tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLori: Taken at Work

Lori: Taken at Work


My wife Lori is pretty hot. I want her constantly, yet, she is distant. We were married when we were both young. We have been married for a while.

She's 39 years old with a reddish-brown pussy, despite her blond hair. She is 5' 4", 110m lbs, so she hasn't let herself go yet. Our sex life is poor. Her idea of adventure is doggy style with the lights on. She is generally reluctant in bed. I would do ANYTHING to please her. ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING.

Yet, she is luke-warm to oral sex, and hates the thought of ANYTHING anal.

She thinks I am perverted, and any time I mention trying something knew she tells me so.

Lori recently started working again as our kids have left home for college.

Getting back into the work force was tough on her, and she has been doing administrative temp work waiting to be hired full time. She worked for a computer-related-magazine publisher. It was small, about 200 employees, but friendly. Her co-workers were generally younger, but not that outgoing.

She was a little shy herself, so she hadn't made many friends, although she was courteous and so was everyone towards her.

After 5 months she was asked to meet with the head of operations. Ted was a good looking guy in his late forties. He must've worked out regularly as he had a great build. He was pretty large, over six feet and over 200 pounds. His size intimidated many people, including Lori.

She went to his office at 5PM as instructed. Most of the folks had already left for the day, including his assistant. The office was large, and he met her at the door and escorted her inside. He asked if she wanted anything, soda, coffee, etc. She said no.

It was then she noticed four men in the room. Two were sitting on a couch and were dressed in ties and dress shirts. Two were at the small conference table and looked like shipping people as they were dressed casually. Ted introduced her to the men quickly. Jim and John from Sales, and Tony and Derrick from Shipping.

"I want to get right to the point, Lori. We have two openings, one on each of the teams, and both Sales and Shipping have asked to interview you.

Since many of the questions and tests will overlap, I figured we could get it done more efficiently if we did it together.

Lori was excited. She would finally be a full-time employee, benefits, paid vacation, etc. She perked right up and said that would be great! Ted smiled.

Jim and John asked if they could go first, as they only really had questions and the Shipping guys would likely be tougher. Lori was fine with that.

They starting asking the usual interview questions. Strengths, weaknesses, desires for advancement, on-and-on. After a few minutes they stopped and told her she did not seem to have much of a sense of humor or aggressive side, and perhaps even dressed a little frumpy for Sales. They felt they were fast paced and exciting. Lori said she did enjoy comedy, and her dress style could change. "Well, what you are wearing is fine, but you look so constrained and buttoned up," Jim said. She had on a dark blue soft fabric business suit, just a necklace and watch for jewelry, and black shoes with 2" heels. Very conservative as was her nature.

Jim went on to tell her most of their major sales, to large companies, were made by being personable. Could she loosen up and be so? She said she thought she could. "How?" he asked. "Give us an example." She wasn't sure.

"Maybe you could loosen up your clothing a bit. I know I'm not supposed to say so, but you're good looking and that sells."

"I d-d-don't know" she stammered. Ted walked around his desk and stood behind her. "Here, let me help a little if that's OK." Ted reached down and opened the top button of her shirt. Lori jumped and flushed. Ted stopped. "Well, maybe you're not ready for sale then." Lori opened her top two buttons.

'Do you ever go without a bra?" Lori couldn't believe she was just asked that, and she couldn't believe she answered she ALWAYS wore a bra at work..

Ted suggested she take hers off. She snapped to look at him. "Use my bathroom of course. Might be liberating."

Lori was scared, but they all stopped and watched her. She rose and went to the bathroom. Sales was a great department. Big bucks, plenty of perks, and in a few years she could likely afford to get divorced. She was very nervous, but thought she could surprise them by her assertiveness. After all, there were a few of them in the room, and she was wearing a jacket over her blouse. She took off the bra and walked confidently back out. "Well done" said Jim and John. "Maybe you do have what it takes to be in Sales."

Ted quipped, "Maybe we should have said ALL your underwear." Lori laughed it off and said "Don't push it buddy." Ted was impressed at her speaking up. Very interesting this one.

Tony cleared his throat. He was older tan Derrick, but they were both in top shape. Lori noticed. "How about our turn? Sales gets all the breaks."

"Just so" said Ted. Take over.

Tony asked Lori a few more questions, and then asked her to go over to a box of magazines by the table and lift it up. Lori obliged. She bent from the waist and picked up the 25 pound box with a little difficulty. After she did, she realized she just gave them a pretty good shot of her ass. Likely they could tell she had on a thong. Damn.

"No, no" said Tony. You'll kill your back that way. Bend your knees. And lift with the legs." Tony moved the box back to the floor and Lori tried again doing it correctly. She couldn't tell if he looked down her shirt as he stood over her. "Not bad" he said. She hoped he was referring to her lifting technique.

"Alright" said Ted, "how do you want to decide this." Well, they all agreed they would give her either job she really wanted. Shipping paid more initially, but Sales was better long term. Lori perked up again. Ted said she looked pretty excited, and they all looked at her chest and laughed.

She looked down and realized her small nipples were very hard and pointing straight ahead. "The beams were on" her husband would say…

She blushed. They laughed harder, and asked her what she wanted to do. She said Sales. Tony said "damn- another good one gets away!" But the Sales gents said hold-on, nothing was decided yet. She still had to prove herself a team player. Lori looked at them. What did they want now.

"Well," Jim went on, "we need Shipping to keep us going, and we need them happy. We want Lori to give them each a kiss to show no hard feelings and that we love them." What the heck, she thought, but Tony and Derrick got up immediately and walked over and stood above her.

"Wait a minute she said. This is nuts." "Ut oh" said Jim. "We have an issue here. Maybe Shipping should hire her."

"Not now said Tony, she just blew us off twice." Lori became uneasy. She was blowing it. She stood. "Oh, come here Derrick." She gave him a nice peck on the cheek and said "Sales loves you." She then went to peck Tony but he turned his head and met her lips with his. He enveloped her, and slid a hand down the front of her blouse. "Shipping loves you too baby" he said.

She was upset and pushed him away. "Now, now" said Ted. He moved over to her and stood behind her. "No employee abuse, please." "Remember, you're still a temp." Lori looked confused.

The Sales gents walked over and sandwiched her roughly. They said something about teamwork, and started to feel her through her clothes. The room started to spin. Lori couldn't believe something like this was happening.

A wild massage a few months ago, contractors taking her against her will last month, and now at work she was being groped. She tried to scream, but Tony was back turning her head to one side and sucking on her mouth.

Even Ted got into the act now. He was on her other side and had her arm.

He was sliding her hand across his crotch. "You'll have earned a position after this" he said.

The lights were dimmed and she heard the door lock. She could barely breath, and started to cry as her jacket and then her blouse were ripped open by Jim. He harshly squeezed her tits, and his fingers found her nipples and pinched. "Let me have one" shouted Tony. "After all, she loves Shipping!"

Her belt was undone and she felt her pants slowly opened and pulled down.

Tony gasped when he saw her thong. "This bitch is hot. Nice thong. She ain't getting' out of here with that. I'll enjoy it as a trophy."

She knew there were hard-ons all around her. She was moved to the conference table and bent over it. Ted hopped on a chair and shouted "executive privilege" and shoved his 6" cock up to her mouth. Her hair was pulled back and when she opened her mouth to holler Ted shoved forward. She felt her ass being smacked and was told she would be spanked every time she made a big commission check in Sales. They flipped her over and Ted moved right with her body. They lifted her legs up high, and someone pushed her thong aside and slid a couple of fingers in her. She was wet and angry at herself for being so. Now the boys went back to work on her nipples. And somehow the spanking continued. Someone must have been under the table.

After a few minutes of this she was ready to pass out. Ted shot a huge load so far down her throat she didn't taste it and didn't know she swallowed it. He pulled out and was quickly replaced by Tony's large prick. He was about the same length, but had to be 3" around. She could barely get the head in and still he kept coming. Now Jim was tapping at her hole with his head, and started to push ahead. She tried to scream again but could only moan loudly. This seemed to cheer them on.

Jim didn't take long, and neither did Tony. Two more hot, heavy loads, both shot all over her tits, which were already burning.

"Alright" Ted said, "We'll decide this my way. We'll have a fuck-off. John versus Derrick. Whoever makes her cum wins her for their department." Holy shit she thought!

John laid down quickly and Jim helped him lift her onto his throbbing cock.. He figured he could rub her clit as he fucked her and get her off. He starting bouncing her up and down. Tony told Derrick, who was the largest, to go to her face and show it to her. Lori gasped. She had never seen such a huge cock. Just seeing it made her a little hot at this point, and knowing they were going to make her cum. She was getting a little close, but time was running out for John. Suddenly, she felt Derrick behind her.

Oh my GOD, her mind screamed as she realized what he meant to do.

She felt his head moving slowly but firmly forward into her ass. She had no idea how he got it in to start. She must have been open, or maybe it happened on one of John's bounces. Derrick pressed on. She felt like she would tear! She cursed her luck again. They hit a rhythm and were fucking like they were machines. Maybe it was the fact that this was happening and she couldn't stop it, maybe it was the raw animal lust, maybe the sweat, but at some point she began to like it. She started to moan, and rock with them.

"Unnnnnnhhhhh" "Anhhhhhh" The sounds kept coming.

Finally she screamed "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" and her juices were running down John's thigh.

"I made her cum!"

"NO! I did!"

"No way! You were just bouncing her. She wasn't even getting hot until I shoved it up her ass!"

The argument continued for some time.

"Well" Ted said. "She did finally cum hard, but it looked like a team effort." "I think the only fair thing to do is for Lori to join the executive department."

Lori was Ted's assistant after that. He was pretty professional except on occasion. But that's another story.

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