Ryan enjoyed watching Lori sit in it because it offered such a wonderful view of her legs.

"Hello, sweetheart." Ryan said as she walked in. Lori cocked an eyebrow and looked at him with a puzzled stare. He had never called her sweetheart before. Keeping her cool she took a few short steps to the couch, and sank into the soft cushions. Slowly Lori crossed her long silky legs allowing the nylons to rasp seductively against each other.

"Don't call me sweetheart, Ryan." Lori said in a frosty tone. Then she started to slowly kick her leg idly, knowing that this drove men wild. Lori felt that Cynthia would be proud of her. Ryan took notice of her dangling shoe but didn't seem to acknowledge her warning.

"Okay, Sugar Tits." Ryan said with a big smile on his face, and stood up. This time both of Lori's eyebrows shot up in surprise.

"Excuse me?" she said. She stopped kicking her leg as Ryan walked around his desk to lean on it and gaze down at her legs.

"Today you start earning your pay. You can't just sit around looking pretty anymore."

"But-" Lori started to say before Ryan Cut her off.

"You've worked for me for almost three years now." Ryan said pausing to lean forward, obviously looking down her blouse. "It's time you start doing what a personal assistant is expected to do." He said.

"Like what?" Lori asked, her hand involuntarily closing off the view of her cleavage.

"For starters, you can take that skirt off." Ryan now looked her right in the eye and the grin on his face made her nervous.

"Mr. Colton." Lori started, iron in her voice. "I think you've-"

"Oh don't go cold on me, Sweetheart." Ryan cut her off again. "You've been teasing the shit out me and I'm done with it." Ryan reached out and pinched her breast, startling Lori with his sudden physical attack and with is uncanny aim. He had pinched her nipple perfectly.

"Hey! You keep your hands off me!" She snapped.

"Ah, no. I plan to put my hands all over you." Ryan said. "Stand up and take that skirt off.

Lori's mouth dropped open. This was was she was most afraid of and she realized now wast the time to threaten Ryan with legal action.

"This is sexual harassment and-" Lori was cut off by a swift slap across her face. The sting and pain didn't shock her system as much as the sudden act by Ryan. Fear gripped her as she realized how much bigger he was that she, and how much faster and stronger.

"I need to go." Lori said and started to stand up.

"No." Ryan said and his cool and calm demeanor had the same effect on her as if he had shouted it. "I'm going to fuck you silly. Right now. Right here. And when I'm done fucking you, the only thing you'll be able to think about is my cock. You'll crave for the next time I tear your clothes off and drive my shaft into your soaking wet pussy."

Lori could only gape at him. He had spoken in a matter of fact tone as if he owned her and he was giving her orders. Lori couldn't speak but she managed to shake her head.

"Look at those nipples." Ryan said. "You're turned on bitch. Admit it."

Lori panicked and tried to bolt from the room. She didn't get far. Ryan grabbed her by the arm and spun her around. Lori twirled on the balls of her feet and wobbled as she tried to keep balance in her heels. The look on her face was a mix of anger, surprise, and confusion. "What the Fu-" She started to say.

Ryan covered her mouth with his hand, cutting her off, then he shoved her over the arm of the office couch. Ryan enjoyed the view now as Lori fell with eyes wide and arms out, her legs flicking upward fast enough to launch one of her shoes off her foot. The open toed pump flipped high until it almost hit the vaulted office ceiling, then landed on the other side of the couch.

Before Lori's shoe hit the floor, Ryan had snatched Lori by her ankles, keeping her silken legs wide apart and trapping her on the couch. He quickly knelt over her and then lifted her legs more forcing her to slide toward him. Soon he was pressing close against her, pinning her to the couch. Lori could feel his cock, rock hard and straining against his pants.

Lori's skirt, spread by her legs, had slid up her silky thighs revealing her stocking tops and garters. Lori was shocked at how quickly Ryan had immobilized her. She tried to kick free but he was holding her up by her ankles.

"Goddamn, you have nice legs." Ryan said, his eyes focused on her calves. Lori tried to pull herself away from him but she couldn't get any leverage on the couch.

"Let go of me!" She yelled, and the desperate tone in her voice only made Ryan smile.

"Do you hear that, Sweetheart?" Ryan said, looking down at her. "That's the sound of no one coming to your rescue." Ryan paused for a moment as the impact of his words hit her. "Now, shut up. Don't speak unless I ask you a question. Understood?"

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