tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLori: Shooting Pool

Lori: Shooting Pool


At this time of year, living in the northeastern US with snow falling a great deal, it just seems like a warm, summer story is in order…

Lori: Shooting Pool

Lori and her husband, married 19 years, went on a trip to spend the weekend with a few of their also-married friends. They had rented a house together on an island off the coast of North Carolina.

It was a large place, and the ad looked like it should easily be able to accommodate the four couples. It had four bedrooms with baths, two decks, a large great room with fireplace and POOL TABLE, and a hot tub.

Meeting Lori and her husband were Ron and Tammi, Joe and Beth, and Jim and Margie. The women had all worked together for a company in the northeast that had been going through tough times and a lot of changes, and they had bonded out of adversity. The husbands had become friends and played softball and cards together often. It was a nice group of middle-class folks, mostly in their mid to late 30’s, and mostly second marriages. In fact Lori and her husband were the only ones still on their first, likely because they had children when young, and unless something changed it was likely only a matter of time before they split up. Each day they just grew further and further apart…

The ride to the house was quiet, as usual, but both Lori and her husband were impressed as they pulled up. It really was huge, and being recently built it looked fresh and clean. The other couples were already there as they lived closer. Everyone came out and helped with the bags and food, and the many, many cases of liquor. They all liked to party, and the long weekends they spent together were almost always a great deal of fun.

As they entered the house they were struck by its open architecture, with plenty of windows in the rear to take full advantage of the beach views. It was early June, and summer had just started.

Ron immediately took Lori’s husband out to the deck, as he had spotted a few youngsters fucking in the dunes. They could just see some young lad pounding the hell out of a girl in the missionary position. They were about 100 yards away, but since the moon was half full and the sky was clear they could make them out pretty well.

They cracked their first beer and toasted to “young love.”

“I remember when Tammi and I used to fuck at the beach. She was horny as hell in her twenties and wanted it often. We’d get under a blanket and in no time her hand would be stroking my cock. We even did it a few times when other people were nearby, but always with the blanket covering us. She thinks she’s got a plump ass and she’s a little self-conscious about it. "Jeeze, she used to bitch and moan after about all the sand she would get in her crack.” They were both laughing and enjoying themselves. All of them felt so comfortable around one another and it was good to get together.

“Hey, sandy-crack! Get that hot ass of yours out here and look at the fucking going on!” Ron yelled through the door.

Joe and Jim jokingly asked him who he was talking to.

“Fuck you fellers” was Ron’s response, “Your wives, that’s who!”

Ron was the oldest and the biggest ball-breaker in the group.

Tammi came out onto the deck along with Joe and Jim. “Where! Where’s the action!” she hurriedly asked.

“Right over there” Ron pointed. “Remember when we used to make love on the beach, old man” she said.

“I thought we just FUCKED, ‘cause you were always a horny hot bitch” he replied. “What happened to you?” he asked.

Tammi slapped him hard on the ass cheek. “You got too old and respectable, not me.”

Jim and Joe started to tease Tammi about screwing outdoors. She gave it right back to them. She was a tough lady, and nobody’s fool, and wouldn’t take any crap from the likes of them. She was also used to flirting with men as she got a good deal of attention.

Tammi was ten years younger than Ron, making her 33. She was tall at 5’10,” and built like an Amazon. She had soft brown hair and was a 38D, which the boys had determined a few years ago on one of these same types of weekends when Joe forgot poker chips and they played cards using their wives’ bras and panties for betting. (None of them got laid for the remainder of that weekend after getting caught. The wives just didn’t see the humor in it, led by Lori who was the bitchiest, probably because she had the smallest tits…)

Tammi was a 38D, Beth a 36C, Marge a 34C, and Lori was a member of the “small titties club” with just a 34B, which would have been fine with her husband if she just showed them off more often. Tammi wasn’t afraid to occasionally show off her tits with a nice bra and low cut shirt, which is probably why she got so much attention.

They all made for a diverse group, as Tammi was big with brown hair and hazel eyes, Beth was 30, 5’6”, average sized with jet-black hair and dark eyes, Marge was 36, 5’7,”also average sized with red hair and green eyes, and Lori was 39, 5’4”, 120 pounds, a petite, dyed-blond with blue eyes. The men were attractive and in fair shape. Jim was African American, and Margie always teased the other women about what a stud Jim is.

There was a hot tub on the lower deck, and Lori’s husband was looking forward to watching the ladies in there. Each year the group got less inhibited, probably since they were all such good friends and getting older. Maybe he would get to see some fresh naked bodies this time!

All the women were pretty well proportioned, no one really overweight, although only Tammi could be described as sporting a tight body. She didn’t have to work anymore and so worked out at a gym regularly. Beth and Margie stayed in good shape through diet and a couple of gym workouts a week. Lori was generally pretty lazy. She worked but didn’t work out, and was getting a little paunchy, but still had not let herself go too far.

He also hoped they’d get some tennis in the next day, as he loved watching the women bounce around in their little tennis outfits. Only Lori wore tennis shorts instead of a skirt. She is a PAINFULLY boring dresser. Usually they would swap wives for the tennis, which made it all the more fun as he didn’t have to put up much with Lori and could occasionally smash a ball at her across the net. Last year he nailed her in the left breast with an overhead shot and her nipple was red and swollen for a week. Ron, Jim and Joe kept trying to ice it down for her but she’d have none of it.

Lori wasn’t always a pain, and could actually be fun at times if they could get a few glasses of wine in her. She also got hornier the more she drank and that was somewhat entertaining until she always had that one-drink-too-many and passed out. She would be a major bitch in the morning when she was hung over, but luckily the other couples pretty much put up with it. Usually Joe would try to get her to drink a bloody mary and that helped.

Margie and Beth had been slamming down glasses of wine and so they swayed a little as they came out on the deck. They had both changed into sweat suits to be comfortable. Margie had on a sports bra with no shirt over it and her blue sweat suit was half open offering a nice view. Beth had on a light casual shirt under her green suit, which matched her beautiful eyes. Both women had very large nipples, probably due to having a few children each, and as they came out onto the deck the cooler air made them stand to attention.

“Who turned up the lights?” Lori’s husband asked. Lori slapped his arm hard. Her nipples were also hard but he hadn’t really noticed.

Tammi’s guns were so big they were wrapped in a large supportive bra most of the time and you couldn’t see her nips. He always wondered how big Tammi’s nipples were. Nothing better than big tits with small sensitive nipples. He hated big brown ones. Just thought they looked dirty. Give him a nice small pink or red areola and a large eraser sized nip and he was in heaven. Lori’s weren’t bad, when he got to see them. When they were younger he would chase her around the house pinching and plucking them and trying to make her laugh. He would try to corner her and suck them, but she would usually holler too much as she was afraid some neighbor would see. She must have thought EVERY neighbor they had was a voyeur! Like they had nothing else to do, and didn’t have better to look at…

The young guy in the dunes appeared to be arching his back and had stopped pumping away. His girlfriend looked like a sand crab on its back, with her arms and legs flailing around, and wrapping around her boyfriend. They figured he was shooting his load into her. Lori had walked out right at the end and Ron pointed out the show.

“That’s gross. How can they be so obvious” was her only reply.

“Your poor husband” Ron said to no one in particular.

At least Lori also had a glass of wine going.

They all sat down around the large table on the deck. The ocean was just a few hundred feet past the dunes and since the deck was off the second floor they could see waves crashing in the surf in the moonlight. It felt great. The warm breeze, the ocean sounds, the salt air, the bright moon…it was a perfect setting, and they lingered until 2AM catching up on all the major and minor details of their lives, and enjoyed the sensations the alcohol provided.

They all lived within a few hours drive of each other, but they didn’t get together as much as they wished. Kids, careers, and just life in general often got in the way.

Still, they did get make it a point to get together at least once a year for a three day weekend without the kids. “Molly’s an honor student.” “Tom just made varsity” “Janie just got over the flu.” The women prattled on.

Lori’s children were older and had just started college. She had also recently gone back to work and she rambled on and on about her job and things going on at the office. Her husband wanted to kill her often as she would droll on and on. He never bored her with a bunch of talk about work, and so it drove him crazy when she got going and just wouldn’t stop. She was a lazy and selfish woman, and he was getting towards the end of finding her appealing at all. For her part his general displeasure just didn’t seem to register so she didn’t react to it much. She thought he had become more boring and uncaring as well, but chocked it up to the fact they had been married for a long time and were getting older.

They all went to bed. He could hear a good bit of fucking going on around him. Someone, probably Tammi, was getting a real pounding. Ron was a stud. Good for him. Sounded like Margie was quite a good little cock sucker, as it must have been Jim moaning for what seemed like an eternity. Lori had five glasses of wine so she passed out at about midnight.

She just rolled over and snored when he slid into the bed next to her. He was getting horny hearing all his friends enjoying themselves, so he reached down and pulled his dick out of his pajama pants.

He shook it a bit until it became completely hard, and then he stroked it imagining he had it between Tammi’s tits. Lori woke up as he was shaking the bed and looked over. He looked into her eyes. She saw him jerking off and just made a face and rolled over again. He tried to shake the bed harder after that. His fantasy turned to bending Lori over the hot tub and fucking her in the ass while she screamed and cried and all their friends watched and cheered him on.

A few seconds later when he came and squirted what felt like a quart of jism he made sure a few shots hit her on the back. She didn’t stir.

“Bitch” he thought, “why am I wasting my life with you?”

The next morning everyone was in an excellent mood. He said he was still tired since all the noise all around the house kept him up!

Beth and Margie blushed. Tammi just snickered.

Lori came down to the breakfast room where they were all gathered. Her eyes looked puffy and her hair, while brushed, still looked uneven. She couldn’t be THAT hung over. She hadn’t had that much to drink. What a drama queen...

Joe, ever the happy one after beating cancer a few years back, tried to cheer Lori up.

“I’ll get ya one of my super-duper bloody mary’s right away. That’ll fix ya up.”

Lori just grunted.

Joe wet ahead and fixed the drink. He was a magician around the bar. Don’t know how he did it, but when Joe made drinks they always tasted different and better than anyone else’s. He put in celery seed, rubbed the glass rim with old bay, and a stood up a pickle spear in Lori’s drink. After she got about half down she started to perk up. Way to go, Joe! A magical “de-bitching” formula!

Lori’s husband was making omelettes. He liked to cook and was very good at it. He and Joe made one hell of a culinary team, and usually took on the kitchen duties on these weekends.

They all wanted a calm and relaxing weekend, so nothing too strenuous was planned. They would play tennis today and then the beach, and golf tomorrow and beach.

Tonight Joe and Lori’s husband were planning a New England style clam bake, with lobsters, clams, mussels, corn, potatoes and Italian bread. It was fairly easy to do and could feed them all at the same time without too much mess. Sounded great.

Tomorrow night they would go out to a little restaurant/bar that had dancing.

After cleaning up form breakfast, they got changed and all headed for the tennis courts.

As expected, Tammi, Beth and Margie had on very sharp outfits, mostly white, with short skirts. Ron tried to talk Tammi into wearing a thong, but she wouldn’t go for it. She said there would be a fight over who would get to be her partner. (She was right!) Lori put on a dumpy faded-blue shirt and shorts that reached a good three or four inches past her knees.

“Sure you’re not showing too much skin?” Jim asked.

Even he had to take a shot.

Ron suggested she at least go bra-less, and she shot him a dirty look.

“Well, at least she won’t be distracting to her partner” Lori’s husband offered.

She was annoyed again. So what if she wanted to be comfortable and not “all made up.” “They were going to hit some stupid fuzzy yellow ball back and forth at each other and get all sweaty anyway…”

They got to the courts and warmed up, and then Joe made up the teams, trying to pair a weaker player with a stronger player. Ron drew Lori. Jim got Beth, Lori’s husband was with Margie, and, of course, Joe played with Tammi. They were probably two of the strongest players, and Joe got a lot of shit when he paired himself with her, but nobody minded too much as she was wearing a shirt that gave a great view right down her front. Joe might get to see her bend over from behind, but the rest of us would get some great views of her fabulous jugs.

The tennis was great fun. Serious, but not too much so. Joe and Tammi made short work of most of them, but Lori’s husband and Margie put up a pretty good fight.

He had talked Margie into flashing her tits at Joe, and that had caused retaliation and no one was concentrating too much on the tennis.

When her husband hollered that he thought he just went blind after seeing Tammi’s knockers, Lori was really pissed off by his behavior. Ron had to talk her out of walking off the courts by telling her to lighten up, and showing her his hairy ass.

Even Lori had to laugh at that!

Later in the match Ron did it again and Lori went over and rubbed it. That surprised EVERYONE. Ron even got her to partially “moon” Joe during that match!

What a great morning. Exercise, tits and ass.

They went back to the house and had lunch, and then got ready and headed down to the beach.

The women all looked VERY hot. Tammi, Margie and Lori had on one piece suits, although Tammi’s and Margie’s were cut high on their thighs and plunged at the neckline.

They had several coolers of beer and margaritas, and everyone, even Lori, were enjoying themselves.

Ron was getting a little buzzed and said since everyone had seen his ass he wanted others embarrassed as well. In fact, he wanted to have a “hairiest ass” competition right there on the beach.

The women were horrified to think he might be serious, and before any of them could yell at Ron to knock it off Joe and Jim had dropped their swimsuits and were shaking their asses in the women’s faces.

Jim was rubbing his, stating that he kept it clean and smooth for Margie.

Lori’s husband stood up and she tried to grab him to stop him but missed. TAMMI actually reached up and yanked his suit down, but he turned before she could check out his cock.

Looked like Ron had won. He definitely had the hairiest ass!

Ron now joked that the women had to participate too! He wanted to see which woman had the least hairy ass!

Tammi said that the contest was only about asses, nothing else, and wasted no time.

“Hell, Joe’s been looking at it all day anyway” she said, as she quickly yanked the back of her suit so that the material went into her crack like a thong and gave the men a quick glance.

“Besides, she said, everyone could tell by their swimsuits that Beth would win any OTHER hair contest.”

Beth blushed. She had on a skimpy bikini, but had a wrap around her waist covering her like a short skirt. Joe had told them on a couple of occasions that Beth kept her pussy shaved clean, and how much he loved that as he enjoyed eating her and hated getting pubic hairs in his teeth.

They had drawn a crowd with their antics, and a group of 6 or 7 young men cheered and clapped when Tammi showed her beautiful large ass cheeks.

Amazingly Lori jumped up next but all she showed was a tiny portion of her’s. The crowd booed and she gave them a one-finger salute and a glare, causing them to laugh and cheer.

Margie was the best. She pulled her suit up like a thong and just left it that way. The crowd went wild, and she looked like she just loved the attention from the men half her age.

“Jim bought me a thong to wear anyway. He wanted me to wear it today. If he’s good, maybe I will tomorrow.”

Jim reached up and slapped her ass cheeks.

Lori’s husband noticed it was tight. Very tight. And he thought he noticed teeth marks. Margie sat back down slowly and the crowd booed until she hopped back up and bent over and gave them one last shot. The young men started throwing dollar bills and five dollar bills in Margie’s direction, and Tammi jumped up and grabbed them for her.

“Way to go Margie, you’re paying for this vacation!”

The men started a chant of “Beth, Beth, Beth, Beth.”

The crowd had now swelled to maybe 15, and they took up the chant as well.

Beth turned scarlet. “Joe, I don’t want to do this. There are just too many people.” “C’mon dear, it’ll be OK!”

Beth stood and slipped off her wrap and pulled down the back of her bikini bottoms about three-quarters of the way.

The beach erupted!

No one saw the lifeguards come over until they asked the group to please stop. The crowd might get unruly and they didn’t want any trouble.

Ron told them he would try to get these obviously wild and lascivious ladies to control themselves. “I am offended by their behavior anyway” Ron said. He’s so full of shit. You gotta love him.

They spent the rest of the afternoon quietly sunning themselves and sipping drinks. The crowd had sat nearby, and the bolder young men in the group kept bringing drinks over for the ladies. Tammi and Beth took sport in calling them “cabana boys” and pointing out how large or how hard their cocks must be to Margie and Lori. The men went back to the house to get dinner started.

Even Lori eventually got into it, and had one young gent she kept calling “Paco, the hot Latin cabana boy.”

At one point when “Paco” brought her a beer and sat next to her she lazily slid her hand down his outer thigh. When she moved to his inner thigh and started rubbing Tammi thought they better get going back to the house as it was getting late and somebody was probably tipsy enough that they needed a cold shower.

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