Lorna's Pleasuring


Matt positioned himself between her legs, pushing her thighs apart with his hands so that he could reach her with his tongue. But before he went down on her he spent a short while just gazing at her pussy, a pussy that he could only describe as 'cute'. Nothing about Lorna's pussy was anything except beautiful, her outer lips framed her pussy in smooth lines of flesh, pink and lovely, her inner lips were short, neat and led his eye perfectly to her clit, the erect little button peeking out from its hood. His eye strayed a little further down to where her vagina was slightly opened, inviting his tongue into a slick and shiny tunnel, the juice just overflowing slightly to send a tiny rivulet to outline her glistening anus, pink and puckered deep in her crack. Matt was captivated by Lorna's uninhibited exhibition, but he also wanted to obey her and to lick her, so with a slight regret he bent his arms and lowered his head towards her.

"Matt, if you get the urge to play with my arse while you're licking me, I won't mind."

Matt wasn't sure if he should use his finger or his mouth, but it was clear that Lorna wanted her arse touched; it was an instruction in all but phrasing. Well, he'd been told to use his discretion if he wasn't sure and so he would do just that.

In fact, Lorna wanted both. She'd had an inexperienced boyfriend many years before who had accidentally rimmed her momentarily while attempting oral, and she'd never forgotten the few seconds of forbidden excitement. Besides that, she's often wished that Derek would play with her bottom while he was fingering her pussy, but of course he never had, and now she had the opportunity she was not going to be shy about her needs. She helped Matt out.

"You can do what you want to with my bottom, Matt. No limits. Just make me enjoy it."

Matt could see that playing with her bottom was a high priority for Lorna and so he pushed her thighs right back to give himself easier contact, making her sigh happily in the knowledge that he had understood. He kept his hands firmly on the cheeks of her bottom and used his thumbs to push them apart, spreading her pussy and arse fully open. Then he lowered his face to her pussy and began licking her clitoris.

Licking Lorna's clit is something of an understatement for what Matt did, he pretty much worshipped it. His tongue and his lips enveloped it, sucking it from under its hood to be massaged by his mouth and tongue. His lips pulled it taught, holding the tip inside his mouth so that his tongue could work on it, licking, flicking probing, and caressing its head with his tongue tip. Lorna was in ecstasy. The sensations radiating out from her clit were among the most intense that she had ever experienced.

And all the time that he was licking Lorna's clit, Matt was also massaging her rolled-back bottom with his hands, moulding the muscle with his palm, digging his fingers into her bum cheeks, and spreading them so wide as to actually cause pain sometimes. His thumbs were pushed into her flesh, firmly stroking, pulling, and pressing. Lorna could feel a second climax building in her pelvis, getting hotter and more insistent like the lava held trapped in a volcano. The combined effect of his hands and his mouth were threatening - no, promising - to make her cum harder than ever.

Her climax, when it came, was unbelievably fierce, making her clutch desperately at her duvet again, screwing the material into peaks with her hands. It made her cry out to the Almighty as she had before, as if pleading for his help in coping with her pleasure, but this time she could not raise her pelvis from the bed because she was still held rolled up by Matt, though her muscles tried nonetheless, reddening her face and tightening her sinews in the effort.

Lorna didn't tell Matt to stop this time when she came. All through her orgasm he had continued sucking at her clit, sending her into higher circles of pleasure. Only when her climax had passed its zenith and her body was beginning to unwind a little had he slowed his assault on her clit, and then only so that he might include more of her pussy within the scope of his mouth and tongue, Even though she was trembling from her climax, her heart was thumping and she was gasping for breath, she didn't want him to stop. His tongue had begun long lascivious sweeps along the length of her pussy, starting just below her hole and ending just after it had made her clit bounce with its passing, and it felt wonderful.

Slowly Lorna's breathing returned to normal and her heart resigned itself to remaining inside her chest, and she began again to appreciate Matt's tongue even more. She wasn't sure she could stand it, but it felt oh so good.

Then she began to realise just how close he was getting to her arse. Each time, after finishing at the top, he lowered his face to start again and his tongue was beginning it travels from about the centre of her perineum, literally millimetres from her rosebud. She hadn't noticed this at first as she tried to put herself back together after her orgasm, but now she waited with baited breath for each time his tongue descended, hoping that this time he would put his tongue where she longed for it to go.

She didn't have long to wait. It was as if he had read her mind, for after the very next stroke Matt lowered his face to her and placed the tip of his tongue right on the halfway mark between her pussy and her anus as usual, but this time his tongue went downwards. Lorna caught her breath; they had now entering uncharted waters. Sure, she had had it done before, but only for a few seconds and never intentionally, and she wondered how it would feel.

It felt glorious. At no time did she feel that they were doing anything 'dirty' or 'kinky', in fact quite the reverse, it was as if a door had opened and shown her the next step in a wonderful sex life. She loved it and it was obvious that Matt had no qualms whatever about doing it.

Previously Matt had pushed her legs back to give himself room, but now she helped him, hooking her hands behind her knees and pulling her legs almost flat beside her chest, her knees alongside her breasts and her feet pointing skyward. She was breaking her own rule about just taking pleasure without lending any assistance, but she felt it was worth it just to ensure his tongue had unrestricted access to her bottom.

Matt took full advantage, developing a circuit for his tongue to follow in much the same way as he had stroked her body with his fingertips a little earlier. At first he would lick the general area of her anus, gently and wetly dragging his tongue tip around her hole, just touching the very sensitive skin before circling inwards until the very tip of his tongue was gently probing her entrance, searching for the way in. Then he would push a little, stiffening his tongue, trying to open her up before, as if giving up, he would flatten his tongue and brush it all the way up her cleft, dipping in and out of her vagina before finishing on her clit. There he would nibble, lick and suck for a few seconds before returning his tongue to her bottom to begin again.

Lorna's breathing very rapidly became ragged again, her knuckles whitening behind her knees and her head rolling from side to side as the exquisite sensations took her once more on a climb to orgasm. Matt's mouth and tongue were having their effect.

But for all her intense feelings of pleasure, Lorna noticed the contrast between the feel of his tongue on her pussy and on her bottom. Its tip easily slid as deep into her vagina as it could reach, effortlessly lapping at her passage walls, but it was completely unable to penetrate her sphincter and, absolutely beautiful though the feeling of him licking her anus was, she couldn't help but wonder how nice it might be to be penetrated there by something stronger than a tongue. She began to see the attraction of anal intercourse, the germ of a thought born of curiosity came to her. What would it be like to be fucked in the arse? But she pushed the thought into the back of her mind, for his lips and tongue were keeping up their work, sometimes softly, sometimes firmly, but all the time propelling her towards a climax.

Matt, for his part, had noticed her arousal getting closer to a peak and, thinking to bring her off more strongly, switched his tongue's attention to her clitoris, keeping it there at the end of the climb up her cleft instead of returning it to her anus. For a moment Lorna was disappointed, suddenly missing the new found pleasure of being rimmed, but as Matt drew her clit into his mouth and played his tongue over it, she submitted to his attentions, spears of pleasure lancing through her body. She groaned again quietly from the intensity of the feelings, instantly regretting having done so in case Matt translated that as her wish for him to remain there.

But Matt, free to interpret Lorna's instructions quite liberally, had formulated his own plan, and that certainly did not include leaving her arse alone. His lips and tongue now concentrated purely on her clit, licking and sucking, nibbling and gently biting, gripping it between lip covered teeth and pulling it to full extension before he either released it to bounce back into place or it slipped from his mouths grasp. This attention had Lorna gasping and writhing by itself, but then Matt quietly placed two fingers at the entrance to her pussy and wriggle them inside, pushing them deep into her body and making her call out in surprised ecstasy. Now, in complete contrast to his gentle approach to her clit, he thrust them deep hard and fast in and out of her cunt. Lorna jerked and writhed under him, unable to buck or thrust back against him as her instincts demanded because of her rolled up position. She was teetering on the edge of yet another climax, only prevented from falling into that wonderful abyss by the fact that her body was not quite yet recovered from the last one.

For a little while Matt kept Lorna at this point, expertly altering the speed and intensity of his movements to do so, and then he gradually backed away, letting his fingers eventually remain motionless within her passage and his tongue just softly licking and nibbling at her clit in order to keep her arousal simmering. He was gently teasing her.

Part of Lorna wanted him to keep going, to bring her off in another mind-blowing, gut-wrenching orgasm, but another part was grateful for the almost tender interval that let her get her breath back properly. Although it was her day and her instructions that counted, she realised that she had, to a great extent, surrendered the initiative to Matt, allowing him to do much as he wished, and she didn't really care.

All of a sudden she became aware that Matt had surreptitiously withdrawn his two fingers from her pussy and was now gently trying to reinsert them, but this time he was letting one slide easily into her pussy while trying to insinuate the other into her anus. The unexpected feel of that stealthy fingertip prodding and wriggling its way past her sphincter brought a gasp of delight from her lips and an actual smile broke across her face. The thrill of feeling him gently penetrating her bottom while still lapping softly at her clit brought her arousal abruptly back towards boiling point. She gasped again as she felt the finger actually enter her a short way, and she clutched her legs even more tightly against her body to give him as much freedom as possible.

"Yes, that's good. Go right in." She was giving Matt instructions that she knew he didn't need, doing it really to confirm her consent.

But Matt instantly complied, whether following Lorna's instruction or because he was going to anyway, she wasn't sure. She suspected he was about to do it anyway, for the thrust that took his pussy juice lubricated finger deep into her rectum came almost before she had finished speaking. This time his invasion made her cry out loud and throw her head back in shocked pleasure.

Now he began once more to lick and suck her clit, intensifying his activities there while at the same time thrusting deep into her again with both fingers, but this time into both of her holes. Lorna had never felt anything like this. The familiar and sexy sensation of having her pussy fingered was augmented by the completely different, but equally erotic, sensation of having a finger probing deeply into her rectum. The climax that had been held at bay now rushed forward to overwhelm and drown her.

There was no build up this time, there was no steadily increasing pressure within her as an orgasm came closer, and had she wanted she could never have warned Matt that she was cumming. This climax simply exploded within her, a shock wave of ecstasy weeping through her being. Beginning in the thin membranes separating rectum from vagina it rushed outwards to engulf her and make her shout her pleasure, stunned by the intensity of that climax. Later she would describe it to a friend as the feeling you would get from desperately releasing a long overdue pee through every pore on your body. Even as it subsided she lay whimpering and moaning with tears welling from emotionally overloaded eyes. She felt physically and emotionally drained, but so, so fulfilled and so pleased with what they had done.

"Hold me Matt, just hold me." She eventually managed to tell her lover.

The pair lay silently side by side for nearly three quarters of an hour, Matt's arm around Lorna's shoulder and her head nestled against him. For a lot of that time she dozed, bodily spent from her exertions. Matt lay quietly; content to hold a beautiful and contented woman in his arms, though aware nonetheless of the slight ache in his balls that reminded him that he was yet to find release. Then eventually something told him to look down at the sleeping Lorna, finding when he did that she was no longer sleeping, but silently gazing up at him with a look of concern on her face.

"Matt, did you mind playing with my bottom?" The question came all of a sudden.

"No, not in the slightest, I loved it." Her voice made him jump a little, but he answered immediately and with obvious sincerity.

"Good, would you do it some more?"

"Yes, of course." Matt stirred, making to move and touch her once more.

"No wait," Lorna's voice stopped him, a change of mind evident in her voice. "Will you fuck me there?"

Matt stared at her in surprise, before answering very simply. "Yes."

"Now!" Lorna extricated herself from his embrace and rolled over, rising onto her hands and knees in front of him.

Matt hesitated, still taken slightly aback by her sudden and unexpected request.

"Come on, Matt, do it now. Fuck my arse, please." She turned her head sideways to look at him, need clear in her eyes. She had been thinking about each time she woke from her doze, and now her decision was made she wanted her arse fucking straight away.

Matt shrugged mentally, then shuffled around and took his position behind her, kneeling on the soft bouncy mattress of his bed. Then, placing one hand on her hip to hold her still, he took hold of his cock in the other and pointed its head at her body, moving forward until it touched the soft roundness of her bum cheek. Lorna tensed, waiting for his cock to move to her entrance.

"Yes, Matt. Do it."

Lorna felt him move forward a little, felt his cock taken from her cheek to be redirected. Then, to her absolute amazement, she felt it slide deep into her pussy, pushing in as far as he could get it.

"No! Take it out! Not there!" Lorna tried to pull forward to dislodge Matt's uninvited intrusion, but he held her hips tightly.

"Wait Lorna, it's alright. I know what you want, but I need some lubricant and I'm after your pussy juice." Matt broke the rule of silence through necessity, without Lorna's cooperation he would be unable to follow her instruction.

As his intention became clear Lorna immediately stopped trying to pull away, in truth she felt a little silly. Of course he needed lubrication, and as they hadn't expected to need any, where else would he get it. In her embarrassment she didn't notice that he had spoken.

Matt slowly pushed his cock in and out several times, each time going as deep as he could, then he pulled it out and lined himself up with the slick wet tip touching her anus. Lorna tensed her body, waiting for him to begin and trying not to tense her anal muscles as well.

Matt eased himself forward, pressing against Lorna's entrance and forcing to open slightly before stopping and waiting for her to adjust. Then he pushed again, spreading her sphincter wider. Looking down her could see his head part way in and her ring distended to admit him. Another little push and a tiny little gasp of discomfort came from Lorna. He stopped instantly, waiting with his cock very nearly within her, waiting for her to show that she wished to continue.

"It's ok, Matt, don't stop. It just hurt a little then, that's all, but its okay."

Matt pushed again, and this time his cock slid through the restraining ring of her sphincter muscle and entered her bottom properly for the first time. He stopped again, now waiting to allow Lorna to adjust to the sensation.

"Oh fuck, that's good." She said after a few moments. "Fuck me now Matt. Fuck me properly."

He started to push into her, still taking things gently, still entering inch by inch and pausing regularly until he felt his belly press against her bottom and saw that his shaft was totally embedded in Lorna's arse.

"That feels so good. Fuck me hard now Matt, and don't stop until you cum," Lorna was gasping from the sensations she was feeling. "Keep going until you fill me with spunk, even if I cum before you."

Those directions were just what Matt wanted to her, and actually far more than he expected to. He had expected to have to stop if Lorna climaxed but her instructions were clear, he was to fill her arse with spunk. He took hold of her hips and pulled her to him, impaling her arse onto his cock. Then he began to thrust in earnest, slowly and gently at first, but building as it became clear from her excited noises that Lorna wanted more, speeding up his strokes and fucking her arse more and more vigorously until he was banging into her for all he was worth.

The feelings generated by having his cock deep inside Lorna's rectum were incredible. Her back passage was distinctly warmer, smoother, and definitely tighter, than a pussy, clinging and sheathing his cock in soft warm velvet. Added to that the feel of her sphincter still fitting tightly where his shaft entered her body was superb, almost as if a living cock ring was gripping his shaft. As he fucked her he looked down at his cock pistoning in and out of Lorna's arse, pushing her sphincter inwards and then drawing it out as he ploughed her. It was a fantastic sight, making his balls tighten and his shaft harden as his long awaited orgasm began at last to show itself.

For Lorna this was a feeling she would not have believed possible. She had never had anal sex before; in fact she had never even thought about it much, but the experience was wonderful. Matt's cock filled her rectum, opening the tunnel walls with its girth and pushing it up against her pussy wall, extending the sensations into her vagina as she was fucked. It was a stupendous feeling to have her rectum continually expanded as Matt's cock plunged into it, and it was bringing her orgasm close and getting overwhelmingly closer. It would not be long before she came.

When Lorna actually did cum she lost control of her body under the overwhelming power of her climax, and she collapsed from her kneeling position forward onto her face, feeling panic in the belief that Matt's cock would be pulled form her body at just the wrong moment. But Matt was holding tightly onto her hips and managed to slow her progress enough for him to stay with her, ending up lying flat on top of her prone body, still thrusting forcefully into her arse. He was far too close to his own orgasm to stop now.

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