tagIncest/TabooLosing a Bet

Losing a Bet


This is a true story but the publication was another one. We had many such adventures after this and they will follow if I get good responses to these.

Well here I go... it’s Monday morning and I have lost the bet. My boyfriend and I had. It was about whom would get the best response from our stories which we had both submitted to Literotica. I lost. So I have to do what he wants for next two days. When he left for his morning run, he told me to go to store and buy some things. First he wanted a couple bottles of Wesson oil, some rubber gloves, cucumbers, olives both green and black, whip cream “in a can” & a new razor.

Now I’m back, I have taken the shower he requested. I still haven’t finished drying off, when I hear the car door slam shut. What do I hear, does he have others with him? Oh my god he brought my brother, and his sister home. This surprise’s me, as his sister doesn’t like me much as she feels I have been a bad influence on him. When they come in he calls out I had better not gotten dressed. I reply I haven’t. Good come down here just as you are he calls.

Very nervous and curious I do as I’m told. I come down and find they are all watching me as I do. My brother has a very large smile on his face. My husband’s sister has on a raincoat that she is holding tightly around her.

When I reach the bottom of staircase he kisses me. Then sticks a finger in my pussy, “good you did as I said not playing with your self while I was gone.” he says.

Still not sure what is going on I look to see my brother kiss his wife. He tells her to take off her coat. Almost in tears she says. “I can’t in front of my brother.” I’ve got to see my sister nude today for first time so let your brother see you” he demands. “I know he wants to see you too.”

When she takes off the coat I am shocked; (pleasantly) she doesn’t have on anything. I see she has a smaller chest than mine, however it is ample and the nipples are succulent looking.

“Ok?” she says. “ He has seen me, now can we go home?” She cries.

My brother says. “ No this is just the beginning of our bargain, I told you that if I was to forgive you, you would have to do as I said.” Then he starts to tell my husband what he had caught her doing. It seems the neighbor’s son was cleaning the pool and she had seduced him. Well my brother had caught them, she had been very upset saying she didn’t know what she was doing, (ok right, I have seen the son,) but she was sorry. So she had agreed, after a while, to do what he wanted for punishment.

“Ok this is the drill girl’s.” My husband chimes in. “For separate reasons you girls are ours to do with, as we want for two days starting now.” “You two girls haven’t been the best of friend’s. This will change before we finish.” “Go get the things I told you to get.” He demands.

When I return he tells her and I to spread the plastic sheet, out on the floor.

“Ok now take the Wesson oil and rub each other down with it. He says.

I start to complain but I see the look in her eyes, pure hatred. What the hell if it makes her uncomfortable I am for it. She is shaking now almost in tears. I uncork the bottle and put some on her chest. Rubbing it in I realize this could be fun, they feel great to me. I feel her stiffen and try to back away, my brother calls. “If you want to stay with me you will do as you are told.” She shakes some. I feel her pour some oil on my ass; she start’s to play with it. My ass is my pride, and joy. I have been told it is my best asset. I rub her nipples between my fingers and pull on them. She lets out a slight groan. By now she has my whole back covered with the oil. I turn away from her with my back to her I rub against her leg, with my groin. She starts to pour some oil on my front and rub my chest. Wow what a trip I think.

She whispers in my ear. “I like these they are so much bigger than mine are.”

“I like your small nipples mine are too big. I reply.”

“No, I wish I had larger ones”.

The oil has ran between my legs now and I can feel her hand drift down there. As she touches it she pulls back, “sorry” she says. I take her little hand and place it between my lips and suck it then place it back on my pussy. The sensation of her hand there, and her hot breath on my neck, causes me to have a climax. I almost fall but she holds on to me. I turn to kiss her on the lips, I find she is a better kisser than her brother is. She is so soft and smoother. We kiss for a couple minutes more. When I turn her to face away from me and repeat what she had done for me. I find her pussy lips to be very moist and ready for me. I place first one then two and finally three fingers in her. “ Oh god yes that is good.” She rock’s back and forth on my leg until I think I will fall from it. When she does climax we fall to the floor entwined in each other’s arms.

We had forgotten about the guys and when we cooled down we’re surprised to see them just setting there. They had a shit-eating grin on their faces. With no clothes on at all. My brother has a monster cock between his legs. It was longer than my husband’s was, but not nearly as big around.

Ok that wasn’t so bad was it?

Now we want to see you girls eat each other out. I know you can do it, you have told us how to please you so now we want to see if you are any better. I look at my sister in law. She has lost any thoughts of reluctance. So I take the initiative and lay her back so my head is between her legs. When I touch her between her legs she shakes a little “It’s not right for us to do these things to each other. I don’t even let my husband do it often.” I reply, “I think it will be fun. I get to do what my brother has not done well, or you would let him do it all the time.” I take special care to lick her all the way from her clit to her anus placing extra pressure on her rose bud she jumps. Taking two fingers I place them on the lips of her vagina and start to circle slowly. My tongue starts to twist around her clit and I bite it. She moans. “Oh shit… that is good, please put it in further.” Not knowing if she meant my tongue or the finger on her anus I apply more pressure to both.

“Play with your tits” calls my brother. “You know you like to do that.” “ I’ve seen you do it when I watch you bathe.”

She must because she starts to shake and shiver in middle of a climax. I put more pressure on her box and she cries out “Oh yes… sweet Jesus do it harder… I need to come, ah now, do me, do me now.” She falls limp drained of all blood to her head it’s all in her woman hood.

One of the guys hands her a drink. “Nice job bet, she would now know what to tell me now, when I am trying to get her off with my mouth.”

“Ok sis: now I want to see you go down on her while we watch.” Says my husband.

She looks at me and smiles. “You are a good teacher but I may need guidance.”

“You will do fine just remember what I did that you liked and I will tell you other things I like. First rub me between the lips and run your finger around my ass hole I like that it gets me loose and ready. Oh shit that is the spot I like. I play with my tits a lot when my husband gives me oral.” She has started to nibble on my clit and pushes two fingers between the lips to my snatch. She crosses them to place more pressure on my button. I start to shake and she slows down not letting me go over the top. “I know when I get it done I like to take it in steps.” she says catching her breath. Then its back to the brink, this time I go over the top and climax harder than I ever have in my life.

When we relax a bit both of us need another drink. Still laying on the soaked plastic sheet we are a mess. We have Wesson oil and pussy juices all over our body and in our hair.

Ok says our husbands we like that so far lets see you do a 69. Now you both know how to get each other off so lets see you come together.

Again I play the aggressor and lay her back this time putting my face between her legs I straddle her face with mine. We really get into it playing with each other’s breasts and licking each other out. I feel a second pair of hands on my ass, and think oh god my husband is finally going to fuck me. He’ll let me come with a real dick in me not just a tongue in me. Then I feel some one pulling my head up; my eyes are still closed enjoying the feeling I am getting. Then I open them and see my husband with his fat dick smack in my face. That means my brother is putting it to me in my pussy. Just the thought sends me crazy. I come a good three or four times while he is in me. “Oh shit” he yells, “this is good I knew you would be a good fuck sister you always had a fine looking ass.” When we collapse on each other we fall asleep for about an hour.

Ok now its my sister in law’s turn to get both boys and I will help by sucking on her tits and playing with the guys asses to keep them going. My husband is bigger around than my brother is so his wife has a harder time taking him in. she really tries to get all of it but it stretches her tight cunt. She finally gets it all the way in and asks him to let it sit there for her to adjust. By now she is getting into the swing of the game. Taking a moment she tells her hubby “This is what I need, you are the longest man I have seen with your 11 inches and touch me where no man has before but I like the sides to be stretched too.” He then sticks his long dong into her mouth and down her throat.

You can tell she is really climaxing because she is thrashing around and jerking Like crazy the guys vary the tempo and speed till they both have a terrific climax.

Time for a swim, the boys call and run out to the pool and jump in.

After the climaxes we have had were aren’t as quick to get up. But we do get out there.

We have a 3-acre lot that allows us to skinny dip and sunbathe without being spied on. We lay there for an hour when the boys start to talk about what will be our next chore. My husband asks my brother if his wife has let him do her in the ass? He replies no. Has my sister let you? No she hasn’t. They both smile and look at us. We look at each other.

“Now wait,” I say, “ there will be none of that. I think it would hurt too much.”

“No it wouldn’t,” my brother says. ”We will be gentile and do it slow. I promise it will be good.” His sister and I look at each other and get a big smile on our faces.

You sure it won’t we ask?

Yes I think it would be great. They chime in.

Ok we’ll do it on one condition. But only on one condition.

Ok anything, they say.

Ok you have to put on a show for us girls and do each other in the ass first. I laugh. This will put an end to that I figure.

They look at each other. How bad do you want to do her in the ass my brother asks? Well I did think about doing it once with a classmate, my husband says.

When he walks over to my brother and kisses him I nearly faint. Then he reaches down and holds his cock in his hand and strokes it. “I have wondered what my sister was getting in bed he says now I’ll find out.” He falls to his knees and takes it in his mouth; “ this is good to taste. Mine is salty, I know because I like to clean your sister out after I have screwed her.”

I am in awe at the sight he has about half of it in when he stops and swallows then he takes the whole thing in. my brother has his head in his hands and is pumping like crazy. It is a blur he is going so fast. He starts to shake. His eyes roll back and he bites his lip. “Ooooooohhhhhhh shit this cant be happening I’m coming with a mans mouth around my dick.”

He falls back and collapses on the deck. My husband gets up. “You have to try that he says he tastes great.”

When he recovers my brother starts to play with my husband getting him hard. It doesn’t take long due to the fact he hasn’t came but once all day. He has trouble due to the girth my husband is really big around. He makes a valiant effort but can only get half of it in before my husband climaxes.

They lay there for a bit, then we girls say. Ok half way to the treasure. But no cigar you still need to fuck each other in the ass before you get my ass.

My brother looks at me then at his wife. We are playing with each other’s tits and I have a finger in her pussy.

Ok brother in law it’s all or nothing get some lube on that thing before you try to put that in me mister.

My husband is back in a flash with what is left of the oil from the living room. My brother bends over a chase lounge and braces his feet wide apart. He says be gentle ok. My husband smiles and rubs some oil on the head of his enormous dick. Then he places some on the crack of my brother’s ass he takes two fingers and pushes them in real slow, pushing back my brother seems to like it, and then he says “It’s now or never fuck me already.” My husband places the head at the opening to his ass and starts to push. “Oh shit that is too big.” I feel he is going to chicken out so I jump down and place his dick in my mouth. “This will take your mind off the pressure.” I say. “Oh god, yes do that. Put it in me I can take it now.”

I see his wife has gotten into it also, she has his nipples between her thumb and finger and is pinching them.

We almost hear the relief when my husband breaks through to the inside. “Oh shit that is a tight one you have their buddy.” He starts to push it all the way in going slow to allow the sensation to pass. Soon he is moving back and forth building up speed and getting a big release.

When he comes he pulls out I notice some blood on my brother’s ass. I lick it away to get to his hole. I run my tongue around the outer rim and suck my husband’s sperm out of him.

Now my husband smiles. “Ok my turn then we get you girls.”

He places his hands on the same chair and spreads his cheeks for my brother. “Ok slim put it in give me your all.” Most men walk up and put their dick in you. My brother puts it in then walks up to you he is smaller around but longer so it is easier for him to get by the rim of my husband’s ass. The trouble came when he tried to put the whole length in it feels as if it is going to come out your mouth. But eventually he does get it all in. he only lasts about 4 min when they both collapse on the deck.

We all get back into the pool and laugh about what has happened.

As a group we decide to take a break, and get something to eat.

To Be Continued...

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