tagFirst TimeLosing Cherry to Co-worker

Losing Cherry to Co-worker


It was about 7:30 and Angela was working at her desk. She and Brian were the only two people left in the office. About 25 people worked for their company, but usually it was only Angela and Brian who were left this late. Angela had a major crush on Brian and did everything she could to grab his attention. It very rarely worked. Brian had a girlfriend and talked about his girlfriend a lot when Angela was in the same room as Brian. She still wanted him.

Angela decided to go for a stretch break. Staring at the computer for so long was hurting her eyes. She decided to take a walk around the building. She walked by Brian's office making sure he noticed she was still there and he got a good view of her slim body in the tight, short skirt she was wearing. As she was walking by, he called her into his office.

"Angela, I'm glad you're still here. I'm having a problem with my computer. I can't print anything, and I keep getting this error message." Angela walked around the desk so she was standing next to him and bent over to look at what the problem might be.

Brian took a long look at the curve of her ass that was staring him in the face. He so badly wanted to rub his hand over it. He wanted to touch her, caress her, kiss her, make love to her. He wanted to stay loyal to his girlfriend, though. He stood up from his chair and offered it to Angela, she declined and continued to work on the problem with the computer. Brian left the room and got a drink of water and came back. His view as he entered the room was down Angela's low cut blouse. She had such gorgeous breasts. He guessed about a 36C. He quietly walked around the computer and as he stood behind her he asked if she had fixed the problem yet.

Brian's voice startled her and she jumped up and back into him. Brian pulled Angela back into him with his hand around her waist. She felt so good against him. So soft. Brian ran his hand over Angela's stomach and then moved his hand up to her breasts and massaged them. While his hands were massaging her breasts, he nibbled her neck and ear. He wanted her so badly.

Angela couldn't believe what was happening. She had wanted this for so long and now it was actually happening. She needed him inside her so she reached her hand behind her and started massaging his cock through his pants. He let out a soft moan and turned her around and kissed her. It was a hungry kiss, telling her how much he wanted her, needed her.

He pulled her blouse up her sides and over her head. Breaking the kiss just long enough to get the blouse off. He unclasped her bra and as it slid off her shoulders he bent down to take each breast in his mouth. She let out a soft moan as he sucked and massaged each breast. Angela reached down to unbutton and unzip his jeans and reached her hand in to stroke his cock. After a few minutes of Brian's attention on her breasts, Angela pushed Brian away and got down on her knees in front of him and pulled his pants and boxers off. She took his cock in her hand and licked it up and down and around the head of his shaft. She slowly took him in her mouth causing him to let out a gasp.

Brian loved having Angela sucking him off. She was such a good cocksucker . . . .an expert. He pulled her head further onto him and felt his pole hit the back of her throat. She started playing with his balls and he felt that he was getting ready to cum. "I'm cumming, baby . . . swallow it all, take it allllllllllllllllllllllllll Ahhhhhhhhhhhh . . . "

He shot the largest load he had in a long time into Angela's mouth. She took it all, like a pro. "That's my girl," he whispered as she licked his cock clean.

Brian lifted Angela up onto the desk and pushed her skirt up to her waist. He was surprised to find she had no panties on. "You little whore . . . " he said and dug his head into her sweet cunt.

She tasted so good. He licked up and down her slit before concentrating on her clit. As she started bucking her hips Brian inserted two fingers into her hole. She moaned so loud that he was glad nobody was there to hear them. He felt a resistance and realized that Angela was still a virgin. He felt her body bucking against his face and he loved it. All of a sudden her body tensed and Angela started screaming and thrashing. She had a very powerful orgasm.

Brian kissed up her body to her lips. He kissed her hard. While their lips were locked, tongues battling, Brian rubbed his rock hard shaft along Angela's slit. He stood up and positioned his cock at her entrance. "Are you sure you want to lose your virginity to me?" Brian asked giving Angela a chance to back out.

"Just fuck me! I've always wanted you to be my first. Break my cherry, Brian, and I want to feel you fill me up with your cum. FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Brian didn't need any more encouragement and slowly pushed into Angela. When he had about an inch in her he stopped to let her get used to his size. He was about eight inches, but this was her first time. When he felt her relax a little he pushed a little further. He slowly kept pushing in until he reached her hymen. He pulled almost completely out and then slammed back into her hard. He got his whole 8 inches into her.

Angela felt a sharp pain rip through her body as Brian broke her hymen. She wanted to cry, but didn't want to cry in front of Brian. She wanted this and she wanted him to continue to fuck her. "FUCK ME!!!!! FUCK ME!!!!!!! FUCK ME!!!!" Angela screamed, and Brian picked up the pace.

Before long Brian had Angela cumming in another tremendous orgasm. Brian knew he wasn't going to last much longer. He started pounding hard into Angela and before long he was cumming deep inside her. He fell on top of Angela, exhausted. "You are marvelous," he whispered and kissed her.

After resting a few minutes, they got up and got dressed. They went back to Brian's apartment and fucked all night long. He is now dating Angela, and they are expecting their first child.

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