Lori Is Taken


Lori didn't answer right away. Again, Ryan's tone was one of command and she wasn't sure how to respond. Suddenly Ryan's hand left her ankle and again she was slapped across the face.

"I asked you a question, bitch." Ryan barked. It was the first time he had raised his voice and it shocked an answer out of Lori.

"Yes, Sir!" Lori squeaked.

Nodding, Ryan let go of Lori's legs and tore at her blouse, pulling it apart and ripping the delicate fabric. In seconds, he had torn it off her, exposing her lovely breasts and the white lace bra they were tucked into. Lori let out a shriek, shocked by his sudden attack as he pawed at her breasts with his large hands.

Lori's pushed at Ryan and her legs kicked, but she didn't have the strength to push him off; he was too close to kick effectively. Ryan continued to grope her breasts and he started to pull her bra down and she tried to scream. Ryan's hand clamped down over her mouth and a muffled squeal was all she got out.

Ryan leaned close, his hand still clasped over her mouth. He spoke to her in a low growl as his other hand pulled the bra cup down, exposing her firm breast, "Listen up, bitch. This struggle is pointless." His fingers found her nipple and he started to pinch and twist it. "You're getting fucked today. There is no way around it. Understand?"

Lori squirmed and squealed as he tormented her nipple. Still shocked that he had attacked her like this Lori tried to break free. Then, slowly building inside her, Lori realized that his actions had sparked something in her. The way he had manhandled her was actually making her wet.

Lori tried to push Ryan's face or grab him by the hair. Her legs kicked and squirmed around his torso with a new panicked desperation. She didn't want him to know she was turned on! Ryan let go of her nipple and with a quick motion he snagged her ankle again, pulling her leg forward as he pressed into her.

Flat on her back, Lori's long leg was stretched over her head and her nylons reflected the bright lighting of the office. "Hell," Ryan said with a grin, "just these stockings alone are enough for me to want to fuck the shit out of you." Slowly he brought her foot close to his lips and he kissed her toes softly. "When you show them off the way you do, it's impossible to resist!"

Again he burst into a flurry of action. Letting go of her leg and mouth, Ryan's hands moved all over her. As he forcefully groped and squeezed every inch of her supple body, Lori squealed and moaned. She was struggling but mostly she was just trying to keep from getting hurt in his flurry of motion. Suddenly, Ryan cupped his hand over her mouth again and took a fistful of her hair.

Ryan stopped to enjoy Lori's struggles as her silken feet kicked and twisted around him. "The more you struggle," he said "the more I just want to fuck you." Lori stopped moving and looked up at him, breathing hard through her nose. "Oh don't stop," he taunted "I like the way your legs feel as they slide around my body."

Ryan let go of her mouth and hair then reached back to grip Lori's Calves. Ogling her silken legs, he lightly ran his hands upward, slowly groping her firm thighs and well shaped legs. Lori held still and she started to tremble under his touch. Ryan continued to grope her legs. "See?" he said with a grin on his face. "I own you now, bitch."

With a sudden rush of movement Ryan was off the couch and pulling Lori behind him. He drug her by a wrist over to the desk. Lori, with one heel on and the other lost in the struggle, had a hard time not falling as he pulled her across the room. Once there he let go of her. Lori stood awkwardly still in shock and confusion, just in front of his large oak desk.

Ryan stepped away from her but was back quickly. Lori noticed that he had retrieved her missing shoe. He knelt and set it next to her foot. "Put that back on, bitch." Lori obeyed and her stockinged foot slipped back into her shoe with a soft "zop."

"Take off that skirt." Ryan ordered in a voice that Lori found hard to ignore. She reached back for her zipper then hesitated. Ryan didn't hesitate and with an open hand slapped her hard on the ass. Lori gasped at the sudden pain. "Take it off, bitch." Quickly Lori unzipped her skirt. Before she could slip it over her hips Ryan yanked the skirt down hard, pooling the garment around her feet. Lori was now only wearing panties, a blue garter belt and her silky stockings. As she stood in her heels, her ass and legs fully exposed, Ryan took a moment to indulge himself in groping her thighs. He took special delight in running his fingers along the seams of Lori's stockings. He ran his hands over her stocking tops then gave her ass, bare except for a white satin thong, another hard slap that rang loud in the office

Ryan took a fistful of her hair and lifted upwards, forcing Lori on her toes. The spikes on her heels came off the floor as she tried to reduce the strain on her scalp. "When I tell you to do something, you do it. Understand me, bitch?" Lori tried to nod, but that wasn't how he wanted her answer. He swatted her on the ass again and this time Lori let out a short cry of pain.

"What?" Ryan demanded.

"Yes." Lori breathed.

Ryan slapped her ass. "Yes, what?!" He demanded again.

"Yes, I understand." Lori said quickly.

Again, he slapped her ass. "Yes, I understand, what?" Ryan asked.

"Yes, I understand, sir." Lori said.

As soon as the words were out of her mouth Ryan pulled her close and kissed her hard. Lori moaned and was startled by the act and was swept away at the same time. The passion in his kiss was far beyond anything her husband had managed in their six years of marriage. As quick as it started, it was over and Lori felt light headed.

Grabbing her by the arm, Ryan spun Lori around and stripped her bra off her. Her D cup breasts fell free and Ryan took a moment to run his fingers over her skin lightly. With a flash of his hand, Ryan slapped her breast, causing it to jiggle. Clearly amused, Ryan slapped her right tit again.

"Look at those nipples get hard. You like it rough, don't you bitch." When she didn't answer, Ryan reached around and swatted her on the ass. "I asked you a question, slut."

"Yes, Sir!" Lori said with a wince.

Ryan slapped her ass again. "Yes, what?" he demanded.

"Yes, Sir! I like it rough, Sir." Lori said.

Ryan reached for his zipper and Lori glanced down. Her eyes widened as his long hard cock shot out stiff and erect. Ryan started to stroke himself and as he did so, he cupped her breast with his free hand, tickling her stiff nipple with his fingers. "You're a real hot bitch, Lori." He said softly. "I never would have guessed it when you used to plod around this office dressed like a lesbian. Cynthia did a fine job on you." Lori stiffened when she heard the name of her best friend.

"God..." Ryan said, still stroking himself. "I could probably just masturbate on you and be satisfied." Lori held still, hoping to keep Ryan on this thought, and desperately wanting him to explain how Cynthia was involved in all of this. "But if I wanted to masturbate I would have just taken a picture of you." Ryan sneered.

Ryan took Lori by the hair and yanked her head close, pressing his lips against her ear. "Kneel, bitch. Kneel and suck me off!" Letting go of her, Ryan stepped back a pace and presented his up-cocked penis. Lori knelt and looked at his cock. Looking up at him she slowly leaned forward and took the tip of his penis into her mouth.

Ryan took two handfuls of her hair and pulled her toward him as he thrust further into her mouth. "I said suck it, whore. Not kiss it!" Lori's hands pressed against Ryan's thighs as she fought her gag reflex. "Come on." Ryan encouraged. "Suck it!"

Lori did her best to suck on Ryan's cock as he thrust it into her mouth. As her saliva and his precum started to lubricate his dick, it slid more quickly and easily between her lips. Soon, his ball sack was smacking against her chin with each thrust and Lori let out a gargled grunt each time the tip of his cock crushed into the back of her throat.

Lori wasn't sure how much longer she could stand to be skull fucked when it was abruptly over. Ryan pulled out and then, grabbing her by her hair and throwing her head forward, spilled Lori to the floor. She flopped down, ass still up in the air, and she took deep breaths as she tried to recover from having Ryan's massive cock shoved in her mouth.

Ryan was far from finished, however. Taking Lori by her hips he angled himself to slide into her slick cunt and mounted her. Lori gripped the carpet and let out a deep moan as Ryan started to thrust deep into her pussy with his hardened shaft. With increasing intensity, Ryan thrust into Lori, each time his loins slapped against her ass, she let out a mewling cry. The force of his penetrations took their toll and with each flex of his abdominal muscles, Lori's legs slid further down, pulling the garter straps taut on the front of her stockings. Soon it was apparent to Ryan that he would need to adjust his position.

Thrusting deep into Lori, Ryan moved his right leg on the outside of hers, and using pressure to guide her, helped Lori slide her right leg down and flat against the floor. Keeping his balance and his cock firmly stuffed into her pussy, Ryan got Lori's other leg down and straight behind her. The result was Lori lying flat on her stomach, both legs close together and Ryan mounted with his flanks pressed firmly against her round ass.

Ryan slid his legs along the outside of hers and he made a satisfied grunting noise as his skin slid tantalizingly along her silky nylon legs. Lowering himself closer to Lori he wrapped one of his arms around the front of her shoulders lifting her up slightly, only her breasts touching the floor. Lori got her elbows down to help balance her and she held still, unsure of what he was going to do to her next.

Ryan reached around with his other arm and clasped his hand firmly over Lori's mouth. She let out a moan of protest but with his cock still buried deep into her pussy and his burly arms holding her tight, there was little she could do. Violently, Ryan started thrusting into Lori, contracting his abs to thrust his cock deeper into her cunt until it was slamming against her cervix.

With each thrust, Ryan pulled hard across Lori's shoulders, driving her body toward his thrusting cock. Lori had never been fucked like this and his rapid contractions caused her to let out a squeal of surprise and stimulation. Lori's body was ravaged under his thrusting assault, causing her limbs to flop as he pounded into her. Her breasts undulated and her heels clicked together as Ryan fucked her as hard as he could.

Lori's shock at Ryan's sudden humping assault morphed into amazement at how long he sustained the violent thrusting. Soon, her emotions were blanked by the driving ecstasy of an orgasm spawning directly on her cervix. Her clitoris was dragging against the carpet and the friction was only adding to the blinding sensations now pulsing through her body.

Lori erupted in a howling orgasm that drown out the sounds of Ryan's grunting and her heels clattering against each other. Lori could feel nothing but her own body pulsing with waves of warm stimulation. And then Lori could feel Ryan's cock start to convulse and the the hot slap of cum as it was ejected into her vagina. Ryan let out a sighing moan as he came on Lori, his rapid humping now slowing to easy and measured thrusts.

Ryan came to a complete stop and allowed himself to breath deeply. The room was quiet except for his deep breathing and the quick nasal breathing from Lori. Abruptly Ryan pulled out of Lori and stood up. Lori gasped for breath now that her mouth was free but her reprieve was short lived. Taking her by the hair, Ryan pulled her upright so that she was on her knees and forced his cock, dripping with fresh cum and her wet juices, into her gaping mouth.

"Suck me off, slut." Ryan ordered and soon Lori was eagerly sucking on his shaft. She was amazed that he was so hard but that thought was secondary to her need to worship the penis that had made her feel so amazing. Ryan had to do nothing but stand as Lori slurped on his shaft as if she was a porn star during a class A shoot.

"Never been fucked like that, have ya sweetheart?" Ryan laughed and Lori looked up briefly to lock eyes with him then closed them again as she sucked on his shaft. "You belong to me now, bitch. You understand me? I own you."

Lori pulled his dick out of her mouth briefly and looked up at him. "Yes, Sir." she said quietly and then went back to bathing his cock with her tongue.

"Good." Ryan said with a grin. I'll have some assignments for you now and then, but for now, keep wearing those stockings. And stop wearing panties. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir." Lori said around a mouthful of cock. Whatever he wanted, she would give it up to him. Anything to feel that amazing cock ignite her inner fire. Anything at all.

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