tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLorrie's Punishment

Lorrie's Punishment


Lorrie Bennigan had it all or so she thought. She was a nineteen year old student at Woodrow Wilson Technical College in Teapot, New Jersey. It was a rather small institution, the entire campus being housed in a five storied building. She had a 4.0 grade point average and was on the fast track to a promising career in computer programming. The fortunate young woman was also the most popular girl in the college.

And best of all, she wasn’t the least stuck up; not that anyone would have blamed her if she had been. Lorrie was five foot, seven inch of full bodied young woman; her measurements were 36D, 26, 36 and she had real blonde hair that hung to her shoulders in a little flip-up curl at the ends. While certainly not a classic beauty, she had a highly interesting face with soft cheeks melting down past a classic nose to a strong mouth and chin. Combined with her sparkling and witty personality, her appearance left others with the impression of extreme beauty.

The most important thing in Lorrie’s life was her boyfriend, Mike. They had been going together since high school and she considered him the love of her life. He had been captain of the football team, although he certainly wasn’t a typical dumb jock. Mike prided himself on taking his schoolwork seriously and his grades, while not in Lorrie’s class, were always a solid B average.

The only flaw in the relationship as far as the blonde young woman was concerned was Mike’s penchant for smoking pot. Lorrie, herself, was clean and sober and didn’t enjoy the feeling of not being in control of herself, although she never laid her personal values on her boyfriend. She was happy though that Mike usually limited his pot intake to when they weren’t together. On this particular evening he had smoked a small bit earlier on. When he had stopped at a convenience store to purchase the both of them a soda, Mike had asked Lorrie to hold the baggie for him. Not having her purse with her, Lorrie stashed it down the front of her blue jeans. Unfortunately the young woman forgot about it, as it had already grown quite late in the evening and Mike had taken her home soon thereafter realizing she had already badly overstayed her curfew.

The only dark cloud in Lorrie’s life was her stepmother, Hillary. Lorrie was five when her mother had died and the young woman barely remembered her. Her father had remained unmarried for years due to his sorrow and Lorrie had come to prefer just having one parent; if truth be told, part of the reason was she had her loving father wrapped around her little finger. True, she had never done anything out of line except breaking curfew numerous times before this fateful night.

A couple of years earlier, Lorrie’s father had made some tentative forays into dating. This made her happy because she could see he was much happier himself. All of this came crashing down around her head rather quickly three months previous when her father invited Hillary to dinner at their home and they informed Lorrie they were to be wed in the next week. The young woman was completely shocked and had an instant antipathy towards her stepmother. Lorrie resented Hillary for her intrusion into their family and what made matters worse, her stepmother came equipped with a son from a past marriage.

Her new stepbrother, Joey, was also nineteen, but there the similarly with Lorrie ended. Even though he was quite good looking, his personal hygiene was terrible and the young woman couldn’t even stand being near him. Joey was a complete slacker in school and still in high school.

Lorrie also had a very strong suspicion that Hillary was very jealous of Lorrie’s relationship with her father and the amount of quality time they spent together, because her stepmother never missed an opportunity to put her down when her father wasn’t around. The young blonde also realized that Hillary resented Lorrie’s achievements because it made Joey’s delinquent behaviors look even worse in comparison.

Mike pulled his ‘Mustang GT’ to a halt with a screech of tires in front of his girlfriend’s home. Lorrie leaned over and offered her boyfriend a quick kiss on his lips and, then undoing her seat belts, she opened the car door and ran trippingly up the front sidewalk.

“Goodnight,” Mike called out as he leaned over and closed the car door.

‘Oh, I hope Hillary is asleep. I am so late,’ Lorrie thought. Despite her father’s wishes, she absolutely refused to call his new wife, mother. Even though Lorrie was of legal age, her father had insisted that she place her energy into college and to continue to live at home. She was totally agreeable to this; consequently she was completely dependent on her father and stepmother’s good graces.

Lorrie realized with her father out of town on business, she only had to worry about Hillary. Inserting the key into the front door and creeping inside, she was greatly relieved to see only the small night lights on in the house. Closing the front door quietly behind her, it was then that Lorrie realized panic stricken that she still was in custody of Mike’s pot. She quickly pushed it even further down the front of her jeans.

A light was suddenly snapped on in the spacious living room. Lorrie was temporarily blinded, but knew deep in her heart that she had been busted by Hillary. Sure enough, the odious woman was glaring at her, seated in a comfortable chair in the corner.

“Why are so late, you little tramp?” Hillary asked harshly, standing and advancing quickly on the stunned Lorrie, who stood in complete shock at being called such a vile name. She realized her stepmother never would have dared to use such an appellation if Lorrie’s father had been home.

Hillary stopped directly in front of Lorrie and, then appearing slightly perplexed, leaned over the young woman and took a deep sniff. ‘Oh my God!’ Lorrie thought, panicked. ‘Can she smell Mike’s pot on me?’

“What’s that smell on you?” Hillary demanded.

“My perfume?” Lorrie weakly answered.

“Oh no young lady, I certainly know the smell of marijuana when I smell it. You’ve been out smoking drugs, haven’t you?” ‘ ‘How does she know what pot smells like?’ Lorrie wondered. “No, no I haven’t,” Lorrie attempted to protest.

“I should just take you down to the police station and have them test you. How would you like that?” Hillary snapped angrily.

Lorrie just kept repeating, “No, no,” and began crying from her stepmother’s unrelenting harassment.

To Lorrie’s complete embarrassment, Joey suddenly appeared in the living room. She realized he must have been listening the entire time in the dining room. He leaned against the doorway and grinned insolently at her.

“I saw you put something under your clothes when you came in here,” Hillary accused. “Lift your blouse up.”

Still weeping, Lorrie managed to say, “I can’t, it’s too tight.”

“Then unbutton it, you stupid slut,” the middle-aged woman ordered.

Lorrie couldn’t believe her ears. She was supposed to open her blouse in front of her stepbrother! “No, I can’t,” she sobbed. “Not in front of Joey.”

“Listen here young lady,” Hillary said, shaking the young woman by her arm violently. “You do as I say or I’ll rip that blouse right off you.”

Never doubting her stepmother for a second, Lorrie, with shaking hands, finally managed to open her blouse displaying her sexy semi-transparent bra. She felt even more embarrassed and degraded when Joey wolf whistled at her.

Lorrie began to button her blouse back and Hillary snapped, “Just take it off, I may need to check under your bra.”

The now totally emotionally beaten down young woman couldn’t believe her own ears, but did as her stepmother ordered and dropped her blouse down onto the nearby couch making the sight of her bra even more accessible to her staring stepbrother.

“You can stop this right now by just turning over the marijuana,” Hillary explained.

“There is no marijuana!” Lorrie screamed, pressed to her breaking point.

“Don’t you yell at me, young lady. I am not to be trifled with. Unbutton and pull the zipper down on your jeans,” Hillary ordered.

Lorrie felt as if her heart had stopped dead in her large chest. She suddenly realized she was very close to being busted with the pot and she became extremely frightened as to what Hillary’s response would be. Lorrie made one more attempt to thwart her stepmother.

“It’s not right to make me do this in front of Joey,” she cried out.

“Never you mind about Joey,” Hillary insisted. “He’s not out to all hours using drugs. Now do as I say or I’ll just pull those jeans off you myself!”

Feeling totally defeated, Lorrie did as her stepmother insisted. She slowly unbuttoned her jeans and then unzipped them. Doing exactly what had been the young woman’s worst nightmare, Hillary stepped forward and yanked the jeans partially down – the baggie of pot fell out onto the living room carpet.

Her stepmother went completely ballistic. “Goddamn you! I knew you were lying to me.” And then she slapped Lorrie hard across the face.

“Ow!” Lorrie cried out. Despite the pain, what was worse to the young woman was the shock of the blow – she had never been struck in her life. Plus she was now terrified over what more physical punishment Hillary might dish out.

“Are you hiding anything else?” Hillary angrily questioned.

“No, no, I swear I’m not,” Lorrie tearfully insisted.

“I don’t believe you, you little liar,” Lorrie’s stepmother declared. “Take the rest of your clothes off. I need to search them and you.”

“I can’t do that,” the blonde young woman protested. “Joey is standing right there. It’s indecent.”

“It’ll be good punishment for you for using drugs and lying to me. You’ll think twice before doing this again!” Hillary exclaimed, forcing Lorrie’s jeans down to her feet. The young woman realized horror struck that her stepmother had tangled her panties in her jeans and she was now standing half naked in front of Joey.

“Oh God no!” Lorrie screamed in emotional anguish and she threw her hands down to cover her blonde pubic haired labia. She felt totally humiliated.

Hillary seized the opportunity to unsnap her stepdaughter’s bra and removed it eliciting another scream of shame from Lorrie. “Will you shut up? You’re getting on my nerves. And stand up straight with your arms by your side. I need to check you over next.”

As her stepmother carefully searched all of Lorrie’s recently removed clothing, Lorrie stood hunched over, futilely attempting to hide her nudity from the rapacious staring of Joey. She simply could not make herself stand straight as Hillary had ordered. When the middle-aged woman finished going through Lorrie’s clothing, she noticed her stepdaughter had disobeyed her once more.

Knocking the young woman’s hands away, Hillary demanded, “Squat with your legs widely apart.”

God, would this humiliation ever end? Lorrie wondered. By this time she realized she needed to follow her stepmother’s dictums, if for no other reason than to try to shorten the time involved in this hideous situation. The young blonde did as instructed and burned with embarrassment as Hillary squatted herself and closely checked out her young stepdaughter’s pussy. Lorrie made the mistake of locking eye contact with Joey, who smiled salaciously at her and rolled his tongue around his lips.

“Stand up and bend over,” the middle-aged woman ordered, while standing herself. Lorrie labouredly pulled herself to her feet and bent over. “Oh God,” she moaned when Hillary pulled Lorrie’s butt cheeks far apart.

Suddenly Lorrie felt terrible pain when her stepmother slapped her stepdaughter’s butt hard. “Oh stop it!” she cried out.

“Shut up and take your punishment,” Hillary snarled while continuing to slap Lorrie’s behind hard, again and again.

With tears streaming down her face, Lorrie attempted to obey her stepmother by biting her lip to handle the increasing pain of each slap. Finally, in what seemed forever to Lorrie, Hillary stopped and said, “Okay, go to bed young lady. I shall be going to the college with you in the morning to discuss this with your Dean.”

‘Oh no!’ Lorrie thought, now realizing all of her friends at her college might hear about this.

Morning came even earlier that usual for Lorrie because Hillary was determined to drive her wayward stepdaughter to college for a talk with the Dean before going on to her job. Lorrie had not only cried herself to sleep the night before, but also had slept very restlessly experiencing a nightmare where she was naked in public. She was actually gladdened when her stepmother violently shook her awake.

‘Oh thank God that was just a dream. It felt so real,’ Lorrie thought, as Hillary snarled, “Get up and get dressed. We’re leaving in fifteen minutes.”

Lorrie sat up in bed and blushed furiously when her sheet fell from her bare breasts. She had been so upset the night before she had gone to bed without first putting on a nightgown, something she ordinarily wouldn’t have dreamt of doing.

“You little slut!” Hillary exclaimed. “Cover yourself! What if I had sent Joey up here to get you up?”

It was then Lorrie noticed her bedroom door was standing wide open and she dove back under the covers. “I’ll be waiting by the car in fourteen minutes. You’d better be there or you’re in worse trouble, young lady,” Hillary warned and she then strided from the room, slamming the door for emphasis.

Even though Lorrie hurriedly dressed so as to not miss her stepmother’s deadline, she remembered to pick something much more demure than what she usually wore to class. She chose a long sleeved cashmere sweater and a long skirt that fell well below her knees. All in all, the young woman thought she projected a very respectable image for her forced interview with the Dean and Hillary.

Hillary drove silently tight lipped, occasionally casting angry glares at the apprehensive Lorrie seated beside her. After reaching the college and parking right in front in a visitor’s space, Hillary opened the car door and stepped out. Leaning back into the car, she said harshly, “Well, what are you waiting for? If you cause me to be late for work, you’re in even worse trouble, young lady.”

Hillary quickly strided into the building with Lorrie struggling to keep up after she had exited the car. Hillary walked into the first room of the Dean’s office and up to the desk of his administrative assistant, while Lorrie stood in the background hoping to not be noticed. Her heart sank when she noticed one of the few students in her class who quite obviously actively disliked her was also present in the office. Her name was Lisa Showalter and she often helped out the Dean’s staff before classes and during her free time during the day. It was she who stepped up to Hillary while maliciously smiling at Lorrie and asked, “Yes, may I help you?”

“Yes, I’m Mrs. Bennigan and Lorrie Bennigan is my daughter and we need to talk with the Dean about something very serious,” Hillary explained.

‘I am not your daughter!’ Lorrie screamed inside.

“Fine,” Lisa said, “Let me see if he is available.” She picked up the phone on the desk and punched in the intercom. “Yes sir,” the student said. “There’s a Mrs. Bennigan out here who wants to discuss Lorrie with you. Yes sir, I’ll send them right in.” Lisa returned the phone to its proper position and said, “You may go right in.”

“Thank you,” Hillary said.

Lorrie’s stepmother walked up to the door that had stenciled on it in gold letters – Robert Davis, Associate Dean of Student Affairs. Realizing that Lorrie wasn’t following her, Hillary turned her head and said, “What are you waiting for? I haven’t got all day to mess around with you.”

Lorrie flushed in embarrassment and hurried across the office to obey her stepmother, while listening to Lisa giggling at her. Inside the office, Robert Davis, Dean of Student Affairs at Woodrow Wilson Technical College waited eagerly to learn what the difficulty was. It wasn’t that he was so dedicated in his job that he looked forward to a parent-student conference before his first cup of coffee. It was because he was a fifty-six year old letch who loved the possibility of being able to ogle Lorrie Bennigan close up for a long period of time. In fact, ogling the college girls was the only reason Robert Davis was still working. He had been employed by the college for over thirty years and his pension would keep him comfortable for the rest of his life; not to mention his life savings in the Bank of Teapot.

He graciously stood and introduced himself when Hillary and Lorrie entered his office, despite the fact that he felt disgusted at the sight of the middle-aged woman’s flabby gut and almost nonexistent bust line. The Dean invited them to be seated in the two comfortable chairs that sat in front of his desk. Once Lorrie and her stepmother were seated, he leaned forward and said, “So what can I do for you today?”

Hillary sat back in her chair and crossed her thick legs, offering the principal a momentary shot of her flabby upper thighs and panties.

‘Ugh,’ Robert thought. ‘Gross!’

“I’m sorry to say that we have a serious problem with Lorrie. I caught her with marijuana last night.”

“Oh that’s terrible!” the Dean exclaimed.

“Yes, I agree. It is,” Hillary continued. “I wanted this meeting with you so we are on the same page with her. After discovering drugs on her at home, I found myself wondering how much drugs she might be using here on campus.”

“I don’t use drugs at college,” Lorrie blurted out.

“Hush, darling,” Hillary said for Robert’s benefit. “I would like to hear what your Dean has to say.”

Robert’s mind was reeling with the possibilities now set before him. “Have you been using drugs here on campus, Lorrie?” he asked, attempting to sound solicitous.

“No, I have not,” she answered forthrightly.

“Now Lorrie dear,” Hillary said. “How can we believe you? I asked you last night if you’d been using them and you said no. Then when I made you strip, I found out that you’d lied and had marijuana hidden on your person. Why, you could have drugs on you right now, as we speak.”

Lorrie turned bright red in embarrassment at the Dean hearing this. All of the girls agreed he was nothing but a dirty old man. A thrill ran through Robert when he learned that Hillary had stripped the young woman the night before. A glimmer of a plan began to fill his mind.

“That’s very true, Mrs. Bennigan,” Dean Davis said, sincerity dripping from his voice. “Possibly we should search Lorrie now to make certain she is telling the truth – with your permission, of course.”

Robert Davis waited with bated breath. He was certain this was a chance of a lifetime. “Of course,” Hillary agreed. “I only want what’s best for Lorrie. Perhaps she should take off her outer clothing so we can search it.”

Lorrie couldn’t believe her own ears. Were they saying she was supposed to strip down to her bra and panties in front of the Dean? She wanted to scream in protest or turn and race from the office – but where would she go?

The Dean nodded his assent. His mouth was so dry he was frightened if he attempted to speak, it would only come out as a croak.

“What are you waiting for, Lorrie? Or do I have to help you?” Hillary spoke ominously.

Totally numb, Lorrie stood and began to unbutton her expensive cashmere sweater. ‘I can’t believe this,’ she thought forlornly. She finally finished and removed it, handing the sweater to Hillary. She quickly covered her skimpy bra with her hands. ‘Oh why didn’t I wear a more sturdy bra today?’ she desolately thought.

“The skirt now, Lorrie,” her stepmother ordered.

Taking a deep breath, Lorrie lowered her hands and deftly removed her skirt, stepping out of it and handing it also to Hillary. She now stood with only a miniscule thong on below her waist. Lorrie could feel the heat from her embarrassment over her entire body. She quickly threw a hand down over her thong.

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