tagGroup SexLos Cinco Hermanos Ch. 09

Los Cinco Hermanos Ch. 09


Wherein we get new friends, have dinner and a visit from the Doctor

Author's note: this is part 9 of a 12-part story arc which I've put under Group Sex (see Chapter 1). Like all my stories, it begins with character development and in this case, over several chapters. The chapters can have the elements of a number of different categories and I will try to give advance warning. This one is primarily Group, Bi/Lesbian and moving story forward. And a gentle reminder: this is all Fiction – Willing Suspension of Disbelief recommended...

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

The four of us women had lazied our way through the day with the guys drifting in and out, shooting the bull and spending some time in the pool or working out. We discussed touristy options for the coming week and agreed that people watching at Venice Beach and the Hollywood Walk of Fame were on the list, and sightseeing trips to Griffith Observatory, the La Brea Tar Pits and the Getty Villa, too. Disneyland, Madame Tussauds and Universal Studios were on the possible list. The beaches, from Santa Monica pier down to Huntington beach were possible.

Then Jerry blew us away by suggesting a long day-trip to Santa Catalina Island and the Casino at Avalon, his treat. His treat turned out to mean his catamaran and his tab at the Casino. Actually, "blown away" doesn't even come close to how I felt. More about that later.

Sandra got her match of nude tennis with Jerry and it was hilarious. The rest of us were sitting in the bleachers, laughing our asses off at the continuous string of bloopers. Sandy was stacked enough that her swinging tits threw off her balance, but not as much as Jerry catching his balls between his thighs as he tried to change course in a hurry after a line drive from Sandra – and landing on the turf, rolling and moaning. Of course, one of his zingers bounced off Sandra's chest with a similar effect. In the end, Jerry won – but barely. No pun intended.

That Saturday evening, we all trooped back down to see Fuzion, and I finally found out the name of the hole-in-the-wall bar where they played. Jerry told me that it originally didn't have a name, that it had been an alleyway between the buildings on either side. Then some entrepreneur covered it over and bricked it in and put in the bar. It had gone through several different sorts of clientele until they'd hit on the current mix, and the owners simply called it The Alley.

Ginger had told us that after this weekend, the band was taking two weeks off while another band took their place, and then they'd be back for another couple of months as the house band. To my scheming mind, that meant Ginger was going to be available all next weekend.

With Molly, Sandra and me to share among the five guys, we were pretty well kept out on the dance floor all night. Ron picked up a beautiful young Latina named Esmeralda, or Essie for short, as a dance partner. She definitely had curves in all the right places and a great laugh, although Ron figured she'd be leaving with her girlfriends at the end of the evening. The guys took turns including her in their dancing as well, and she was loving the attention. Her girlfriends seemed to hook up with other guys there, and I got the feeling they all knew each other.

Molly and I turned some heads when we danced together again, showing off in front of Ginger, who was just laughing it up and playing right back to us. In fact, she got the band focused on us for a couple of songs and definitely got us noticed by the crowd. Honestly, it felt wonderful to be able to let loose and be risqué, knowing I was with a group of friends who wouldn't let anything bad happen to me. And of course, Sandy couldn't leave well enough alone and had to make an appearance, in the form of one of the lewdest threesomes on record – remaining dressed, that is – with Molly and me.

I didn't know girls could have girl-on-girl sex standing up and actually get off...

But kudos to the Sandra/Sandy split, when the manager asked us to cool it before he lost his liquor license, Sandy actually gave control back to Sandra and the rest of the night was a blast. Of course, Sandra getting hit up on by a half a dozen dikes and fems just added additional weirdness to the scene. I guess I shouldn't consider it strange that Molly and I got hit on, too, after Sandy's performance.

We stayed until closing and waited for the band to pack up so Ginger could go back to Jerry's with us. That's when I found out Essie was coming out with us, with Ron. Jerry was driving, but there was some serious necking and petting going on in back among the four other guys and us five girls. We switched around a bit, but mostly it lined up with me and Dave, Molly and Paul, Essie and Ron, with Sandra and Ginger sharing Jackson – and the pairings stayed mostly like that after we got back to the house. A general orgy in the living room seemed in order and between mouths, hands and cocks, the guys made damned sure we women were sated. It must have been close to 4am when we finally crawled off to sleep, again in the pairs we'd gravitated to, with Ginger going off with Jerry.

Breakfast the next morning should have been called brunch. It was after 10 o'clock when we dragged our sorry asses out of bed and struggled to the breakfast nook. It was nice to be a veteran of "Jerry's place" as I watched Essie trying to soak it all in. Molly and Ginger were as kind to her as they had been to me as they explained the rules and we found out that this was the first orgy – or multiple partner sex experience of any kind – that Essie'd had.

We found out her full name was Esmeralda Juanita Rivera Gomez and that she was an unemployed part-time student at Los Angeles Community College, going after her certification as a Radiologic Technician. She also, theoretically, lived at home but stayed away as much as possible because her parents and her older brother didn't appreciate her massive libido – as attested to by all of us the previous night – especially when it ran amok, and they were always trying to control her. I got the distinct impression Jerry was going to feel her out about being an adult actress. She sure as hell had the stamina for it!

She also was awed by the house, the pool, the tennis courts... basically all of it. I could empathize with her feeling that she'd fallen down the rabbit hole. We girls took her along when we went "shopping at Jerry's clothing store", in preparation for our evening out, and she was just as blown away by the selection of nice clothes.

"So if Jerry is single," Essie asked as we picked over dresses, "why does he have so many clothes for women?"

"For all of us!" Molly grinned.

"Besides," Ginger added, "he needs clothes his models can wear in public, that didn't come off the Dungeon rack..."

"The Dungeon rack?" Essie asked, obviously confused.

"The makeshift Wardrobe Department downstairs in the studio," I told her. "The costuming for the films is a bit more risqué than one would wear out to dinner or the theatre."

"Depends on the theatre," Ginger smiled.

"Stop teasing her, Ginger," Sandra chided. "It isn't fair she doesn't know the whole story."

"True," Ginger agreed, getting more serious for a moment. "Essie, one of the many businesses Jerry owns and runs is Himeros Productions, which is a film company mostly into soft-core and hardcore porn. One of his studios is one floor down and is affectionately referred to as The Dungeon. Ergo, the Wardrobe Department is the rack of costumes used by the actors and actresses."


I could see Essie's mind whirling that one around and I wasn't sure which way it was going.

"A real, honest-to-God film company?" she asked next.

Okay, so I can still be surprised.

"Yeah," Ginger told her. "Although most of the work is digital rather than old-fashioned film. But yeah, a film company. They do other production besides porn as well... like Public Service Announcements and ads for not-for-profit groups. Mostly porn, though."

"Could I see the studio?"

Okay, now I was really starting to get worried. Yes, she was twenty-one by her own admission and perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but still... she was a babe in the woods. On the other hand, Molly was only nineteen and she was rather thoroughly experienced. I guess it all depended on attitude.

"I don't know," Ginger told her. "That's Jerry's call. But when we're finished picking out what we're going to wear tonight, we can go ask him. By the way, if you're going to need a ride home later, I'm sure one of the guys wouldn't mind giving you a lift. Ron and Paul have to go home tonight, but Jerry, Dave and Jackson will be around."

"Thanks, I appreciate it," Essie told her, starting to hang the dress she'd been ogling back up in the closet.

"You ought to wear that," Molly told her. "It will look good on you and it's compliments of Jerry."

"Oh, I couldn't," she started to protest.

"Sure you can," Sandra cut in. "These are to be used... and Jerry's sure not going to wear them!"

"Don't be too sure about that," Ginger smiled as she made her selection.

"What?" I wasn't sure I heard her right.

"He lost a bet to me once," she explained, while Molly stifled a chuckle, "and I made him dress in drag and go out with me, while I dressed in a tux. Role reversal. And I took him to the Eleven Nightclub in West Hollywood... one of the best Gay/Lesbian bars around, I think. He rather graciously put up with it."

I chuckled at the thought. I'd have to bug him about it sometime.

We convinced Essie to put on the dress and took our selections out to lay out for the night. Then we headed out to lounge around the pool and do some no-tan-line sunbathing, sipping various tropical drink concoctions.

"So sex with the Five Incredibly Well Hung Brothers didn't send you screaming into the sunset," Ginger prodded Essie. "I take it you're rather flexible."

Essie blushed a little.

"Sort of," she admitted. "I kind of overdid it, but Ron gave me this lotion for my pussy and my ass and it made everything feel a lot better. It's a good thing it was dark in there, though. I might have run if I'd seen them before they were in me! Pardon my language, but they're Fucking HUGE!"

"I didn't see you shying away," Sandra observed. "In fact, you were banging away with the best of them. You seemed to be having a ball!"

"What can I say?" Essie asked. "I like sex."

"No shit," Ginger nodded. "And Amen Sister to that!"

"Jerry said something about you four going out to dinner tonight and me being left all alone, defenseless, in the company of five randy men," Essie went on. "Personally, I don't see a problem with that, but I'm curious... if you four are as voracious as you were last night, how come these guys are randy? I'd have thought you'd have drained them dry by now."

"A girl after my own heart," Sandra mumbled while Molly answered her.

"They fill back up rather quickly," Molly smiled. "And if you aren't worried about being alone with them, then you're about to join the ranks of the WACs..."

"The Women's Army Corps?" Essie asked, confused.

"No," Molly smiled, "The Wanton Adventuresome Cunts Club."

"Are they really that bad?" Essie asked, for once starting to get some concern in her voice.

"No, they're really that good," I told her. "Been there, done that, got the movie to prove it."

"You shot a porno movie?"

"Yep!" I smiled. I was liking my new-found ability to shock. "With all five. And then some."

"Wow..." Essie muttered and took a long, thoughtful pull on her drink.

"And now, if you'll all excuse me," I announced, pulling a towel over my face, "I have some serious nude sunbathing to do..."

* * * * *

The Aston Martin Rapide S is one phenomenal car. I'm not sure you can even classify it as a car. It does have four doors, seats, wheels and an engine, but that's about as close to a car as it gets. You've got to Google it to get an idea of the raw power and obscene luxury of this sports car. In Quantum Silver with black, diamond-stitched leather interior, a 6.0 liter 552hp V-12 and 8-speed automatic transmission, driving this was more like driving a jet that just happened to be touching the ground. As in 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 203mph. And the two-door versions are even faster.

And that's not even getting into the stereo system, the built-in Bluetooth or twin-screen rear-passenger entertainment center with DVD player. In a sports car! Christ...

Anyway, we four ladies left Essie standing next to Jerry with a look that was half-terror and half-wild abandon as we motored off to meet Dr. Cooke. Jerry had promised Essie he'd make a video for her, all her own. That was going to be interesting to hear about later. In the meantime, conversation in the car turned to expectations.

"So, since we're bringing women," Sandy was asking me, "do you suppose she'll bring a female companion as well? I have zero idea about her sexual preferences. You don't suppose she intends to hustle us, do you? Not that it would be bad, but I don't know how I'd handle it, her being a client and all. And what if she wants to come back to meet Jerry and the guys? Do you think we ought to let her in on our secret? If she hasn't figured it out already... I mean, do you think..."

"Sandra Milton, shut up!" I interrupted her diarrhea of the mouth. "If you really want an answer, you have to take a breath and let someone else talk, okay?"


"Okay," I went on, thinking out loud, "we know she likes to jill off at work, that she isn't embarrassed by someone else knowing, especially if they're into it as well, and we know she's got a not-so-subtle sensuality just below the surface when she's dealing with others. Or at least, others like the management group that you brought along to the table at PAMC. We know it made a difference to her whether we were bringing male or female dates. My guess is she's bi and likes to have fun with it, but has to be subtle unless it's a safe environment, because of her position at work."

"So my next guess is, she brings along another bi woman, probably a close friend, to tease us with... and maybe she really is curious about the whole 'Jerry mystique'. We can't invite her back without Jerry's okay, and we can't talk about any specifics of what happens at Jerry's, but Himeros is a known company and we can certainly talk in generalities about how cool it is to be around one of the über-rich who isn't particularly pretentious."

"You're probably right, Beth," Molly spoke up. "Are we allowed to tease back?"

"I don't see why not," Ginger put in. "We're all adults and it's just fun and games... nobody's gonna get hurt."

"You want to have sex in the restroom?" I asked her. My intent was to throw a little cold water on her enthusiasm. I didn't work very well...

"Not the restroom," Ginger told me, and I heaved a sigh of relief.

"But Nobu is right on the beach and there's plenty of slightly private places very close by to have at it," she added and the butterflies were back in my stomach.

"Dr. Cooke is a fairly powerful woman with a personality and self-confidence to go with it," I pointed out. "A little intimidating, actually. Just so you're prepared."

"I don't think she's that intimidating," Sandra told me. "She can be a bit of a bitch when it comes to getting her way, but so can most professional women who have to deal with both men and other women. Hell, Beth, you thought I was a bitch, remember? Personally, I think she's more seductive, when she doesn't need to be confrontational. And that's the scary part for me."

"Well, bitch or vixen, it's going to be just us ladies tonight and I'm counting on Ginger and Molly to bring their huge amount of expertise in dealing with sexy women to the table," I told her.

"Don't worry... it's going to be a fun night," Molly smiled, and somehow I just wanted to melt into that smile and believe her.

* * * * *

The reservations were in Dr. Cooke's name and we arrived before they did, so we set up camp in the bar, ordered some liquid fortitude and waited. We were about ready for a second round of drinks when Dr. Cooke arrived, with friend. A voluptuous blonde in a sprayed on dress and red CFM heels... as in, "Come Fuck Me" stilettos. She looked pretty damned good. Guessing her age was going to be difficult.

"Pam" put on a big smile when she saw us and the two headed our direction. I was absolutely not sure how to handle this, and I'm pretty sure Sandra wasn't, either.

Apparently, Ginger did.

"Hi, Stormy!" she called out as they approached and the blonde smiled.

"Hi, Ginger... Molly..." she greeted them as they got close. "It's Vicki, tonight, Ginger. I'm not working."

"Oh," Ginger acknowledged. "Well, cool! That means you must be Dr. Cooke..." She turned and held her hand out to the Doctor.

"Pam," Dr. Cooke informed her as she took her hand. "It looks like some of us know some of us... who wants to do introductions?"

"Well, I think other than you, Molly and I know the rest, so how about I do it?" Ginger asked, smiling.

"Okay, let me start with me. I'm Ginger Hawke, I know Vicki because I work with Jerry Sterling, and I'm here at the invite of Beth and Sandra." Turning to us she continued, "this is Beth Stoner, I guess a friend of both Dr. Pam and Jerry, and Sandra Milton, also apparently friends of both. And this is Molly Maruata, Jerry's housekeeper and chef, and a friend of the four of us plus a friend of Vicki's."

"Ok, ladies, this is Vicki Bonner who Molly and I know professionally as Stormy Knight, and apparently a friend of Dr. Pam. And Beth, Sandra... I'll leave it up to you to introduce the good doctor."

Sandra jumped in. "I'd like you all to meet Dr. Pamela Cooke, Pacific Alliance Medical Center's Executive Director of Nursing and a client of mine, and Beth's. We met during the implementation of their new hospital patient care system."

Dr. Cooke nodded to all of us. "Please," she told us, "you make it sound so stuffy! How about away from work I'm just plain Pam? Okay? I had a little bit of advance info about you, Ginger and Molly, but Vicki wouldn't spill the beans about what goes on at Mr. Sterling's for love nor money... and I tried both."

She paused a moment, looking at us, then asked, "shall we see if my reservation is ready?"

"Sure!" Ginger beamed and walked forward to give Vicki a hug, then turning to go with her and the Doctor towards the hostess. Sandra, Molly and I fell in behind them.

"It's going to be a Sandy night," Sandra said to me in a low voice. I wasn't sure if it was fear or anticipation coloring her tone.

"That'll be alright," Molly told her. "Stormy... I mean, Vicki... is a lot of fun and Sandy will be right at home, provided she and Sandra can keep up the rapport they've been building."

"Hey!" I told her. "Remember... you're among friends..."

"Said the wolves to the sheep..." Sandra muttered. "Guess I start answering to Sandy..."

I hooked an arm through one of hers and Molly did the same on the other side. Then Molly surprised me by taking a little skip-step and starting to sing "We're off to see the Wizard..." I couldn't help it. I joined in with a skip and "the Wonderful Wizard of Oz..." and pretty soon the three of us were skipping up behind Dr. Pam, Vicki and Ginger, singing "We hear he is a whiz of a Wiz, if ever a Wiz there was!"

That got bemused looks from the three of them ahead of us.

Dr. Pam had managed to reserve one of the best tables in the house. It nestled up against the seaward railing, looking out over the golden sand beach and rippling surf, lit by the last red rays of the fading sunset. The cuisine was Japanese but the seating was American. Candlelit tables dotted the open air porch and the wait staff was attentive and competent. I didn't know what half the stuff on the dinner menu was, so I just fell back to letting Molly and Dr. Pam fight it out for who was going to order the dinner of a lifetime for me. After all, TripAdvisor rates Nobu as #3 out of 80 in the Malibu area.

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