tagLesbian SexLori's First Time

Lori's First Time


It was a quiet night in Lori's apartment, as she sits on the couch watching television, waiting for her roommate to come home from work. There really isn't much to watch on tv so Lori decides to take a shower while she waits for Suzi to get home.

Lori starts the water running nice and hot. Then she steps in and rubs the water all over her body, getting her hair wet so she can wash it with shampoo. She slowly rubs shampoo in her hair getting it all nice and soapy, then she runs her soapy hands down her slim body, getting her body all soapy with the shampoo.

Lori is so engrossed with what she is doing that she didn't hear her roommate come home, and enter the bathroom. Suzi watches as her roommate is washing herself, enjoying watching Lori sliding her hands up and down her slim body. Suzi is getting excited by watching Lori. Suzi starts getting undressed, and silently opens the curtian to the shower and steps in with Lori.

Startled Lori turns to see Suzi standing in the shower with her. Her beautiful body glistening with wetness from the shower spray. Suzi reaches up and rubs Lori's nipple, making it as hard as a rock, she then does the same to the other one. Lori closes her eyes and enjoys Suzi's touch. This is Lori's first time being touched by another woman, but has always been curious as to how it would feel.

Lori finds her touch exciting and arousing. Suzi leans in and still rubbing Lori's breasts, she kisses her on the lips softly, probbing for Lori to open her mouth so her tongue can slip inside, Lori's mouth opens and there tongue's touch and play with one anothers. Suzi's nipples are hard as rocks, she is extremely turned on by Lori's body and tongue. Suzi takes Lori's hands and places them on her breasts, Lori starts to rub Suzi's nipples with her fingers, slightly pinching each one. Suzi gasps out in pleasure as her hand slips down to Lori's pussy, she traces the lips with her finger before she slides it in her pussy and rubs her clit in slow small circles. Lori moans softly at Suzi's touch, opening her legs so she can get her finger inside better.

Suzi fingers Lori's clit for a bit then slides her finger down to her wet pussy hole and shoves two fingers in and starts to finger her pussy hole sliding her fingers in and out. Lori is having a hard time standing so she leans back against the shower wall. She is getting really close to orgasm. Lori screams out her pleasure as Suzi continues fingering Lori's pussy, her other hand goes down and she fingers her clit while her other hand is fucking her pussy. Lori can't hold back any longer, her body begins to shake, and she screams out that she is cumming. As Lori is cumming Suzi quickly leans forward and kisses Lori sticking her tongue in her mouth feeling her body shake hard with her orgasm.

After Lori is done cumming, Suzi starts to wash her body getting her nice and clean, and then Lori does the same for Suzi. Once all clean they both step out of the shower and towel dry each other off, getting each other more excited. Suzi then leads Lori to her bedroom where she asks Lori to lay down on her bed, so she can show her something very erotic.

Lori lays down on Suzi's bed and waits to for her, Suzi then spreads Lori's legs open wide and gets down inbetween Lori's legs. She slides her fingers in Lori's pussy hole once again, sliding her fingers in and out, getting her nice and wet, Suzi then leans in and starts to slowly lick Lori's clit, making slow circles with her tongue, Lori start to thrash her head from side to side enjoying Suzi's tongue in her wet hot pussy.

Suzi continues to lick her clit sliding her tongue all around Lori's pussy, she takes her fingers out and slides her tongue in the hole tasting Lori's pussy juice. Lori can't believe how good this feels and is moaning out her pleasure, telling Suzi to lick her wet hot pussy until she cums all over her face. Suzi starts licking faster, as Lori's body starts to shake once more, making known her orgasm that is coming any second. After Lori has cum again for the second time tonight, Suzi gets up and walks to her dresser and opens the top drawer and gets out a few toys and comes back over to the bed.

Lori is still laying on the bed, legs spread wide and her hand is now rubbing her cum soaked pussy. Suzi gets on the bed and lays down next to Lori, and helps her to rub her pussy and leans in for another kiss, smiling at Lori. Suzi then takes a slim vibrator and slides it into Lori's cum soaked pussy and turns it on low. Lori lets out a loud moan. It feels soo good inside her pussy.

Suzi tells her to slide it in and out of her pussy, Lori obeys and reaches down and slides it in and out, Suzi then gets up and straddles Lori's face and tells her to lick her pussy while she is fucking herself with the vibrator. Lori slides her tongue in Suzi's pussy, licking it the way she had just done to her. Suzi rides Lori's face until she cums, her body shaking on Lori's face as she cums hard.

After Suzi has had her first orgasm of the night, she then lays back down beside Lori and kisses her again, tasting her own juices on Lori's tongue, she gets excited by her own taste and gets out her double ended toy, sliding one end in her pussy she tells Lori to take the vibrator out of her pussy and straddle the dildo sticking out of her pussy, Lori then straddles Suzi and slides the other end of the toy in her pussy and starts to ride it, as she does so she also pulls it in and out of Suzi's pussy, fucking the toy and Suzi at the same time.

After doing that for a while, Suzi then flips Lori on her back and takes the toy out of her pussy and slowly starts to slide the other end into Lori's tight little asshole, filling both holes. Once it is in both holes, Suzi then starts to pump it in and out of both holes, making Lori scream out in pleasure. Suzi continues fucking both Lori's pussy and ass with the double ended dildo until she screams that she is cumming once again.

Lori then sees that Suzi also has a strap on. Lori reaches for the strap on and puts it on and tells Suzi to get on her hands and knees. Suzi does so, and Lori lubes up the strap on and slowly slides it in Suzi's wet hot pussy. Suzi screams out her pleasure, telling Lori to go faster, Lori does so, sliding it in and out of her pussy faster, deeper. Lori then takes it out of her pussy and slowly slides it in Suzi's tight little asshole, Suzi gasps out in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Lori slowly fucks Suzi's asshole, sliding in and out, going a little faster with every stroke, until she is slamming the strap on in and out, making Suzi scream loudly. Suzi then screams that she is cumming and cums real hard. Lori pulls the strap on out of Suzi's ass and gets down and licks Suzi's pussy hole tasting her cum, getting every drop in her mouth. Once finished they rest for a little while, then go back to pleasuring each other all night.

The next morning they both look at each other and smile. Thinking about the nights events.

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by VirgoPisces08/26/17

It's a good story with great bones but the beginning seems much more organized than the last two thirds of it.

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