Lori, the Cable Girl


"Lori, I have a confession to make, too. I've been out of work for quite a while, but I was offered an assignment writing a story for a stag magazine. I was expected to seduce a straight girl into the lesbian life. I have to give the magazine my answer by noon tomorrow. When you appeared on my doorstep and later decided to live here, I thought that fate had dropped you in my lap. Would you, could you help me? Would you have sex with me and let me write the story?"

"No Aleta; No. I couldn't have sex with a woman. Lesbians lick each other's pussy. Yuck! My high school boy friend and I used to make love in his car. He insisted that I suck him afterwards. I didn't like the taste of my own pussy juices. I couldn't lick another woman. No, I'm sorry, but I just couldn't do it. If that was the reason that you offered me the room, I'll move out as soon as I can another place."

"That's not necessary, Lori. I'll refuse the assignment. Please stay," pleaded Aleta. She had already made up her mind to seduce the girl whether Lori said yes or no. The magazine request was the main issue, but despite her previously straight orientation, she had become enamored with the girl. Lori's habit of running around nude or half clothed had sealed the 'bargain'; Aleta wanted her. Now, she had to decide how to go about taking the young woman. She had two weeks to do it before Lori had to go back to work. Thinking about having sex with Lori caused her to salivate -- at both ends.

Close to noon on Tuesday, Aleta watched Lori, wearing panties and a cut off t-shirt, bending over several times while loading her laundry into the washing machine; then and there, Aleta committed herself to writing the article; she pressed 'send' on her laptop email program. Now what was she going to do?

Tuesday evening, the women, as usual, had wine with their dinner, and Aleta knew that Lori would be a bit sleepy. About an hour after Lori went to bed, Aleta went into the girl's bedroom carrying a handful of nylon scarves; she tied the girl's hands and feet to the head and foot of the bed, spread-eagling her. Aleta carried all of the girl's clothes and laptop to her own closet. When she returned, she cut away Lori's panties and t-shirt. She gasped and then took a deep, shuddering breath, as she stared at the beautiful body in front of her. Lori had slept through the bondage; however, as Aleta slid her hand along the girl's inner thigh, she woke up.

"Wha, what are you doing, Aleta? Why am I tied? Oh no, does this have something to do with what you were telling me at lunch? Are you going to try to force me to do some lesbian act? Please untie me; please. Don't do this, Aleta. Isn't this kidnapping or something? You could go to jail for this." Lori gasped. "Oh, you can never let me go now; oh my god." Lori began sobbing.

Aleta took a deep breath, "I just don't have a choice, Lori. My money has run out, and I'm desperate. I will do my best not to hurt you, but if you don't cooperate, I may have to. I can't untie you until you agree to try to do want I want you to do. Will you at least try?"

"Aleta, I just can't. The thought of licking a woman's vagina turns my stomach. I won't do it no matter what you do to me," she said vehemently. "I just won't. I thought you were my friend. I trusted you. How can you do this to me? How will I eat or go to the bathroom if you keep me tied up?"

"I've thought about that, Lori. Because this house is so secluded and could be a target for thieves, the previous owners had a strong security system installed. The doors are metal covered with wood veneer; the windows have security bars on them; and, since the two suites were for two unrelated people or couples, those inside doors have had locks installed. The neighbors are so far away that even if you managed to break a window and scream, no one would hear you.

You won't be kept tied, but you won't be able to leave the suite. I tied you, so I could talk to you and try to make you understand that, like me, you have no choice," explained Aleta. "I'll untie you when I leave."

"I will fight you, Aleta, tooth and nail. I will not do what you want. I'll attack you when you come into the room and try to get away or call the police. I was feeling some love for you, but now I hate you," the girl spat. "Please let me go. I am terrified." She started sobbing again.

Aleta was crying, too, at this point. "It's gone too far now; we can't go back to where we were before. You must cooperate; you must." Aleta had a lump in her throat and couldn't continue. She went to the suite door and unscrewed the peephole tube; she reversed it, so she could look into the room instead of out. "I'm going to loosen the scarves, so you'll be able to slip out of them as soon as I leave, Lori. Please don't make a fuss, now. I'll bring you breakfast in the morning, but first I will have to go on an errand." She left the room and locked the door; she watched through the peephole until Lori was able to untie the scarves; get off the bed, and go into the bathroom. Then she went to her own bedroom and tried to sleep.

Just before nine in the morning, Aleta drove to a hardware store and made several purchases. She returned and made breakfast for Lori and herself. She looked through the peephole; Lori was lying on the bed -- nude of course, as Aleta had taken all her clothes away. "Lori, I'm coming in. Please go into the bathroom and close the door. Don't come out until I tell you to. I won't enter until you do," stated Aleta. After a few minutes, Lori complied.

Aleta unlocked the door, entered and fastened a short, lightweight chain to the metal bed frame with a small padlock. Then she returned to the kitchen. When she came back, she checked to make sure that Lori was still in the bathroom. "Lori, you can come out now. There's a light chain fastened to the bed; please put the other end around your ankle and fasten it with the other little padlock."

Knowing she wouldn't get breakfast until she complied, Lori did as she was told. She thought that she would bide her time until Aleta was lulled into complacency before she would try to get away. There was no sense in a confrontation at this time; in fact, Aleta might have a weapon with her.

"Lori, that chain around your ankle is very light and long enough that it shouldn't restrict your movements as long as you're on the bed. I will ask you to fasten it when I come into the room, so that you can't attack me as you threatened to do. I have taken everything out of the room that you could use as a tool or weapon, so behave, and this will be as painless as possible.

"As soon as we have sex together, and I've written the article, I will let you go. I regret having to do this to you, as I think you're a wonderful girl; however, I need the money I'll get for the article. It's a matter of survival. I'm not going to do away with you to prevent you from telling what happened here. I realize you thought that, but you were wrong. There will be no evidence that will support you. It's you're word against mine. Remember, you came here of your own free will. Please just try to cooperate, and everything will be fine. Now, let's eat breakfast," encouraged Aleta.

After they ate, Aleta fastened four lengths of wide Velcro to ropes that she attached to the legs of the bed. "Please don't struggle. The chain will hold you anyway. Just stretch out and let me put the Velcro around your wrists and ankles. It will be a lot more comfortable than being tied with the scarves or ropes."

Lori knew that struggling would just cause her pain, so she acquiesced. Her body was treasonous. She was aware that she actually enjoyed being tied down and exposed. She felt a sexual thrill when she realized that she was helpless to prevent whatever Aleta might do to her; however, she wished it was a boy who was going to do some deliciously nasty, sexual thing to her. In any case, she was not going to do anything with her mouth or tongue.

Aleta had been surfing the net to find clips and stories relating to lesbians and what they did to one another and how they did it. She stroked Lori's hair for a few minutes until the girl seemed calmer and less anxious; then she bent over and began to nuzzle the girl's neck and shoulders; she planted little baby kisses on Lori's eyes, cheeks and the corners of her mouth.

She enjoyed what she was doing more than she had anticipated; the girl's skin was as soft and as fragrant as a baby's and Aleta was finding it delicious; she extended the area that she was kissing to include the girl's throat, chest and breasts. She gently licked the pink nipples, one at a time until they responded, and then sucked one softly into her mouth; then the other.

Sucking a little harder on the little pink nubs caused the girl to gasp a little and even lift her breasts to meet Aleta's lips. She moved her kisses down the girl's torso, down her belly to the mound just above her clit. Moving to the bottom of the bed, she began kissing and licking the insides of Lori's legs, moving her mouth up along her inner thighs to within an inch or two of Lori's pubic lips. She could feel Lori begin to tense as her tongue got closer and closer to the girl's pussy. However, after doing this many times, and then retreating back from just above Lori's knees, she became aware that Lori whimpered when the licking didn't continue up to her vagina. Aleta could smell Lori's heated arousal; it was stronger than her own and evidently, Its pungency had nothing to do with the girl's cleanliness. She just had a stronger aroma than most women. It wasn't an unpleasant scent; just stronger.

Twenty minutes later, Lori began raising her lower body whenever Aleta's mouth got anywhere close to her pubes. Then, Aleta stopped licking and sat up. Lori had been breathing just a bit heavier and her eyes were squeezed tightly shut. Her eyes flashed open when Aleta stopped, and she stared at the woman as if to say, "Don't stop, now." She was certainly aroused at this point, but when she recalled that it was another woman causing her arousal, she seemed to deflate.

Aleta reached out and took Lori's outer pubic lips between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed them tight against the girl's clitoris. Gently, but firmly, she pulled and squeezed and pushed and twisted the bit of flesh using the girl's outer lips to hold it. Lori squirmed and moaned softly, but when the grip on her clit became tighter and Aleta began twisting her lips, she pushed her pussy up as though she were trying to force it into Aleta's grasp. She was becoming very wet making it difficult for Aleta to hold onto the writhing flesh. Finally, Lori's labia became too slippery for her to grasp and she let go. She thought she heard Lori whisper, "Oh no." She must have been very close to coming and wanted to continue until she went over the top.

By this time, Aleta was also extremely aroused and made up her mind to do something that just an hour before she had trouble even contemplating. She bent over and place her mouth over Lori's clit and sucked, sucked hard; then she began a steady sucking, releasing, sucking, releasing, sucking until Lori screamed Aleta's name and came all over the woman's face. Aleta hung on to the clit with just enough pressure to keep Lori from coming down from her high too soon.

Then she did something else she never thought she'd do. She started at the girl's perineum and continued up to the girl's clit, licking Lori's pussy clean and dry of her juices. At the end of an hour from the time she started kissing the girl, she was still trying to get more of Lori's taste into her mouth. Just about the time she thought that she had it all licked up, the girl exploded again; this time directly into Aleta's open mouth. Aleta started to choke as the fluids splashed against the back of her throat, but she managed to swallow it before the juices could exercise her gag reflex.

Lori was trying to tell her something. "What is it, Lori? Are you okay?" Again the girl spoke, but not loud enough for Aleta to understand. "Can you speak a bit louder, sugar?" asked Aleta.

"Kiss me," whispered Lori. "Please kiss me."

Fifteen minutes later, a contented Lori was fast asleep. Aleta undid one of the wrist straps, locked the door and went to her room to bed. She masturbated and fell asleep within minutes. She slept for several hours, arose and began working on the article for the magazine.

At noon, she carried a lunch tray to Lori's room and looked through the peephole. Lori was sitting up in bed reading, but she had put the slim chain and lock around her ankle. Aleta unlocked the door and went in. "How long have you had the ankle chain on? She asked.

"Oh hi Aleta. I put it on a couple of hours ago just in case you came back early. I was hungry -- for lunch," she answered.

"You were hungry for lunch? I see. Is that all you were hungry for? Asked Aleta.

"What do you mean? Of course for lunch," the girl answered.

"Well then, let's eat before you starve to death. I wouldn't want to come back here and find a skeleton," Aleta joked.

"Aren't you going to rape me first?" asked the girl.

"Whatever gave you the idea that I was going to rape you? Do you mean was I going to have sex with you? Maybe later. Maybe not. Why? You sound disappointed. Do you want to have sex? Asked Aleta.

"Of course not. I told you that I don't want to have sex with women. Of course I don't want to have sex with you," answered Lori. "I was just curious. Yes, we can eat -- if you're not going to rape me again, that is."

"So, it is alright with you if you're raped by a woman, but you can't just have sex with one? Queried Aleta.

"Well, how can I stop you if I'm tied down and helpless?" she asked.

"You are too much, Lori. Let's eat, and I don't mean eat you," Aleta said.

After they ate, Aleta unlocked the ankle chain, and left the room. As she was locking the door, she looked through the peephole; Lori was locking the chain around her ankle. Aleta shook her head and took the dirty dishes back to the kitchen. She spent the next five hours pounding the computer keys. She thought, "Lori is still a teenager even at nineteen, almost twenty. Maybe she does need to eat more and earlier. I'll make dinner now."

When she took dinner into Lori's room, the girl complained, "I'm bored, Aleta. Can we do something before we eat?"

"What would you like to do, honey? Play cards? Monopoly? Chat? Go down on me?" smirked Aleta. "Let's just eat dinner before it gets cold. It's Beef Wellington, tonight. It would taste awful if it gets cold." Lori was silent.

After they ate, Aleta said, "Lori, I have about a yard of that light chain left. We could put it around both of your ankles, so you'd be hobbled; then we could sit in the living area and watch Telly together."

Lori's face lit up, "Yes, that would be super. Let's do that." Aleta led the way into the living area and put a towel on the sofa for the naked girl to sit on; then she fastened the chain around each of her ankles with about a foot of chain between them. The chain was so lightweight that Lori could have broken it if she kicked out hard enough. Of course, it might have cut her skin if she had tried it.

Aleta enjoyed sitting next to the naked girl and kept her hand on the inside of Lori's right thigh; occasionally, she squeezed the soft, smooth flesh or slid her hand up and down; Lori did not protest or try to stop her.

They watched TV programs until eleven o'clock. Lori leaned over on Aleta, put her head on the woman's shoulder and yawned. "I'm sleepy, Aleta; can we go to bed soon?'

"Do you mean go to bed together and have mutual sex?" she asked.

Lori sat up, blushing. "Nooo! I mean go to bed in our own beds," she answered.

Aleta unlocked the chain, and they went back to Lori's room. As Aleta started to leave, Lori asked, "Aren't you going to rape me tonight?"

"Stop asking if I'm going to rape you. I'm NOT going to rape you. However, I'm tired, too. Maybe if you don't fight too hard, we'll have sex after breakfast."

"Oh, what time will that be? Lori asked. Aleta shook her head, left and locked the door. When she looked through the peephole, Lori was masturbating -- furiously.

She went back to her room thinking, "Things are really going well. I'm getting the story I wanted, and with far less trouble from Lori than I thought there would be," she fell asleep within minutes after her head hit the pillow.

When she brought the breakfast tray to Lori's room, the girl had already locked the chain to her ankle. "I hope she's not conning me," thought Aleta.

"Are you going to do me before or after we eat," asked the girl. "If you do it first, I'll probably have a better appetite." Aleta suppressed a grin. Lori was anxious for the second round, or she was a good actress.

"Afterward, Lori, if at all. You don't seem to be fighting very hard to stop me. Have you changed your mind?" asked Aleta.

"It just seems pointless because you'll do it anyway, won't you? No. I haven't changed my mind. I don't have sex with women. I've told you that already," she asserted.

"Well, I have a lot of work to do this morning. We can postpone the 'inevitable' until sometime later today." Aleta said with a straight face. "I'm sure you'll appreciate that, won't you?"

Lori was at a loss for words. She sputtered, trying to think up an answer that wouldn't make her seem anxious. "Well, um, um, um. What if I feel sick later? You wouldn't force me then, would you? Maybe you had just better get it over with while I'm still strong enough to handle it."

Aleta thought the girl was becoming childlike, losing the maturity she had exhibited earlier in the week. It was evident that she was increasingly eager to be fucked. Aleta felt perverse. She had started this game and now, she was enjoying playing it in a different manner. "Well, will you go down on me if I, ahem, force you now rather than, say, tonight or tomorrow?"

"You know I'll never do that, Aleta. Never. I just can't; however, I won't make a fuss if you want to do to me what you did yesterday morning."

Aleta didn't want to tease Lori any longer and keep her waiting. "I'll take the dirty dishes back to the kitchen. Prepare yourself to be violated again." When she returned, she realized that she had forgotten to lock Lori's door, but she needn't have worried about the girl escaping; Lori was lying in bed having already strapped her ankles and one wrist with the Velcro strips.

After fastening the girl's other wrist, Aleta took off her own clothes and lay on top of Lori. "Am I too heavy, honey? She asked. Lori shook her head no. "May I kiss your mouth?" Aleta asked.

"Yes," answered Lori, "but kiss me hard like a boy would. I am pretending you are a boy doing me. When you kissed me yesterday, your lips were so soft, I could tell that you were a girl."

Aleta bent to Lori's lips and pressed in a hard kiss. She kept kissing Lori for almost a minute until the girl turned her head away. Lori said, "I changed my mind. I like the girl kisses better. Soft. Soft and sweet. Mmm. Yes, like that, only softer if you can. Mmm. I like girl kisses. But, but, I don't want any other girl stuff. Oh, I don't mean that like it sounded. You can do to me what you did yesterday. I won't resist -- even though I don't want to do that. I mean I wouldn't let you do that if I weren't tied down. But I am tied down, and I can't stop you. I do like your boobs pressing on mine, and your belly on mine, but Aleta, we shouldn't be doing this. I'm really a good girl. This is wrong, but since I can't help what you're doing, I'll just have to put up with it, won't I. You know what I mean, don't you?"

"Yes, honey. I know exactly what you mean. I'll stop kissing your mouth and get off you." Aleta slid down Lori's body onto the foot of the bed. She moved back up a little and slid her hands under Lori's buttocks and squeezed. The girl's bottom felt like firm, foam rubber and the skin was satin smooth. She kneaded the firm flesh while she rained kisses on the girl's body wherever she could reach without letting go of the child's pneumatic bottom cheeks. She continued until Lori began to moan and writhe on the bed. She was making low guttural sounds until Aleta pulled her hands away from the girl's bottom and began gently pinching her labia; the sounds Lori was making grew in intensity when Aleta started squeezing the girl's clit between her outer lips. While she kept that up with one hand, she pushed two down turned fingers into the girl's well-lubricated vagina. She pressed again and again on the lower part of Lori's vaginal opening; the young woman responded by pushing up against Aleta's fingers.

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