Loser goes down


“How dare Eric do this to us?” exclaimed Torrie Wilson. “Putting us in this kind of match.”

“I don’t mind,” said Stacy Keibler.

“Yeah, we are going to do it later anyway.” giggled Women’s champion Trish Stratus.

“But a loser goes down match? That means we’ll be eating each other out in front of millions of people here and on pay-per-view.”

“Makes me wet just thinking about it.” Stacy and Trish both exclaimed.

Torrie then added, “Well, I do love when you both eat me. And it’s fun when our boyfriends watch. Now that I think about it, I’m a little wet myself. I guess it’s time for the match.”

“The following contest is a special Strip your opponent bare, loser must go down triple threat match. First coming down the aisle Torrie Wilson.”

Torrie Wilson’s music hits and she walks down the ramp. Wearing a red, white and blue sports top and long blue pants she looked amazing. The top showed off her tits well as her nipples protruded thru the material. And those tight pants made her ass looked spectacular. The crowd cheered loudly as she made it to the ring.

“Coming down the aisle next is Stacy Keibler.’

The song “Legs” hit and the long-legged Stacy Keibler made her way down to the ring. She wore short black shorts showing off her forty-one and a half inch legs that made every guy cream in their jeans. A tight baby blue tank top finished off her ensemble.

“Finally, making her way down the aisle, the WWE women’s champion Trish Stratus.”

L’IL Kim started playing, and the curvy Trish made her way down the aisle. She wore long purple pants that showed off her ass perfectly. An extremely tight purple tank top showed off her tits amazingly. The crowd went wild for all four beautiful ladies.

As the match started, all three ladies went at it trying to rip each other’s clothes off. Trish first stripped Torrie of her top revealing a hot pink bra. Then Stacy and Torrie teamed up to remove Trish’s shirt leaving her wearing a barely there black bra. Trish then lost her bra shortly after as it got ripped off by Stacy. This left Stacy as the only one who hasn’t lost any clothing so Trish and Torrie teamed up to get her out of her clothes. All three girls were getting even more excited and horny as the match wore on. Trish and Torrie both got a hold of Stacy’s top and ripped it to shreds leaving her in a skimpy bright yellow bra.. Then Stacy got a hold of Torrie and got her bra off revealing her perfect breasts. Trish got Stacy’s bra off shortly there after, leaving all three girls topless. Since Stacy’s shorts were the easiest to get off, she lost hers first revealing a pair of yellow thongs. Then Stacy got Torrie’s pants and underwear off at the same time leaving the blonde bombshell completely naked. All the guys in the crowd took in her beauty. She was shaved bare and looked incredible. This left Trish and Stacy still in the match with Stacy just a pair of thongs from defeat. Trish then got the victory by ripping Stacy’s thongs off. Again, the men enjoyed the show. Stacy’s bush was trimmed almost bare.

“And now as the stipulations state Torrie and Stacy must perform oral sex on the winner Trish.”

Trish then slid her pants and thongs off to reveal her wet pussy. Grabbing a chair and the microphone, she proclaimed, “Come on girls. Nice fresh pie for you two.”

Stacy came over and shoved her tongue in Trish’s mouth. Torrie dropped to her knees and started kissing the inside of her thighs. Stacy sucked on Trish’s nipples as Torrie darted her tongue deep into Trish’s wet hole. Trish spun Stacy around so she could enjoy Stacy’s pink taco. Even though she won, she was going to give the fans a real show. She started licking Stacy’s tight asshole while slid her finger deep into her cunt. Meanwhile, Torrie was attacking Trish’s pussy with passion. She licked and sucked Trish’s clit as she finger fucked her. While she ate Trish, Stacy fingered her. Stacy needed to eat someone. So, she lay on the mat under Torrie and started licking her pussy. It didn’t take long until Trish was cumming heavy. She came all over Torrie’s face. As she watched Torrie get ate by Stacy she walked out over to the timekeeper. She bent down, grabbed the strap-on from under the timekeeper’s table, and went back to the ring. She put on the toy, knelt down between Stacy’s long legs, and went to work with the toy. She fucked Stacy’s wet hole as Stacy ate Torrie. Torrie then got a second strap-on and placed it at Trish’s ass. Torrie then slowly entered Trish’s ass as Trish fucked Stacy’s wet pussy. Both Trish and Stacy were screaming in pleasure and delight. Stacy came in a violent flurry coating the ring mat. Stacy then took the strap-on from Torrie and sat on the chair as Torrie straddled her. She fucked Torrie’s ass as Trish fucked Torrie’s wet pussy. They found a rhythm as they went in and out of Torrie making her their little fuck slut. Soon, Torrie was also cumming hard. She loved getting double fucked by these two girls. All three girls smiled and waved to the crowd as they walked back up the ramp. All of them couldn’t wait to get together with their boyfriends for the orgy they were all going to share later that night.

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